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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: In Tears

2k words, G rated

Scorpius is completely lost in a world where Rose doesn’t exist, Albus is forbidden from talking to him, and his mum is still dead. The only place he can go to escape is the Manor, like that’ll be any help at all. 

This is a fill-in scene, based on Draco’s line: ‘my son is in tears, and I am his father, so I’m here to ask why you would keep apart two good friends’. I honestly can’t explain why I’ve never written this before, but here it finally is! 

The final inspiration to write this came from me rediscovering this great bit of art by @captbexx.

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a wonderfully pedantic beta, and for helping me figure out That One Paragraph, all while battling dodgy internet signal. A true hero. 

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sorry i haven’t been online much recently, writing or answering questions. classes are really back with a bang, and i’m so busy and tired all the time i hardly have a minute in the day to be here :-(

that being said, i have presentations to prepare and papers to write for the next 2-ish weeks and then a small vacation i shouldn’t go on but will, but after that, it should be smooth sailing and a little lighter of a load on me, so i should be back and writing soon. thank you all for being so patient with me and for continuing to send in your (lovely) ideas. your support and kindness mean the world and ilysm!!!!

Thank-God-You’re-Alive Kiss

Stacee Phelps prompted this kiss ages ago, but since I took a break from filling prompts I sort of stopped at this one… But I picked it back up this week since I was without Internet and at an expressive arts retreat. Which was interesting, but I did want to write some!

So I filled some prompts! :D They’re going to go up over the next few days, starting with this one.

The prompt was: “they’ve been fighting all week-one of them is presumed dead and they haven’t made up-but then the one is found alive but injured and they kiss.”


Steve could still scarcely believe that Tony was alive. Not after the horrible week he’d had, where he’d thought for sure that Tony was dead.

And the last thing he’d told Tony was that he wasn’t cut out for relationships if he couldn’t be bothered to spend some time with Steve. The look on Tony’s face – heartbroken, stricken, and then blank as his mask came on – had haunted Steve every minute since he’d learned that Tony was dead.

He’d known going in what Tony was like with relationships; Tony had told him. And yet Steve had rubbed it into his face.

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