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hey guys let’s just take a moment to remember that the dead girl walking reprise used to go like this

jd: the only place that heathers and marthas can get along is in heaven

veronica: i wish that i could hurt the ones who hurt you

jd, sarcastically: yeah you and me both

veronica: i wish your mother had not chosen to desert you

jd, even more sarcastically: it happens


* = Smut

Peter Parker

Right Circumstances

Avengers Compound 

Movie Night

You Suck, Parker


Spiderman’s(?) Abs // Part 2

La Vie en Rose

In Love With Spiderman 

The Floor Is Lava

A Real Villain // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

The Storm // Part 2*

You’re Not Gay?

Dead Serious // Part 2* // Part 3*


Dear Peter

Tom Holland


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Steve said that Louis' been writing with different writers & artists, and we've seen that's been in both in LA & London, from different genres and outside of the usual Syco/Sony circle. It makes me even more curious. His album is going to be so interesting and I don't expect it to be all in the EDM/dance space. I would love to hear him do all sounds and genres, (incl ballads) especially the ones he grew up with, with the ones he loves to listen to now too. I'm so excited for Louis' solo music!!

L.I.S.T.E.N. I am SO CURIOUS.  because like…Louis’ incredibly smart, right?  Like he even said the reason he put out JHO was because he saw a hole in that style of music and knew he could fill it.  and I feel like he also knows that EDM artists don’t typically put out full albums since most tunes are so of the moment.  I feel like he will mix it up, you know?  and there better be a ballad on there!! 

I was talking with someone earlier today and the one thing I know for sure is that his lyrics are going to be so spot on and full of hope.  I feel like whatever genre it is, it’ll be very uplifting.  


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I dated a guy for 8 years before we decided to get married. He dumbed in the alter where I waited for two hours without him or one of the bridesmaid whom he apparently eloped with. We had sex the night before so it shocked me to the core and I only knew what he did because of a snap he took in Las Vegas about it. What would RFA + V + saeran react to that when the have crush one me. Sorry it's too personal but I'm hurt and I don't know how to cope. I know it's full of typos please ignore them.

*cracks neck* A few of these characters may beat up the fictional equivalent of that douchebag for you. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I don’t know if I can properly convey to you the sadness and anger I feel at your story. So I’m just going make sure that our MysMe friends take care of him.

Also, I make an exception about pronouns for you. It’s all you/yours for this HC.

I’m actually surprised this one flowed out so naturally… enjoy!


  • When he hears what happened, he’s like a deer in the headlights
  • How is supposed to respond to that?!
  • You’re crying, and it breaks his heart to see you cry, but he’s also angry that that douchebag hurt you so badly
  • And underneath it all, even though he tries to squash the evil little voice, a part of him is singing “Ode to Joy” because you’re now single
  • But not ready to mingle, so he keeps his distance in that way
  • He’s there for you, holds you, does his best to cheer you up


  • if she ever sees him again, she’s going to Judo kick him so hard in the head, his skull will fracture
  • When she finds out, she gets you out of the church as fast as possible, helps you change, and takes you somewhere safe from prying eyes, private, and takes your phone away
  • She calls the RFA (still at the wedding) tells them what happened, and asks everyone to clear out the guests
  • Zen’s so angry on your behalf that you even hear him yelling through the phone, swearing up and down that if he ever gets his hands on DB, he will kill him
  • She will bring you anything you need, tea, coffee, pastries, ice cream
  • Jaehee has warm blankets (fresh from the dryer), dvds, and time, so she stays with you until you need time and space, then leaves, and comes back when you call
  • You need to work your way through this? She understands if you need to take a quick cry break in the back
  • seriously, though, if she ever sees him again, she will probably Judo kick him into the sun


  • He.
  • Is.
  • Ready.
  • To.
  • Kill.
  • Zen’s never exactly been shy about flirting or expressing his feelings for you, even if it was one-sided, not taken seriously, and he never intended to seduce you away from your beau
  • But Zen is a hopeless romantic, so someone spitting on the name of love like that, regardless of you, pisses him off
  • He doesn’t play around with women’s emotions (not on purpose, anyways)
  • When he hears the two of you even had sex the night before, he’s so angry he wants to hit everything
  • But he’s here for you, and so he drags you out of the church, takes you either to a bar or his apartment (that way you don’t have to look at the place you shared with him and be reminded)
  • Zen ignores the looks two get while riding his motorcycle
  • Once your safely hidden away in his apartment, he isn’t afraid to hold you, give you anything he has- 
  • -in his fridge! That’s totally… what… um… h-he meant…
  • He has a ton of beer, and is more than willing to knock a few back with you and play games or watch TV
  • In the end, you play drinking games and watch bad TV
  • Years and years later, your in a happy relationship, married to Zen, you’re walking down street and see the guy the left you at the altar, and Zen bull rushes him and throws a few punches
  • Dude holds a grudge


