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We're One Dysfunctional Family, But I Love It!
  • -Naruto enters Hokage office. Kakashi is the current Hokage-
  • Naruto: Hi Kakashi-Sensei. I'm here for the usual 'Hokage' training *ew*
  • Kakashi: *deep in thought*
  • Naruto: Kakashi Sensei?
  • Kakashi: huh? Oh, Naruto. *small smile* Take the day off today will you? I need to go somewhere.
  • Naruto: oh... Okay.
  • -----
  • -Naruto runs into Sakura and Sasuke on the way home-
  • Naruto: oh hey guys.
  • Sakura: Naruto! This is a surprise- don't you usually have Hokage training lessons with Kakashi Sensei during this time of the day?
  • Naruto: yeah but he told me to take the day off today.
  • Sakura: huh...That's not like him.
  • Sasuke: ...maybe today an important day for him.
  • Sakura: tch! No that isn't it.
  • Sasuke: isn't that him over there?
  • -Kakashi slips through the crowds and heads off somewhere-
  • Naruto: he's holding flowers and heading towards the- *realisation*
  • Sakura: Naruto, Sasuke-Kun... Sasuke: yeah, we know. Let's go.
  • -----
  • -Kakashi is in a graveyard, kneeling over a grave. He's crying-
  • Kakashi: Rin... It's that time of the year again. The day you... Every year it's always the same. I'm the only one who remembers- the only one left. My Sensei, my best friend... All of you have left me here- alone. Why did you leave me alone?!
  • -He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder and looks around-
  • Naruto: *grinning* Is that what you thought 'ttebbayo? I'm hurt!
  • Kakashi: N-Naruto? Sasuke... SakurAAA-
  • Sakura: Kakashi-Sensei! *hugs him hard*
  • Kakashi: ooof!
  • Sakura: Don't ever say you're alone again or I'll show you just how friendly my fist can get with your face! >.<
  • Kakashi: what... What are you guys doing here?
  • Sasuke: we saw you heading this way and put two and two together.
  • Kakashi: you... Remembered?
  • Sasuke: this is the anniversary of your teammate's death, right? Yeah. Dates like these... They're hard to forget.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-Kun... *links fingers together.
  • Naruto: Kakashi-Sensei don't think your alone- ever. You still have us, 'tebbayo! And we may be the most disfunctional family ever, but I wouldn't give it up for anything!
  • Sakura: *nudges Naruto* Even Hinata?
  • Naruto: *blush* That's different, 'ttebbayo!
  • Kakashi: *suddenly pulls everyone into a hug* You know.... I really love you guys! (^w^)
  • Sakura: aww we love you too!!
  • Sasuke: ....
  • Naruto: ....
  • Naruto/Sasuke: EW GET OFF YA PERVERT!!
  • Kakashi: hahaha thank you all- you made this day a little more bearable! Let's go! I'm in the mood for Ramen-my treat!
  • Naruto: ............I'm taken, but I won't say no to Ramen!
  • Sasuke: Guys... You know what this means?
  • Sakura: what, Sasuke-Kun?
  • Naruto: ... That's so ooc.
  • -bird poo suddenly lands on everyone's head-
  • Sakura: AYYYYY
  • Kakashi: This poo is actually... Ink?
  • Naruto: ...oh no. We forgot Sai again.
  • -----
  • -Sai is up in the clouds on one of his ink bird thingies-
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celestialmoonburst  asked:

You probably get a lot of questions, but I've been doing lots of research on putting designs on clothing but everything has been fairly vague and not helpful at all :( so I've just been using all purpose paint and stencils, could you give me any tips on what I need for screening like equipment and paint wise? Your clothing is so cute and one of these days when I have the money I'm going to buy a couple things *^* I've been pining for that ramen sweater for so long~ have a good weekend~

Hi dear thanks for asking! and thank you for liking my designs! :3 yes they are screen printed. I dont print them myself though unfortunately…I dont have a good enough studio space for printing or do anything. :(( and I am also working on commissions/part time teaching so I dont have a lot of time either. really sorry I couldnt answer your question…

enjoy the rest of your weekend! love xo