i'm going with the ramen

birdflash hc

in high school, wally shamelessly eats ramen 24/7, but like– not the real kind, I’m talking 2-minute-microwave stuff– like twenty servings a day and it drives dick NUTS

I mean, if you’re gonna eat as much as that guy does, you’d think you’d at least go for something with a little nutrients!

dick is always making them “real” food on date nights and at one point tries to get iris to talk some sense into him (but iris explains that there is no way she is able to make that much food for one kid, so if top ramen works– hey, she’s not complaining)

wally thinks it’s cute to get dick riled up so it always turns into an argument for them– “you have no taste buds” “hm I’ll taste your buds” “man, that doesn’t even remotely make sense!” “you’re one to talk– ‘aster’? really?” “its the opposite of disaster!! unlike your cooking!” but it’s the hot kind that always ends up with one of them on the couch while the other straddles them with his legs

and then

dick graduates hs and the college life hits him and–

wally does not stop teasing him about it for YEARS because now, whenever he visits dick– that’s all they eat

(alfred would be horrified)