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For the lovey @miyeongi-cutie who suggested a bakery AU that I am OBSESSED WITH!!! Hope you like it! 🖤
“So where are we going again?” Shiro asked as he threw an arm around Keith’s neck, drawing him in and ruffling his hair.
“Hey, stop it! Get off!” Keith ducked out from his grip and shoved him away, trying to fix his hair. “Why are you like this, you’re so annoying!” Shiro chuckled and nudged him with his elbow. “I’m your big brother. It’s my job to annoy you. Now, answer the question.”
Keith rolled his eyes and muttered “Adopted brother. Anyway, we’re going to this cafe or bakery place that Pidge won’t stop talking about. Says their coffee is really good and the food is ‘better than free wifi.’”
Shiro raised his eyebrows until they nearly disappeared under his tuff of hair.
“Better than free wifi? Pidge said that? Huh, wow. They must be really good then.”
Keith hummed in agreement and stuffed his hands in his red jacket, pulling it closer. Shiro smiled at the action zipped up his black and gray jacket, burying his nose into it.

It was late fall, and the breeze held a chilly bit. The wind whispered of winter, and the trees had begun to shed their leaves, some of which where floating in the air, softly floating the the ground. Shiro was enjoying the slight crunch they made when he stepped on them when Keith grabbed his arm.
“Hey, I think this is it.”
Shiro stopped and observed the building before them. It was a simple building, one that you could easily pass if you weren’t looking for it. The building was made out of worn brick, with a chalkboard sign in front the entrance that read: ‘Welcome to Voltron! Please do not touch pastries with your hands. Use your tongue.’ Shiro chuckled at the sign while Keith just stared.
“What kind of a name is Voltron?”
Shiro shrugged.
“I have no idea, but you have to admit, it is a pretty unique name that would be hard to forget. Now come on, I’m getting hungry.”
Shiro opened the door and was immediately hit with a wall of delicate dents of vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, the roast of coffee beans, and other heavenly scents. Keith moaned at the smell and Shiro couldn’t blame him. The smell almost made him weak in the knees.

They walked into the shop and looked around. It was a very cozy cafe. Their were multiple colored booths and chairs and even beanbags, coming in black, blue, red, green, and yellow. They was stools along the bar, and there was a glass case full of desserts and pastries that had Shiro’s mouth watering. Shiro was about to press his face right up against the glass when I kind voice greeted them.
“Hey! Welcome to Voltron!”
Keith and Shiro turned toward the voice and saw a bolder of man in its place. He was wearing cargo shorts and a yellow shirt accompanied with a yellow apron. His hair was tied back with a bandana, and had a name rage that read ‘Hunk.’ Keith read it and arched an eyebrow at him, and Hunk just laughed.
“Yeah, before you ask, it’s real. Everybody calls me that.”
Shiro smiled and greeted him. “It’s nice to meet you Hunk. My name’s Shiro and this is Keith. Pidge suggested this place and highly recommended it.”
Hunk’s eyes lit up and gave them a beaming smile. “Oh Pidge! Yeah I know them! Me and Lance have become friends with them because they come so much. Oh! And Lance is the pastry king. I’m the coffee master, so it evens out.”
Shiro nodded and turned his attention to Keith. “Hey Keith, do you-Keith?”
Keith was not listening to either of them, eyes glued to a small white cup on the register, face furiously red. Shiro looked at him with a confused look before picking up the cup that was causing Keith’s dilemma. When Shiro read the cup, he sputtered and started laughing loudly, cheeks slightly flushing.
Hunk cocked his head. “What? What is it?”
Shiro turned the cup to Hunk, who could clearly read the font in neat loopy handwriting: “Just put your tip in here. See how it feels.” Hunk immediately paled and then change to a shade of purple then red. He quickly grabbed the cup and threw it away.
They were able to hear mad cackling in the back of the cafe where the kitchen was. Hunk turned back to them, straightening his apron, flush still on his cheeks.
“I’m so sorry, that won’t happen again. So, uh, what would you like to order?”

Shiro peered at the menu, tapping a finger against his chin. He looked at Keith who just shrugged, as lost as he was.
Shiro turned back to Hunk. “What do you recommend?”
Hunk’s eyes lit up and he clapped his hands together.
“Oh man, where do I start? Everything Lance makes is amazing. Hmm, let’s go with something exotic. How about miguelitos and tarta de Santiago?”
Keith furrowed his brow. “What the heck are those?”
Hunk chuckled.
“Oh yeah, sorry miguelitos is this pastry that is made up of like a million thin pastry layers and each layer is filled with chocolate or cream. It’s then dusted with powdered sugar. Tarta de Santiago is a really thin, moist almond cake. Powdered sugar is on top of it as well. As you probably guessed, their both Hispanic desserts. Lance likes to show off his heritage.”

Shiro hummed gave him a smile. “Alright! We’ll get both of those, and I’ll get an espresso. Keith?”
Keith looked at the menu again. “Do you have soy milk?”
Hunk nodded and smile.
“Okay, I’ll just have a hot chocolate. With extra whipped cream on top.”
Shiro chuckled.
Keith glared at him. “What?”
“Oh nothing, nothing! Just glad to see my little brother growing up.”
Shiro laughed hard as Keith flushed and punched him in the arm as he paid Hunk.

He put the change into the new tip cup and went to sit down at table in the corner. It wasn’t long before they had sat down when Hunk brought them their food, perfectly balancing them on a small tray.
“Order up! I hope you like it!” Hunk sent them a smile and went back to the counter.
Shiro looked at the coffee and food and inhaled deeply, the smell making his mouth water.
“Let’s not waste anymore time! Let’s dig in!” Keith and Shiro both reached for the miguelitos and popped it in their mouths. Shiro’s eyes fluttered closed as the pastry melted in his mouth, and chocolate covered every taste bud. He almost had to stifle a moan. And Keith wasn’t in any better shape. He was looking at the patty in awe, as if it held the secrets to the universe. He quickly looked up at Shiro.
“Wanna try the tarta thingy?”
“Oh heck yeah.”
Shiro and Keith both picked up a slice, gave a mock cheers, and bit into it with a crisp crunch. However, as soon as the cake met their tongues, it practically melted away. Keith grabbed both pastures and shoved them in his mouth at the same time.
“I am in heaven.”
Shiro opened his mouth to agree, when an excited voice cut him off.

