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How did you pick your color palette for your game? I'm working on a similar styled game with the same software, there's a link at my blog to the itch io page for some screenshots. I tried to have my only restriction be to use the NES color palette but it's difficult to use. My concern with using any color available is a lack of coherency. Have you had any issues with that? How do you decide colors? Your games style is so clear. It looks awesome, I cant wait for it. Any advice is helpful. Thanks!

This is a fun question, especially since I didn’t really know about palettes when I got into creating pixel art. In fact, I didn’t really learn much about them until I was already a good deal into development, and I had to be forced by my brother and my wife to choose the new green of the grass.

Basically, keep in mind that I’m still new at this, so take my advice with a grain of salt. :)

To start, check out this thread. The whole thing is great, but this section is probably the best guide for picking a palette for pixel art! Required reading, in my opinion, before you continue.

So let’s take a look at your game (thanks for permission to post your images for critique!):

I think your spritework is pretty good in general–kinda has an Earthbound vibe. I’m a fan of the detail on the item shop, and the NPCs have a distinctive “square head” style that works well. Not shown here, but the menu is also nice, the NPCs are funny, and the camera is smooth. But let’s look at the palette:

  • There’s a lot of saturation. Most of the colors all feel equally “heavy”.
  • The luminescence/brightness level is pretty much the same for everything. Again not much contrast.
  • There are a lot of colors. It’s very busy.
  • There are four different conflicting greens–the grass, the trees, the cat/pumpkin eyes & windows, and the wall (which is kinda yellow/brown).
  • There are two “sets” of orange–the house and the pumpkins–and they also clash.

Compared to this, which looks much better. What are the strengths here?

  • There’s only two types of green–the blue-gray-green and the neon green. It compliments the blues well.
  • Using a lot of black helps ground the palette (plus it’s sweet and retro), while the bits of highly saturated colors balance it out.
  • Limited palette! You use fewer colors, which is great. It helps guide the eyes instead of overwhelming them.

A couple ideas for continuing:

First, use Paletton. Pick a nice base color, then use a tool like Paletton to find complimentary colors. I’d recommend either the triad or tetrad options at the top–three or four main colors is a good rule of thumb for any art. Try to use the “big” color squares presented by Paletton for only one or two of the colors–use the different brightness/saturation levels for the rest. For example, I grabbed your pumpkin orange and came up with this color set. You could use the “big” orange, dark shade of orange, dark shade of blue, light shade of yellow, and light shade of light blue. I wouldn’t use all four of the “big” colors it gives you, otherwise you’ll run into saturation/brightness issues again. And then, if you already have one orange, you only really need maybe a darker and lighter shade–you don’t need a whole new orange.

Another option is to try looking at existing palettes, or even consider using those palettes. DB16 and DB32 are good examples. Also check out this list of “Halloween Palettes”. Get a feel for what colors people chose and why. Notice that colors are almost always very limited.

Remember that grass doesn’t always have to be “grass green”. Here’s an experiment with the first image of yours. It’s not done or perfect, and by no means am I saying you have to use this aesthetic, but it’s just to demonstrate what happens when you consolidate colors and desaturate some of them:

I’ve taken out the original green of the grass and made it a darker, desaturated blue. This helps everything else “pop”. It’s sort of the reverse of what I did with The Waking Cloak, which is now a bright, luminescent yellow/green with hints of brown… and also makes things pop. The name of the game is contrast.

In addition, the walls are now gray, and the edges of the path are the same dark green used in the plants. I also changed it so the pumpkins use the same oranges as the house. I desaturated the brown of the path as well. Are you seeing a pattern? Consolidating and reusing colors, and a mix of high and low luminescence

This isn’t really the results of a lot of premeditated secret knowledge about colors, either (I’m a noob, remember?). I just grabbed some screenshots and played with tweaking/replacing the colors that were already there. There’s still stuff to change with this, like the color of the item shop so it pops a bit more with the new colors, or to add a bigger range of luminescence. The grass feels very dark and heavy. Again, I’m not saying use this palette (unless you like it–in which case go for it! But keep in mind to use the same palette in your battle scene).