  • We all know Jumin Han and how quick he is to jump into relationships
  • He wanted a relationship with before he found out you were engaged, and was only okay with letting you go because you seemed happy
  • So, with everyone waiting in the pews at the church for over an hour, he knows something is wrong and goes looking for you
  • When he finds you crying, he asks what’s wrong, and you show him the snap of DB in Vegas, eloping, he’s furious
  • Jumin immediately tells you deserve so much better, and if you’d like, he’d be more than willing to step in as the groom for this wedding
  • If you say no, he will accept your answer, but will be there, supporting you and hoping someday you’ll say yes to a spontaneous marriage proposal
  • However, if you say yes, he walks you out there, head held high, heart soaring, a small smile on his face
  • No matter what you say, he’ll probably send a security team after him to beat him up


  • Will do anything and everything to make you smile after hearing that terrible news
  • Saeyoung will try to distract you, protect you from prying wedding guests, and hack your now ex’s life simultaneously
  • He’ll even drag Saeran into the fun! or just hand off the hacking so that he can focus on distracting you more
  • Saeyoung will try his best to protect you from the pain
  • He hacks DB’s social medias and edits  any picture of him so he has devil horns, a tail, and a hitler ‘stache
  • So when you inevitably check, possibly out of habit, you see a small part of what he did
  • Also, btw, Saeyoung hacked int DB’s credit scores, managed to drop the whole thing to zero and lock it there, and he also got the IRS to look into him, just to fuck with him 😈


  • When he hears what happened, he just asks what you want to do now
  • Is there anything he can do for you? To help you?
  • If you say, “Take me home” he will escort you home
  • If you say, “hold me” he will hold you and hopes never to let go
  • He take care of you anyway you ask him to
  • The only time V says no, is when you ask for something that’s bad for you (like your phone, because you keep staring at that picture of DB in Vegas for some reason, like you can’t believe your eyes)
  • V is just very compassionate and giving, and eventually helps you through things, even if it’s only piece by piece
  • might ask Jumin to get a security team to track down DB and do something about him


  • Oh, this guy is so dead
  • He took a snap chat? Well, guess what, Saeran is a hacker and can not only trace his location, but fuck with everything around him
  • This DB is going to pay for making you cry
  • Saeran takes all the guys money, uses it on things for you to make you feel better afterwards
  • Seriously, on DB’s dime, Saeran arranges an entire day at a nice, fancy spa with a massage, a facial, mani-pedi, haircut, the works, all for you
  • Of course he doesn’t tell you any of this because you wouldn’t approve
  • He also pays a few guys off (again, on DB’s time) to go “rough up” DB
  • He watches the whole thing from a distance, recording it all with his phone

fake/pretend relationship

The one where Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them.

There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

Harry goes as Louis’ date for a weekend wedding. He ends up taking the role a bit too seriously.

the not-so fake marriage AU in which Harry and Louis get married to keep Harry from dropping out of uni (and if they discover that they’re in love along the way, well, that’s neither here nor there).

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La Vie en Rose

Request: For the Drabble list thing , can you do 5&3 <3333

3. “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”
5. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

Word Count: 1819

A/N: Reader is 17 here~Starts off 16, but is 17 cause woo time skips. But wow I just realized I slightly changed things a bit. So basically. May doesn’t know Peter is Spiderman. But it also doesn’t take place during the movie. But Peter is 16. So, after the movie, but May doesn’t know. YIKES! (Im really only explaining this like this because I’m splitting this into different parts. The next part will go more into the title).

Summary: the reader grew up with Peter and when the reader’s mom dies, May takes her in.

Warnings: None.


You and Peter grew up together. Kind of. Peter’s aunt May was your mom’s best friend. When Peter’s parents died when he was young he went to live with his Aunt, and May would often invite you and you mom over so Peter would have a friend to play with.

The only thing is, you and your mom moved away when you were 10 and you only saw Peter and May about once a year.

So, when your mom died, you found out she had put May as next of kin, and you were shipped off to Queens to live with Peter and May.

It was odd moving back to the city you had called home for so long. After living in a small town in Maine for six years, it was odd being back in a big city.

Of course it was a difficult transition when your mom died, trying to get used to May and Peter again. May treated you like you were her own daughter, and Peter was so nice to you.

