i'm gonna ask her to marry me


Yall asked.

I provided.

  • Emma: My answer is yes.
  • H00k: to what question?
  • *shows ring*
  • Emma: tell regina yes. I will marry her!
  • H00k:
  • Emma: I thought she was gonna do it soon, but I knew that she'd wait until I dumped you but I never thought that she'd ask you to hide it for her. wow I can't-
  • H00k: the ring. it's from me love
  • Emma: *visibly upset*
  • Emma: oh
  • and then a random lighting bolt comes out of nowhere and drops a tree on h00k's face, killing him (and this time emma doesn't go to hell to save him) : )

Ok So with the sanvers engagement rumor imagine a engagement where one of them is in danger and hey get a final phone call scene and they start confessing things and Alex gets super emotional like ‘Maggie…. I wanted to marry you. I was gonna marry you Maggie. I went ring shopping. Kara helped me pick it out. She has it now but I want you to have it. Ask her…“ and Maggie’s interrupts saying "how about a fall wedding. It would be beautiful and I know you love the leaves. And I vote we hyphenate ‘Danvers-Sawyer’”. And Alex is choking up and has tears falling but says “Kara actual suggested the last name 'Sanvers’. A little different but I kinda like it” and they keep talking until they until the call ends due to an explosion/disaster whatever.

And later. After everyone is safe and they reunite neither knows if that engagement actual counts. Like they both want to get married but does an engagement during a time of panic count? Was it just fear talking? What if Maggie only agreed because she thought Alex was dying? And they dance round the issue until Kara throws them an engagement party.