If you’d prefer to read up on some more technical aspects, a suggestion I’ve heard is the book Color and Light, by James Gurney, though I haven’t personally read it.

I think that about covers it. Let me know if you have more questions! :D

Christmas Party

so basically i found this on twomblyed ‘s wishlist when i was stalking it (oops) and thought it was super cute so yeah it’s long and it sucks but i hope someone enjoys it at least lol

[prompt: a “you’re my best friend but please be my fake boyfriend for my family Christmas party you’ll get free food and we’ll be at a nice cabin but my family always asks why I don’t have a boyfriend and I need this from you shit we slept together this is awkward” au]

Ever since the summer and school year had passed and the former ‘Team Lyle’ finally began working at the eminent Googleplex, the bond between the anterior teammates grew adament. Neha and (Y/N) became good friends who could come to each other about anything, even though most of the time their issues were fashion related. Nick and Billy became paternal models in (Y/N)’s life at Google, giving experienced advice and pick-ups when she was down. Yo-Yo and Lyle weren’t as close as the others, but (Y/N) still enjoyed hanging out with them and canvass work-related matters with them.

Then there was Stuart.

Stuart, who at the beginning of it all had his life revolving around what was materializing on his phone, came to be (Y/N)’s best friend and vice versa. If either of them was feeling down, upset, or even just bored, they could call each other up and talk for hours. (Y/N) couldn’t deny having some sort of romantic feeling for her best friend, but chose to detain that information because she knew her feelings were a dead end.

Christmas time was rolling around, and the office building was adorned top-to-bottom with red and green decorations. Creative drawings of notable holiday characters and objects like Santa Claus and Christmas trees were lined down the walls in glass frames. A long playlist of all the Christmas songs you could think of (and then some) played 24/7.

Stuart, who chose to stay in California for Christmas, had planned on staying in his apartment, maybe catching a few drinks with friends at night when all the parties ended. Nothing big. (Y/N), on the other hand, whose family roots were planted just a few miles from her worksite, had the annual family party to dreadfully attend. And she was not looking forward to it.

Every year it was the same routine; she’d show up with a tote bag of gifts. Her Aunt Carol would hug her and ask her where her boyfriend was, which (Y/N) would respond to with the aforesaid 'I don’t have one’. Then she’d go to the family room, greet her family, and watch TV while being pestered with questions about school or work. After opening presents, she’d fight with her mom on what size clothes she wears and would leave shortly after. She was tired of it.

It was Christmas morning - 8:39, to be exact. Her red dress hung in a clear garment bag on the bathroom door behind her. Makeup was spilled all over her counter and she had yet to paint her nails.

If only I could find a god-damn boyfriend.” She mumbled to herself as she rolled and secured curlers in her hair. “Or at least a pretend one.”

Interrupting her from her internal thoughts, her phone buzzed with the cue of a text message on her countertop. Pinning up the last of her hair curlers, she picked up her phone to view a new text message from Stuart.

'Merry Christmas! Hope yours is better than mine’

The girl chuckled out loud at her best friend’s message, and typed a reply.

'Merry Christmas to you too! and why do you say that? Santa forgot to stop by?’

She got a reply moments later.

'Ha ha. I’m staying home all day watching the Christmas movie marathon if you’d like to join.’

(Y/N) smiled sympathetically at her phone. As she was about to type a quick response, her thought from earlier struck her mind again. If only she could find a boyfriend.. or a fake one.

Eyes widening in realization, she erased her previous message and typed a new one.


She tapped her foot impatiently, eyeing the clock to keep track of time so she could take the hair curlers out at the right time. Her phone sat on her counter surrounded by all the sprawled out makeup. A minute later, her ringtone sang, gesturing a phone call, as Stuart’s name and embarrassing profile picture displayed across her screen. Taking a deep breath, she accepted the call.