“HUNK!! HUNK, I DID IT!! You’ve got to try this! I’ve combined a churro and a cupcake into one blessed love child!”
Shiro turned toward the voice, laughing with amusement in his eyes. He went to take a drink of his coffee, but that’s when he laid eyes on the excited baker. Shiro chocked on his coffee, spraying across the room and spluttering the hot liquid out of his lungs.
“Holy shit! Are you alright Shiro?”
Shiro ignored Keith’s concern and whipped around to get a better view of the baker. Said baker had warm mocha skin, as rich as the coffee he was drinking. His hair was a warm chocolate, shaggy and barely reaching the top of his eyes. And his eyes. Oh god his eyes. They were the deepest blue Shiro had ever seen, reminding him of the ocean and they were so bright with life and energy. And he was covered with flour, which Shiro found absolutely adorable. It was covering the front of his apron and was even smeared across one of his cheeks, and Shiro wanted nothing more than to brush it away with his thumb.
Keith waved a hand in front of Shiro’s face, who just knocked it out the way, leaning out of his seat. Keith followed his gaze and let out a long sigh when he realized what he was staring at. Keith kicked him in the shin, finally getting his attention.
“Seriously Shiro? Can please control your emotions.”
Shiro gave him a small pout, but still turned toward the boy. “Keith, oh Keith. He’s so pretty. No, gorgeous. Did you see his eyes? They’re so blue and beautiful.”
Keith groaned and dropped his head on the table.
“Shiro we came here to try the food, not try the baker.”
“I’m not complaining.”

Shiro ignored his scandalous tone and continued to stare at the baker who was talking animatedly about his new creation, hands flying everywhere. Keith let out another long sigh and sat back in his chair.
“I am not ready for all this pining. You’re a mess Shiro. Remind me the curse Pidge for suggesting this place.”
“Well remind me to thank Pidge.”
Shiro then stepped out of his chair, walking toward the duo.
“S-Shiro?! Where are you going?”
Shiro tossed him a grin over his shoulder.
“Well, in going to introduce myself and give my compliments to the chef. Don’t want to be rude!”
Keith groaned and lightly banged his head on his table, cursing everything, especially Pidge. Somehow he knew they had set this up. He was going kill that gremlin. As soon he could get Shiro away from that baker who was throwing Shiro fingers guns along with a smirk. Keith groaned again. He had a feeling he would back to this cafe again. A lot.

Summary of Hamilton Songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: Yo I'm Alexander Hamilton and these are all the bitches I've fucked and/or fucked up
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Let's see how many things rhyme with Burr (also BRRAAAAH BRRAAAAH)
  • My Shot: Hamilton's not throwing away his shot or the fucking mike like holy shit this song is good
  • The Story of Tonight: We are best buds and this song is in no way foreshadowing sad events what are you talking about lets have another round
  • The Schuyler Sisters: WERK BITCH
  • Farmer Refuted: Hamilton: "My dog speaks more eloquently" Everybody: "OOOOOHH!"
  • You'll Be Back: The king's an abusive boyfriend who can't let things go and is also really cute--DA DA DA DA DA
  • A Winter's Ball: We're reliable wITH THE LADIES!!!
  • Helpless: Eliza is a cinnamon roll who needs her happy ending stfu
  • Satisfied: Angelica fucking wrecks it like holy shit this song will bring me back to life
  • The Story of Tonight Reprise: "She's married to a British officer" "Oh shit..."
  • Wait For It: And we all fall in love with Burr cuz he tears this shit up
  • Stay Alive: "I'm a general! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!" (And Hamilton will fight anyone like holy shit boy calm the fuck down)
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The awesome sounding counting game of fUCKING DEATH
  • Meet Me Inside: Hamilton gets called to the principals office
  • That Would Be Enough: Dude seriously Eliza just wants you to not fucking die like how hard is that
  • Guns and Ships: Just...I just can't...just listen to this one fucking french asshole give it all he's got
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: Basically Washington telling Hamilton not to fuck up
  • The World Turned Upside Down: America wins the war and this shit is intense (also "Immigrants, we get the job done")
  • What Comes Next: The king is still bitter--"AWESOME! WOW!"
  • Dear Theodosia: Dads and their kids make me cry every time also we see parallels between Burr and Hamilton like holy shit this is cool
  • Non-Stop: Hamilton slow down you're scaring ppl
  • What'd I Miss: Jefferson arrives 15 minutes late with Starbucks
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Ok am I the only one who notices the beat of nothing when the sisters are like "Angelica, Eliza...the Schuyler sisters" like where the fuck is Peggy is she dead i think she's dead holy shit NO
  • Say No To This: Hamilton you dumb fuck say no to this
  • ...also Maria can belt like you won't believe
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr is done with everyone's shit (also this song is life)
  • Schuyler Defeated: Burr drops some major foreshadowing with "I swear your pride will be the death of us all"
  • Cabinet Battle #2: "...France"
  • Washington on Your Side: Hamilton better watch his back
  • "Southern motherfuckin' dEMOCRATIC-REPUBLICANS!" "OH"
  • One Last Time: Washington has had enough of everyone's shit and is going home (like seriously he's the smartest person in this play he leaves before shit hits the fan)
  • I Know Him: Oh King George! We were wondering how you were doing...still creepy?...ok moving on
  • The Adams Administration: "Sit down John, you fat motherFUCKER"
  • We Know: Hamilton fucks up and no one's surprised at this point (also I love the little "No one else was in the room where it happened" addition from Burr like it just rubs salt in the wound here for their "friendship")
  • Hurricane: More Hamilton backstory/Wait For It Reprise
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN I REPEAT SHIT HAS HIT THE GODDAM FAN (also Angelica: "I'm not here for you" Everyone: "Oooooohhh!")
  • Burn: Ok let me just say Lin-Manuel Miranda has done such a good job with Eliza's character like for someone who we don't know anything about history wise, he really brought her to life in ways that make me want to cry
  • Blow Us All Away Reprise: philip no
  • philip no
  • PHILIP NO (also ha ha ha with the name of the song ha ha ha I'm laughing so hard I'm crying)
  • Stay Alive Reprise: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • It's Quiet Uptown: I'm dead there's no god there's no light at the end of the tunnel everything's helpless and there are tears flooding my cheeks
  • The Election of 1800: Everyone is thirsting after Hamilton like leave the man alone at this point dear god
  • Your Obedient Servant: Burr and Hamilton are passive aggressive af
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Reason for my death: Burr's "Wait!" when he shoots (and dear god I hope someone learns something from this like sometimes a fight isn't worth everything please I'm begging you learn to forgive)
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza I'm so proud of you and I hope you find happiness in the end because I FUCKING DIDN'T THIS SHIT HAS ME BAWLING MY EYES OUT
  • ...time to listen to it all over again

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Holy shit!! I sent you an ask the other night about the AM song "a certain romance" because of the lyrics relating to elounor......I didn't even fucking realize louis chose THAT SONG for his playlist. How did people miss that.....him adding that song feels so blantant. I'm laughing so hard I had no idea he put that song on his playlist 😂😂

Thanks for the ask, btw! I had a great discussion about this song with @iftheresnolove, and learned a LOT.

