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i like godville a lot so fuck it, here’s a godville blog

i need to go to school so i’ll fix it up later. but it’s mostly gonna be a quick doodle blog and a bunch of screenshots for all the shit allen’s doing cuz i have 100 screenshots of this dang game and i don’t wanna spam this blog

Have you ever had a favorite plot that you’ve wanted to be made into a fic with your favorite boys? Now’s your chance! Welcome to the Harry and Louis Movie, TV, & Book AU Fic Exchange!

This is a post announcing the exchange to get a feel for who would be interested in writing, reading, or even becoming an admin!

Tentative dates and timeline:

  • Sign ups begin: Last week of January
  • Sign ups end: Week of the 20th in February
  • Fics due: End of May

There are obviously more details to work out and these dates aren’t set in stone, but if you have any additional questions send them here (or you can contact me personally, here).

Please reblog and spread the word if you’re interested in either participating or just reading! If there is enough interest to get this officially started then more specifics will be announced very soon! Thank you 💕


happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating, everyone! this page fought with me the entire time it was being made from backgrounds to sketches even to dialogue, so please excuse any wonkiness. the next one’s gonna be a bit more of a doozy, and very soon, we will be OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM. get hype.

as i said before, there will be NO UPDATE NEXT WEEK, on account of the new year, so this is the very last update of 2016! i’m going to try to get a little extra together for everyone anyway, though, and of course i’ll still be streaming art! see you soon!

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This year has been wild. It’s been great in some ways, and horrible in other ways– I think all of us can agree on that to an extent, actually. For me, I can say that I’m super grateful for the lot of you who have stuck with me for so long, and for encouraging me to come out of my shell more and be more confident with my writing and muses. The support I’ve gotten for this blog and my novel writing have been one of the founding reasons I have kept my chin up and moving forward with both. I can never thank any of you enough for that, especially those of you I talk to daily. I’ve had so much fun here– truly I have, and I could not ask for better mutuals than the ones who have interacted with me even in small amounts. Every one of you who has had a roleplay with me, sent in an ic/ooc ask, or answered one of my ic/ooc asks has made me feel loved and like I have a place here. So thank you. That has been an absolute wonder this year. 

And it’s also why I’m apologizing beneath the cut.

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[ just finished my drafts! like for a starter! there’s been about 50 new followers since i last made a starter call, so here’s a quick hello and an invite for new threads if you’re interested! also, please let me know if i missed a reply or a thread! ]


So I got my secret santa gift after all…

According to my lovely gifter, this is what i told her when we talked about secret santas a few weeks back : “ Well, you said, and I quote, that ideally someone should get you totoro dressed as one direction and playing assassin’s creed… or a baby groot. This is as close as I could get :DDD”

This is the best present I’ve ever gotten??? (well, that and cardboard!Liam, obviously) So I thought I’d share, because it’s hilarious and so so kind and seriously tell me it isn’t the best thing ever I won’t believe you. :D <333

Iconic Heroes: Stats and averages

I’m going to be documenting various statistics* of the collective then doing a post at a later date with all the averages and etc. To make it less work for me could you reblog this or send this post to me along with the information for your muse.
If you do not have an iconic hero please disregard this at the moment. If you have multiple iconic heroes please send it for both.
Name, age, race, gender, sexuality, height, and weight.
Thank you and have a good one.

*not character sheet stats.

Treasure Hunter

🌹new year blogrates🌹

so i thought i’d do some new year’s blogrates bc i need new blogs to follow now that i’m mixing up my blog content a little! and i also need some help deciding what to change my url to (bc i can’t keep this christmas one forever!!!!)


  • mbf me
  • like or reblog this post
  • send me an ask telling me whether you prefer the url ronwealseys or qgoldsteins
  • + recommend me your favourite hp/multifandom blogs too!
  • layout under the cut~

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what a fancy new word that appears to mean “i do not understand the colonialist history of the gender binary”


Just realized I had a kacchako request too so I’ll be doing the sasusaku and kacchako requests next.

Should I reblog another drabble prompt? That’d be irresponsible of me when I still have two requests left and yet…


On the list of things that were seriously considered but not done because a companion was in the room at the time, we have Fisto.

If it were just ED-E or Rex, or if the companion of the moment were Arcade or Cass or Veronica or even Raul, then maybe he would’ve gone for it. But poor Boone’s brain doesn’t need to be scarred that badly.

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Bear with me I’m tired and Read Mores don’t work on mobile so here’s a vent about how much of a pathetic baby I am.

Why do I just sleep late, do nothing all day, and go to bed early all the time every day? Why can’t I do something? Why can’t I be at least somewhat as active and mature and semicompetent as a 19 year old should be?
I have all of these fucking habits I need to get rid of like staring in one place for several minutes, holding my arms in a weird position, humming to myself loudly in a single monotone note, jumping around in my room, not caring, etc etc etc.
These are not things a 19 year old should be doing and yet here I am. I can’t even drive. I’ve never gotten a job and frankly I feel like a burden on my family and I just wish I were a totally different person. I feel like I’m an embarrassment.

This year.

If this year could be summed up in one word, that word would be exhausting. Like honestly? This year has been the worst one of my life. Worse than the middle of secondary school, worse than the final year of university, no contest.

It’s no secret that I have had little presence online for the later half. Projects I once couldn’t stop babbling about and had drive going stagnant, my tumblrs either nothing but reblogs or just plain graveyards by this point. And those are just sme of the consequences that have come this year. My job I can’t ever comfortably say if I can tolerate, my social life crippled massively not just by my irregular work rota and lack of energy, but also due to many events beyond my control. Friends going through changes or turmoils I fear getting involved in, already invalidate my impact on them before I’ve even approached them.  changes on a much grander scale that have left me and those close to me paranoid of our futures, what I thought certain and would last for so much longer I see crumbling before me, if not just drift away, with no clear answer of a way forward.

However… despite all of this, I haven’t given up. I have continued to work on things I hold with passion, sometimes even feeling that old fire again. I’ve put far too much time into these things that made up part of my identity to just toss aside in favour of the unknown. As much as I complain about work, they value me, and in that value I take comfort.

This isn’t the year that broke me. And I won’t let myself succumb to next year. I will fight kicking and biting to make next year better. I have a plan of attack, and I will make it.

So in conclusion…

you lose 2016.

You’re done. And we’re still here.