“Hi! Hey, Stuart, hi, merry Christmas.” She rushed out, pressing the phone to her ear.

“Merry Christmas. You sound pressed, what’s up?”

“Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but just hear me out, all right?”


“Okay, so I’ve told you about my family Christmas party, right? The one at my Aunt Carol’s?”

“You’ve mentioned it and its reoccuring dreadfulness, yes,”

“So that’s today, you know, it’s Christmas and all.” She rambled. “I-I, you’re gonna think I’m insane..”

“Just say it! We’re best friends, I’ve seen you at rock bottom. But if you’re talking about committing a crime I should probably call the cops-”

“No! Stew,” She laughed. “You’re my best friend but since you don’t have plans, please be my fake boyfriend for my family Christmas party, you’ll get free food and drinks, and we’ll be at a nice house for a few hours and everything and we won’t even have to keep up the act for long. But my family always asks why I don’t have a boyfriend and I need this, please.”

Stuart took his friend’s words into thought. Fake boyfriend? His heart skipped as he imagined pretending to be (Y/N)’s significant other. Even though their friendship was unspokenly platonic, he couldn’t help but feel attracted towards his best friend. 


“And remember you owe me for what you did on Halloween!”

After a moment of radio silence, he spoke up. “Fine. When, what do I wear?”

(Y/N) squealed into the phone. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re a lifesaver,” She exclaimed. “Be at my apartment at 9:30, dress nice but not that nice. Maybe a button down with a tie and some Chinos or something like that.”

“See you at 9:30, fake girlfriend.” (Y/N) could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

After a long process of makeup, hair, and nail care, (Y/N) had slipped her dress on and was putting the last touches on her appearance when the familar three-syllable knock sounded from her door. Prancing in her heels, (Y/N) opened the door to reveal Stuart, clad in a navy blue button down with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a red tie, and a pair of beige Chinos with black shoes. His hair and glasses were worn in his usual style. He glanced down at your outfit and widened his eyes.

“Wow, you look great.” He said, and unconsciencely licked his lips.

“Thank you, you look great, too.” She complimented. “Let me go grab my purse and the gifts, and then I should be ready.”

After running to grab her belongings, she met her pretend-date back at the door. “Shall we?”

(Y/N) drove them both in her own car. “It’ll be about fifteen or twenty minutes.”

Stuart nodded. “So I’m going to need some backstory.”

(Y/N) scrunched her face while keeping her eyes on the road. “Backstory?”

“Yeah!” Stuart proclaimed. “Like, how we met, anniversary stuff, how long we’ve been going out, stuff like that.”

“I’m hurt that you don’t remember.” (Y/N) joked. Stuart frowned at her. “No, but, uhm.. well, let’s say we met at Google. The Internship Program. That part is actually true.”

“Got it.”

“We’ve been going out for like, say, six months? Our sixth month anniversary was last week?”

“Works for me.” He agreed. “What about Christmas? What did we get each other?”

“Well, what do you want to pretend to have me give you?”

“I’ll go with a watch. And for you?”

“Jewelry. Necklace.”

“Gotcha.” Stuart said. “Are we in love?”

“I don’t know, are we?” (Y/N) bantered. “Kidding.”

“I’m breaking up with you.” Stuart said sarcastically.

“Ha, ha.” (Y/N) retorted. “And, by the way, my family’s weird, rude, and incredibly passive aggressive. If they ask you weird questions just answer as sanely as you can.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Pulling into the driveway of her Aunt’s unnecessarily huge house, (Y/N)’s heart thumped at the speed of light. Not only was she worried about people finding out that she was lying, but she was also afraid of her family in general. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of her car and extracted her things while Stuart walked to her side.

