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Syd Tries FanFiction: The Blarke Reunion

So fair fucking warning I have never in my life written fic before, but I typed this out for @clxrkblake tonight so we could cry and she told me to post it so I’m gonna. Basically this was my ideal, dream reunion before I saw the finale. (I’ve changed my mind about a few things since we saw the new ship but whatever I’ll still dream of this reunion every night for the next 9 months.)

So anyway, I wrote this up in like 30 minutes and there’s probably lots of typos, but deal with it and then come cry with me. <3


Bellamy sits by the window like he does every year, looking at the planet he used to call home. The glass in his hand is almost empty by now. It almost makes up for the whole thats still in his heart. It almost, for a second makes him forget she isn’t there beside him, that they never got that drink. 

He starts the same as he does every year. “I miss you. It’s been 6 years and I still miss you every day. You’d be so proud of everyone. Even Murphy.” He wipes at the tears collecting in his eyes. It never gets easier.

“I just wish… I wish I’d have told you when we had the chance. Timing never really was our strong suit was it? We were too busy keeping 100 kids alive. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Not a second of it.” He lifts the empty cup towards the planet thats now her grave. “I still love ya, Princess.”

He knows Raven’s behind him even before she comes to stand next to him. She’s always there for this. “It’s never gonna get easier is it?”

She shakes her head. “No. I still miss Finn every day. But you learn to deal with it. You never get over losing the one you love, their memory just becomes a part of who you are.”

He nods along. He asks her the same question every year. Every year, expecting to get a different answer. Maybe this time she’ll tell him ‘Yeah. The pain fades. One day you can breathe again. One day you’ll be able to look down at the earth below you and not feel that part of you that’s missing. But she never does.

“She’d be so proud of you Bellamy. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I just-” The static of the radio on his hip interrupts his thoughts. “Shit I thought I turned that off.” He fumbles for it, hands made clumsy by the drinks he’s downed. He barely has it out of the holster when he stops himself. Was that? No… It couldn’t be… It was just the alcohol in his system. But then…

“Where - you?"A voice. A voice even after 6 years, after 100 years he would never let himself forget. Her voice.

"Oh my god…” Raven whispers from behind him. “It can’t…”

The radio depends back into static once more before going silent and Bellamy raises his own shocked eyes to meet Ravens. “Clarke?”


They don’t believe him. “You were just drunk Bellamy.” “It’s been six years Bellamy.” They think he’s holding on to a ghost, but he knows what he heard.

“We can’t risk it because you thought you heard a dead girl on the radio.” That’s Murphy.

“It could have been an old transmission… we can’t just go down without knowing anything-”

“I left her once. I am not doing it again. If there is even the slightest chance that she is alive down there, WE ARE GOING BACK FOR HER.”


Three weeks after the night by the window they make contact. He’s helping Monty check on the algae when he hears Raven screaming his name through the halls.

“I found it.” That’s all it takes for him to follow her to the control room, to the radio, to Clarke.

“This is the station it came through. But we don’t know for sure-”

“Have you tried to make contact yet?”

“No, we were waiting for you.”

“Ok…” He sighs and grabs the radio. This is it. He’s either about to finally find that missing piece of himself or lose it all over again. “This is Ark Ring to… the ground. Is anyone there? Clarke are you there?”

There’s nothing. It feels like hours floating through freezing water waiting to hear something, anything.


“I’m sorry Bell.” Monty puts a hand on his shoulder.

She’s gone. He pushes himself away from the table ready to yell, or cry, or hit something. 


“Holy shit.”

Bellamy could tell you he’s never moved that fast in his life, almost falling over himself to get to the radio. “Clarke?”

“Bell-my?” His legs give out, but Murphy leans in to ease his fall.

“Yeah. Yeah Clarke it’s me. Oh my- It’s you? It’s really you? How?”

“Yeah Bell, it’s me.” He can hear the tears in her voice, the same as his own. 

“I’m coming back for you. I’m coming back. I promise. I’m not leaving you again.”

“I miss you.” Its all she can say.


The day they land on Earth the second time, isn’t anything like the first. It’s raining for one.

Two, he knows what’s waiting for him when he opens the door. 

And she is. 

Standing at the tree line, looking as beautiful as the day he lost her, is Clarke. Her hair is shorter. And there’s one or two more wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles, but god is she beautiful. Its like they’re not frozen for a moment, both of them standing in shock and amazement that they finally get this. 

