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I’m finding great comfort and happiness in the fact that ~somebody~ was also scrolling through decades of Beetle Bailey comics along with me, lol. Must’ve taken absolute ages to find a year that fit everything - massive props, my friend.


October’s ‘Find Me In The Forest’ Owlcrate is awesome! I love the HP coffee mug!

🏰Next month will be ‘Castles, Courts, & Kingdoms’ [the book is described as an awesome high fantasy tale with warring kingdoms, a cursed princess, and complicated family dynamics]

Do you like reading? Do you like drinking?

Then go check this awesome blog out: @scrawlandspirits! This is my older sister, who I have finally dragged into the realm of Tumblr mwahaha.

But no, really. She does two different segments - Literary Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. She reviews books she has read - and she’s doing an awesome reading challenge to complete before the end of the year. She also reads at superhuman speed, so she may have already accomplished it haha. And then she highly enjoys going to breweries and trying all sorts of new alcohol. She’ll tell you the name, how it tasted, where she found it, how highly she recommends it, etc. Don’t worry. She’s also as much of a nerd as I am. Hit her up about Harry Potter sometime.

It’ll take her some time to get fully set up, but go check it out and give her a follow! Make her feel nice and welcomed here, like you lovelies have done for me!

Lastly… Welcome, sister. Welcome. >:)

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Once you get this it would be cool if you posted ten facts about yourself and then passed this along to your ten favorite followers :)

1.  My family didn’t have tv growing up so I was raised on old movies & tv shows and whatnot, and sometimes I’ll say something about a thing and people are always like ‘how do you know about that???’ Me: How do you know about anything that happened before you were born?? you encounter it, you’re interested, you pursue it, duh. (anyway, I am making up for the lack of relevant tv at the time now, mostly by rewatching Black Sails a lot)

2. I’ve had blue/green hair for most of this year and I don’t regret it at all.

3. I love Bob Dylan. I’ve seen him many times in concert and I’m going to see him on one week from today for my birthday :D 

4. I rarely wear makeup. I like how it looks, but I don’t really like how it feels on my skin. (This often contributes to people thinking I’m younger than I am. *shrugs*)

5.  I took ballet for a few years even though I never made it to pointe *sighs* and I still remember plenty of the positions but as they’re all in French, I can never spell them correctly.

6. Right after taking ballet I did horseback riding, and it was difficult cause in ballet everything is turned out, and in riding, you’re supposed to keep everything turned in, lol.

7. I love maps. Fantasy maps, treasure maps, historical maps, nautical maps, all the maps. (My sister used to draw maps for stories she told me when I was little and they were great.)

8. I hate talking on the phone, even with people I love. I just hate it.

9.  I’m a Scorpio

10. This year is my golden birthday as I’m turning 31 on the 31st.

((FUCk i think i’m going to see the mlp movie for a third time tomorrow night))

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in honor of today’s solar eclipse, here’s this 

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Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei

Ok ok, I’ll give you guys a little more of a sneak peak of what’s to come. I guess 22 seconds wasn’t really enough. So here, take like, a minute. 6 and a half more to go!