Here’s the link to Louis’ BTY playlist:

And yes, HOLY SHIT.

Here are the lyrics:

[from the album, “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” (Harry once said this was his favorite album) by the Arctic Monkeys, and written by Alex Turner]

Well oh they might wear classic Reeboks
Or knackered Converse
Or tracky bottoms tucked in socks
But all of that’s what the point is not
The point’s that there ain’t no romance around there

And there’s the truth that they can’t see
They’d probably like to throw a punch at me
And if you could only see them, then you would agree
Agree that there ain’t no romance around there

You know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell ‘em if you like
We’ll tell ‘em all tonight
They’ll never listen
Because their minds are made up
And ‘course it’s all okay to carry on that way

And over there, there’s broken bones
There’s only music, so that there’s new ringtones
And it don’t take no Sherlock Holmes
To see it’s a little different around here

Don’t get me wrong, oh there’s boys in bands
And kids who like to scrap with pool cues in their hands
And just 'cause he’s had a couple o’ cans
He thinks it’s all right to act like a dickhead

Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell em if you like
We’ll tell em all tonight
They’ll never listen
Because their minds are made up
And 'course it’s all okay to carry on that way

I said no
Oh no
Oh you won’t get me to go
Anywhere, said anywhere
I won’t go
Oh no no

Well over there, there’s friends of mine
What can I say? I’ve known 'em for a long long time
And yeah they might overstep the line
But I just cannot get angry in the same way
Not in the same way
Not in the same way
Oh no, oh no no


In Too Deep (Luke Hemmings) -No Strings Pt 3-

HIIIII! I’m back!!

Here’s part’s 1 and 2 for my No Strings Attached series!! I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I enjoy writing it!


It’s entirely too early for you to be awake and functioning, but you just can’t help it. Ever since you woke up to an empty bed in the middle of the night and you overheard the conversation Luke was having with his girlfriend, you were having a hard time settling down. 

You roll over and look at Luke with his amber curls in a mess all over his forehead and his skin spotted with freckles. You’re drinking in every inch of the piece of art work in front of you. The sun was peeking through the windows and kissing his skin in ways your lips could never. He was literally glowing. Thus further confirming your beliefs that he’s not human but an ethereal being.

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Pride Month Prompts 6/30: Discovery

Fandom: Be More Chill

Relationship: RichJake


Fuckkkkkkk I had no inspiration whatsoeverrrrr. It’s hard because I love this ship but there isn’t a lot of fanfiction or art about it. There is some. But man I need to write more because this was fun, al though it took me like a week to get it done. Lets hope I can get the others done and catch up.

Rich didn’t like to think about freshman year. It was a… difficult time for him.

He had just moved after his dad re-married and his brother moving out. It was a whole new school and he knew absolutely no one. He also had that horrible lisp that even annoyed his dad. He was just… a burden to everyone.

Being introduced to the Squip that summer was like a dream come true. He had everything, no lisp. Places to go other than home. And…


Jake was probably the best thing the Squip had ever done for him. Jake was the coolest guy there was. He was nice, friendly, and handsome.

Really handsome.

But he didn’t really think that. His Squip wouldn’t let him. He couldn’t even recognize he had thought about this way about Jake. But of course, there had been… one occasion.

Rich remembered the first night Jake invited him over. Jake didn’t like to talk about his house that often. The Squip told Rich not to push it. So when he offered both Rich and his Squip thought this would do something to make them seem cooler. Being at Jake Dillinger’s house.

When Rich was invited in, he immediately took notice that the house seemed very… empty. Like there hadn’t been anyone in it for awhile. Jake himself seemed… quiet. Sure, Jake wasn’t the most… talkative on the planet. But he had this sad look in his eyes.

‘Don’t make it awkward.’ The Squip told him.

“So… what do you wanna do?” Rich asked.

The Squip groaned, 'That’s what I told you NOT to do.’

“You aren’t going to ask questions?” Jake asked.

'Well, we could. Find out, then use that to climb the-’

'No’ Rich thought to the Squip. 'Jake isn’t a bad dude. Maybe I’m fine where I am. Just… take care of my lisp and let me see if I can handle this.’

There was silence in his head but then, 'Don’t mess up kid, it was hard pulling you out from where you were before. It’ll be much harder to do again.’

'I can do this. Just be more chill.’


“Sorry, I spaced. But, no dude. That’s something you decide to tell me. Not me to ask.” Rich said.

“Really?” Jake asked.

“Well, yeah. It must be hard to think about right? Lets do something and… get your mind off it.” Rich said.

Jake smiled, it was this small smile but it still showed off Jakes only dimple. Rich couldn’t help but smile back, his heart doing a small flip.

'I don’t think that you want to keep thinking about Jake like that.’ He heard the Squip whisper.

'What do you mean?’


That night, they played video games and Rich ended up sleeping over that night. Which Rich tried not to show how grateful he was that he didn’t have to go home that night.

The only thing the Squip couldn’t improve was his family life. His step-mom didn’t really care about him and his dad became a really bad alcoholic. The best the Squip could do was help him avoid his dad. But it would eventually not work.

Meaningless to say, Rich was glad that the Squip can hide scars pretty well.

Rich didn’t know what to think though, when Jake had called him his best friend.

'Well, congratulations. You are at one of the top places in the social latter.’ The Squip told him that night.

“Yeah…” Rich didn’t know why, but when he was alone he liked to speak to the Squip directly. Made him feel a little less alone.

'What’s with the tone?’

“It just… sucks.” Rich admitted.

'What? Being popular? But that’s what you-’

“No! That… Jake is this amazing perfect guy. Thinks I’m his best friend, but I’m not even myself around him.” Rich said.

'But you are.’

“But I’m not! I just… do what would be cool, say what would be cool. Do what you want me to do.” Rich said.

'But that’s a good thing. Being cool is who you want to be. As long as you keep going, cool is who you’ll be and it will no longer be pretending. It will be apart of you.’

“But maybe I don’t want that.”

'Trust me. You do. Without me, there would be no Jake. Besides, you are having fun. You are happy right?’

“Well, yeah.”

'Then that means it’s working. You would be hopeless without me.’

“Yeah… I guess so.”

It would continue on. Rich doing stuff he really didn’t like. Having sex, bullying others, smoking.

He also did his best to not be around alcohol. His Squip wouldn’t work if he didn’t have it. And the lisp would come back, it also reminded him too much of his wasted dad. But he made an exception for Jake.

'Are you sure you want to do this?’

“I mean… it’s Jake. I know that I started talking to him because of you. But he is actually a nice guy! And if I’m his best friend, then he won’t throw me under the bus!”

'If you say so. Be warned. I can’t do anything.’

“I know.”

When he went to Jake’s for the night. Jake asked him to provide the alcohol. Which was easy for Rich to say the least. There were tons in his house. He was sure that his dad wouldn’t notice.