“You ready?” Stuart asked her as they made their way to the front door.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Stuart, being the pretend gentleman he was, reached and opened the door before (Y/N) could even retaliate. “My lady.” He said with a smirk. (Y/N) glared back with a smile.

At the moment of her entrance, her Aunt Carol came barrelling towards her niece. “(Y/N)! Darling! How are you?” She questioned her niece loudly as she enclosed her in a hug.

“I’m do-”

“Is this your boyfriend? Have you got a boyfriend?” She asked, eyeing Stuart behind her.

“Yes, Aunt Carol this is Stuart.”

“It’s nice to meet you, ma'am.” He said, holding out his hand for the old woman to shake.

“What a gentleman,” Aunt Carol purred, and turned to her niece. “Let’s get you to the family room. You need some meat in some places.”

Trying not to be offended, (Y/N) led Stuart through the large house and to the family room, where the rest of her family was seated, conversating in random spots. Before (Y/N) could say anything to any of her relatives, her Aunt Carol beat her to it.

“Attention! Attention everyone!” Her Aunt called out to everyone in her sickly-sweet singsong voice. “(Y/N) here brought a boyfriend!” (Y/N) and Stuart both blushed, trying to make themselves as small as possible. Her family gave a small ovation before going back to their conversations. Aunt Carol, who somehow always finds a way to meddle into people’s business, made busy elsewhere, much to the pair’s relief.

“You want something to eat? Drink?” (Y/N) asked. Stuart shook his head. “Okay, let’s just sit down somewhere where we won’t have to talk.”

But, that method didn’t go as well as intentioned. Soon, a handful of (Y/N)’s relatives surrounded the pair, making them uncomfortable.

“So, Stuart, is it? How did you two meet?” Aunt May spoke up.

Stuart cleared his throat. “Well, we, uh, we both were enrolled in the Google Internship Program and worked together there, and now we both work at Google, so, yeah.”

(Y/N) squeezed his hand, sensing his socially-awkward semblance. Her aunts aw’d.

“Do you two live together?” Her aunt asked. (Y/N) sucked in a breath - they hadn’t rehearsed anything for that question.  

“Yes,” Stuart blurted. “We have an apartment near the Googleplex.”

(Y/N) smiled at her relatives before turning to her counterfeit partner. “How about we go visit with my cousins?” She asked, and tugged his hand after smiling sweetly at her aunts.

“I’m sorry.” (Y/N) gushed once they were out of sight.

“It’s okay. It’s normal for family to be nosy about this stuff.”

(Y/N) showed a small smile to thank him for understanding before leading him into the kitchen. More of (Y/N)’s relatives were scattered around the room, and Stuart wondered how the hell she had so many family members.

After three agonizing hours of sitting, eating, talking, and opening gifts, that may or may not have been regifted, it was finally time for Stuart and (Y/N) to get the hell out of there.  Right as the pair was leaving, Aunt Carol called out to the two.

“Wait!” She yelled, hobbling after you. “I have something for the two of you!”

(Y/N) and Stuart looked at each other skeptically before approaching the elder aunt. Aunt Carol had a knowing smirk on her face and her arm was tucked behind her back, obviously hiding the surprise. They were in front of the whole family now, and everyone watched in suspense. She yanked her arm out from behind her and (Y/N) and Stuart’s eyes widened and mouths dropped. Held out by Aunt Carol was a medium sized mistletoe on a string.

“Rules are rules, lovebugs!”

Stuart’s breathing got heavier. Was he really going to kiss this girl who had friendzoned him, but he still liked her anyways? He turned to face her. She shot him an “I’m so sorry” look, but he just showed a small side smile.

“Please don’t hate me for this.” He whispered into (Y/N)’s ear before placing a hand on the back of her head and kissing her vigorously.

part two yes or no??? hope you liked it !!