You had had a crush on Peter for as long as you can remember. Probably eight or nine years. It was always something small where it would always sit in the back of your mind, but wouldn’t really hit you unless you and your mom went to visit.

By the time you were 15, you and Peter had exchanged phone numbers when you stayed with them for a week with your mom. You had kept in touch after that. You would text at least once a week, mostly telling each other about your days.

Moving to Queens really wasn’t easy. May tried her best to help you, but Peter was really the one who go through to you.

One night, shortly after you had moved in he had heard you crying in your room. He had let himself in and sat down on your bed with you.

He began to tell you about his adjustment to Queens when he was really little and how hard it was for him to make friends, to get used to staring a new school at such a young age, and get used to May and the city.

“I remember that on my second day here in Queens, May told me that someone was coming to see me, and that they were my age. And a few hours later, you walked through that front door. As soon as you saw me you ran over and shoved two toy cars in my face asking if I wanted to play. I was six, Y/N, but I knew that I had made a friend and I would be okay,”

After he had told you this, he pulled you into a hug and held you for a while. But before you knew it, your lips were on his and you were pulling his shirt off. The next morning when you woke up naked next to Peter, you both agreed that it would be best if nothing like that were to happen again. It would be too complicated given your situation.

After that night you and Peter remained close. One could argue that you were even better friends than you were when you were little. And your crush had grown. Living with him only helped it grow into something more than a crush. You couldn’t help but admire Peter.

May was amazing support to you and helped you adjust to living in an apartment in Queens.

When the new Semester at school began you joined Peter at Midtown High School. When Peter introduced you to Ned, you clicked instantly.

Your Friday nights soon turned into a time when you, Peter, and Ned would hang out. The three of your would study or watch movies or go out and wander the city.

One night, almost a year after you had moved in with May and Peter, you were helping May with dinner.

“I have to say, Y/N, since you’ve moved in, we’ve had go out for take out a lot less,”

You laughed, “well, in your defence, you just never set the timer on the oven and leave the food in for too long,”

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say, but why don’t you go get Peter from his room while I change and then we can eat,” May said, heading towards her bedroom.

You walked over to Peter’s bedroom door and knocked twice.

“Peter?” You asked

Suddenly there was a loud bang at the front door, it swung open and Peter fell through.

“Peter? Oh my god, are you alright?” You said

You rushed over to where Peter had fallen on the floor.

Peter quickly hopped up, held a hand over his face and tried to make a run to his room.

You stood in front of him, not letting him pass you.

“Peter Parker, what’s going on?”


“Then take your hand off your face,”

Peter slowly removed his hand from his face, revealing a giant bruise below his left eye.

“Oh my god,” you said

“Please don’t tell May,”

“I’m not going to have to tell her, I think she’ll notice,”

“Can you please just help me cover it up,” Peter begged.

You hesitated for a moment, May had welcomed you into her home and took you in as her own, you didn’t like lying to her.

“Fine,” you agreed.

You allowed Peter to pass you and head into his room. You went into your room and picked up you makeup bag and headed back into the hallway where you ran into May.

“Y/N, did you get Peter?”

“Uh, yes… he’s just - uh he’ll be out in a second. He just needs my help with something,” you said and quickly moved past May and entered Peter’s room.

Peter was sitting on his bed when you walked in.

“So, I have to use makeup to cover that up,”

You pulled Peter’s desk chair close to his bed so you could sit and fix up his face.

“So are you going to tell me what happened?” You asked, rummaging though your makeup bag for your concealer.

Peter remained silent.

“Peter i’m not going to help you unless you explain this to me,”

Peter sighed “Look, I got into a fight,”

“You’re lying,” you said, applying the concealer to Peter’s face.

“Yeah, okay well then if i’m lying you’re an idiot,” Peter said, (knowing that you are extremely smart and not at all an idiot).

“In that case, I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. Tell me the truth Peter,”

As Peter went to open his mouth Peter’s bedroom door opened and May walked in.

“Guys it’s dinner,” May paused and looked at what was happening, “Y/N, are you putting makeup on Peter?”

You and Peter exchanged a look.

“No?” You said

May eyed you both suspiciously.

“What’s for dinner?” Peter said, standing up and walking out to the table.

“Y/N and I made a lasagna,” May answered as the two of you followed Peter to the table.

“It was my grandma’s recipe,” you said, taking a seat.

You stared Peter down the entire meal, hoping he would get the message that you weren’t finished with the conversation from earlier.