“Woah dude. How’d you get that much?” Jake asked when he opened the door to see Rich with his plastic bag full of beer.

'Play it off. Don’t let him know.’

“Don’t worry about it. Lets get drunk off our asses.”

After Jake let him in, Rich immediately sat on the nice white couch and dug into his bag and pulled out a bottle of alcohol.

“Heads up!” He called, he tossed the bottle to Jack who, to no surprise, caught it with little to no effort.

“Thanks dude.” Jake said, opening the bottle and taking a sip.

Rich got out a bottle of his own. And with a little hesitation took a sip of his own.

It didn’t really take too long for him to get drunk.

“Dude you are fucking hysterical!” Jake and him were both lying on the couch. Laughing their heads off. “If I had known getting you drunk would have you act like this, I would’ve done it sooner!”

“Yeah bro! Let get drunk more often!” Rich tried to purposely avoid the S which just caused him to sound more drunk.

“Can you not say your Ss while your drunk or something?” Jake asked taking another swing on his second bottle.

Rich stayed silent. Trying to think of a way to get out of this.


“I can’t.” Rich confessed.

“Can’t what? Say your Ss?”

“Yeah… I have been… avoiding it. I have a…”


“No no, it'th-” Rich covered his mouth.

“What?” Jake sat up from his position. Leaning down to look at Rich. Rich could see the bright blue eyes that he rarely saw and his semi-scruffy hair, Rich kinda wanted to run his hands through it.

“C'mon, its alright. I won’t judge you.” Rich removed his hands. “Too hard.”

Rich snorted and punches his shoulder. Grinning wide, unknowingly showing off the gap in his teeth as he laughed. He looked up to see Jake staring at his mouth.

“Oh.” Rich said, he looked away embarrassed.

“No, wait. You have a lisp?” Jake asked.

“I-it only… when I’m drunk…” Rich said.

“Hey dude, it’s nothing to worry about. C'mon. Let it out.” Jake said. Man, Jake was always so nice. Non-judgemental. It was really… great. Admirable in every way.

“What sthuld I sthay?” Rich jokingly with a grin. What Rich wasn’t expecting was a deep blush to cover Jake’s face.

“H-holy shit. That's… actually really cute.” Jake said. Rich immediately felt his cheeks rise up in temperature.

“Ah! I'm…” Rich was about to apologize, jeez this is embarrassing, but he can’t without letting the lisp

“No! Don’t apologize. I mean, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. People have their quirks when they are drunk.” Jake said. “You just get a cute lisp, I bet it’ll attract all the ladies.” Jake grinned at the end of that statement.

'And the guys…’ Rich couldn’t help but think.



No, no, Rich wasn’t gay! Or bi! Or whatever the correct term would be to suddenly have gay feelings for your best friend.

Oh god.

But… looking up at Jake’s bright eyes and his perfect hair. It didn’t really seem to be a bad thing the more he thought about it.

But once Rich had gone home and went to sleep. The Squip made it seem like a dream. That it never happened. Rich couldn’t miss it because he didn’t even had known it had happened!

It was just the tipping block into everything else that began to crumble around him.

The shocks that his Squip gave him used to be far and rarely used. He has scars but he usually listened to his Squip, relied so heavily that it didn’t happen too often.

But after that forgotten night, it seemed to Rich that his Squip wanted more. More obedience. And honestly Rich had no idea why. But when he didn’t get the exact phrasing right he would get shocked. If he ever talked back.

It just got worse and worse after Rich recommended it to Jeremy. As the months drew on, he was feeling more and more scared of the Squip. He didn’t know if something was wrong with it or not but Rich just decided it was worth having to suffer through instead of his old life.

'Alone… worthless… unnoticed…’ The Squip would sometimes whisper.

The Halloween party just was the breaking point. He barely knew what he was doing, he just wanted it out! He didn’t want to hear the chanting in his ears. He didn’t want to be controlled. He wanted to be… himself.

So was it so insane that when the house burnt down and the voice stopped. That he was happy? What kind of maniac would think that?

Being in the hospital was not fun, but his brother who hadn’t seen in almost 3 years came. Brought him a teddy bear that said to get well. Rich was glad at least one person cared enough to visit him, other then blowing it up on social media about how much they missed him. As told to him by anti-social headphones kid.

That guy came in a lot for Jeremy. Were they dating? It really looked like it. But it was nice to somewhat have someone to talk to. Even though it wasn’t much. Anti-social is right.

But as Jeremy woke up, he was glad to finally express that the Squip was finally gone. Although Rich had it for much longer than Jeremy, Rich was glad someone could kind of understand.

“Now all the ladies will get to know the REAL Richard Gornaski…”

That’s when the memory came in. Jake’s eyes, his laugh, and the fact that Jake thinking his lisp was… and even…

“And the dudes… oh my god I’m totally bi!”

And that was the happiest he had been in along time.

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Hi hi ya !! I just like literally found your blog and I'm in love it's so so good keep the hard work up and can u do like a headcanon of candy catching the boys masturbating if you have time ✨✨✨ please and thank you 👍👍

Nathaniel doesn’t even like masturbating for this exact reason, fear of getting caught. He only does it when he just can’t take it anymore. So for him to get caught, you’d have to really catch him by surprise because he doesn’t like taking risks. He’d probably gasp really loud and try to cover himself with something. His entire body would be red, he would be stuttering, not knowing what to say. “O-OHMYGOSH Y-Y/N I UM UM UMMM.” You’d immediately close the door and he would cover his face with his hands. He wouldn’t come out of his room until hours later, even if he has to pee. He can’t look you in the eye for weeks after that. He doesn’t even know how to start a conversation with you anymore.

Castiel would shoot out a bunch of obscenities. Probably every curse word in the book. “SON OF A B****!!! F***! S***!” He doesn’t know how to react so he just freaks out and tries to throw the blanket over himself. “GET OUT!!” He’d literally just continue to curse at himself and would probably scream into his pillow. Instant boner-killer tbh. He doesn’t speak to you for an entire week and avoids you at all costs. He probably doesn’t even show up at school for like two days cause he just can’t bring himself to face you and he’s freaking out. When you finally do talk to him, he’s just a blushing mess and will get pissed if you make any kind of joke about it.

Lysander is completely frozen, he doesn’t even know what to say or do. He just stands there with his wanker in hand, staring at you like a deer in headlights. “Y-Y/N?” When you leave his face isn’t even red it’s like… Purple or something idek. He’s so embarrassed. He has no clue how to handle the situation. I feel like he’s stealthy enough to never get caught, not even by his brother, so you seeing him completely catches him off guard. He decides to take the mature approach to the situation and just directly address it. “I’m really sorry that you h-had to um… See that.” If you’re cool with it he just kind of breathes this huge sigh of relief, but he still has no idea how to act around you. Talk about invasion of privacy….

