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Happy (early) valentines day!

I did that thing, where you make the card stuffs. Rejected lines include “I’m pretty tired from running through your mind all day so how about you let me rest on your bed,” “Necrophilia hasn’t even been outlawed in most parts of the world,” and “I didn’t bother getting you anything other than a card since you’re going to die in a few decades anyways.”


Alright now that I stopped screaming, story time : 

I was eating with mom and bro.
I saw mails on the table (a lot cuz we just came back from vacation).
I was looking forward to go back home, hoping maybe the book would be there when we arrive.
I asked if there was something for me.
I didn’t wait for an answer, or to finish eating, I got a look in the pile.
Suspicious envelope.
*check the receiver’s name*
*aggressively opens it trembling of joy but staying careful to not break it*
*tries to remain calm, continues eating, still turning some pages, so good to actually have the story in my hands, books are awesome*
Bro: “I should have filmed.”
Then I explained them what it is about, and yeah that’s it.

Hours later, I’m still like : “Hell yeah, I really am touching it!!!" 

@alainaprana I LOVE YOU OKAY 💙💙💙

I’ve seen a few posts going around lately with all the pretty book maps and decided to do my own with some of my favorites because who doesn’t love book maps?

The maps are from Ranger’s Apprentice, The Lord of the Rings, Six of Crows, The Kingkiller Chronicle, The Queen’s Thief series, Inkheart, The Books of Bayern, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Princess Bride, A Song of Ice and Fire, and The Inheritance Cycle.

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"No it's not a hippo, it's just drew carey."

Ahh, gotta love Ryan’s hoedowns~ xDxD

I just used this as an excuse to actually draw Drew as a hippo xD Now my mind is trying to figure out who would be which animal in this AU (and then I remember that I can’t really draw animals so… Yeah~ xD)

I hope it’s okey! :D
//Finished version is worse than sketch… And that basically sums up my entire blog~ xD//


Now, in midsummer, Finnish people are celebrating this thing called Juhannus: it’s basically a celebration of midsummer and light, which we indeed have a lot of this time of year. I’m sure other countries have similar celebrations, but I thought I’d tell you how we celebrate it here in Finland!

So, first, the name juhannus actually comes from Christianity: some people say it’s the birthday of that guy who baptized Jesus. I think his name was John or something. The Finnish form of the name John is Johannes, so johannes, juhannus, see where the name comes from? However, I know exactly 0 people who really celebrate juhannus because of that. It used to be a festival related to the old religions here, from the time before our neighbours made us Christian.

When do we celebrate it, exactly? Well, since 1955, juhannus has been celebrated - in Finland and also in Sweden, but probably not as juhannus - on the Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June. This year juhannuspäivä (”juhannus day”) falls on 24th of June, while juhannusaatto (”juhannus eve”), which, according to my mom, is when most of the celebration takes place, is 23rd of June, the Friday before. Also known as yesterday at the moment I’m writing this. 

How do we celebrate? The most common way is to get together with friends, maybe go to a summer cottage, by the sea or one of our 187 888 lakes, and get drunk. Of course. Finns love all the holidays that give us a reason to get drunk. It’s a little sad, really. 

Of course, when you’re drunk, it’s a great idea to go for a swim, especially if you can’t actually swim while sober! That is why many people drown during juhannus, I checked the news just a while ago and already two people had done just that. It’s… also pretty sad, really.

Anyway, there are also people who don’t get terribly drunk on juhannus. I know, because most of my family belongs to this category. The way we usually spend juhannus is that we go to our summer cottage in the beautiful Turku archipelago, usually our grandparents and cousins are there too. We go swimming - while sober because we’d prefer not to drown - go to sauna, roast or barbecue sausages, and just enjoy the summer with the whole family. 

And, of course, a crucial part of celebrating juhannus is the juhannuskokko. Bonfires are burnt around the country. It’s a tradition! It was originally used to fend away evil spirits, I’ve heard. 

There are also specific ways to decorate your house during juhannus. The most common and simple way is perhaps the juhannuskoivu. People cut down small, young birch trees and tie them to the doorposts of the front door of the house. Wikipedia tells me that the same thing is practiced in Sweden, too, which is not a big surprise since we have been influenced by Sweden quite a lot. I mean, also not a surprise, since we were a part of it for ~600 years. Another common decoration are just… flowers. In my experience, at least.

