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I desperately need your help! I reallyyyyyy need to follow more BTS blogs. I only like to follow people who make quality content gifs, edits, gfx, etc. So could you please reccommend me some?

ah i’d be happy to! ^^ all the blogs i follow are lovely, but i’m just gonna name a few favorites that immediately come to mind. definitely check out my blogroll here for more good ones~

gifs/gfx: @ojjeon / @mewchim / @busanie / @bwipsul / @sweaterpawsjimin / @jeonify / @apgujeon / @booptae / @sugutie / @syubprince / @yoongles / @yoonmin / @kths / @taeguk / @chimcheroo / @bangtanbanchan / @jiminsaid / @younas / @cutiehuns / @chimchams / @gotjimin

other: @jeondiary / @daegucrew / @j-cypher / @bts420 / @dearkook / @rapsae / @bfjoonie / @r-m / @jinakin / @bang-tan / @rapsmon

fan art: @ask-bts-stuff / @artofennun / @swagasuga / @shuaitofu

hope this was helpful! ♡

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66 bc my skool

dini is this you again

“I’ll keep you safe.”

“I’m sick of all this name-calling!” Ruby cried after once again being called Alien Girl.

“I am too, Ruby! I hate seeing people pick on you.” Luke frowned. He hated seeing his best friend upset.

“They’re gonna call my siblings names too when they start school, it’s not fair! It’s not like we chose to be aliens! Can’t they just leave me alone?!”

“I wish they would, Ruby… well, if they do it again in the future, I’ll keep you safe. Nobody picks on my best friend and gets away with it.” 

Ruby smiled.

“Thank you, Luke. I’m so lucky to have a best friend like you.”

“No problem, Ruby. Best friends forever?”

“Best friends forever and ever.”


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