Then, it’s like time is moving in fast forward and he’s on his feet and hers are carrying her towards him and they crash together like suddenly all their forgotten broken pieces are fitting back together. He holds her so close he thinks he can feel her heartbeat in his chest and she tangles her small hands through his hair and they’re both crying. But for the first time in 6 years, they aren’t tears for grieving. He’s sobbing apologies against her hair and she’s whispering forgiveness against his shoulder and it’s almost like they didn’t lose those 6 years. Like they were kids again, stranded on a dying planet, leaning on each other for survival.

He pulls back first to look at her. He wants to take in every single inch of her face and memorize it because he never wants to have to forget that face again. 

“I never gave up.” She laughs. “Not on you.”

He stroked her cheek, through the rain and the tears. “I thought I lost you. For 6 years.”

“You didn’t.” She pulls him close against, resting her forehead against his, and they laugh. 

He spent the past 6 years wishing he hadn’t lost her, dreaming that she could come back to him, praying that he could just hold her one more time. And now he get’s all of it. Because she’s alive and in his arms and laughing with him in the rain and he’s never going to lose her again.

TAH DAH! I hope it wasn’t awful! I’m gonna tag a few mutuals so they can share my pain. Love you guys!

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[Mark] I'm your teacher (Part 8) ft. Park Jimin

“Bye mom!” You said before closing the front door behind you. “Hey.” Jimin called you from the window w his kitchen. Before you could reply, he disappeared and reappeared moments later, opening the door of his house.

“Hey.” You said when he walked to you. “Isn’t your dad supposed to drop you at school?” You asked. “Oh no yesterday was just because I was late.” He replied, starting to walk with you. “Okay.” You nodded and an awkward silence took place between you.

“Listen, about yesterday…” You broke the silent, nervously playing with your fingers. “I know that technically we’ve known each other for almost ten years but… it’s been only three days since you arrived and-” You said, looking up at him who was focused on his feet bringing him to school.

“Don’t worry, I get it.” He snapped his headr at you, offering you a warm smile, full of kindness, a kindness that made you feel guilty. You nodded and focused on your feet, unable to look at him. “But I just…” He trailed off but didn’t seem to want to finish his sentence.

“Hm?” You looked up at him. His hands reached up to cup youw face, and you froze as he landed in. “Jimin…” You protested. “Just one.” He pleaded, his lips already brushing yours, making you kiss him unconsciously.

He gladly kissed you back, his lips moving in sync with yours. You rested your hands on his waist, pulling him closer. Slightly breaking away from the kiss, you smiled, looking at him and then down at his lips and he smiled back.

You kissed him again, just because it felt good. And he gladly kissed you back for like seemed to be forever. “We’re gonna be late.” You giggled, pulling away, and he smiled.

Quickly closing the gap you were forming between you and him, he kissed you again, making you giggle. “Come on!” You laughed. “Okay.” He replied, finally pulling away and letting go of your face.


“See you next week.” Mr.Tuan said as everyone walked out of the classroom. “Y/N, you stay here.” He said when you and Jimin were in front of the door. You pulled an annoyed face, making Jimin giggle.
“I’ll wait for you outside.” Jimin proposed.

“No, don’t bother yourself. He’s kind of… talkative. I’ll be out in an hour or two with him.” You replied. “Okay. Bye.” He kissed your cheek.“Bye.” You couldn’t help but crack a small smile as you watched him go. When the door slid closed, you turned around, your smile disappearing.

“What do you want?” You asked, arms crossed over your chest.”Are you dating him?” Mr.Tuan asked. “That’s none of your business.” You replied, leaning against the door.

“One week after-” “After what? Our breakup? We’ve never been together and we will never be, you made it clear.” You cut him off and he made his way closer to you.“Y/N, try to understand me-” He pleaded.

“Understand you?! But what you’re saying is incomprehensible! When two people love each other, they are ready to do anything to make it work. But you’re telling me that it can’t work BECAUSE you love me! Do you realize how stupid that sounds?!” You raised your voice, tears of rage making your eyes stingy. “Y/N, please-” He didn’t like seeing you crying.

“You fucked me, on every single desk here and then you throw me away and break my heart… because you love me? Do you think I’m going to believe that?” You sobbed, walking closer to him. “It’s a lot more complicated Y/N.” He replied.“Then explain it to me! I have all the time you need!” You exclaimed.
“Y/N try to-“”No! Just tell me!” You screamed.

