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Kris Versteeg on the Calgary Flames’ 2016-17 season: It was a special year […] There’s times hockey’s not easy, you know. You’re a professional athlete, and you wanna love it. People think you love it all the time and you know, I had a couple years there where I think things personally were going good, but it’s almost like you weren’t having fun every day at the rink. This year was one of those years where not every day is great or perfect, but you could kind of fall in love with being at the rink again and fall in love with being with the sport. It was amazing just to be around the guys, a great group of guys. Coaching staff made it fun every day and they really let your personality - each individual’s personality - come out, and I think that’s what great teams do […] It was a lot of fun and you just kind of got to be yourself and I just loved every minute of it.

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 what would they say in a love letter to your muse.

          “ you know, i don’t really know how to do all these things. being with someone. i don’t think i’ve ever done that before and my parents didn’t really set a good example to me so i didn’t really believe in love or anything like that. well, until you at least. i know that sounds cheesy but that’s… kinda how you make me feel. it’s weird, isn’t it? i don’t know, i’m still getting used to it. i just know that when i’m with you i don’t mind thinking about the future – and that means a lot to me. i think you’ve changed me forever. i just hope i wasn’t right before and that people can really be happy together for a long long time. because… i think i want that with you. ”

 what their favorite thing is about your muse.

           “ ah, it’s hard to pick one. his voice, i think. when he talks or whispers close to my hear. it makes me shiver and i never want him to stop. but also his eyes. their beautiful colour and the way he looks at me… ”

 how my muse would describe yours in one sentence.

          “ the sweetest and most incredible guy i’ve ever met; he makes my world spin ”

 if they view your muse as a friend or enemy or love interest.

          “ something i never thought i’d say about anyone but… love interest. and a friend too ”

 what one thing they would change about your muse.

           “ i’m… not sure. i guess there are always things you’ll want to change about other people but that doesn’t mean they should do it. i guess i just want him to be more open but that’s something that i need to change too ”

 where would they kiss your muse if they had to kiss them right now. 

          “ is everywhere a good answer? start with his lips, then neck and collarbones, his chest… ”

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oh god the pressure to be one of the first four is so high right now and i can't think HOWEVER i'd love a fitz as sleeping beauty type deal where jemma kisses him awake :)

*muffled snorting* Also, “flash fiction” is apparently something I no longer remember how to write. Oops. Rated PG (for kissing?). Fairytale AU.
[Other drabbles.]

The journey of squire Simmons had been long, dark, and… a little bit disgusting if she was being honest with herself. (She didn’t even want to know how long it had been since she’d had a chance to wash her tunic by this point.) 

But finally, after weeks on the road, she’d ridden on her noble steed to the castle in the middle of the woods, set the dragon free (and pointed him in the right direction for the sea), and was this close to rescuing her best friend from the terrible curse that had been placed upon him. The wooden door creaked as she pushed it open, her palms sweaty and pulse racing. 

“Prince Fitz?” 

No answer. As she stepped into the room, one hand on her rusted blade’s hilt, she was bemused to see that the space was entirely taken up by a large, four-poster bed, flowing, white curtains obscuring the inside. Not seeing her best friend anywhere else in the room, she proceeded hesitantly forward and parted the gauze.

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During the filming of the Christmas special they walked through the crowd during O Come All Ye Faithful and Kevin and Avi came down my row. Kevin was dancing with people and Avi was serenading people and when he got to my row he high fived my friend then leaned over and high fived my other friend then kept walking. When he made it to the front we made eye contact and I looked at him like ‘you skipped me what did I do to deserve’ and I mouthed “what the heck” and he had the nerve to smile ! but then we had to do the song over again because Mitch messed up. So everyone reset, they came down the isles again and Avi high fived my friends again and then leaned over them and high fived me. He leaned over. He leaned over them. and high fived. Me. He high fived me. He leaned over them and high fived me. He was aware he missed me and knew he needed to make up for it. He was aWARE

And that’s the story of how I died.

He is forgiven now and forever & thank you Mitch for messing up