Armin honestly doesn’t give a shit. He might jump a little bit and freak out. “WHAT THE HECK?!” After you leave though he just keeps going tbh. Not gonna let your lack of manners stop him from getting it on, ya know? He’s been caught plenty of times by his mother and Alexy, so he’s used to it. He is a little embarrassed by it but he’s not gonna let it get to him. When he sees you he just laughs it off and turns it into such a big joke that you eventually forget how uncomfortable the situation was in the first place. It’s now a common joke between you two.

Kentin freezes up and just stands there. He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t move, just stands there. It’s not until after you leave that he has a reaction. He screams. “HOLY F***ING S***.” He’s pacing around his rom back and forth, is punching his pillow, pulling at his hair, everything. When you see him next he’s doing everything he can to not walk past you, talk to you, make eye contact with you or anything. If you ever want to talk to this boy again you’re going to have to approach him first cause there is no way in hell he’s going to do it. He’s embarrassed as hell for like a month and acts so weird around you now. It’s best if you just act like it never happened, for his sake.

anonymous asked:

The fic where they find Ging in the whale island is the best it was so funny and so cute!!! If you have anytime please write part two!..but if you can't it's still okey

Thank you!!! I wasn’t sure if that story was as funny as it sounded in my head so I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much! I hope this is just as good ^^; 

But yeah so here’s part two to this drabble about Killua and Gon dealing with an intrusive Ging- so this is still canon universe featuring 18 year olds Killua and Gon. This takes place the morning after the original drabble!

(and here’s part three)

“So. How did you sleep?” was the first thing Killua heard as he shuffled into the Freeccs kitchen at the break of dawn.

Killua squinted at Ging, who’s silhouette was outlined by the rising sun, and felt his lips immediately tug down into a scowl.

Of course. The one time Killua was up early and the only other Freeccs awake happened to be the only other Freeccs who was also an asshole.

“I didn’t sleep,” Killua growled as he dropped gracelessly into one of the chairs around the table. “And its your fault. If you hadn’t barged in last night-”

“If I hadn’t barged in, you wouldn’t have slept anyway,” Ging cut him off. “That bed is too small to comfortably fit two fully grown adults. And if Gon sleeps any way like I do, he’s not the most peaceful sleeper. Face it, you would’ve been down here with that same disgruntled expression on your face even if you had slept with your boyfriend.”

Heat rushed to Killua’s cheeks at the word ‘boyfriend’ and he barely resisted the urge to bury his face in his hands. Seriously, why did Ging have to be here on the rare occasion Killua and Gon had decided to visit Whale Island?! Every time the guy opened his mouth Killua wanted to scream.

There was a strange sizzling noise. Killua looked up in time to see Ging fiddling with the stove. For the first time since entering the room, Killua noticed kitchen utensils and mixed ingredients scattered on the counters. 

Was Ging making breakfast-?


A soft hand carded through his hair, gentle and heart-warmingly familiar. Killua automatically leaned into the touch despite his current lack of energy.

He smiled up at Gon, who’s chaotic brown spikes were tousled and half falling into his eyes, and Gon’s lips quirked up in response. Gon slowly moved his hand to brush Killua’s hair out of his face, fingers lingering on his still-pink cheeks. Killua reached up, hand holding Gon’s in place like he was trying to mold Gon’s handprint into his skin-

“Did you sleep as poorly as your friend, Gon?” Ging asked, shocking the pair back to reality.

Killua gritted his teeth as Gon’s hand fell away. He tried his best to ignore the roar of frustration that rose inside him while Gon glanced over at Ging, brows furrowing. “…yeah. I’m used to sleeping with Killua, so. It was hard not having him there.”

Ging looked over his shoulder with both eyebrows raised and Killua shrieked internally. Holy shit, that had sounded so wrong. 

“Have you now.” Ging fully faced them, back pressed against the counter. “Y’know, you should be more careful saying stuff like that so casually with your aunt in earshot.”

Gon’s shoulders stiffened and Ging chuckled.

“Relax. Mito’s not here. Yet, at least.”

Okay. That was it, Killua couldn’t take this- this teasing anymore. Not when he was this exhausted, not after he’d spent the whole night wide-eyed and frozen on the mattress without Gon’s presence to calm him down, not when Ging had interrupted his moment with Gon for the fourteenth time in the past five days-

“What exactly is your problem?!” Killua burst out. “Do you have something against me and Gon being together?! Because if you do,you’d better say it before I punch that stupid grin off your smug face!”

“Killua!” Gon gasped but Ging was smirking.

“You must be pretty confident if you think you can land a hit on me.”

Killua shot upwards. Only Gon’s hand on his shoulder stopped him from throwing himself at Gon’s joke of a dad.

“Killua, no-” Gon said even as Ging snapped, “Calm down, weren’t you an assassin in the past? I have nothing against your relationship with Gon.”

The burning anger inside him melted away as fast as it had come, leaving both Killua and Gon to gape at the older male.

“I think you’re pretty special, actually,” Ging continued in a semi-thoughtful tone. “Gon wouldn’t shut up about you the first time we met. It was always ‘Killua this’ and ‘Killua that’….I can see why, now.”

Killua blinked, stomach twisting and heart soaring. Inside him, confusion warred with embarrassment, mixed in with a rush of overwhelming affection for his best friend at his side.

He had never known what Gon said to Ging after he and Alluka left Gon at the World Tree. Gon had mentioned bits and pieces of it in passing, sure, but it never felt right to directly ask Gon what had passed between him and his father. Killua had left Gon’s side, he had no right to ask that of him.

But now hearing that Gon had talked about Killua…the knowledge made his chest swell.

“Then- then why-” Gon stuttered, “Why have you been acting so-?”

“Irritating?” Ging suggested as he picked at his nails. “Intrusive, obnoxious, nagging-”

“Infuriating,” Killua interrupted shortly and was surprised when Ging gave him a wide grin. 

“That too. I haven’t even told Mito this, but the real reason is very simple, actually.” Ging pushed himself off the counter and went back to meddling with whatever was in the pot on the stove. 

Gon and Killua shared a confused look. What was Ging trying to-

Ging said abruptly, “I can’t leave too good of an impression on you, Killua, or else I’d have a son-in-law running around telling people that I am much friendlier than I appear. And I can’t have my reputation as an obnoxious loner ruined or else I’d be done for.”

Killua’s jaw dropped as Gon let out a shaky laugh.

“You’ve got to be joking,” Killua moaned, slumping back into his seat. 

“Nope,” Ging said and made a popping sound on the ‘p’.

Killua curled his hands in his unbrushed and knotty hair, staring at the table’s wooden surface with eyes that burned with exhaustion. He could hear Gon still laughing in the background but ignored him.