“Someone is blackmailing me, okay?” He said and you took a moment to think. “What?” You asked, tilting your head.“Someone sent me an email with a picture of us two.” He explained. “What? But who?” You questioned.

“I don’t know. Maybe someone in your class, anyone, I don’t know. But I’m trying to find that person with her IP adress but she’s good with computers and it’s going to take some time. We can barely see your face so it’s fine, but if that person gets a better picture and show it to someone then…” You crossed your arms as you listened to him, your eyebrows furrowed, your head tilted to the side and your eyes lost in the space.

“Then what?” You asked, looking up at him. “Then I’ll be fired. And I won’t see you anymore.” He replied. “We just have to close the blinds.” You proposed. “It’s maybe someone from the high school, so it’s too risky.” He refused. “We can find another place.” You said.

“No that’s not that simple… outside is risky as well.” He said, rubbing his eyes out of frustration. “What? What is it again?” You asked and he sighed, letting his hands fall down.“I’m married.” He said. “Married?” You repeated. “Technically.” He added.“Technically?” You repeated again.

“I’m in the middle of divorcing. My wife cheated on me. She hired a private detective to discover if I had an affair. Because if I have one, she takes everything I have. It’s also because of that that I put an end to our relationship. For now.” He explained. “For now?” You repeated. This was making you so confused.

“As long as I’m married, and as long as I’m your teacher, we can’t be together.” He explained. “That’s why I want you to wait for me. In a month or two I’ll be single and in 5 months, I won’t be your teacher anymore, because you’ll graduate. All I’m asking for is 5 months.” He said.

“You want me to wait 5 months? But what if… we fall in love with someone else?” You stuttered. “You’re talking about Jimin?” He asked. “Jimin and I are not dating, okay?” You replied. “Y/N if you really love me then-”

“I can’t.” You shook your head, looking down. “Why?” He asked. “7 months is too long and I know you’ll probably fall in love with someone else, or maybe I will and-”
“You’re in love with Jimin, is that right?” He cut you off. “No!” You said, annoyed.

“Then what’s the problem?” He asked.“It’s that I might actually like him!” You replied. “One week ago you were telling me you loved me.” He said. “And I do! But when you can’t physically be with someone, feelings might go away soon or later. ”
You replied. “Don’t you think it’s very soon in your case?” He said. “It’s not that simple. I do love you, and I would totally choose you over Jimin right now.” You replied”But maybe not in 7 months.” You added, looking up at him.

I'm Gonna Miss You. (Austin Carlile)

You ran through the doors of the airport, frantically looking around to find where you could find Austin before he boards his plane. You spot a desk and quickly make your way over to it.

“Where’s the flight headed to Florida?” You asked, your voice slightly raised. The woman behind the desk pointed to the left, and you had no time to thank her before you were running towards the waiting area.

Not many people were here, being it was three in the morning, so spotting the tall, tattooed man wasn’t hard. He was standing next to Alan, the only other guy in Of Mice & Men you actually knew. It looked like they were about to board the plane, everyone standing in the group had their bangs hoisted over their shoulders and in their hands, and were slowly making their way into the plane.

“Austin!” You yelled, running over to him. A few heads turned around, but you could only focus on the one who had dropped his belongings and was already making his way toward you.

“(Y/N)?!” Austin said, the tiredness completely vanishing from his face. He literally swept you off your feet as he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso and dug your head into the crook of his neck.

It took a few minutes but Austin eventually put you down and held both of your hands in his. “I thought you couldn’t make it?” He asked, smiling down at you.

“I caught an earlier flight home and I literally raced down here,” you told him. “I didn’t wanna miss saying goodbye.” Austin frowned, realizing that you wouldn’t be able to see him long before he left.

“Yeah..” He trailed off. “I’m gonna miss you.” You looked down at your shoes, well slippers. You had fallen asleep and pretty much threw on the first thing you found.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” You sighed, your breath shaking. You felt as if you were gonna cry. Your eyes were burning as they brimmed with tears, and your voice cracked as you breathed out another sigh.

“I love you,” Austin said, leaning down to kiss your head. “I love you so much.”

You looked up at him, trying to force the tears to stay hidden, but it was already too late. You let the tears come freely and saw Austin’s face go cold. “Don’t cry, baby. I’ll be back before ya know it. You can come visit for a few days, and, and..”

“Austin!” His manager shouted at us. “The plane’s boarding!”

Austin groaned, but didn’t look over.

“I have to go, but I promise, as soon as the plane lands I’ll call.”

