i'm gonna cry they're so cute

the signs and small children
  • Aries: "Aww you're so adorable... you're gonna be prettier than me one day"
  • Taurus: "You're just so cute I wanna eat you up... oh that sounds weird, that's not what I meant."
  • Gemini: "oml. I don't wanna break you... you do you, I'll just admire you from here"
  • Cancer: "Come and love me please I want to be your favourite <3"
  • Leo: "Never grow up, it's a trap"
  • Virgo: "They're so flipping cute I'm going to steal them and claim them as my own"
  • Libra: "so cute XD I can't"
  • Scorpio: "Awwww you're gonna get all the boys/girls aren't you, I can tell"
  • Sagittarius: "Why're you so small?!"
  • Capricorn: "I will name him squishy and he shall be mine"
  • Aquarius: "you're adorable but also please don't cry because I don't know what to do"
  • Pisces: *taking hundreds of photos* "CAN I HOLD THEM?!"

Me before watching the finale: Okay I’m just gonna stay calm through this episode. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a show. Me after watching the finale: HOLY SHIT JELLER IS FUCKING OFFICIAL AND THEY GOT MARRIED AND HE WAS SO IN LOVE THAT HE STILL WEARS THE RING AND THEY ARE ALL KIDNAPPED AND JANE LEFT HOME AND HER TATTOOS NOW LIGHT UP AND OMG HE SAID HE LOVED HER AND SHE LOVED HIM AND *breathe*

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