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she had the world // panic! at the disco

Of course I went to see it the day it came out
  • Me before watching Spider-Man: AHhh I'm so exited !!!! This is gonna be awesome!:D
  • Me at the end: what the
  • Me at the very end: OK it was still amazing
  • Peter: my son

I wanted to make simplified redesign of the eldarya cast (like I did just a bit in 2015) except this time I won’t stop at 3 characters but do EVERYONE. Wish me luck cause i’m a lazy person.

I feel like this skin color suit him way better and also I’m tired of the “rule” that say vampires have to be pale so you almost never see a non-white vampires. He still wear his long ass scarf but I wanted to draw him without it this time! Also, LEG WARMERS. And he paint his nails black.

What bother me with Eza original design is that he’s supposed to have long hair but you just can’t tell from the front, it look like he have the same haircut as Nevra. So I changed that to give him a mom ponytail. Also gave him gloves cause I feel like he’s the type that does not like direct skin contact with others. And he even got some freckles.

I hate when characters wear partial armor at random places like do you wish to protect yourself OR NOT? So I put it all away. What you gonna do about this? I’m really really not happy with his skin tone, or just, the whole color work on this drawing, but mostly his skin. Maybe I should have made him darker. Still wear make up on his eyes (zoom to see)

The old ones [x][x][x]

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Ok, first of all, I wanted to say that your blog is absolutely amazing. Not gonna lie I wasn't a big fan of this OT3, but when you write I love it very very much ^^ I'm really happy to have discovered your tumblr My favorites are definitely your NSFW and you reversed roles AU (if you ever wanna write another scene in it, anything, I'll read it very gladly X) ). Thank you very much for sharing your writing with us, I really appreciate it, you're awesome ❤️

Ace had changed.

Sabo could tell by the way he carried himself that the Ace he knew really was gone…but in his place was someone so much more.

More confident. More comfortable with himself. More alive. 

This Ace was…softer. 

Somehow more willing to let others in even when he teased them restless. He was a leader but unlike when they were kids didn’t expect others to keep up with him like he used to do with Luffy. He was a younger brother, content with letting others fuss over him and even doing the same to his younger brothers.

Sabo didn’t know what to do with this new Ace. All the tricks that used to work when interacting with the angry ball of freckles no longer applied- because there was no longer an angry ball. 

Every time he looked into those black sparkling eyes he was met with a stranger. A kind well-meaning stranger who wanted to know answers to his question who am I.

Who looked at Sabo like he had all the answers in the world.

Damn, but did that not hurt. It was great that this Ace was here…but this Ace wasn’t his Ace. 

It was selfish of him, but Sabo wanted his Ace. The one he grew to love for being the first person to look at him and care that he existed.  This Ace…had so many people to care about that some days Sabo felt like he didn’t care about him anymore.

He wanted to get off this stupid ship.

Sabo sighed rolling over to bury his face into his pillow. He was a horrible person, wasn’t he? Jealous that the man without his memories treated him like a stranger while he treated the people he grew up with like family instead of him. 

 Next to him, Marco mumbled in his sleep, shifting around a bit before resettling.

Sabo lifted his head a little to look at him, worried he woke him. 

 How in the world did the older man convince him to rest in his bed, the revolutionary may never know but it was much nicer than laying in the dark by himself overthinking everything.

Far better than having sleepless nights where his brain just wouldn’t stop. Marco had noticed the bags under his eyes, quickly which surprised him. Not even Koala is that fast.

By the end of that same day, all of Sabo’s possessions had been moved to the First Commander’s room. Of course, they told no one of this. Not even Whitebeard knew.

Sabo didn’t want Ace to think it was his fault. The guy was already feeling guilty for forgetting him, there was no need to make that guilt worse.

He liked sneaking into Marco’s room. 

His thoughts didn’t have the chance to run wild like they normally did. Usually, Marco would be able to distract him. He would step in when Ace got overly excited and ask too many questions, call him over to play cards some nights and even just sit with him at night hearing him talk about his feelings.

It was nice.

Now if only he could figure out what to do with the arm wrapped around his waist. 

“Go to sleep Sabo. It’s going to be alright yoi.” 

With a sleepy demand like that, how could he refuse?


The voice stared him awake a few hours later, the younger blond didn’t have time to react before the door was thrown open. He shot up like a rigid board, locking gazes with an equally surprised Thatch.

The two men said nothing, observing each other for what felt like an eternity to the blond. He didn’t miss the way the grinder’s eyes glanced down at his bare chest.

A slow smirk began to form on his lips which barred bad news for the younger man.

“I-It’s not what you think!  I can explain!” Sabo blurted before his brain could think better of it.  He winces because that phrasing along with the delivery was the exact opposite of what he wanted to convey. 

“Oh no. Don’t mind me. I just wanted to let Birdie over there know that the report he wanted is finished. Please go back to what you were doing.” The man says, placing a light stack of papers on Marco’s desk. He gives the horrified young man a large smirk before taking a great bow.  “Do come to breakfast when you’re done.” 

Then he was gone with a cheerful laugh.

Sabo is left gaping at the doorway. He isn’t sure how long he sits there, with the bed sheets pooling around his pajama covered waist and a man’s arm half slung off him.

He no doubt had horrible bed hair- he always does first thing in the morning- with a bit of drool on one cheek. 

