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It’s hard to look Barry in the eyes when there’s so much want reflected in his blown out pupils, but Iris holds his gaze as he draws her towards him. One of Barry’s hand’s cups at the curve of her jaw, rough pad of his thumb smoothing over her cheekbone. “You’re so beautiful” Barry whispers

Iris’s nose brushes against Barry’s and she reaches out automatically to slide a hand over Barry’s waist. They stare at each other for a few seconds, but it’s Iris who makes the first move. She leans in, pressing their lips together, and she’s sure actual sparks tickle her skin when they kiss.

Those sparks turn into fireworks flickering behind closed eyelids as Barry takes control, tilting his head and licking over the seam of Iris’s bottom lip until she lets out a soft noise. With her lips parted, Iris mewls as Barry licks into her mouth. She’s weak in the knees as their tongues slide together, clinging desperately to her soulmate to keep from falling.

But it feels so good that she doesn’t stop, not even when Barry sucks on her tongue and then scrapes his pointed canines over the smooth sweep of Barry bottom lip.

“B-barry,” Iris breathes, breath shaky, but she doesn’t back away. Instead, she leans forward, pressing her chest to Barry and relishing in their contact.

The second kiss steals the air right out of her lungs, pours fire into her veins, and Barry growls possessively.

Her legs feel like jelly and her fingernails scrape along Barry’s rib cage, arching towards her soulmate as her teeth nip against Barry’s lips. Iris’s breathless, panting softly and pulls away about an inch to catch her breath. Barry’s not any better, chest heaving up and down.

“Be mine,” he rasps, smoothing his thumb over the jut of Iris’s cheekbone again.

“I’m already yours.”

“Forever?” Iris shudders from the implication and she leans into Barry touch.


Is Himchan not dying his hair for this comeback? He said he’d be the color representative, but so far, I’ve seen no blue haired Himchan. I’m assuming nobody saw his red hair until the Wake Me Up teasers deopped? (I wasn’t present for the Rose comeback. Bleu will be my first comeback.) I’m not sure how long the MV making process is in the KPOP world, but if they’re coming back towards the end of August, would the MV have been shot already? Or is that exactly what they’re doing now, judging by Daehyun’s now purple hair? That short amount of time for an MV? I know things are fast in the KPOP industry, but damn…

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Pillow Talks

Barry stirs, feeling a tickling against his cheekbones, and brings up a hand to scratch at the area. The air over him shifts slightly, but he pays it no attention as he turns his head to the side a little, pressing deeper into a pillow.

Something moves against his jaw, and in the haze of sleep, he has trouble putting a name to the sensation. A giggle sounds then, as his face scrunches, and Barry smiles, having no trouble putting a name to the voice.

He brings his hands up to wrap them around the body hovering above, and tugs Iris down gently. Another laugh escapes her throat as she struggles to set herself free, smiling when he lets her go eventually, cracking an eye open to glance down at the girl lying across his chest, knees on either side of his hips.

“Morning,” Iris mumbles softly, and Barry nods in response, eyes closing again as he feels Iris’s lips make contact with his jaw again. They start their journey right underneath his ear lobe before trailing across his jawline and to the bottom of his chin. Iris pauses and Barry opens his eyes just the slightest to find her staring right at him.

Iris’s lips don’t find his, but they do continue their trek up his face, planting little pecks on his cheeks, his eyelid, his forehead, before descending down his nose. They kiss his cupid’s bow, slightly chapped lips making contact with the concave bump, and Barry smiles, tugging Iris close.

“What are you doing?” He whispers as Iris settles in his arms, shifting down to rest her head on the bridge between his neck and his shoulder.

“Nothing,” Iris replies, playing with the buttons of his shirt. “I love you.”

“Why?” Barry asks, chuckling at the sudden confession, as his arms automatically tighten around her.

“Do I need a reason?” Iris whispers tilting her head up to run her mouth down Barry’s neck. He squirms a little, head automatically moving to give her greater access, and Iris breaks away from his arms to straddle him, head coming down to trail lips down his neck, pausing onto to kiss his Adam’s apple.

“No,” Barry replies once Iris’ head starts to move lower, a hand in her hair making Iris pause. “But why the sudden need to tell me so?”

“I just wanted to let you know,” Iris replies lifting her head up and the two make eye contact. Barry stares right into her eyes before bringing a hand up to rest against Iris’s cheek, thumb caressing her cheekbones. Iris leans into the touch, smiling softly, her own hand coming up to rest over Barry’s while her other holds her weight a little precariously.

“I love you, too.”

