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No lie, Kas is my chaos twin and she helps me write the things I want by screaming prompts at me so I have an excuse. Most of our conversations are things we want to do and then me screaming ‘KAS PROMPT ME!!!’

So here, have more BillDip Husband Au with Toby in it.



“Hey Mabel.” Wendy Corduroy walked into the Mystery Shack in the early morning hours, sun still hardly up, which was a rarity in itself, as was the four-year-old daughter strapped to her back. “Dipper called not too long ago saying he needed me in today, what’s up?”

“Ant, Ant!” Wendy rolled her eyes and released the bouncing girl, who toddled over to Mabel’s open arms, both giggling and hugging like crazy.

“Hey there Firecracker! How are you this morning?” Rosy only yawned widely, red hair a mess of curls around her head, as she snuggled into Mabel’s shoulder and fell asleep almost instantly. “I guess that’s how you are, and yeah, all of the boys went off somewhere.”

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