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Could you give me a timeline of what you think is happening with Haylor now? I mean, when do you think the talking started and they met up? And what is your theory about what is going on? Like, with the ring, etc. Sorry I'm asking so many questions. I just haven't had this much hope in a long time lmao.

I’ll go with my ‘neutral’ stance:

Okay first it started with Harry’s team denying anything romantic going on with Harry and Kendall in September. And on the same day, it was officially announced that Hiddleswift broke up. Both of it happening on the same day is most likely a coincidence, but that sets the stage nevertheless. We’re sure now that they’re both single.

I think something happened during the week of the Kings of Leon listening party in NYC. I have no absolute proof to say that he was in NYC (you won’t believe me anyways) BUT it’s important to note that a lot of Swifties and Harry stans started picking up some Haylor hints during that week. Harry stans are always paranoid about any possible Haylor interaction even more so when Taylor’s single right now, and during that week in NYC Taylor was hanging with Cara, Suki, Clara Paget – like I said they are from Harry’s group of friends too, and then Kings of Leon were also talking about their friendship/connection to both Taylor and Harry. Taylor went to the concert with Lily Aldridge to promote KOL, and the next day an article about Harry’s friendship with the KOL guys came out. And Harry was liking Jessie Baylin and Lily Aldridge’s photos at the event on IG.

After the KOL concert weekend, an NYC journalist Amanda Ross tweeted ‘Haylor will rise’, and a few days later, Perez Hilton announced on his tumblr and twitter that Taylor is seeing someone. He also started liking Haylor related tweets and manips on IG. Even though I don’t really trust them, I think these are possible leads. My theory is that they both heard something over the weekend – Amanda lives in NYC so she could have heard gossip through the NYC circle (this is just me speculating). Some people say they were just doing that to promote Taylor’s Austin concert but it doesn’t make sense because Perez is still liking Haylor related tweets and posts even after the concert. And Taylor’s team wouldn’t rely on Perez freaking Hilton to promote things for them lmfao. I feel like Perez heard something too and he wants to get first scoop on this by lurking fans.

As for Harry, on the Friday of the KOL concert week, Ben Winston had a party and Harry didn’t attend and some Harry fans were speculating that he didn’t attend because he wasn’t in London. So we have no proof he was in the UK either. It’s a weak theory, but whatever. I also think Harry’s been hanging with Waseem who lives in NYC around end September because he randomly made a post about Harry on IG about the Another Man photoshoot, seems like they’ve been interacting lately (also another weak lead but bear with me here).

Then Someday (a song co-written by Harry most likely about Taylor) was released a day before Taylor’s Austin concert, where she sang Harry songs like Style, Wildest Dreams, OOTW. Coupled with the Amanda Ross and Perez’s Haylor hints, there was a small buzz about Haylor going on at the moment.

Taylor flew to LA for a week and after her short appearance at Drake’s party (to kick off the Drake/Taylor collaboration promo) she went MIA in LA for a week. We don’t know where Harry was either, but I speculate he was in LA as well because his entire London crew flew down to LA for a friend’s wedding (Waseem and Alexa Chung came down from NYC too), and he was liking Waseem’s pic of the wedding and stuff. This is another weak link but like I said, bear with me here I don’t have much to work with especially since the dude refuses to be seen.

Anyways, the weekend before Halloween, Taylor made an impromptu trip to the UK. Hiddleswift fans got excited and thought Tom and Taylor were gonna get back together but then a gossipcop article debunked that, so there’s that. She didn’t go to the UK for Tom, nor are they getting back together. So just like the Hendall rumors, you can cross Hiddleswift out of your list for now.

The week after was drama week, where Harry popped in to attend Kendall’s birthday party and then attended Kanye’s concert. On the same day Harry went to Kanye’s concert, Drake posted a picture of him and Taylor at his birthday party and Taylor liked the picture. Swifties were mad, blablabla, but honestly I thought it was an overreaction. It was promoting-other-artists-day for both of them, eh.

