i'm gonna be really really really very not happy


she had the world // panic! at the disco

I wanted to make simplified redesign of the eldarya cast (like I did just a bit in 2015) except this time I won’t stop at 3 characters but do EVERYONE. Wish me luck cause i’m a lazy person.

I feel like this skin color suit him way better and also I’m tired of the “rule” that say vampires have to be pale so you almost never see a non-white vampires. He still wear his long ass scarf but I wanted to draw him without it this time! Also, LEG WARMERS. And he paint his nails black.

What bother me with Eza original design is that he’s supposed to have long hair but you just can’t tell from the front, it look like he have the same haircut as Nevra. So I changed that to give him a mom ponytail. Also gave him gloves cause I feel like he’s the type that does not like direct skin contact with others. And he even got some freckles.

I hate when characters wear partial armor at random places like do you wish to protect yourself OR NOT? So I put it all away. What you gonna do about this? I’m really really not happy with his skin tone, or just, the whole color work on this drawing, but mostly his skin. Maybe I should have made him darker. Still wear make up on his eyes (zoom to see)

The old ones [x][x][x]

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I started following you because I changed my URL to a chanyeol one and I wanted to make as many chanyeol mutual's as possible 😂😂 you're really an amazing person, you're so adorable and always positive, I really love that. I'm glad we are friends 💕💕💕

that’s a very clever thing to do tbh dkwahddkjwad tbh i followed you because of your url and content ;u; and i’m really happy i did~!! i don’t regret it a bit; oowwwnnn you really think that of me ;^; but i’m just a poor bald potato, thank you so much for all the comments ;////; i-i’m blushin~ tbh, i always try to be positive, i’m glad you notice .///. it makes me really really happy, i can’t even describe how happy it makes me c’:  i’m glad we’re friends too~!! thank you for appearing in my life and for existing ;w; 

come to my ask box and tell me why did you start following me

I’m really emotional and it’s So Many Things that I don’t even know whether it’s anything I’m just very full of feelings

Conversations with my parents about current decisions about myself:
  • Me: (knowing that my mom is really against tattoos) Mom I'll get a tattoo, on my ribs, not yet but soon.
  • Mom: mmm, really?
  • Me: yes, really.
  • Mom: is it gonna be big?
  • Me: No, and it's gonna be on the ribs and not easily visible, look (sent her the pic of the idea)
  • Mom: I'm still not very convinced but as long as it makes you happy I'm fine with it, I like it when you are happy.
  • ----------
  • Me: Dad, I'll dye half of my hair blue for this summer.
  • Dad: Ugh why?? I don't like unnatural hair colors.
  • Me: yeah but I do like them...
  • Dad: Well okay, while you have your blue hair I'll wear leggings every day.
  • Me: finee, you are the grown up man who wanna wear tight leggings... But I'll have my hair blue.
  • Dad: okay princess, do as you please, as long as you are happy I'm happy, and it's your hair so it's your decision.
  • ----------
  • Look, my parents aren't perfect, but they are trying so hard to let me be, and they always did this for me, they always let me decide for myself, even when I was little I had the right to decide wether I liked something or not, and they do this even over things they dislike a lot, and I'm so grateful for them because I couldn't ask for better more understanding parents, they are just so great. And seriously if any of you have kids you definitely should try and be like this, because there is nothing better than feeling the support from the birth-givers.

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this isn't a question but I'm really happy. i made my girlfriend a mixtape and she draws me things in class based on our conversations and everyone tells us we're cute and she's just really great and I'm very happy with her. but not a lot of people know about us because we go to a catholic all girl's school so we're semi-secret but it's okay because we're part of a very gay friend group ☺️. how are you doing? btw i really love you a lot, thomas. you're one of my favorite blogs!

Forever jealous of cute couples because I know I’m probably gonna die alone

Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

(September 9th)