i'm going with the ramen

Okay kids, go eat if you haven't yet

I spent the entire day having forgotten to eat, got a wonderful headache, and then remembered food was a thing. Sigh, I feel better now at least. I should just set a ton of reminders on my phone for this 🤔🤔🤔maybe I can convince my friend to be a reminder?

I desperately wish I liked eggs because cooking for one would become so much easier but I just don’t.

I’m trying to because I’m about to have a radical change in my schedule with the addition of two new visit schools on Tuesday and Friday. I will b tired, and I don’t want t push my current exhaustion further in April by cooking every night, then hopping into bed at 10 only to wake up at 5:20. So…Here’s the idea:

Sunday: Cook lunch and dinner; cook for Monday’s lunch and dinner, Tuesday’s lunch (dish focus: donburi, soup/stew, pasta)

Monday: cook Tuesday lunch if necessary

Tuesday: buy dinner and Wednesday lunch in Nihonmatsu (dish focus: healthy, but quick)

Wednesday: cook dinner and Thursday lunch (dish focus: heavy focuses on veggies)

Thursday: cook dinner and Friday lunch   (dish focus: heavy focuses on veggies; stir-fry Thursdays sounds really good!)

Friday: eat out or buy food to take home (anything goes!)

Saturday: cook lunch and dinner (western foods)

My goal is to only cook, at most only on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It allows me a break on myself, especially since it’ll be an adjustment to have to travel two hours round trip twice a week. Four days of cooking is more than enough to scratch my itch for being in the kitchen, but also keeps the dishes down, my energy up, and kind of forms bookends for how I rest and work.

Sunday will typically be a big pot dish: soup where all I have to do is drop in wonton or dumplings at the time of eating -largely so things like soups won’t get a build up of starch and start to become unpalatable- or pasta like ramen or spaghetti, and even rice dishes like donburi where I make my rice while I sleep, wake up and put it in the bento with meat, negi, and whatever other topings I want. 

I tried that this week with a carbonara I made Sunday: it was still good today, and I finished it tonight. I have baked chicken katsu for tomorrow, and will buy ramen -two packs at 7-11- for dinner and lunch Thursday, and will beef them up with some veggies, corn, and other things to make it a bit more filling. ggies are key: I need batteries to keep going and green, green, green will he;p me make it from Sunday to Saturday and back again.

I’m going to definitely satart also relying on my basic ability to put rice on timer to cook. Waking up in the morning to a big part of my meal -one that can be remixed in a lot of ways- being done will also make things incredibly easy.  Aledy, writing this post, I feel at ease. I’ll make it: I’m tough stuff.

Now, done with food, and off to bed, self: we’ve got another great day of living in Fukushima ahead!