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a complete list of the memes of 2015

-the first meme of 2015
-airbrushed adam sandler
-for 8,000 dollars a month, i will stop
-captain america: civil war
-i’ve never heard of a george glass at our sküle/sure jan
-take a closer look at that snout!
-“not all men” you’re right, _______ would never do something like this
-me: just fuck me up
-what i expected vs. what i got
-neo rickroll
-zodiac signs
-tumblr update/glitch of 2k15

-left shark
-uptown funk
-mmm watcha say
-once-ler fandom
-hi i’m auditioning for the role of _______ and I’ll be singing ________
-little einstein’s remix
-the dress
-american horror story: hotel
-hoe don’t do it… oh my god
-[looks at smudged writing on hand]

-making fun of igloo australia
-handmaiden & feudal lord
-these are their stories
-natalia kills
-jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
-emoji text
-the sausage movement
-bro pickup lines
-lebron james

-coppy/excel sheets
-hi welcome to chili’s
-rare pepes
-embrace your uncomfort zone
-putin memes
-putting chat bubbles over cartoon characters
-mall cop 2
-sneme (snail meme/snake meme)
-deez nuts
-bitch where
-regional gothic
-chances of winning in a fight
-let’s mcfreakin lose it
-facebook mom minion pictures

-look at this photograph
-down with cis
-pokemon + world of warcraft’s love child
-gal pals
-cheeky nandos
-british banter
-you stole fizzy lifting drink
-charlie charlie challenge
لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ


-shia labouf just do it
-cole slaw hate
-i hate when people dress like this… like we get it, you smoke weed
-sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do  ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
-today i fucked up by…
-they changed the tumblr logo again
-ask ________ a question
-E3 swedish yarn man
-minion hate
-rihanna gifs
-the author of the journals, my brother
-get a load of that dog!
-imagine that you have zero cookies, and you split them evenly among zero friends. how many cookies does each person get? see? it doesn’t make sense. and cookie monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.

-me, shoving breadsticks into my purse
-zodiac pictures
-gemini hate
-IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR __________
-fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger/so this is what the homeworld really thinks of fusion
-no notes
-editing captions
-*to the tune of ________*
-dog of wisdom

-frank ocean album
-okay…….. that sounds fake but alright
-netflix and chill
-old commercials
-spongebob receipts
-the signs as one word
-you’ve heard of _______ now get ready for ________
-another one
-young man
-sonic dreams collection
-straight outta compton
-man door hand hook car door
-that pink cat from boomerang
-deez nuts election poll
-theme songs for animals

-first day of hogwarts
-new tumblr layout
-new google logo
-screaming ducks video
-why the fuck you lying
-interrogator: say it
-boy: so u got any fantasies?
-pokemon go
-*takes a deep breath* i lo-
-brain: you gotta
-you were red, and you liked me because i was blue
-spongebob lyric edits
-blood moon
-water on mars

-skeleton war
-disappearing peace sign
-urinal picture
-poot lovato
-concept: ________
-adele is back
-north posted this while playing on my phone
-taylor swift suing people
-hotline bling/dance like drake
-staff got rid of replies
-let _______ say fuck

-it’s christmas time
-ufo sighting
-jar jar renaissance
-that’s it im kinkshaming
-tumblr messenger
-shia labouf watching his own movies
-that bee picture
-the picture of the guy from star trek looking scandalized
-slam da fuckin like button if u up
-dropping water filled condoms on people’s heads
-the meme depression

-one punch man
-neko atsume
-the new paper airplane icon
-baby grinch
-2015 in a nutshell
-star wars spoilers
-the force awakens opening crawl
-miss universe pageant
-text posts in between christmas lights
-leave it in 2015

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for a soon-to-be adult about hoeing or sugaring. ?

Uhm, I’m not really THAT experienced with sugaring, but I can give you a decent place to start and then links to girls with more knowledge than me:

1. It sounds like you’re a minor, and while it seems like you are waiting, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT do any type of sugaring/camming/sw in general until you turn 18. Just don’t. Imo, I would wait until you’re around 20-21 at least if you can. I know this sounds a bit hypocritical since I’m not that age either, but you learn so much in just a year at this age, that it really makes a huge difference. 

2. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable about a situation, or a guy is making you feel weird, just leave/stop talking to them. No pair of red bottoms is worth your safety.