Soooo the week after, on Lorde’s birthday on 7 Nov was the first time Taylor was seen wearing the ring. Then after the elections Taylor randomly flew to LA for a few days, where Harry was also there. This is actually significant because it was probably the first time since July that they were both confirmed to be in the same city/location at the same time, like there’s no argument about it. She was seen wearing the ring again when she was papped entering Lena’s apartment in NYC. Then the next week was Thanksgiving week, she was papped again wearing the ring while walking with Kelsea, at Todrick’s show, while driving in Rhode Island, and at Thanksgiving. Taylor rarely wears rings and jewelry more than a few times so I guess people picked it up and wondered if the ring meant something special to her. No one could find out where the ring came from as well, so it must have been custom made.

The following week was the start of Taylor going MIA, and that’s when Haylorsecrets said on her blog that she can confirm she has heard Haylor rumors going on for the past month from reliable people (according to her). So there’s that. We’ll see what happens next.

P.S: Btw something haylorsecrets said about how the Haylor rumors can’t be proven but at the same time can’t be squashed – I’ve been thinking about this too. Like, there are all this lowkey buzz from fans about Haylor but we haven’t gotten an article debunking it, unlike Hiddleswift. So yes, no confirmation but no denial either.

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Getting into the spirit of halloween, Josh pushes Chris into convincing Ash to go to a haunted house and Ash hates it, gets way too scared but won't use the "chicken exits" so she's hiding her face in Chris' back and he doesn't realize it until the end that she was in tears almost the entire time and he feels horrible for letting Josh talk him into this. And then idk some kind of cute comfort fluff ending? (I always send you chrash prompts I'm sorry please don't hate me😥)

(Don’t worry friend, we are all chrash trash here.)

“Dude. It’s perfect.”

Josh sat across from Chris at a Wendy’s, slurping idly from a large cup of soda.

“No,” Chris said in reply, “It’s cruel! You know how much she hates scary things.”

“Exactly! That’s why it’s perfect! Just think about it man, she’ll spend the entire time getting the crap scared out of her. And who gets to be the big, strong hero who protects her from the bad scary people?” He continued, leaning forward as he explained his master plan to Chris.

Shaking his head, Chris again refused.

“Forget it. I’m not going to scare her into going out with me.”

Josh rolled his eyes and tossed a fry at his face. “You’re such a chickenshit.”

“Come on, that’s not fair.”

“It’s so fair! All I’m saying is that if you don’t make a move soon, someone else is going to pick her up.”

Chris’ eyes flicked uncertainly to his phone.

“Just text her. Listen to me for once. You’ll thank me later.”

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5SOS AU: Ashton finds out you’re a werewolf. (picture credit x)

The absolute last thing Ashton had expected when he woke up that morning was to find a half naked girl covered in blood lying in the middle of his back yard. To be fair, no one really expects for that to happen, ever.

You had no clue where you were, none whatsoever. All you did know was that last night had been a full moon and you’d been in a lot of trouble. Memories from when you were a wolf were always pretty fuzzy but the fact that your own blood was smeared all over you and you had a deep cut in your side was enough to convince you.

Ashton didn’t know what he was supposed to do in a situation like this, he wasn’t even sure if there was a protocol for something like this. But he grabbed one of his flannels off the floor of his bedroom and made his way into the yard.

He felt like he should be slightly more worried about his own safety than he was, but all he could focus on was you because you’d started to convulse while he was making his way outside. He had no idea if it was because of the cold or because you’d lost so much blood but it freaked him out.

He noted that your hair was almost white in colour (he made a note to ask you how you got it so light so he could tell Michael later on) but it was matted with blood and what looked like dirt. Your back was to him but he could see a heap of cuts and bruises littering the pale skin.

He stopped a few meters away, mostly so he didn’t scare you but also in case you turned out to be a psycho or something like that.

“Hello?” He called out, making it sound more like a question than a greeting.