“Y/N, you haven’t touched your food. What’s going on?” May said

“Nothing, May. Sorry. It’s just been a long day at school and I could really use Peter’s help with my calculus homework,” you lied

“Well, why don’t you eat something and then you two can go study,” May suggested.

After dinner, Peter helped May clean up while you waited in your bedroom for Peter.

Eventually he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“I need answers, Peter. You can’t just walk in here all bruised and ask me to help you hide it from may without an explanation,”

“I wasn’t lying before. I really did get into a fight. Someone tried to steal my backpack and they punched me, and they stole my backpack,”

You were hesitant to believe him.

“You’re really not lying to me?”

“C’mon Y/N, I would never lie to you. You know that,“ Peter said.

“Actually, I clearly remember this one time when we were eight that you lied straight to my face,”

“No, Y/N, please don’t bring up the barbie incident again,”

“Peter, you cut off my barbie’s hair. I will never get over that,”

“How many times do I have to apologize for that? It’s been eight years,”

You shrugged, knowing every time you brought this up you got Peter all worked up.

“Peter let me ask you something,”


“Who is she?” You asked.

“What?” Peter said, confused.

“Ive deduced that you must have a girlfriend. You sneak out almost every night, you claim to be at your Stark internship every day after school, but I don’t buy it,”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,”

“Again, I still don’t buy it,”

"Well, what about you, Y/N, do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?” Peter questioned.

“Oh yeah, great job turning the tables on me there, Peter. But you know there hasn’t been anyone since Gwen,”

“Shame, you guys were cute together,” Peter said.

You and Peter stayed silent for a while before Peter spoke up again.

“Y/N, remember not long after you moved in with me and May and how I told you about the first time we met and what I remembered,”

You nodded, remembering what else had happened that night.

“I know we agreed that nothing should happen after that night, but I just always thought something would,” Peter admitted.

He sat and stared at you, waiting for you to say something.

“You know what, I think i’m gonna go. All this sneaking out has left me extremely tired,” Peter said.

Peter placed a light kiss to your forehead and got up to leave.

“Are you sure you don’t have a girlfriend?” You said, stopping him at your door.

“I’m actually kind of waiting to see if anything will happen with this one girl,”

Peter gave you a small smile, said goodnight, and closed the door behind him.

The various chopin etudes (op.10)
  • (I'm only doing the ones I know since I'm too lazy to go search the others up)
  • Op.10 No.3: SADNESS BEAUTIFUL MELODIES VOICING!!!!!!!!! lyrical melody harmony bUT WAIT AGITATION RAGE RAGE RAGE MORE RAGE RAGE DISSONANCE and more calmness and beautiful melodies um *fades away*
  • Op.10 No.5: all BLACK KEYS BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED YOUR RIGHT HAND THUMBS ANYWAY and lets just put chords in the left hand just because ALSO I DON'T REALLY CARE IF YOUR HANDS ARE SMALL OR NOT BRILLIANT OCTAVES AT THE END!!!! (I played this piece for a while...and my hands were smaller back then so ugh the octaves)
  • Op.10 No.9: I want to be a rebel so let's just make this a sped-up typical-Chopin-nocturne-style-arpeggiated left hand HOWEVER THE RIGHT HAND MUST HAVE OCTAVES AND GOOD MELODIES AND STUFF and F minor
  • Op.10 No.12: Rage rage rage anger RAGE REVOLUTION MY COUNTRY NOOOOOOOOO BUT FORGET IT I'LL MAKE YOUR LEFT HAND SUFFER AND MAKE YOU REGRET THAT YOU WERE BORN WITH A LEFT HAND dotted rhythms and I'll make you love this piece but hate to play it jUMPSCARE OPENING

Because I was talking about Les Mis Ladies as teachers and @just-french-me-up was asking me about drama teacher!Parnasse and literature teacher!Jehan (Elise, your message disappeared!! Into the void!! I don’t know where it went??), here’s some Jehanparnasse: 

