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i will never understand why people tag players in negative text posts they write about them? do you think that i, a person who tracks their tag, will see a little notification that there’s a new post and be gratified by your rude comment regardless of it’s justification? no. what i will do is remember you next time you come across my dash as the person who talked shit about my fave and made me look at it.

Imagine that...

Sam and Dean discovered they had another half-sibling and Dean began lusting after their brother’s girlfriend.

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“So what you’re telling me is that horror movie monster that ever existed is real?” Jacob asked, eyes wide. “And because I’m related to you, now I’ve got a target on my back?”

“Well, not all of them,” replied Sam with a chuckle. “I mean, Bigfoot isn’t real.”

“That we know of,” Dean jumped in, grinning as he took another swig of beer.

Jacob was about to jump in again when the doorbell rang. Both of his half-brothers reached for their guns and he stood and ran for the door. He looked through the peephole, starting to smile.

“Who is it?” Sam asked, keeping his voice low.

“Y/N,” Jake replied, a smile crossing his face he looked back at Sam and Dean.

“What’s she doing here?” Dean asked, starting to frown.

“I asked her to come over,” Jacob explained, pushing his glasses further up on his nose.

“You told her we were here?” Sam asked, a barbed tone coming into his voice.

“I know she can be trusted,” Jacob pleaded, giving them both a puppy dog look.

“We’re going to do the tests anyways, alright?” Sam asked, sharing a concerned look with Dean. “Just to be sure.”

Jacob nodded, adjusting his glasses once more. He ran his long fingers through his hair, taking a deep steadying breath as the doorbell rang once more.

Jacob opened the door all the way, a proud smile on his face and revealing a high school age girl dressed in a jean mini skirt and a bright red crop top with a black leather jacket thrown on over top of it.

“Hey babe,” she said, greeting him with a quick kiss on the cheek. “Sorry I was late, the traffic light on Maple was down.”

Her eyes wandered to the two men sitting on the couch, beginning to look confused. “Who are they?”

And that was when Dean knew he was fucked.

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I need another chapter of centripetal force like I need air

Tomorrow night (est) probably!

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“#the next chapter of CF may or may not be intense” Where’s that image of Kermit on fire when you need it


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