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she had the world // panic! at the disco

a small gift for @anxiety-pidgeon: i present to you a 10-year-old, extremely gay katie holt

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Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

(September 9th)

[fic] I would rather lose a war than lose you

written for kagehinaexchange event
and the person with number: 104 
hare’s a little message from me to you:

to start of, this thing is an incredible mess and I apologize for it beforehand ;u; you wanted nsfw and tbh I had absolutely no idea what to write and then this thing happened and I think I lost control over it somewhere around the smuty part so please forgive me *bows* idk what else to say, so I’ll just go with this: we all know that kagehina aren’t in love in canon (despite our wishes for it to be), but their relationship is still beautiful no matter what it is and that’s just it, that’s what I wish to you - the happiness of one day finding the hinata to your kageyama to brighten up your days and make you feel invincible ^u^ happy valentine’s day!

read on [AO3]

words: 9524
summary: Daichi, the God of Justice and father of Shouyou, the God of Pleasure, has had enough of his son’s frivolous lifestyle that causes nothing but additional work for him and after seeking counsel with his husband Koushi, the God of Wisdom, they decide on the course of action - Shouyou will be getting married. The question is: to whom?

A/N: tbh I feel like I need to explain a few things about this au in order not to cause any confusion to the readers:

  • using everyone’s first names bc I can 
  • everyone is a god, or goddess, but that doesn’t matter much bc they are a kinda genderfluid bunch with the exception that they can literally change their gender whenever they want for as long as they want, and when I say change gender I mean become the gender (so when I say suga’s hina’s mother, I mean it, he turned into a female and went through all the pregnancy shit and actually gave birth to him. and then he did it again with tsukki)
  • and yes, tsukki and hina are brothers - hina is older just for shits and giggles and upholding to canon
  • there is no god of life/death bc daichi - the god of justice - kinda serves as the protector of the realm, and kags - the god of war - is considered the villain aka the guy that fucks up everything whenever he shows up
  • mentions of: iwaoi, bokuaka, yachi, tsukkiyama, full blown daisuga, kurohina, aohina, levhina, asanishi
  • for the full list of gods please refer to the ao3 link above

and I guess that’s all, so happy reading and happy valentines day~!

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