He couldn’t believe it; Ging was a jerk purposefully acting like jerk so his fucking reputation as a jerk wouldn’t be destroyed, just so he could continue living the isolated life he had been before Gon had finally caught up to him during the Chairman Election.

What a moron.

“Well, that’s one mystery cleared,” Gon half-whispered to Killua as he began to lower himself into the seat next to Killua’s.

“GON!” Aunt Mito’s sudden shriek was sharp enough to make all three males jolt. “I thought I told you to sit across the table from Killua!”

Gon grimaced but did as he was told.

Killua stared blankly at the opposite wall just above Gon’s head. He had always known that his own family was insane, but the Freecss…they were on an entirely different level of crazy, one of their own making.

Killua leaned back in his chair, head spinning while Ging’s snickers filled kitchen, and closed his eyes. 

What he would give for a nap.

(part three)

love is

Apparently something about Agent Washington screams “tell me what your definition of love is”. Not that he would know.

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anonymous asked:

So, I'm making cookies in just a t-shirt and panties while I watch the livestream and I can't stop imagining Ty coming home to me dancing around the kitchen and then bending me over the counter and fucking the life out of me. And then giving me sweet muscly cuddles while we eat cookies.

(So sorry this took me forever to write! Hope you like it!)

-ty told you he wouldn’t be gone long, just enough to go help set up for a livestream and to run to the store to get some last minute groceries
-you were bored and you decided that you were going to make cookies
-it was a long restless night, for a reason that you would never complain about
-that big, muscular, curly haired boy had some serious stamina
-so when you got out of bed, you slipped into his shirt and a pair of panties and headed to the kitchen with plans to bake
-you blasted your favorite playlist and danced around while making them
-apparently he really wasn’t going to be that long, because you’d barely gotten the first batch out of the oven when he came back
-he came into the kitchen, obviously hearing you and stopped in his tracks in the doorway
-“holy fucking shit” he gasped out when he watched you bend down to put another tray in the oven, his shirt and your panties barely covering you
-you turned around in shock, not realizing he was there and grinned at him, bounding over to throw your arms around him and kiss him soundly
-“I thought you’d be…oh!” He interrupted you by grabbing a firm handful of your ass and pulling you into his body
-“you’ve got the most damn perfect body, do you feel what you do to me?” He asked, the harsh fluorescent lights flashing off of his glasses but not hiding the darkening of his eyes
-you giggled and kissed him again, nibbling at his thin lower lip before pulling away
-“is that a rolling pin in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?”
-he laughed and picked you up bodily, making you squeal and wrap your legs around his waist
-he carried you over to the kitchen counter and he set you down on it, his tongue slipping into your mouth, gliding against yours and giving you the most delicious twist of arousal in your stomach
-he ground against you, the only thing separating your cores were his basketball shorts and your panties which quickly found their way to the floor
-you whimpered when he ground against you again, the feeling so much more intensified, the cotton of his shorts providing a unique friction
-“gonna take you right here on this counter” he growled, shimmying out of his shorts
-his cock bobbed out and he spat in his hand to slick it up as much as he could without lube
-he knocked your knees out of the way, making you spread your legs wide for him
-he teased your entrance slowly until you were whining for him
-“PLEASE Tyler, please please stop teasing me-” he cut you off by sliding into you suddenly, making you cry out at the stretch
-it wasn’t slow or sensual
-he fucked you hard on the counter, your hands going between gripping the edge of the counter and digging into the meat of his muscular shoulders
-you came twice just by him fucking you like that, with the assistance of his fingers on your clit
-he shifted you again and pushed you down so that your ass was pressed into his groin and he took you from behind, making you cry out at the change in depth and position
-he came with a shout minutes later and used his fingers and tongue to get you off a third time
-unfortunately the second batch of cookies burnt to a crisp but neither of you cared all that much
-you spent the rest of the night either in bed or on the couch with some movies playing, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss
-he held you tight and his body heat alone kept you nice and toasty as you enjoyed the cookies that weren’t lumps of charcoal as well as the rest of the cookie dough
-soft cozy warm cuddles and sweet loving kisses for the rest of the night
-“I should bake for you more often. Either that or wear your clothes more often.” You teased him when it came time to go to bed that night

5SOS Preference #7: Interruptions
  • Calum Hood: I straddle Calum as I kiss his lips hungrily. I grab his shirt's collar and pull him to me so that he's sitting up. His hands find my bum, giving it a squeeze causing me to whimper out. I start to unbutton his shirt after he begins to kisses my chest. "You are so fucking gorgeous, my God." He mumbles while trailing his lips up to my neck. "Calum." I whisper once he starts to suck on my sweet spot. "Hmmmm. Say it again." He says, his lips finding their way to my jaw. I could feel his erection growing underneath me and I couldn't help but smirk. "Calum." I whisper slowly into his ear. He groans and then kisses my lips, his tongue begging for entrance. "Yo Calum are you deaf or- holy shit!" I pull away and turn my head to find Luke, who's covering his eyes with his hands. "You ever heard of knocking, Luke?" Calum asks, clearly frustrated. "I-I uh I'm sorry. I knocked for almost ten minutes but n-no one answered." I try not to laugh at the embarrassed Luke. Calum sighs. "We're late for practice too." Luke adds. Calum rests his head on my chest and breathes in. "Cal, I'll give you a few minutes to tidy up and (Y/N), nice underwear."
  • Ashton Irwin: Ashton hovers over me as I lay on my back on the couch. He kisses me passionately as I run my fingers through his curls. "B-babe." I whisper with pleasure as he begins to grind his hard member against my sensitive area. "Don't t-tease me." I say. He chuckles before kissing me again, still dry humping me. I pull at his curls once his hand finds the top of my sweatpants. "I bet you're soaking right now baby." Ashton whispers into my ear, his hand trying to pull down my pants. I squirm, urging him to keep doing what he's doing. "Eager aren't we?" He chuckles before placing a kiss below my ear. The sound of Ashton's phone vibrating makes him pull away. I whimper out, not wanting him to stop. He grabs his phone and then answers it. "Yeah?" He pants into the phone. His other hand holds him up above me. I watch him speak, trying to control my raging hormones. He sighs and then nods. "Yeah, okay. See ya. Bye." He hangs up. "I have to go." Ashton says to me and I whine. "You're not going." I say firmly. He chuckles. "But I have to, love. Works orders." I sigh and then pout my lip out. "But don't you worry baby," Ash says before kissing my lips again. "I'll take good care of you tonight."
  • Michael Clifford: "M-Mikey." I moan out as Michael's hands roam my body while also leaving hickeys on my neck. I wrap my legs around his torso, trying to be close to him as possible. My lower area throbs with desperation. "Michael, d-don't stop." He chuckles and then his lips meet mine. "God, I love you." He says between the kiss. "Michael, (Y/N), foods- oh my. I'm so sorry." Michael's lips leave mine and looks towards the bedroom door, where we both heard the familiar voice come from. "Uh hi mom." Michael says while getting off of me and laying down beside me. My face is beet red and Michael just smiles away at his mother, pretending what we were doing never happened. "Uh...dinners ready," Mikey's mom says while clearing her throat. "And we'd love for you two to join us." I give her a small smile and nod. "Of course. We'll be down in a few." Michael says. Michael's mom nods her head, giving us a smile and then leaves. He then kisses me. "To be continued, my love." He whispers against my lips.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Shhh." Luke whispers playfully after I giggled. We kiss passionately under the blankets of our king sized bed. My hands find the hem of his t-shirt as he plants soft kisses on my collarbones. "Mmmm." I hum out once he found my sweet spot. "This," I say while tugging at his shirt. "Needs to be off. Now." Luke chuckles kissing my lips. "Yes ma'am." He says before pulling it off of him and throwing it somewhere out of his reach. I wrap my arms around his neck and bring his lips back to mine. He moans into the kiss once I begin to bite his lip gently. Then a knock on the door stops our actions immediately. "Mommy? Daddy?" Our five year old son says through the door. Luke groans before getting off of me and I laugh a little. "Just a minute, baby." I say before situating myself. I get up and open the door, seeing my little boy with his thumb in his mouth. "Bad dream, sweetheart?" I ask while crouching down to his height and he nods. "Can I sleep with you and daddy?" I give him a small smile and a nod, hearing Luke breathe out loudly, obviously not agreeing with me.
Dragon Age: The Missing King: Chapter The 1st, Kidnapped