Iris hums, moving her head down to mouth at the bit of Barry’s chest peeking out of his shirt, before she sits up a little, hands fumbling with the buttons of Barry’s shirt. There’s nothing suggestive about her behavior and she leans down to kiss the skin exposed with each opened button, lips trailing softly down until the shirt is completely off, before making her way back up.

Kisses are littered across the plane of Barry’s stomach, a bite or a lick accompanying them every now and then, but there’s innocence in each touch, innocence laced with so much love that Barry has trouble believing that he’s worthy of everything Iris showering him with.

Iris kisses her way across Barry’s chest, moving up slightly, and Barry’s amazed at how soft and gentle each kiss is. There’s not a single hint of any impure motivation, no suggestiveness in any of her actions, and Barry can’t believe the girl making her way up his chest is truly his for the taking.

“Babe, give me a kiss,” Barry tugs at Iris lightly after a while, trying to pull her up, but Iris shakes her head.

“No,” She whispers against the side of Barry’s neck, lips back at his jaw.

“Come on, Baby. Give me a kiss.”



“Morning breath,” He can feel Iris’s lips curve into a smile.

“I don’t care,” Barry turns his head slightly to make eye contact and Iris finally sits up a little.

“Well, I do,” Iris announces, but she shifts forward, either way, leaning down to place a palm against Barry’s lips, before pressing a kiss right onto his hand. “There.”

He laughs in response, tugging Iris down into his chest, enjoying the way she starts to giggle, happiness shining off her, but doesn’t push for another kiss.

He turns both of them to the side, Iris tight within his arms, head tucked under Barry’s chin.

“Is this about last week?” Barry whispers, running a hand through Iris’s hair gently, fingers feeling the texture and the softness of black locks.

Iris doesn’t say anything for a while, and Barry glances down at her closed eyes and wonders if she’s fallen asleep.

“Yes,” Iris says after a while, arms making way around Barry’s back and pulling him in close.

“I’m sorry,” Barry breathes into her hair. “Did I scare you?”

“No,” Iris’s reply is meek. “It was…it was just a new experience.”

“Baby, you don’t have to be brave all the time, you know,” Barry says quietly. “It’s okay to admit it if it scared you.”

Iris goes quiet, but Barry feels her nods against his neck, “I was scared. I was really scared. But more than that I was worried. I was really worried about you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I didn’t know what came over me, I thought if you and I weren’t together he wouldn’t have a reason to come after you. ” Barry kisses Iris’s forehead, before pulling away to look at her.

“You don’t have to apologize,” Iris gives him a small smile. “I’m okay, now. I understand.”

“Thank you,” Barry murmurs gazing down at the girl in his arms. “Thank you so much. For everything you did, for handling everything so well, and for sticking by me despite how much trouble I gave you.”

Iris’s smiles widen at the fond look in Barry’s eyes, before reaching up to peck his lips once, before ducking her head down quickly to hide it in Barry’s neck, “You’re welcome.”

“You were very brave, and you did well,” Barry strokes her hair “Thank you for not running away.”

Iris snorts against his shoulder, “Like I could ever.”

Barry laughs, Iris hearing the way it rumbled through her chest, “Yeah?”

“Mhmm,” Iris grins, pressing her ear to Barry’s chest, listening to his calm and steady heartbeat. “Definitely would’ve left already if I didn’t love you the way I do. You’re too much trouble, Barry Allen, far too much trouble.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to hold on to you tighter,” Barry says before pulling her closer into a bone crushing hug.

Iris thrashes in his embrace, laughing loudly, as Barry doesn’t let her go. She stops moving to wonder how to get out to his arms, but Barry takes advantage of that movement to start tickling her.

“Barry!”Iris shouts as the first wave of laughter ripples through, shaking her to the core. She curls her body inwards trying to escape, hand coming out to try and stop Barry but to no avail. Barry seems to know exactly where to touch and how to touch to have her laughing until there are tears streaming down her face.

Iris’s breathing heavily by the time Barry pulls his hands away, smirking, and looks up to gaze at Barry with an expression that takes his breath away. Barry pins her down to the bed, before leaning down to kiss her.

“I love you, Iris West-Allen, so, so much,” Barry says as he places each consecutive kiss.

“Me too,” Iris says smiling upwards as Barry pulls away and falls back down beside her.

Iris moves closer, using Barry’s shoulder as a pillow, turning to her side while Barry stares up at the ceiling, hand coming up to rest in Iris’s hair.

“Let’s get up. I’m hungry,” Iris murmurs into his neck.

“Five more minutes,” Barry smiles and Iris lets out a heavy sigh.

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