How that whole image must look like…

“Mh. Goodmorning yoi.”  Marco’s voice snaps him out of his daze. He glances down just in time to watch sleep fall from the other’s man eyes. They focus on his face before Marco straightens “Are you okay?”

“Thatch…was here. He left you…a report.” The words come out slower because he’s still trying to process what this all means. 

“Oh? He finally got off his ass. Thank the Sea yoi.” The older man says relaxing. Sabo thinks he’s way too calm but maybe he doesn’t understand what this means yet.

“He saw me.”

“I see. Don’t worry he won’t say anything as long as you told him not to.” Marco pushes himself up, raising a brow as Sabo stays silent. “You did tell him not to say anything…right?”

“Um…about that-”

Marco get you filthy hands off of Sabo!”  The scream is followed by the sound of flames enlightening and Sabo jumps.  Was that…Ace?

“Oh great.”  The older man sighs just as the cabin door is blasted off its hinges. A figure of a man made of fire is on the other side. “Ace calm down. We’re just sleeping yoi.”

“I will defend Sabo’s honor! Prepare yourself!” The raven hair man shouts completely ignoring what Marco said, before jumping towards the bed. He drops kicks the First commander, rolling with him on the floor as the Phoniex raises his hands with a look of long suffering going willingly. 

Sabo is stunned.  Ace..still cared about him?

He peeks over the bed side to watch Ace bite Marco’s hand- which heals instantly as the older man lays on his back impassively. The young man didn’t get dishearted as he tries slapping the other’s face while flames burst from his shoulders hissing like a wet cat.

Or a toddler throwing a tantrum. Marco was certainly reacting like that was the case.

A bubbling laugh stops the “fight”.

They both look up to see the first real smile on Sabo’s face since they picked him up all those weeks ago. The image isn’t ruined by the tears ruling down his face in the slightest. 

“Thanks for defending me Ace but it’s not needed.” He says between gasps. It feels like a huge weight was just lifted off his shoulders as he whips some of the tears away. He throws the stunned men a dazzling smile. “It’s nice to know that you care”

It was really nice to know.

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so this terrible earthquake leveled the city of México yesterday and I'm mexican...I have three very special people over there and I've been pretty upset just watching the news, the rescue efforts, kind of crying and biting my nails.. and at some point I unconsciously came to your blog and---this is gonna sound REALLY dumb--- it actually made me feel better. It really cheered me up and I really needed it. so thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart.

thank you so much for such a kind message, it makes me happy to know that I can make someone feel better or at least laugh and distract for a while with my blog. I know how terrible an earthquake is, last year happened the same in Italy and it was heartbreaking and devastating watching the news. Lots of people still don’t have a home, most of them have lost parents, relatives, children…everything.  

But I would like to use this message to help those people, I know most of you are students, or don’t have much money, but trust me, even €1 means a lot for those people, and it also makes you feel better to know that you’ve done something important for another human being.

Mexican Red Cross has been accepting direct donations online and has set up an Amazon Wish List for necessary items. The Mexican red cross welcomes all kind of currencies, and it’s paypal, so you can donate whatever you want.

And another one: Globalgiving, it’s a crowfunding, and they get relationships with organizations on the ground, so they get the money quickly.

And if you don’t have money you can donate clothes, or water, or food here.

I hope all my mexican followers are safe, if anyone needs other informations i’m here, if you just wants to talk my askbox is always open.

Spread positivity, peace and love ♥

Getting messages, tweets, and asks from y’all today seriously means the world to me.  Hearing from those who have all but moved on from the fandom has literally brought me to tears.  

Thank you.  

You made me cry, but in the best kind of way.

Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

(September 9th)

Conversations with my parents about current decisions about myself:
  • Me: (knowing that my mom is really against tattoos) Mom I'll get a tattoo, on my ribs, not yet but soon.
  • Mom: mmm, really?
  • Me: yes, really.
  • Mom: is it gonna be big?
  • Me: No, and it's gonna be on the ribs and not easily visible, look (sent her the pic of the idea)
  • Mom: I'm still not very convinced but as long as it makes you happy I'm fine with it, I like it when you are happy.
  • ----------
  • Me: Dad, I'll dye half of my hair blue for this summer.
  • Dad: Ugh why?? I don't like unnatural hair colors.
  • Me: yeah but I do like them...
  • Dad: Well okay, while you have your blue hair I'll wear leggings every day.
  • Me: finee, you are the grown up man who wanna wear tight leggings... But I'll have my hair blue.
  • Dad: okay princess, do as you please, as long as you are happy I'm happy, and it's your hair so it's your decision.
  • ----------
  • Look, my parents aren't perfect, but they are trying so hard to let me be, and they always did this for me, they always let me decide for myself, even when I was little I had the right to decide wether I liked something or not, and they do this even over things they dislike a lot, and I'm so grateful for them because I couldn't ask for better more understanding parents, they are just so great. And seriously if any of you have kids you definitely should try and be like this, because there is nothing better than feeling the support from the birth-givers.

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this isn't a question but I'm really happy. i made my girlfriend a mixtape and she draws me things in class based on our conversations and everyone tells us we're cute and she's just really great and I'm very happy with her. but not a lot of people know about us because we go to a catholic all girl's school so we're semi-secret but it's okay because we're part of a very gay friend group ☺️. how are you doing? btw i really love you a lot, thomas. you're one of my favorite blogs!

Forever jealous of cute couples because I know I’m probably gonna die alone