You quickly jumped up and backed away from him, taking the time to size him up as you did so. He was bigger than you, but with your strength you could probably take him if it came to a fight.

Ashton quickly raised his hands in a sign of surrender, trying to show that he meant no harm. He faltered back a step when you let out a low growl and your eyes flashed a bright yellow.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay?” He said, holding the shirt out to you, his eyes raking over your body as he did so.

You bit down on your lip to try and get yourself under control, when that had been mostly effective you reached out and took the shirt from him.

“Do you have a first aid kit?” You asked, pulling the shirt on and immediately feeling bad because you were getting blood all over it.

“Yeah, it’s inside.“ He nodded quickly. When he was finished he just stood there looking at you. "Oh, right, did you want to use it?”

“That’s kind of what I was hinting at.” You responded, rolling your eyes.

“C'mon then, it’s freezing out here.” He turned around and headed towards the house, motioning over his shoulder for you to follow him.

When you were inside he shut the door behind you and placed a finger to his lip before pointing to a door just down the hall.

“That’s my room, if you go wait in there I’ll bring the first aid kit in.” His voice was lowered to a whisper. “Just try and keep quiet, my mum’s still asleep and so are my brother and sister, and no offence but I really don’t want to have to try and explain what’s going on here.”

You nodded before the two of you went your separate ways. The boys room was pretty much the same as any other teenage boys except it smelled slightly better. You noticed the bathroom that joined on to it and decided that would probably be the best place to do this.

When the boy came back into the room and handed you the first aid kit you thanked whatever kind of god there was that it was one of the ones with a suture set. You quickly got to work while the boy just sat down on the edge of the sink and watched you with a hint of awe in his eyes.

“You’re not squeamish, are you?” You asked him after you’d managed to clean up most of the blood.

You knew you’d heal eventually, but it was taking too long so you had to stitch it up now or you’d end up passing out again.

“Depends what you’re going to do.” You gave him a pointed look and he shook his head. “I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

You gave him one last chance to leave the room before you started to sew up the gaping wound in your side. You could hear his heart beat pick up speed and you looked up to see his eyes had gone wide.

“Aren’t you supposed to use anaesthetic before you do that, so you can’t feel it?” He asked, wincing slightly as you pulled the needle through your skin once again.

“I’m used to it.” You muttered through gritted teeth.

About five minutes later you were finished and the boy offered to put a dressing over it for you. Normally you would have declined but you were feeling a little light headed due to the blood loss and the pain of having to put in your own stitches. His hands were shaking almost as bad as your which you thought was pretty funny.

“Thanks.” You muttered while you were cleaning up the blood that had dripped onto the floor.

“It’s no problem, really. Did you want me to get you some pants or something, a shirt that hasn’t got your blood on it? Am I allowed to ask what happened?” All his questions came out in a blur of words and you had to stop yourself from laughing at how nervous he sounded.

“Some pants would be great, the shirt isn’t that big a deal.” You purposefully avoided his last question, and he nodded quickly before exiting the bathroom, returning a few moments later with a pair of boxers and some sweat pants.

“They’re clean, I swear.” He told you, once again taking up his spot on the counter.

“Good to know.” You laughed quietly, leaning up against the back of the door so that you were facing him now. “Go on, I know you’re dying to ask.”

He took a deep breath before looking up at you again. “What the hell happened?”

You thought about lying; it would be easy enough to tell him that you got into a fight and couldn’t remember anything, it was almost the truth anyway. But you kind of wanted to see how he’d react.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” It was such a cliché line but it made you smile and a few seconds later that same smile was mimicked on the boys face.

“Try me.”

“I’m a werewolf.” You replied, the corners of your mouth pulling up into a crooked grin.

You watched as his eyebrows pulled together, obviously not having expected that answer which was fairly understandable. He didn’t say anything for a little while but it looked like he was having an internal conflict of some sort, his face screwing up and then relaxing every now and then.