In Finland’s Swedish-speaking areas and in Åland juhannussalko is a tradition too. It’s also used in Sweden, as well as similar things being used in other European countries, but usually during some other time than midsummer. It’s called a maypole in English, a tall, wooden pole decorated with flowers and such. People dance around it, and, I’m sure a lot of people know what they’re for. 

I mentioned sauna very quickly, but it is a tradition to go to sauna on juhannus. It’s called juhannussauna. You’re supposed to make a fresh vihta or vasta  - there is a lot of debate on which is the correct word - from the branches of the juhannuskoivus you just cut from the forest, though any birch tree is fine. When the vihta/vasta is made around juhannus, the leaves are as big as they’ll get but also still soft, so they’re perfect for what you’re supposed to use them for - hitting yourself and everyone else in the sauna with you. 

Yes, that is really their purpose, but you’re not supposed to hit them so hard it hurts, just… Hit them. Carefully. Not as if you were whipping them to death with a bunch of birch sticks and leaves. People do this other than on juhannus, too, by the way. I’ll make a post about saunas someday, so I’ll talk more about vihtas/vastas too. 

There are also a lot of music festivals in Finland during summer, and juhannusfestarit is a thing. A quick Google search tells me that this year alone there are at least 8 of these. There are other, smaller celebrations too, of course, and there is the event called juhannustanssit. People get together to… dance, really, and probably also to drink. I don’t know, I’ve never been to one, as far as I remember.  (Below a painting by Anders Zorn, called Midsommardans, the Finnish name is Juhannustanssit. Zorn was Swedish, though, but he was friends with a couple of famous Finnish artists, so it goes. It also has a juhannussalko in the background.)

Then, there is also the most important part of juhannus… Juhannustaiat! Juhannustaika is like a “spell”, usually to try to find our your future spouse or to get a good harvest. For most spells you had to be naked for them to work, had to run around fields and saunas and look into wells and jump over brooks and stuff, all while naked. There is, however, one juhannustaika that is still practiced to this day (not saying that the others aren’t, but I personally haven’t done any of those) though probably not that seriously. 

It’s very simple, and I’ll tell you how to do it, so you can use it some juhannus, wherever you live! If you can find flowers nearby, I mean. Anyway, it goes like this:

  1. Go outside.
  2. Find 7 different types of flowers.
  3. Pick at least 1 of each type of flower. (Some versions say you have to be naked while picking them, but it’s not necessary.)
  4. Go back inside.
  5. Place the flowers under your pillow.
  6. Go to sleep with the flowers still under your pillow.
  7. Dream.
  8. You should see your future spouse in the dream. 

Dating tips from DREV to you all. <3 And happy midsummer, hyvää juhannusta! (Or what’s left of it!)

ok but on the cheating thing. it was *always* going to happen, and are people not happier it happened now, before we saw them be happy for months and months, and have it be the Very End for them (which it would have been if we got happy and robert and aaron for like… two years and then had one of them have an affair, that’s usually a recipe for a long term breakup in soap)

because like. at least now it’s happened so early on, we know it’s not the end? we know this storyline has been attempting to break them apart and force them to confront the toxic aspects of their relationship (codependency, the jealousy, mistrust, the way robert hurts others and aaron hurts himself when they’re lashing out) instead of having it be a storyline like a year down the line where one of them cheats because they’re not in love anymore?

idk. i mostly don’t get it because the longer this storyline goes on, the more I’m enjoying it, and the more I’m enjoying the idea of them becoming better and happier people before they get back together.

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I used to subscribe to the whole feminism BS, and then I took a break from Tumblr and realized that no one in the real world functions like that. As a woman, I can't just go through the world acting like I'm a victim of every little thing. Now that I'm back on Tumblr, I don't post politics bc I feel like I'll get attacked for not believing in things like manspreading or cultural appropriation. This is all to say that I appreciate your blog. Your arguments are well worded and make sense :)

I’m really happy you like the blog. I think more people on this site could stand to take some time off and go experience the real world like you did haha. I’m sorry to hear that you feel uncomfortable sharing your politics, but I don’t blame you for not wanting to deal with the hyper progressive nut jobs on this site.