Work Summery:  When Alistair goes missing his warden queen finds herself on a quest to rescue him, along with some old friends (And Zevran’s colorful new apprentice.) Nanowrimo 2015 Fanfic

Chapter Summery: Alistair is kidnapped while his wife was lured away. Upon returning to the palace Torania Cousland Theirin learns what has transpired.

Betas (So far): @mackleford @purebredferelden

Chapters So Far:

Chapter The 1st, Kidnapped

Chapter The 2nd, Friends

Chapter The 3rd, Stories & Preparations

Chapter The 4th, First Engagements

Chapter The 5th, The Dalish

Chapter The 6th, White River

Chaper The 7th, Chateau Bataille

Chapter The 8th, Investigations

Chapter The 9th, The Point Of No Return

Chapter The 10th, Even The Strong Shall Fall

Chapter The 11th, The Wrath Of A Kind Man

Chapter The 12th, Epiliogue

Also on:


Art By: @heathwind-blog

The fact was, it was a dog that saved the king of Ferelden. Alistair Theirin let out a groan as his wife’s mabari, Chompers, jumped on the bed.

“Aw wh-? No! Not again!” He rubbed his eyes, “I miss her too, but you can’t just crawl into bed with people who are sleeping! We’ve talked about this!”

He had in fact given the dog a very stern lecture the day before. And the day before that. And… Maker, it was no use.

That’s when he noticed Chomper’s hackles were raised. Alistair stepped out of bed, grabbing his sword just as the door opened. The man who stood in the doorway was dressed entirely in black.

For a moment, just a moment, the king wondered how they had gotten past the guards. Then, with Chompers growling beside him, the king spoke to the intruder.

“You know I would offer you congratulations for getting this far, but something tells me you are not in a friendly mood.” The intruder responded by pulling out a vial filled with a green, sparking substance.

Huh that was new.

Either way, Alistair would make quick work of this. He moved forward, sword in hand just as the intruder unstoppered the vial and threw its contents forward.

Somehow the mabari got in the way.

Both men watched the dog as he staggered a bit. Then Chompers’ eyes rolled back in his head and he fell on top of the attacker just as Alistair slayed the man.  But Alistair had made a crucial mistake. He had not counted on there being more assailants, and the second attacker did not rely on anything as elegant as whatever had been in the vial. King Alistair felt something hit him on the back of the head and he dropped like a stone.

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so I have a bit of a headcannon for tsuki, that the song Donetella by Lady Gaga is his jam!! Like his fav bit would be the start and akaashi would walk in to see him doing his sassy dance! If you haven't heard it, go listen and tell me I'm wrong ^.^

“Tsukki…” Kuroo looks over, one hand on the steering wheel, the other reaching towards Tsukishima’s thigh.

“Don’t touch me.” Tsukishima snaps, and slaps away his hand. “I’m mad at all of you.”

“Oh come on…” Bokuto sniffs, “…the dinner wasn’t that bad.”

“Are you kidding?” Tsukishima turns around to physically look Bokuto in the eye, “You shot jello out of your nose twice. I didn’t even know you could do it once?!”

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omg i'm so glad i have post notifs on for you... i love all of the prompts! could i please have “I love you. So much. With every ounce of my being" with your mafia yoongi?

⇢ MEMBER Min Yoongi (Suga)
⇢ AU Mafia

“Say that again.”

“I said what’re you wearing to the Christmas party?”

“When the fuck have we ever thrown a Christmas party? We’re the most wanted clan in the entire country. We organise drug trades and assassinations, and now… eggnog and Christmas tree decorations?”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“What happened? Did the boss man snort a little too much cocaine last night?”

“No, I think his girlfriend blew his brains out with a spectacular blow job or something. Remember his birthday?”

“Oh, Jesus. Don’t remind me. I still have nightmares about our boss smiling like that.”

“It wasn’t even an ‘I’m gonna shoot a bullet through your head now’ smile. It was a legitimate ‘I’m happy’ smile.”

“Fuck. I got chills all over again. I will never unsee that.”

“It’s even worse because we’re probably gonna see it again at the Christmas party.”


“Yeah. Anyway. Do you know what you’re gonna wear?”

“I dunno. I might just wear that ugly ass sweater my sister bought me or whatever. ‘Tis the season and shit.”


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At Least Try Harder [Wonwoo]

Wonwoo, your boyfriend had been avoiding you lately and you decided to surprise him at his studio, only to be surprised by him.

“Hey Y/N!” Mingyu greeted you as he saw you walked out of the elevator.

“Mingyu, have you seen Wonwoo?” You asked, throwing an arm around his shoulder. Not only was Mingyu your boyfriend’s best friend, he was the one who set you two up in the first place.

“He’s in the studio, working on our next album.” He sighed, “The guy hasn’t left the room for almost a whole day. He had been working really hard.”

“I know, we haven’t seen each other in a week so I’m here to surprise him.” You waved the lunch box you made for him around.

“Good! Now go and talk some sense into that bastard!”

“I will.” You smiled at him and separated your ways.

As you stood in front of the studio, you could hear the music booming from inside. Turning the knob of the door, you were shocked to see that your boyfriend was working really hard.