You couldn’t respond, all you could do was nod. You glanced behind Austin and saw Alan and a few other guys watching you two.

“Wanna meet the guys before we go?” Austin asked, his voice barely above a whisper. You shook your head.

“I can meet them another time.”

“Alright,” He replied.

“Austin! Come on!” The manager yelled again.

“Sorry, he’s cranky,” Austin said, a slight smile pulling at the ends of his lips. You managed to crack a small laugh. “But I really do have to go.”

Before you could say anything, Austin had already leaned down and connected his lips with yours. You stayed like that for what seemed like hours; but it was only a mere few seconds.

He pulled away and gave you one last hug before letting go and walking backwards away from you and towards the terminal. “I’ll call you!”

“You better!” You shouted as you watched Austin pick up his bags, leaving Alan to walk over to you. 

He wrapped you in a warm hug, whispering in your ear telling you it’ll be okay and that he’ll make Austin call you as soon as the plane touches the tarmac.

“See ya, Ashby,” You smiled as he cracked a joke, pushing him towards the rest of his crew. “Bye Austin!”

As soon as everyone boarded the plane, you sat in the waiting area, trying to stop your crying as you waited until the plane took off.

Okay, so this is my first imagine on this account, and there will be many more to come! Sorry, it probably sucked, but hey, I tried! Requests are always open, so don’t hesitate to send something in. (:

Suicide Mission

Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader

Summary: He’s not going to come back from this. He needs to tell her. (He can’t.)
Words: 1,853
Warnings: language + self-loathing (sorta?) from bucky
Notes: for anon — idk if this is what you wanted but i wrote this rly fast and there might be mistakes but i still hope you like it okay bye

Originally posted by sibirr

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Brave Little Lion

Genre: Angst 

Warnings: Terminal illness, Major Character Death, Self harm, Suicide, Blood (kinda)

Words: 1559

Summary:   After showing Sophia her new room and having dinner the three were sat watching winnie the pooh (Dan insisted). At some point Sophia had crawled into Dan’s lap and was now snuggling in as she fell asleep.
“Poor girl.” Phil sympathised as he rested his head on Dan’s shoulder and rested a hand on Sophia’s knee.
“I know,” Dan agreed “She’s had a busy day. She must have been so scared, moving to an entirely new house with practically new people.”
Phil nodded in agreement and leaned down to kiss Sophia’s head “She’s my brave little lion.”
“I love you.” Dan said and Phil pressed his lips to Dan’s sweetly.
“I love you too.”

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Miss Christmas? - Requested (Michael)

Hello, 8th Decemeber, Christmas is getting closer and here is number eight requested by Anon (Hi can you do an imagine where you and Michael have kids and he’s touring and you video chat him telling him how excited you and the your child are about him coming home. and then on Christmas Eve he calls you telling you he cant. And then you argue and tell him how much he’s missed but then on Christmas morning he shows up? Thank you :) I LOVE THESE IMAGINES!!) Thank you and ENJOY!!!!

‘Daddy guess what!’ Tucker took hold of your hand pulling it closer to him so only he was in the frame. 'What?’ Michael asks, he sounds good, it’s nice to see Tucker so happy, and he is always so excited to talk to his dad.

'Today, me and mummy went shopping and a lady asked for our picture. And then I said do you want an autograph and she laugh and I wrote my name on a paper’ he rushes the words out like he is afraid he will forget as he smiles proudly at his dad, you see Michael grinning. 'It’s true and she said that tucker looks just like daddy’ you add in, Tucker nods quickly making you an. Michael laugh.

'But I said I need to have red hair, but mummy said no colouring hair until I’m a big boy’ he explain, you notice Michael glacé at you a small smirk playing his lips. 'But I’m a big boy next year because I will be six and that’s super big’ Tucker continues and you laugh ruffling his hair. 'Maybe when you’re sixteen’ you laugh making him pout. 'That’s not fair daddy had red hair’ he whines. 'But daddy is an adult, and adult can do what they like’ Michael explain, this courses Tucker to stick out his tongue 'No fair’ he moans making you both laugh.

'Hey Tuck could I talk to mummy a minute?’ Michael asks, Tucker nods blowing a kiss and rushing off towards Lacey. But he quickly runs back over 'Daddy, remember your passport’ he laughs rushing off and you laugh too remembering a couple of weeks ago when Michael forgot his passport and missed a show, but when you look to the screen Michael isn’t laughing. 'What’s up?’

