i'm going to sleep for five years now

Miraculous Team Post-Reveal
  • Adrien (lying on his bed with his head hanging off the end): So, am I the only one who feels that they should have seen this coming?
  • Alya (playing with all four kwamis on the floor): I don't know. I'm still freaking out that I've been on a team with Chloe all this time. (to Trixx) C'mere baby!
  • Chloe (sat on the couch): I know, I mean, how did I not see that it was you?
  • Marinette (sat against the bed so that her head is next to Adrien's): At least you guys weren't in love for the better part of two years! Alya, stop playing like that with Tikki, she'll never go to sleep now!
  • Tikki: Marinette, I am over five thousand years old and I have protected hundreds of Ladybugs in my time, I think I deserve a tummy rub every now and again!
  • Nino: *enters* Oh hey guys, why are you hanging out withou- *sees Chloe* wha- what the hel- *sees the kwamis* you motherfuckers
Ashton's Arrival.
  • Ashton: HEY GUYS IM HOME (closes door)
  • Ashton: what did he do this time Lukey
  • Luke: he got my favourite shirt and cut holes in it!
  • Ashton: *sigh*
  • (Calum walks past)
  • Ashton: Calum
  • Calum: Yo
  • Ashton: since when did you say "yo"
  • Calum: it doesn't matter, what?
  • Ashton: can you tell Michael to get his butt here now please
  • Calum: why can't you
  • Ashton: well, if you haven't noticed the 18 year old hugging my leg-
  • Calum: FINE (walks off)
  • Luke: it was my favourite..
  • Ashton: aw Lukey it's ok, come here
  • (Luke gets up and hugs Ashton)
  • Michael: sup
  • Ashton: Michael, care to explain why you cut up Luke's favourite shirt
  • Michael: because it looked ugly
  • Luke: It was my favourite! (Storms upstairs)
  • Michael: what a loser
  • (Ashton's bedroom door slams)
  • Ashton: looks like I'm not sleeping alone tonight
  • Calum: don't pretend you don't like it
  • Michael: go Calum (high fives)
  • Ashton: I should have never come back

being completely invested in 5sos in a world where technology exists is a weird thing because it’s so much more than just listening to a band’s music. their social media posts, interviews, public appearances, tour videos, etc. are just general entertainment; like a tv show that airs 24/7. if you have a cell phone, you can literally take them and their antics with you wherever you go and you’re pretty much always updated. we’ve been watching these four characters develop for over five years now and we have no idea what’s going to happen next. it’s like….what’s tomorrow’s major plot twist in the world of 5sos going to be? i don’t know! neither do you! stay tuned to find out!