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Of Dreamy Angels and Flute Solos

This is the sixth fic for my 50-follower-thing, written for my 400th follower, disillusionmentcharms.

Prompt: I would love a Destiel fic that has something to do with the performing arts? Theatre, dance, band, whatever! 

This is kinda dorky like no other and also I’m woefully inexperienced when it comes to theatre stuff, like I’ve been to a few orchestra concerts but I really don’t think I’ve ever attended a live musical or anything.. but anyway. Hope it’s okay!

Dean kinda hates it when the orchestra has to perform live accompaniment for musicals because it means he’s gotta be down in the pit. The audience can’t see them so they don’t really get much recognition for playing, and people aren’t there to see them anyway. The sound quality goes to shit when they’re stuck down here, too.

And okay, Dean would never admit it to Sam, but he actually really likes watching musicals. Being down in the orchestra pit means that he doesn’t get to watch the performance, only gets to hear snatches of what’s happening onstage when the orchestra isn’t playing.

Today’s show is supposed to be great, too—Dean saw the reviews online from the show when it was on Broadway, and apparently it’s about a fight between demons and angels taking place on Earth. Dean’s never actually read the series of books it was adapted from, but Sam said that Dean would’ve liked it, and he’s got a pretty good idea of the sorts of books Dean likes. Besides, Charlie agreed, and Dean trusts her judgment.

In fact, Charlie’s sitting right next to Dean right now, looking all sorts of pouty and disappointed whenever they’re not playing because she wants to be out there in the audience more than Dean does, seeing as she actually read the series and knows the story.

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