3. With that said, if you can, it’s best to find someone who you know well and trust and can tell what you’re doing/where you’re going before you meet up with a POT, or any guy you don’t know that well. Ask them to check up on you. 

4. When you’re with your sd or a POT, for the love of God put down your phone. You’re selling an experience here. I can promise you that your best attributes aren’t the top of your head when you’re looking down at whatever text you just got or any joke you just found on social media. 

5. You are selling an experience, but don’t go too far out of your comfort zone. I wouldn’t market myself as the “sexy, girl-next-door” kind of girl because that’s not who I am. If that’s you, great! High-class seductress? Go for it, if that’s what you can pull off. But knowing yourself and how you are perceived by others is important. If your page gives a completely different idea of you than what you can actually pull off, you won’t find guys interested in staying because they are looking for something different. 

6. This is NOT easy. Read up on other girl’s blogs, there are plenty of guides/first-hand stories to sift through. The men you see will be gross. They will look terrible, smell terrible, and (probably) say terrible things. (Or at least be super boring). Sugaring is a JOB. You will have to work to keep up a persona (or at least most girls do) and you will have to put up with shit that you don’t want to. 

7. Don’t put up with abusive behaviors. Ever. 

8. Don’t become reliant on the money you get from sugaring. This is a personal preference and I know there is some debate on it, but people can disappear, money can dry up and you don’t wanna be left without this month’s rent. Save save save saveeee. Don’t quit your vanilla job after you get your first sd. 

9. Since it doesn’t sound like you’re 18, I’m gonna assume you are still at least partially reliant on your family. There is a large possibility that they could find out about your sugaring. Are you prepared for that? Can you emotionally handle that? Will you get kicked out? Don’t be stupid about this. If you can’t handle the possibility of your family knowing, then don’t do this, at least until you’re older imo. Too many girls are seeing blogs from sbs with their designer bags every week and deciding to hop in the bowl with little to no foresight. Don’t be stupid. 

Other Girls/Posts:






And then, when you say “hoeing” are you referring to full service sex work or some other type of sex work? Because if you are, A. I can’t give you advice on that and B. I’m almost 100% positive you shouldn’t refer to it as that if you’re not a SW yourself. 

If that’s not what you mean though, feel free to clarify.

EDIT: Also, just fyi, many girls also have FAQ pages. While I don’t mind questions like this, (for real, feel free to ask!), a lot of the more prominent SBs on here get the same generic asks every day and so just reading someone’s “answers” tag should be beneficial. Don’t ask a question without reading their FAQ pleaseeee.

anonymous asked:

I've written quite a few marauder fics but I always stop before posting them. I always see you and your (extensive number of) tumblr friends posting your amazing fics and loose confidence. I haven't been in the fandom for years and years like all of you and I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed because you all seem like jily queens. I am a potato. what was the point of this ask I'm sorry for bothering you

I’ve been staring at this ask all morning, trying to formulate my thoughts. There’s so much I want to say but mostly I want to give you a big bear hug—a really big one that makes you lose oxygen a tiny bit because I’m hugging you so tight. I was going to write an eloquent essay but nope, the words aren’t coming, so this may be a bit disjointed. I’m just going to address these point by point.

Firstly, because I’m a charts and graphs person:

The first one I’m going to address is ‘jily queens.’ I’ve seen it both as an accusation and also in this ask this week, and it’s not okay in either context. This name—jily queens—is something that happened in an anon. Someone started sending several ppl on tumblr anons lumping us together and stating that we were jily queens. We all unanimously, then and now, reject the supposition that we were somehow better than anyone, as the title ‘queen’ implies. So it started several months ago with an anon and I think I’m fine in speaking for everyone—I know I am, I’ve taken a survey—when I say that we are all unanimously and wholeheartedly against this. We have never and will never refer to ourselves as ‘Jily queens.’ It makes us all so very extremely uncomfortable.  In fact, we never even lumped ourselves into a group. It was done for us in the anons. “Never be royals” was actually coined in response to this because, you know, we’ll never be royals. NEVER. There is no such thing as a hierarchy in fandom—any fandom—and the insinuation that some blogs are better than others, or elite or exclusive, is just nope. Nope nope nope. I, personally, never want to feel like I’m on a pedestal,  for anyone to be intimidated to say hi to me or be my friend, or worst of all, for anyone to be discouraged from posting their thoughts. Because oh my god that’s not what this is all about.