I would like to sincerely thank the people I follow

Thank you for (so far) not posting anything spoilery from the leaked GOT episode. Or, you know, at least tagging appropriately, in one case. (It’s not your fault I am pretty exclusively on mobile. You keep doing you.) As someone who is choosing to wait until at least Sunday to watch it, I am genuinely appreciative. If things change between now and then, I may have to temporarily unfollow or stay off Tumblr until I can watch. I’ll probably have to bail anyway if I can’t watch it Sunday or Monday because there will be no avoiding it then. Keep up the good work!

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You don't like Clexa but you like a rapist, abusive uglyface genocide ? You're homophobic, I can't with y' all blorkes, like you say I'm bi but I fucking know you're just lying, your ship is fucking abusive and toxic but I guess now you're happy because the lesbian is dead, guess what she's still more popular than your xenophobe, rapist genocide king :)

… I haven’t even posted about the 100 since last week. Y'all come from left field 😂😂

Anyways go for a walk and take some fresh air I think being in your room for so long is doing things to your judgement like thinking I care.

Theory before I go to work

Banged on my buddy’s messenger and shared the popular theory: Toffee and Eclipsa were plotting together from the beginning/Eclipsa’s revival was his plan.

Me: I saw someone point this out. When Toffee is winning, or at the very least another phase of his plans has been successful, he shows some form of happiness - even just a single smile or a laugh.

Me: But when he got his body back and Star was presumed dead, even when he got his finger back…nothing.
No smile, no laugh, no gloating. Not a damn thing.

Aster: D8

Me: When DOES he start laughing and gloating? When he’s about to die.What happens if he dies???? Eclipsa. Not to mention what he SAID before he got crushed.

Aster: AAAAAAA “Only i know how this all plays out-!”

Me: EXACTLY. also consider this: he’s immortal. We don’t know HOW long he’s been around.
Could have been, oh….say…three hundred years?

Aster: DDDDD8

I have the most amazing news guys!

So last week, someone that has horses was speaking to my Mom, and offered for me to go ride her horses for her. And I went to go watch HOTYS on Saturday, and we saw her and someone she’s friends with/works with horses with, and she said I could go check it out today–and I did. The horse she put me on was nothing short of phenomenal! He’s only about 4 and a half? But he’s the most responsive little guy I’ve ever ridden! (and so darn comfortable!!) We rode in a bitless, and you don’t even have to touch the reins, he responds incredibly to just seat and leg. They said they were looking for a committed young rider to work with their horses, and I’m beyond amazed that they want me! I don’t go to shows often, for me it isn’t about just competing, I’m not a well-known person, but they’ve seen me around riding, and said they like the way I ride, and my attitude towards the horses (and one of them owns Guitar’s full brother, Debussy!!). I didn’t know they even knew who I was, let alone how I rode! They’re such kind, genuine people who you can tell really care about the happiness of their horses. And now I have this amazing opportunity to work with some amazing horses, who are all so different and wonderful. I don’t come from a family with money, and this year has been especially hard, so for something like this to happen to me is huge, and I feel beyond blessed that I’ve been given this opportunity! Don’t think that just because you don’t have money, or all of the newest, fanciest things, that you can’t have opportunities as a rider. Sometimes a good heart, rather than a full pocket will get you noticed

I'm going to go through and find that "Clark Kent's midwestern accent" post later

But I’m posting this now so I don’t forget.

Along with the hanging “g” (ex: waitin’, goin’, doin’), the soft double-t (ex: midd'n (mitten), kidd'n (kitten) etc.), the “ih” not “eh” thing (git instead of get), and the occasional “ain’t”, I have had another midwestern accent thing pointed out today.

Apparently, I may hear “both”, but I say “bolth”. It has been suggested that this is a Polish influence. Go figure.

Also, bonus farm/rural behavior: if you meet someone on the road (you’re driving one way, they’re going another) doesn’t matter if you know them or not, you flick your pointer and middle finger up from the wheel in a little wave as you pass. Without actually letting go of the wheel. This has nothing to do with the conversation, just wanted to add that on.

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spideypool though (i'm so happy you got dragged into this ship) how did you start shipping it?


honestly I don’t know what happened?? I saw one of the posts going around with examples of Wade bein pan, I casually tweeted a thing… then not even a full day later I see spideypool art on my tl and suddenly I was like………… huh. HUH.

then I asked for fic recs, read this and then THIS AND NOW I’M IN SO DEEP?? I DONT KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM, I’M A NOVICE FAN TO BOTH PETER AND WADE??????????

send help.


