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“I’m the same person I’ve always been. Now everything’s just out in the open.”


Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

Day 17: Magnus + Romance

Magnus strode out of the bedroom, fingers working the knot of his tie, doubling it up to make the perfect Windsor. His mind was at the bank, and his meeting with the new account manager that had been assigned to him. He was already running late and as much as he liked to keep people waiting, he knew when to draw the line.

Especially when those lines involved a mundane with a short fuse and an even shorter waiting period.

If Alec had been around, he would have woken him up earlier. But Alec was at the institute, hard at work tracking some unknown demon that was targeting mundanes at frat parties. He’d been grumpy at having to constantly be around university studies during their Greek week but he had a job to do and so had to leave…

Magnus pulled up to a stop, eyes widening as he took in the sight of a bouquet of about a dozen amaryllis, sitting elegantly in a long stem vase, their brilliant crimson hue, beckoning to him, causing him to forget totally about his meeting.

He felt his lips pull into a smile as he ran carefully fingers over the petals, tracing the white star of the plant even as his mind supplied him with the meaning of the flower.

Radiant beauty. Pride. Success worn through difficult struggle.

Interesting choice.

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there is just no time.

when Alec finally knows that everyone he loves is alive and well he doesn’t have time for anything else. Magnus is sitting on the steps of the op center after fixing the wards of the institute and he looks so so alive. Alec stops on the hallway to look at him, to watch him breath and blink and move; he wants to take every inch of him in now that the danger is gone -he doesn’t want to lose any second of him being so alive.

it’s almost crazy how everything changed in the past hours. Alec never felt this need, this hunger for someone before. Alec wanted Magnus before, but this was /different/, this was like not being able to breathe and needing air to survive.

so before they know it Alec takes him by the hand and guides him through the hundred of hallways and rooms and they reach his, alone and in silence when everybody is working somewhere else to fix things back to normal and tend the injured ones. They lay on his bed, on top of the sheets and the blankets, and they hold each other close because even when everything seemed safe now, they can’t risk it. They can’t be separated again.

the three words are repeated again and again and it’s not until night that they leave the room again hand in hand. And even when they let go they know that nothing can come between them ever again.

there is just no time to lose anymore.

I just want to talk about how close the lightwood siblings are. alec, izzy and jace know each other better than anyone. they don’t even need words to communicate with each other. they fight effortlessly next to each other, because they know the way each other move, they know who goes where, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. can you imagine how much time it took them to get like that? all the late night training, the accidental injuries that caused them to not leave each other’s side for hours out of worry and fear. fears, another thing that they know about each other. can you imagine the silent communication made between them whenever jace used to flinch back from someone yelling or the way izzy and alec would tense up whenever their parents told them they’re not good enough . imagine how they’d instantly get each other out of there. they know what each other is thinking and have so many inside jokes. the smirks that are passed between them whenever something reminds them of a joke from when they were kids. the looks of boredom whenever they’re in a meeting. the amusement dancing in their eyes when someone doesn’t understand what the hell the three of them are laughing about. imagine all the times they stayed up together for no other reason than to just spend time together. imagine them sneaking max into their room because it’s not fair he’s left out. imagine them passing on their wisdom and inside jokes to max. imagine people being so intimidated by alec, jace and izzy because it’s scary how well they know each other, scary how close they are. imagine in a few years time, when max is older, how much stronger the lightwood kids will be, how much stronger their bond will be. how nothing will ever get past the four of them.

Y'all we are freaking out over smiley, rosy cheeked Alec Lightwood as Magnus Bane adjusts his jacket but there’s a possibility that we’re going to get coy, seductive Alec Lightwood as we progress further along into the season, trailing his lips up and down Magnus’ neck and diving in deeper upon heading every little pleasures sound Magnus makes, pulling Magnus flush against him, hovering his lips inches from Magnus’ with a teasing smile on his face, making an innuendo or two and smirking at Magnus’ expression LIKE we’re going to die all over again y'all better be prepared for anything

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Malec was at 45% when I voted. May I ask for some malec and Madzie cuteness? :)

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s only a week, Alec.”

“I know, but think of what could happen.”

“This was literally your idea,” Magnus pointed out, and Alec groaned. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know that. He remembered damn well his brilliant idea that they should send their daughter away for a little bit of education and broadening of horizons. He just hadn’t realised how hard it was going to be.

It was late at night in the middle of a remote manor in the middle of the Scottish Highlands. It was so remote, in fact, that Alec struggled to resolve the fact that mundanes had built this. All the way out here. But rather than being full of mundanes now, it was acting as a warlock school for the week. Almost like a summer camp. Magnus had mentioned it idly, since the school had requested he drop by and take a class. It had been Alec’s idea to send Madzie.

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Okay but imagine
  • Alec: *nervous about initiating/showing interest in starting a healthy sexual relationship with his very sweet and patient and VERY EXPERIENCED boyfriend. So therefore is feeling extremely vulnerable and insecure*
  • Magnus, being the darling he is, stops them before they go any further to even out the playing field: "you're not the only one feeling vulnerable"
  • Also Magnus, shows Alec his cat eyes even tho he's insecure about them and keeps them hidden, and for good reason: *hence the nervous look when he says the previous line*
  • Alec, being the innocent cinnamon roll he is, is confused on why Magnus is feeling vulnerable about his cat eyes even tho they're beautiful and so Magnus and only add to his natural beauty: *tells him as much in his own gay stuttery way*
  • Magnus, as Alec pushes him back towards the wall, leaning in for the kiss: "this is it. He's the one." *cue the softest most caring and most adoring look I've seen on anyone ever*

Alec 100% notices how Magnus rubs his fingers together when he’s nervous or unsure so whenever he sees him do it, he reaches out and intertwines their fingers and gently squeezes his hand and Magnus just instantly relaxes and pulls Alec a little closer to him