“Oh. Well, it’s nice to meet you.” He finally spoke up. “I’m Ashton, and I guess we’ve got some stuff to talk about.”


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it wouldn't be boring! I'd love to hear it! Only if you'd want to tell it, of course.

i got four messages like this so OK

so basically like y’all know i moved up to the east coast w/ my parents and I was super depressed bc I left all my friends behind in alabama (me @ myself 2 summers ago: YIKES) and I couldn’t get a job and blah blah blah

so I got a job at this TERRIBLE store that caters to like, east coast yacht club types (Mitt Romney Chic™) and I hated it so much but I really needed a job. Well the day I got THAT job, I knew I couldn’t stand to work there so I immediately got in my car and drove to this other clothing store I really wanted to work at and basically begged the girl behind the counter to give me a job. GUESS WHO THAT GIRL WAS. THAT’S RIGHT, WE’RE CHUGGING RIGHT ALONG, OK

so my gf basically got me the job and was the first friend I made and saved me from one of the worst depressive states i’ve been in since high school

we would end up working together, just the two of us, a lot and we would go get breakfast before work and then we started texting each other, etc etc. I invited her to hang out with me on Halloween which was the first time we really hung out as friends and then after that I was always texting her and asking her to hang out with me. We got really close around the holidays last year and were spending a lot of time together. I knew she dated girls and I came out to her at one point (she was the first non-internet person I had ever told I was into girls and I still can’t believe I told her honestly) and so here’s where the story GETS REAL GOOD AND SAPPY

so at work we had a secret santa thing, right? I KNOW GUYS, I HAVE ALSO READ THIS FAN FICTION. so she helped organize secret santa for the staff and when it came time for me to pick a name, I got someone who wasn’t her and then I……put it back in the jar………and picked her name on purpose bc i could see it on the paper……ANYWAY so because of certain circumstances, I ended up having to tell her that I got her in secret santa and then she was like “I got you too!!!” and I was like wow what are the chances

so we exchanged gifts and stuff and the holidays came and went, etc etc. early this year we really started to spend a lot of time together and she started coming over to my house and sleeping over a lot and that’s when things went from gay to GAYER.

let me just sum up the last….6 months in a bulleted list, i think that will be easiest - A GAY TIMELINE OF EVENTS

  • she starts coming over and sleeping on the couch in my room
  • every time we hang out I start just ????? looking at her a lot???????
  • I got weirdly jealous??? when she would say a girl was hot????
  • I basically realize I want to kiss her but i’m am Scared so I just flirt really really badly and make really obvious ~suave blog posts like this one
  • in fact, i reblogged a lot of really obvious things all the way back into april and may hoping she would see them
  • she comes over one night and brings strawberries and chocolate sauce and rum???? basically woos me??? I curl up next to her on the couch because i have no self-control and then when I go to bed, she lies down on the couch but i’m like “come cuddle in bed with me!!!!!!!!!!!” like that’s a Totally Normal Friend Thing
  • We just…start cuddling…….alll the time….like every night
  • one day via text shes like ‘alice i have to tell u something’ and i’m like ‘ok’ and she’s like ‘….i rigged secret santa so i would get u’ and i was like ‘oh….my god…..i rigged secret santa so i would get YOU’ and then i had butterflies in my stomach for like 12 hours straight (but at this point i told myself it was a Miracle of Friendship)
  • we go to new york together and everything is GAY GAY GAY and i end up writing long sappy journal entries about how badly i wanted to hold her hand
  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one night during some Totally Platonic Cuddling she tells me she likes me and I tell her I like her back and we kiss and then we both had panic attacks. a match made in heaven. we both go to work that day walking around like zombies and then make up a really lame excuse to meet up at a gas station after work and make heart eyes at each other in silence for like an hour
  • 4 days later she asks me to be her gf
  • 3 months later we are the sappy gays u see before u