I remember first being on tumblr—I was so intimidated to talk to people. I was scared to say hi and be rebuffed or have people think I was weird. I was scared to make an ass of myself. I was scared to post something and have no one agree. And that did happen. For months? So I get that. I do. I joined the fandom last winter—the January, I think, of 2013. And I made text posts but mostly just reblogged other things. And then I said hi to a few people, or they did to me, and we mutually started following each other and becoming friends. And then I became friends owith a few more people. When I participated in Jily Week—I made many more great friends—which is basically just reblogging convos and also maybe that’s when more than 12 people started following me. I don’t know. Then I started attending movie watches, which are now and have always been open to the general tumblr public, and became friends with most of the ppl associated with the never be royals group.

And while that’s where the never be royals group was largely formed—in tinychat chatrooms as we fangirled over movies together—that’s not an exclusive thing. We still do those. Everything is tracked under the moviepaloozaparty tag. The links are reblogged and anyone is free to join. Anyone. So that’s the big scary exclusive club—tinychat movie watches which anyone can and should come and join!!!! There is mostly where we learned about each other, started mutually following each other, and then had crazy conversations and became friends. So if people insist upon calling us a group and naming us, it’s never be royals, and it’s just a group of largely jily/marauder’s era ppl who like to watch movies.

Nothing to be scared of, sweetheart. And I know we’re little shits who constantly reblog each other’s shit and have a continuous running conversation, but anyone is welcome to join that conversation any time. No one in the group is mean or scary. I promise. If anything we will smother you and you will run away screaming.

Moviepaloozaparty nights—that’s where my charts and graphs started—from a tinychat about how James Potter was sexy. And I started drawing for jilyweek, and also writing for Jily Week. Was I terrified to start posting my stuff? YES. Do I have fanart and fanfics in the recesses of my blog that have 10 notes? YES. I have no idea when the headcanons thing started. At some point I just stopped giving a fuck about being scared to post. I started posting for a specific friend, or because I had someone I wanted to share it with. The worst that can happen is that someone disagrees with me—and they do, but that is also okay because I love hearing different people’s perspectives. The no notes thing? That’s par for the course of having a new blog. I will also add as an aside that follower counts and notes mean nothing to me. I am far more interested in the people reblogging and following than the number they represent.

So everyone in our group is different. Not everyone writes or posts original fanart or fics or anything like that. Some people don’t even have jily blogs, even if they love jily and write jily. And that’s okay because we’re not friends with each other b/c of our respective talents, we’re all friends because we get along well and none of us is an asshole. We like different fics and characterizations, and that’s what makes it fun. There’s a huge diversity factor in our group dynamic and it is FANTASTIC.

So that invitation is open to everyone. The moviepaloozaparty group is constantly changing. So please come off anon and say hi. That has been said repeatedly, but it can always be said again. Please don’t ever feel intimidated. And please, anon, please post your marauders thoughts. The diversity of opinions and worldviews and perspectives is what makes this such an active, amazing fandom I feel so blessed to be such a tiny part of. Because, statistically, our fandom is HUGE and the never be royals group is like .000005% of that.

It’s not okay with me that anyone would not participate because they’re intimidated or nervous or scared or to think that I had anything to do with that.

So HUG for you, anon. A hug and a biscuit and me asking you to share the mwpp in your brain with the rest of us.

Also, potatoes are fucking fantastic.

anonymous asked:

You seem to have cool opinions on the Zayn thing for what I have seen. What I'm confused with is your take on this situation with people calling Zayn on his negative feelings vs. people not calling remaining 1D on their negative feelings - I don't get how you made it about racism? Maybe I missed something. I have watched same to happen to a Jpop group and of course people see it as the leaving person's fault. He chose it (the positive and the negative); the others' didn't have a choice.

at first i wrote a REALLY REALLY long response to this that involved a lot of personal anecdotes & stuff and then i was like “bro, who wants to know any of this stuff about ur personal life” so here’s a slightly shorter version:

to start, im a person who tends to make everything about race, or more accurately, i believe that p much every situation can/should be read with a racial lens. when i look at situations involving any of the five, i look at it with a racial lens, bcos to me, talking about race only when people of colour are involved implies that poc are the only ones affected by race and that it’s “our”/”their” problem. it’s not! so when i talk about race im not just talking about a “marked” race (nonwhiteness), im talking very much about invisible/”unmarked” dynamics, namely whiteness and the ways ive seen whiteness function in fan responses to zayn’s solo career and in fan responses to the ways that the other boys behave (and also, forget fan behaviour, whiteness just as a function of the ways the other boys feel entitled to behave period).