My goat had her kids!! She is a pygmy goat, so they are totally tiny! I might upload some better ones tonight or in the next few days (my stepdad sent these to me from his iphone as they’re not at home) so if you want to see those track the tag ‘livys goats’ (Because I’m Livy and these are my goats)!

One boy and one girl! The top is the girl, and the bottom is the boy. He looks brown here, but he’s actually black.
It was a stressful birth; Rose had to have a caesarean (it was split decision and incredibly messy) and initially the boy wasn’t breathing but after 25 minutes of trying he’s now okay. Weak, but alive. Rose hasn’t accepted them yet, and just as she accepted them both, the girl developed breathing problems and we had to take her away. So they’re currently not feeding, but they’re getting enough colostrum (both bought and milked from Rose), and they look relatively strong considering how everything’s gone down.

We still have another one to go (Victoria isn’t due until the 27th!), but fingers crossed that these little guys stay healthy!

I may even ask for name suggestions (feel free to send some in now anyway) if my stepdad says I can name them!

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Hello! I love your blog so much and I live with my dad and he's always asking me what I'm looking at in my phone and the other day it was your blog and he knows I've been wanting to go vegan and he was looking at your food posts and made your lentil pancakes for me as a surprise for breakfast! They were delicious and he loved them too! He said "maybe we can try this vegan thing if the food is always this good!" Just had to say thanks for inspiring me (and my dad now) :)

OH MY GOD this is the cutest thing ever and i’m SO happy your dad and you enjoyed the pancakes!! Plus, it’s so cute from your dad to do that! Seems like he is trying to accept your lifestyle :) i literally have a really big smile on my face because your message just made me happy right now. Thank you for that! ❤

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I've been following you for a bit now, and your responses to people's questions are always great :) especially your post about why you chose to go into medicine. I'm going to be graduating college in a few weeks, and I've really been working with not getting attached to the outcome of things, and kind of just doing what I want, knowing there's no right or wrong answer, and reading what you wrote definitely stuck with me! thanks :)

Happy to help, sis. I’d like to share with you an amusing story from the week before I graduated college. 

I was walking home late at night from the house in which all of my best guy friends lived. Like so many nights before, I strolled past the eternally open grocery store, the closed restaurants, and the tree-spotted fields that surrounded the highrise dorms. 

In that moment, the impermanence of my college joys really struck me. I was rather stoned that evening and I had some inkling of the cocoon of identities within which I had buried myself. I was an ivy league student and a writer and a spiritual explorer. What next? The daily grind of job and work and relationships? Suburbia and then death?

I stopped and looked up at a tree. It vaulted casually upwards from the warm grass into the dark sky. My hand pressed against the rough bark and I sighed, looking up at it. 

“What am I going to do? Life is going to suck. I like being a student. I’m good at being a student.”

There followed a prolonged silence in which the distant whine of sirens could be heard.

Then the tree gave a single resounding response:

“You were never a student.”

Our temporary games inevitably come to an end and it always seems like the death of something, of some part of us. 

But a game was never real to begin with. 

It was a good lesson on my own impermanence and my own eternity.

Namaste sis :) Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

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There's the whole "pedonoona" things and the sexualization thing. But now people are going after like ALL the JK stans. Even the younger ones. And calling them out for finding him sexually attractive. It's just irritating and I was actually attacked too even though I'm 17 and actually younger than Kookie


Alright. Here’s what I gotta say about this I guess (and if I’m wrong, you can let me know) If you’re younger than him or his age, I really don’t care what you have to say about Jungkook. Like we all didn’t have thoughts like that at that age? And finding Jungkook attractive at any age is nothing wrong. What is wrong, I will say, are much older fans saying overly sexual things. Pedophilia ain’t cute. That’s where I cross the line

Other than that, don’t go bashing into Jungkook blogs and saying they don’t deserve to be a fan. That’s not cool at all. Also, from what I’m seeing today, is that the comments about Kookie aren’t even sexual though? (Though I could be wrong about that) But everyone just chill please? We were all happy about this mv hours ago, can we go back to that? 

i’m currently following 313 people but you know i kind of want to follow A LOT MORE since my dash is mostly pretty dead sooooo

if you want me to check out your blog in the next couple of days, reblog or like this (or message me)! my only wishes is that you

  1. post any of my fandoms
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and then i will be happy uwu