'I’m so sorry baby’ he starts but seems to stop himself, you try to stay calm but you have a feeling you know what is coming and so you stand up and head into the kitchen to be out of ear shot it the kids. 'We were told we are doing a last minute interview so the flight we are meant to be getting we are gonna miss, but it was okay because they sorted for us to get a later one but we have just been told it’s cancelled because of weather’ he rambles on, you can feel the wave of emotions.

'So you’re not coming home?’ You ask with a raised eyebrow. 'You know I would if I could, I just can’t get out of this interview’ he tries but you’re having none of it. 'Bullshit Michael, if you wanted to be here you would be’ you half growl. ’(Y/N) please don’t be like this, there is nothing I can do’.

'Michael do you know how much you have missed out of, Tucker’s first Christmas, his birthday, Lacey’s first Christmas, and don’t even get me started in her birth. And they are the big things, not even mentioning all the little thing you miss, bed time stories, play dates, picnics at the park, writing Christmas lists, letters to Santa, putting up the decorations’ you take breath. 'How much longer do you expect us to wait around for you, wait for your interviews, your shoes, your fans, fuck that Michael, we are supposed to be number one, us three, I get it, okay, your living your dream, you’re having a good time but does that have to always clash with your family. I guess I’ve always known really, just never wanted to believe that we will always come last’ your voice his harsh and so are your words, you can see through the screen the shine if the tears in his eyes. But he doesn’t say anything, how can he really argue with that, he can’t. So you hang up, no good bye, no I love you, no apology; you just hang up and feel the tears pouring down your face. How could he let them down again, it’s already Christmas Eve he has missed the run up and not he is gonna miss the day. And you’re the one left to break Tucker’s heart.


You had spent half the night with a crying Tucker, devastated by Michael not coming home for Christmas. You lay in bed with him all night, his sleep rough, waking up every hour if so, Lacey lucky slept right through. At five fifteen you shuffle out from the bed and rush down stairs to get out all of the presents, you fill the children’s small stockings and then pile the presents in nice little areas for them both. You snap off some of the carrot leaving only the end in the plate Tucker and Lacey left out and poured the glass if warm milk downs the sink. Then you throw the mince pie in the bin making sure to leave a couple of crumbs in the plate before heading back to bed. You have only just lay down when Tucker sits up, his eyes wide 'Christmas’ he mutters to himself rubbing his head 'MUMMY ITS CHRISTMAS!’ He shouts making you laugh a little as you act like you have just woken up. 'Has Santa been, can we go look? Come in mummy get up, wake Lacey, come on, come on’ he cheers making you laugh and you sit up, you give Lacey a gentle nudge until she is awake.


Tucker is halfway through opening his presents and your sitting with Lacey in your lap as she tries to rip hers open, you take as many pictures as possible as you cheer along with Tucker gushing at his new toys. Your phone beeps and you reach over to get it hoping Michael will have finally woke up, you had tried to call but his phone was off.

*Morning beautiful, I’m sorry I let you down, I love you and the kids so much, I sent you guys a gift, it’s just arrived at the front door, love Michael (the douchebag)* you laugh a little. How does he win you round so early?

'Hey guy’s daddy said he has a present for us and it’s at the front door’ you tell Tucker and Lacey bouncing her in your knee. Tucker is on his feet straight away and runs to the door, jumping to try and reach the latch, you laugh a little as you catch up with his, Lacey griping a finger if each hand as she walks slowly to the door. You open the door, holding Lacey under the armpit so she wouldn’t fall.

'DADDY!’ Tucker screams, your head flies up and sure enough Michael is standing there a huge grin in his face as he drops his bag and picks up Tucker, 'merry Christmas little man’ he greets tucker with a kiss as he laugh. 'Daddy we missed you’ Tucker cheers, you laugh a little shaking your head. 'How are my princesses?’ He asks looking down to Lacey, she is bouncing now, and you pick her up, Michael steps in, wrapping his free arm around you and kissing Lacey’s forehead before bring his forehead to yours. 'Your right, I’ve missed out on too much, I’m sorry for being an idiot. You guys have always come first, maybe I don’t always show it but you do.’ You shut him up pressing your lips to him, it’s a lingering peck. And he chuckles a little as he pulls away 'I love you’ he winks. 'Yeah I love you too Clifford’.

'So then what’s Santa bought’ he cheers following you into the living room trashed with wrapping paper and unwrapped presents and you boxes and you laugh. 'What hasn’t he bought?’

From Chelsea