i'm going to need a haircut soon

Forever this time.

anonymous asked:

Hey rob, I'm going to get a haircut soon and I am very scared of the hairdressers being judgemental about my desired haircut and I really don't want to go, but I really want this haircut because it will make me feel more masculine and valid. My schoolmates and teachers are all going to be very judgemental about my hair being shaved though. I really need some reassurance and none of my friends seem to be able to help

Its just hair my dude! If people @ school judge u just tell em that. It’s no big deal to them. Even if they make fun of u they dont actually care, like imagine if one of ur classmates shaved their head. Even if it didnt look good to u it wouldnt affect ur day in any way. And if the hairdresser is judgemental Go to a different hairdresser Ur givin them ur money for Christs sake they gotta just do what u want no question. Good luck I bet ur gonna look dope