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Last names

Okay so yeah, of course I love the idea of Draco changing his last name to Potter once he and Harry get married. Of course I love the idea of them hyphenating, and all the drama that ensues when they argue about which name should go first. But you know what I really like? What doesn’t get nearly enough thought IMHO?

The mere concept of Harry Malfoy.

Harry Malfoy, nauseated by the fame that came in a package deal with the name “Potter,” fame he never asked for, changing his to that of the person he cares about most.

Harry Malfoy, searching his husband’s eyes for approval before signing the legal documents to have his last name changed and finding just that and so much more. Finding hope and adoration and love. Real love. The warding-off-killing-curses kind of love. Harry holding onto that moment as tightly as possible.

Harry Malfoy, practicing his new signature for hours on end with every spare piece of parchment he can find, and finding an innocent sort of joy in the way his “M” melted perfectly into his “a.”

Harry Malfoy, a reinvented version of himself, finding the strength to move on from his past and sleep through the night without being afraid something might come for him.

Harry Malfoy, being able to breathe in his own skin again because he’s finally been granted the fresh start he’s always wanted.

Harry Malfoy, a name that has never plastered newspapers, has never been on the wanted list, has never been hunted by Voldemort, has never been spat out of the mouth of his aunt and uncle, has never been.

Harry Malfoy, the first page of a journal that is yet to be filled with love poems and stories and happy memories.

Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

Harry Malfoy. Man.

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Who's your favourite paladin?

Who, me? 

A favorite??

From the paladins???

Yes absolutely. It’s Keith. I love him with all my soul look at him he’s amazing I’d die for him in a heartbeat

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What would the scenario of Steve realizing he's in love with you for the first time be like?

You’d be watching movies at his house; you’re cuddled up on the sofa, cozy under a fluffy blanket, your head on Steve’s shoulder. He would nudge you gently, waiting for you to look up at him.


“You want some hot chocolate?” He whispers, smiling when your eyes light up at the offer. You shake your head eagerly, leaning up to kiss him on the corner of his mouth. He laughs breathily, pressing a quick kiss to your temple before getting up.

Once he’s done making you two some hot chocolate, he walks back to the living room, mugs in hand. He stops in his tracks as you come into view, leaning forward, your eyes glued to the screen. He chuckles to himself, stepping forward until he’s leaning against the wall, his eyes watching you.

He remembers your first date, when his heartbeat was beating loud in his chest and ears, but the moment you smiled at him, everything slowed down; even time itself. Every time he’s with you, all he feels is a sense of quiet; serenity.

As he watches you smile and laugh at the movie, he feels himself smiling, too. He also feels the familiar, happy warm feeling he always gets whenever he’s looking at you. Whenever he’s just thinking about you, really.

Then, it hits him. He’s in love. And this realization is just about the greatest thing he’s ever felt. And you truly are the greatest thing to ever happen to him. 

He decides to hold his tongue about it, only because he wants to make sure the moment he says those three special words is the most intimate, perfect moment ever. Just for you.

in my best-case scenario andrew hussie raises several million dollars again because people crave that sauce and he adds “full-length feature film” as a stretch goal. owen wilson plays hella jeff. geromy is donald glover. true to canon. the movie doesn’t come out for another ten years

Here it is

I’m a little bit proud of this

I know I could’ve done better… But I’m running on a time limit. I hope it looks okay. You can see where I screwed up the shading… and blending… and colors in general… But today I tried a new way of making the outline. I’m pretty happy with the results.

@princeofmints has been one of my favorite artists for a while. Similar to Moho, Zachary is great with anatomy. He can made amazing works of art with so many layers that it makes my vision blurry. Or I just need glasses. Anyways, Zachary is always fun to check up on. I love seeing new art and this artist’s happiness generally makes me happy. I can only wish him the best, and hope that he doesn’t let anything bring him down. His OCs are awesome looking, and from what I’ve read about their personalities they’re really creative and cool. I wish him the best in life, because in my opinion, he deserves it. Zachary, from what I’ve seen, really is a sweetheart. I think that others who admire him like I do will agree. I hope one day I’ll be able to draw bodies similar to how he does. I don’t want to be just like him art wise. I want to be able to envision what I want and draw it out like he does. Whenever I watch a speedpaint, I’m always baffled at how he creates his lineart. He can always get better. Everyone can. Still, you can tell that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he does. You can see the results of hard work and practice. Out of all the things I admire about Zachary, that’s probably the biggest one. Not only for him, but for all artists who do their best.

He’s a truly amazing artist, and this is my gift to him.


the new boi and the fully eelproofed tank. all of that egg crate was cut square by square with some tiny handheld wire cutters. my hands are dead.

It all started with a girl searching for a mysterious magical balls that grants any wish and her encounter with a kid with tail.

Thank you for everything Tsuru Hiromi-san, we’ll miss you! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for all those fun years we had enjoying your roles. You mean a lot to me and I hope Enma-sama wasn’t that hard with you in the other world. 

May she rest in peace and we will never forget you, thanks.