Not on the song, but on shoving his mouth into a girl’s face, who was sitting on top of him.

“I see you’re working really hard.” You snorted.

“SHIT! Y/N! What are you doing here?!” Wonwoo immediately pushed the girl off the chair and made her fell on to the floor on her butt.

“Sunbaenim!” The girl shrieked annoyingly. Wonwoo ignored her and ran up to you.

“It’s really nice to see that you’re so friendly with your hoobaes.” You rolled your eyes and walked towards the door.

“Y/N! Listen to me!” Wonwoo pulled you back and made you look him, “She was the one who kissed me first.”

“Does it matter who started it? YOU, went along with her didn’t you? If you’re going to give me an excuse at least try harder to make it believable.” You shrugged his grip off your wrist and made your way out, “We’re done, Wonwoo.”

“Y/N, please. I love you. I can’t live without you.” He said, his voice cracking at the end.

You paused and looked back at him, “Then die.”

Love at First Sight

Enjolras / Grantaire

Soulmate AU where, at some point in your life, your tattoo will appear revealing to you the first words that your significant other(s) will say to you.


Enjolras gets his words at the age of 17, and he’s mildly disappointed that it seems to be nothing more than a cheesy chat-up line.

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happy 520 day!

Naturally, as the universe would have it, Edward Elric grows up to be the most baffling, contradictory, stunning creature Roy Mustang has ever seen. He squints at him over his fourth beer and thinks, When did this happen?, because it feels like the last time he looked, Edward was a slightly dorky-looking twelve year-old and not this - this

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match day

You know how I said my top three all felt like they were tied for #1 in my heart? I got my #3, and I absolutely feel like I got my #1. It is a perfect place for me, with the strongest social medicine focus of any of my top programs, and a lot of really inspiring faculty, in a seriously cool city that I’m excited to explore. I am SO happy about it, and really don’t think I would have been any more excited had I matched at my official #1 or #2. So that’s great. 

It was a weird day, though. My medbesties and I picked up our envelopes from the table, and gathered separately from the rest of the group. I hadn’t been nervous at all until the moment I had the envelope in my hand, and then I was suddenly so emotional that I really thought I might pass out or throw up. I snapped a quick picture of the outer envelope during the countdown, and then tore it open. And there was ANOTHER ENVELOPE INSIDE, and I was like, are you trying to fucking kill me right now? Opened the second envelope, and the little card, and saw my match…it was like every feeling all at once. Thrilled to get one of my top choices, a flash of sadness about the places I wouldn’t get to go, but mostly just completely overwhelmed and sort of stunned to finally know. After so much time and work and agony…boom. This. This is what’s next. This is life after med school. Finally. 

At that point time starts for me again, and I find myself in a chaotic room. I look up at one of the world’s best humans, one of my closest medfriends, and she is standing there holding her unopened envelope and shaking. She says she can’t open it. I tell her that yes, she can. She says she really can’t. I put my arm around her shoulders, and watch her hands tremble as she finally tears it open. She reads it. She looks stricken. She shows me, and I recognize the name of a program that I know she loved. After her interview at this place she raved about it. However, I also knew it had moved down her list over the course of the interview season, and was ranked at something like #5. 

I look up at one of my other medbesties and she looks like she just saw a ghost. She is there with her sweet boyfriend, who looks like he just received a prison sentence. She also got her #5. She doesn’t look sad, exactly. She just wasn’t mentally prepared for this. She was disappointed…but still relieved to finally know.

A third…he got his #10. He mainly seemed confused at that point. He had sent and received love letters, he had ranked programs that were not overly competitive…he had worked so hard, and now felt so small. But still. Still relieved to know. Hurt. Relieved. Hurt. Confused. Relieved. Hurt. All of it crossing his face, all at once and repeatedly. 

And this, this is to say nothing of the people who we were missing because they didn’t match and couldn’t bear to be there at what they assumed would be a full-fledged celebration. As it turned out, their sadnesses would have blended into the crazy emotional tornado just fine.

The coordinator asks us to go around and say where we matched, and looks in our direction. My first friend shrinks, can’t seem to speak…doesn’t want to say it out loud. They skip her, and I share my result. Each of these people, many of whom I really dearly love, says the name of a program, a city, a specialty. Some look happy, many look relieved, and many just look shocked. We go to a highly-regarded medical school. We were told we could expect our #1 or #2 pick, most likely. That’s not what happened for most of us. Most of us were still perfectly happy, but many were not, and regardless, EVERYBODY was having a profound, intense, personal, and somewhat jarring experience in a room full of people also having that experience. I’m glad we were together, but holy shit, so many feelings in that room.

I sat down with my friends. My first friend sobbed on my shoulder briefly, a first step in letting go of her hurt. We all chatted quietly, shared our confusing feelings, and tried to avoid the roving photographers. I was really very happy, but also overwhelmed by the reality of the move I need to make, and in any case, could not celebrate in the presence of so many people feeling so many mixed emotions.  

We were all short on sleep and food. We split up into two camps, the burn-the-crazy exercise camp and the drown-the-crazy beer-and-burrito camp. I went with the beer camp, not because I actually wanted the beer, but to keep that last guy company. He was still in his head more than in his heart, and I was afraid that he was going to start drinking and fall apart. He didn’t. He’s ok. 

Everybody is ok. Later we all ended up in a sunny backyard with babies and dogs and beer and lawn games and friendship. I saw everybody smile and laugh. The emotional storm had passed, we all helped each other to bail out the boats, and everybody was floating in the sunshine. We made it to where we are, together. 

I’m very grateful. 

Title: 5 Years Short


Word Count: 1,245

Rating: G

Warnings: THEY MET 5 YRS AGO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (but serious warnings None uwu)


*a thing: if there’s ever anything you need me to tag, please please please let me know and I’ll take care of it!! Thank you bunches you’re a cute little flower <3*  


Dan keeps looking over at Phil and wondering if he’s thinking the same thing he is.

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Do you know where angels go when they die, Dean?“ The question bounces around the room before settling itself heavy on the table. Dean looks up, confused, at the angel curiously posing the question in front of him.

"No, Cas. Do you?” Dean replies in a small voice.

“I have an idea.” It’s barely a whisper coming from his lips. He holds out his hand and Dean looks at it wearily. Castiel cocks his head slightly to the left, hand still out, waiting for the hunter to do something.

Dean stares at Cas’ hand, it’s definitely softer than his, and it’s begging for Dean to take it. Truth be told, he’s frightened. Cas has never asked him to take his hand before, what happens if he does now?

A small voice tugs at the back of Dean’s head, reminding him that this is Cas, this is a man, no, angel you would give your life for. You need him and he needs you now.

Dean takes another look at Cas and grabs his hand.

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