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As far as I'm concerned, the people who voted Trump and now regret need to just keep their damn mouths shut and vote for people who will reign him in. You saw what he was capable of, nobody is here to pat you on the back for your fucking guilt. Anyone who voted for Trump, I'm going to make sure they are never allowed to hide what they did. I know who they are. I won't let them pretend they didn't when they finally become too ashamed to admit it.

I have a certain amount of sympathy, but it’s very limited. I look at it like this.


Law & Order: SVU (Season 15) Starters
  • My partner, my squad, the entire department will hunt you down.
  • You think that you've put people through hell. It will rain back down on you.
  • He would kick your teeth in, break your legs, break your arms, break your back, break your face.
  • If you can't trust me, then I'm done.
  • That's not what I said.
  • What happened?
  • Fear won out.
  • I'm sorry.
  • It's not on you. It's just the way it is.
  • Nothing changes, except what has to.
  • Has anyone ever told you to just stop talking?
  • Was it something I said?
  • Last night I friended her on Facebook.
  • People lie, people make mistakes... this comes with the territory.
  • Is that really how women think?
  • I'm proud of you. Coming forward, you had more guts than any of them.
  • After sex, most men feel the urge to urinate, which clears the urethra.
  • He'll die in prison.
  • He goaded me into beating him. And, you know what? Once I started I couldn't stop. He got me to turn into exactly what he is.
  • Nobody could ever take your place
  • We should throw you a party
  • Heavy lies the crown.
  • Don't worry, I'll stay away from Atlantic City
  • You threatening me? I got the biggest gang in the city. You think your guys are loyal? Go ahead. Test the NYPD. I dare ya.
  • Some street guy with a diabetic kid with an attachment disorder out in the freezing cold? Tell me there's a happy ending.
  • You ask me, the only difference between a football team and a gang is that gangs don't wear helmets and knee-pads.
  • You can't just come in here and start making accusations.
  • I'll pretend I didn't hear you say that!
  • Whatever you're doing, I want you to stop now; I am not ready for another partner!
  • You're smiling, ___. Why does that freak me out?
  • I'm fixed on you, and until I'm dead I'll always be in your head
  • We're joined at the hip now, aren't we?
  • There is not one shred of forensic evidence of criminal behavior.
  • A grenade with the pin pulled has not blown up yet, but it's still a danger to those around it.
Blue October Lyric Sentence Meme
  • "It's gone wrong again."
  • "I'm stronger than you."
  • "Why can't we work when we both try?"
  • "Will you think of me in time?"
  • "Can you hear me at all?"
  • "Cause if I believe in you, will you believe in me? "
  • "I gave up on the past cause it's unforgiving."
  • "I'll give you everything my life amounts to."
  • "Replace my heart, 'cause I'm convinced mine broke the day I let us end."
  • "I have to fix this on my own."
  • "I'm finally happy."
  • "I think I'll lie a bit."
  • "I won't cry over anything at all."
  • "You're not the one with all the problems."
  • "I bet you're waiting for a long sob story of how I was mistreated again."
  • "You broke my thunder."
  • "How do you tell an angel that you don't believe in God?"
  • "I wish I knew how to keep the promises I made you."
  • "I only want you to see my favorite part of me."
  • "I want to fall in love with you."
  • "I haven't met another you since you were with me."
  • "There's no forgiveness for you! You sick fuck!"
  • "I can't believe you actually picked me."
  • "Will you help me through?"
  • "I lack the beauty you display."
  • "I'm sorry for the way I treated you."
  • "Can you show me how to treat someone? I don't recall ever learning how."
  • "Give me strength to be kind..."
  • "I'm on your side, if you fail at least you tried."
  • "I want you to come closer.."
  • "So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?"
  • "Can you pretend I'm amazing? Instead of what we both know?"
  • "You make me smile."
  • "Who cares if no one else believes?"
  • "Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean."
  • "Would you meet me?"
  • "Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you."
  • "Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you."
  • "You seemed as happy as you'd ever been."
  • "Go away."
  • "Oh, should I listen for a dress size?"
  • "But I'm happy that you're happy."
  • "This is no longer about me!"
  • "And now you're pulling out the best of me..."
  • "I never knew you till you left me with the crying disease."
  • "I'm admitting I'm wrong."
  • "We may be some sort of crazy."
  • "But you're my everlasting friend."
  • "You taught me how to live at last."
  • "Will you be coming home?"
  • "I'm so yours for the taking."
  • "And I wish you'd stay.."
  • "I need support, not a slap in the face."
  • "You got one life, live it, 'cause they'll take it away."
  • "So which one of us will wage war?"
  • "I know that God exists. I held her in my arms."
  • "Take me off your worry list, it'll be better that way."
  • "I'm just sick of calling your bluff."
  • "I fought the world and I lost that bout."
  • "And remember I love you the same and I'll strangle you're pain."
  • "I want to belong...to someone..."
  • "Maybe life's not for everyone..."

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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow no its okay i didn't need my heart that falling out of love thing was just fine i'm fine we're all fine why is someone cutting onions in here

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How about we pretend that Eggsy cries in the living room, because now that Harry’s gone, he knows that this isn’t what he wants, he knows he’s still in love with Harry. And all the regret in the world isn’t going to change the fact that Eggsy’s just lost the best thing in his life.

Eggsy sniffles and dries his eyes, pours himself a cup of tea, and the scent of it makes his insides turn to glass and shatter, because he remembers how Harry tastes after a cuppa, how he used to smile at Eggsy with such adoration. And now the idea that Harry’s never going to kiss Eggsy again is terrifying. He can’t stand it. 

So Eggsy almost trips over himself trying to shove his feet into his sneakers, rushing out the front door to go find Harry, perhaps drop to his knees and grovel, because he wants Harry back, he still loves him. They need to fight for this together.

Except Eggsy almost trips over Harry, who is sitting on the doorstep, looking up at Eggsy with a shock that mirrors Eggsy’s own.


“What,” Eggsy splutters. “Why are you just sitting here?”

And oh, Harry looks so shamefaced. It hurts to look at him. “I couldn’t bring myself to leave.”

All of Eggsy’s insides melt in relief.

“Harry,” Eggsy says. He kneels down and curls his arms around Harry’s neck, buries his face into Harry’s shoulder. “Harry, come back inside. I’m so sorry. Come back.”

Harry’s arms come around him so easily, like breathing, and Eggsy sobs at the familiar contact. 

Harry still loves him. They’re going to make it work.