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  • it honestly amazes me how well akaashi knows bokuto. besides the whole list of weaknesses + solutions to combat them, he really knows how to read bokuto’s body language and mood well. he tries his best to understand bokuto through his ups and downs and that just screams how much akaashi cares about him. but seriously, i think it’s cute how they hang out outside practice too bc it shows how akaashi thinks of bokuto more than just the “ace/teammate.”
  • maybe… when bokuto started getting frustrated that his cross-spikes were getting blocked, maybe that’s when all the endless spiking practices started and akaashi agreed to practice w/ him because a happy bokuto is a happy akaashi. he’ll help bokuto jump over any hurdle they meet.
  • akaashi knows bokuto is capable of reaching his full potential (and beyond) on his own. in ch.244 when akaashi says he can only draw out bokuto’s top condition for a short time, i’d like to think that akaashi knows that bokuto just needs a little push from time to time, but the rest is all bokuto. akaashi believes in bokuto.
  • several months ago, i said how bokuto has complete trust in akaashi and i’m screaming bc of they think so fondly of each other and i’m just :’))) please get together. the day akaashi directly compliments bokuto, i will cry. will it happen at some point during spring interhigh?? bokuto’s graduation?? /cries
  • sometimes i wonder how far fukurodani will make it in nationals (i’m on the empty boat that thinks fukurodani’s gonna win, mainly bc my heart is gonna shatter if they don’t) but i really can’t decide. 100% sure nekoma v. karasuno will happen soon, but WHEN lol… i’ll just let the manga unfold itself c:

They’re not what Zevran was expecting.

The plan isn’t ruined, per se, but he was rather counting on them to be slightly less suspicious. Grey Wardens are heroes of legend, and people routinely called heroes are supposed to be giving and trusting. This lot clearly isn’t. The elf - Dalish, if he’s seeing correctly - and Qunari are just short of openly disdainful, trading eyerolls when they think no one can see. At least, he clearly sees the elf roll her eyes; the Qunari is on the far side and perhaps more mannerly than Zevran gives him credit for.

Perhaps only the human is a Grey Warden then. He certainly seems eager to assist the woman Zevran’s hired. His information is scare and outdated; it’s entirely possible the others could be tagalongs. That would be more fitting. Champions sometimes amass a following, and outlaw heroes have their own appeal. And if the Grey Warden is this blindly trusting, well, he certainly needs them.

That rather complicates things for him though. The two suspicious ones are scanning the horizon, shoulders tight, clearly expecting something. The massive dog - and Zevran’s not sure if he’s a Grey Warden or not, this being Ferelden - is scenting the air. They’re not going to make it to the wagon.

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Wrote some Blackmadhi (/beginnings of, anyway) because I’ve fallen into this ship more than I thought I would and I cannot get up.  Has some implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill.  Deals with some PTSD nightmares on Simon’s part.  Slight spoilers for AA6.  Approx. 2350 words. 

Simon couldn’t help but wonder how exactly he got in this position.

How he was in a hotel room with one Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, who had fallen asleep in the bed next to his own at least two hours ago with absolutely no issues.  The monk’s long hair was splayed across his pillows as gracefully as the man himself slept. It was kind of irritating, Simon couldn’t help but think.  It would have been somewhat nice to see Nahyuta’s sleeping state to be the exact opposite of his conscious persona: perhaps some drooling, hair in knots and tangled everywhere…it would have been excellent material for Simon’s phone. But no, Prosecutor Sahdmadhi was as…ethereal in his sleep as he was at any other time.

And perhaps, most frustrating, was the fact that Nahyuta fell asleep with no problems whatsoever.

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Yuri!!! on Ice and No. 6 are actually quite similar

So the people who complain about YOI while talking about how great No. 6 is have been confusing me. (Just a warning, this might get long.) The points they make aren’t usually together in the same posts which is why I think it’s taken me so long to notice how contradictory some of it is. This isn’t a criticism of No. 6 by the way, I absolutely adore that show. But I do get somewhat frustrated by these arguments and how people can’t seem to see how inconsistent their opinions are when discussing these two shows.
(This is going to be mostly about YOI while using No. 6 as a reference point.)

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A little heads up about mains/exclusives before I go to bed, since I’m seeing it a lot and wanted to make my own thing! I am not a fan of exclusives and I probably won’t ever have any, so regarding mains!! MAINS aren’t based on the character but the muse and their mun for me! So I don’t mind how many of the same character I have up there, because each MUSE is different and unique, and so is the mun ofc! It’s more of a relationship/bonds page honestly, and I hope you all treat it as such! So, if we get close or if you’d LIKE to get closer, then I am happy to throw you on my mains! I might change that name to BONDS though. But I am also really awkward and don’t want people to feel like they aren’t special to me just because I have a lot of the same characters up there. Does that make sense? It’s so late I feel like I’m babbling on ^^’ Basically, its my love for the MUN that fuels my love for their muse, and that’s why I want to keep my BONDS open to anyone. Cause I love developing stuff, so so much, and I wish I could jump on board with mains when I see stuff posted, but I am a scared bean. 

The Broom Closet

Part Eighteen

Last we left off: The Council had recruited Bradford to get close to Weir in hopes of eventually subduing him. Meanwhile, Weir claims the Council is planning something sinister.

Chapter Summary: In this installment Weir tells Bradford more about his past than he realizes.

Notes: Okay, I know this isn’t the most well put together story. Moving forward I hope to change that. If anything about the story isn’t clear to you, please speak up. I’ll do my best to explain things.

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