i do actually agree with u that people see it as the leaving persons fault and that that’s legitimate. part of the reason i havent made an actual original post about zayn leaving (instead of responding to an anon question or putting it in some salty tags) is cos i feel very conflicted about policing people’s legitimate reactions to zayn leaving. my first reaction when he signed w rca was literally “no, no, no, no, no” cos i was so angry that he went about it like that. i dont think he did it in a good way! i didnt wanna sit around and tell people “u shouldnt be angry about this” cos, like, they had a right to be angry! i was angry! so for a while, esp over the summer, i kinda let it slide.

my response to that anon, though, was based mainly on the interviews and reactions to the interviews, and more generally on stuff that happened after the solo career was announced. this is where it gets tricky, cos i don’t actually have an answer for u that’s set in stone. what i said was based on a lot of stuff that i felt but couldnt necessarily put a finger on: it’s in the phrasing of statements like “he’s not the person i knew”/”he’s not the same person he was in the band”/”he’s changed”/”he’s selfish now”/”how dare he talk about the boys like this”/”he’s a fuckboy”/”he doesn’t respect women.” to me, those statements aren’t…necessarily… bad or wrong. it’s the context, tone and phrasing that make me worried and uncomfortable. 

zayn is the same person that he was in the band–if anything, he’s more himself, and has said so multiple times in interviews. he presumably thinks the same sexist things about women that he thought when he was in the band, he’s just stupid enough to voice them at this specific moment*. stuff like “selfish,” “changed,” “not the person i knew”–those are statements that carry discomforting connotations. why has he changed? why is he not the person you (not u, but a general you) knew? where did he, in your opinion, “go wrong”? did he go wrong when he left 1d to hang out with shahid, a fat, brown man? (the demonisation of shahid is sth i initially participated in and now feel fucking horrible about, i reread that guardian article every so often and feel like trash) did he go wrong when he left 1d to pursue music that’s more racially marked because he felt it reflected him better? did he go wrong when he said he left 1d cos he had no creative stake in the music? 

i know a lot of the people who make those statements balk at the implication of those questions (the implication being that their dislike is racially tinged), but i think (and this is notable cos it’s true of 1d too!) the motivations we assign ourselves are not necessarily the motivations we actually have. what i mean by that is that even if u (again, not u specifically, a general u) tell urself “this is why i feel this way” and u think its not a racial reason and u feel very strongly about that, its impossible for u to separate that from the ways we r all raised to think about muslims and about brown people more generally: “sneaky”/”liar”/”terrorist”/”criminal” etc etc etc. to me, the way people talk about zayn on this site has a lot of the tinges of the way people speak about muslims and brown people where i live! the volume and scope of the negative sentiment is also incredibly terrifying to me at a time when muslim, south asian and arab people, especially young men, r being physically attacked and abused for being brown! 

i know this sounds really OTT, like, c’mon saying something mean about zayn is not the same thing as shooting up a gurdwara or detaining a 12 year old with a heart condition for three days without informing his parents but there’s something significant about the way white people talk about brown people when they don’t like us that is what stands out to me there. it’s like disliking us gives them free reign to say whatever. there r plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike zayn. it’s more the way people do it that bothers me. 

i think it also makes more sense if u see my original tags that the anon was responding to, & ill talk about them more here. in plainest terms, zayn is only interesting, relatable, lovable, and vulnerable to white fans when he is in the band and behaving in ways that dont make them uncomfortable. as soon as he left and started doing things they didnt approve of, he was fair game for all sorts of outrageous criticism. it’s as if every ounce of humanity they’d ascribed him disappeared as soon as he was no longer associated with the cracker quartet (read: whiteness). people are denying him agency and humanity in a way they have denied none of the other boys. liam hasn’t received nearly as much flack for his homophobic comments, and tbqh, if any of these white women had wasted nearly as much time being outraged about louis using a racial slur as they are about zayn saying something dumb about women, there wouldn’t be a single louis stan left in the fandom. and yet there are! so…here we are. 

tl; dr it’s not what people are saying, it’s how they’re saying it. also, though, i think it’s all v relative and people have diff opinions and blah blah blah. this is just my personal read on the situation.