  • Parnasse is the most dramatic person to ever be dramatic so of course he’s the drama teacher (How did he become a teacher?? No one knows?? Did he even study?? No one really wants to ask though in case he like, murdered the last one.)
  • Jehan had a bit of hard start when they get to school first to take over the job as literature teacher because not everyone is educated about the topic of gender (which they change really quickly) 
  • Parnasse is the first one to throw two Douche Bros in training out of his class room when he hears them saying stupid shit about the new teacher  (that Parnasse hasn’t even seen yet  but still, there’s a No Bullshit Policy in his classroom, it even says so on the door) 
  • So when the whole thing gets brought up at the round table of gossip the teachers’ room ( thank you Courfeyrac) Parnasse doesn’t expect a skinny ginger wearing the most atrocious poncho-with-chino-ensemble to suddenly stand in front of him
  • Jehan tells him very clearly that they don’t need anyone to stand up for them but nevertheless appreciates the gesture
  • It’s incredibly aggressively polite and sweet and Parnasse is a little bit impressed (not that he would admit it)
  • He’s also kind of charmed when the next day there’s a small flower bouquet on his desk 
  • He’s not smitten or anything
  • It’s totally coincidence that he starts taking the slightly longer way to his classroom that passes the one for literature 
  • He just doesn’t feel like walking past Coufeyrac and his waggling eyebrows at the reception desk more than necessary, alright?? 
  • And then of course the literature and drama teachers have to work together  for the annual theatre production
  • Usually said collaboration consists of Parnasse staring the other teacher into submission until they give up and let him do what he wants 
  • (Except Rocky Horror Picture Show, no one let’s him do that with the eighth grade kids)
  • Parnasse kind of has the feeling it’s not going to be that easy this time around
  • It’s much better
  • Because Jehan doesn’t take any shit and is also creative and poetic and beautiful and Parnasse actually has… fun??
  • Music teacher!Cosette who helps out with the play too posts a video of Parnasse laughing on her Snapchat story and it kind of goes school viral
  • They’re still not allowed to do their first idea because there’s a little too much death and murder and fake blood involved and no one really buys into the #aesthetic arguemt
  • but in the end, they manage to stage an incredible production of, I don’t know, The Importance of Being Earnest turned murder mystery or something and it’s amazing
  • There also might be (totally is) enthusiastic kissing behind the curtain backstage when it’s over and everyone’s applauding
  • Of course there’s the dramatic ‘unplanned’ curtain opening (thank you Courfeyrac) a la Love Actually because reasons
  • And all’s well that ends well. 
  • Curtain closes

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 

Happy Aqours 2nd Anniversary!

It’s been two whole years since Love Live! Sunshine!! was first announced in Dengeki G’s Magazine on April 30th, 2015!

Looking back on the past year, we can see that Aqours has released a whole bunch of albums and a TV anime. They’ve also had a handful of mini-lives and performances as well as their first major live concert! And now they’re currently on their way to a second live concert and many more smaller performances, not to mention they have a second anime season coming up. On top of that, they’ve basically brought an entire dying town back to life. Aqours has worked so hard and accomplished so much ;__;

Thank you so much, Aqours. I love each and every one of you.

Since it’s a perfect time to reflect upon my personal involvement in Love Live! Sunshine!!, I wrote a bit about that too. Under the cut. Do not read if you don’t appreciate excessive amounts of sentimentality, I’ll gross you out.

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Hi there! If you're not too busy, could you do a headcanon thingy for Sonny de la Vega having a crush on a girl who's really shy but who all the guys want? How does he treat her and how does he feel when she agrees to go out with him/be his girlfriend? Sorry I'm like super passionate about this! Anyway, thanks so much and have a great day! ~

  • so usnavi would be the first one to figure out that sonny has a crush on you and he just smirks because now he could tease sonny about his crush on you
    • and he would figure it out because he is just watching his cousin trying to flirt with you and you are just turning really red
    • usnavi pulls him aside and tells him that he is being really obvious about it and if sonny wants a chance, he needs to take a different approach 
  • so from there on out, sonny tries to be subtle about his feelings and is way more gentle around you and he acknowledges that it’s gonna take a lot of effort to win your affections but it’s worth it,,,
  • sonny brings you to the bodega a lot and he doesn’t know it but benny and usnavi started a betting pool of whether or not he was going to ask you out or not
    • benny doesn’t think so and usnavi is too proud to admit that he doesn’t think so either 
    • benny points out how the odds are in his favor because of how several other people are pining for you as well but usnavi is just insisting that he knows that you two are meant to be
  • when he finally asks you out and you say yes, he just smiles really widely and wants to scream but figures that he shouldn’t do that in front of you so he is just screaming internally and smiling really really big 
  • he shows affection a lot, just like little touches and quick kisses and like kisses over the counter of the bodega and usnavi is really awkward around you two, he doesn’t know how to react to his cousin having a partner
    • when usnavi does get used to you though he invites you over for dinner and he just gets to know you and he is already treating you like family
  • for your birthday, sonny asks graffiti pete to draw or paint you something if he would be willing to
    • he loves watching your face light up when you unwrap a sketch of your favorite picture of the two of you painted in monochrome 
  • he just loves you so much though like he didn’t even know that it was possible to love someone that much