i'm going to murder the both of them


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

  • Regina: You can't just go around killing people!
  • Robin: Oh, so it's fine for you to have a vault of hearts and kill random peasants, but when I try to kill one person, I'm the bad guy?
  • Regina: Based on everything else that's happened in this show, yes. Murder is wrong except for when I do it. The sooner you accept that, the better.
Joker’s Daughter 1940′s AU

In 1949, Hannibal Lecter escapes his orphanage and runs to seeks refugee somewhere in the world where no one will find him. He travels to Gotham, where he can lay low, trying to rebuild himself while plotting revenge for his sister’s murder. While there, he soon discovers the deadliest gangsters, Joker and Harley. He get’s a job from them with his knowledge in medicine, specifically cadavers, saving up money for his vengeance journey. But things come to a halt, when he runs into the clown princess of crime…

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  • What I mean when I say "I ship Nygmobblepot": I love these two characters. Oswald is a terrible person, he's a murderer and what he did to Isabella wasn't right and was incredibly selfish, but Edward didn't have to shoot him in retaliation. They've both done shitty and horrible things, especially to each other, but I believe they can move past it and make things right again. As right as it can be between two maniacs.
  • Ragnar: Forgive me, my friend, not for what I've done, but for what I'm about to do.
  • Athelstan (dead): Oh, no, Ragnar, no what are you doing
  • Ragnar: *converts to Christianity, fakes his own death, tricks Loki into quasi-confessing to murdering Athelstan, tricks Count Odo into gathering the most important people in the kingdom and leading them right into his hands, kills a guy, makes the emperor legit faint, kidnaps the princess only to let her go when he could've taken her as a prisoner or done any number of awful things to her and allows her to run back to safety all while providing his people a way into the city, which the both of them had been dreaming of, all while suffering with the grief of losing his life partner and acting without the guidance Athelstan was supposed to provide all along*
  • Ragnar: sorry
  • Athelstan (dead): I knew there was a reason I chose you over celibacy and flogging
The Signs When They See Someone They Don't Like
  • Aries: Grumbles angrily under their breath, flat out ignores the person
  • Taurus: Doesn't speak to them until they get an apology
  • Gemini: They're a ticking time bomb, if the wrong thing is said they'll explode
  • Cancer: Give little back handed slaps when speaking with them
  • Leo: Does that "talking about you loudly so you purposely hear" thing
  • Virgo: Probably subs them on social media, tries to act all high & mighty
  • Libra: Doesn't talk to them to avoid conflict & confrontation, obviously looks uncomfortable
  • Scorpio: Smiles in that "we both know I'm going to murder you" way
  • Sagittarius: Looks at them from the corner of their eye, doesn't talk to them, will probably also will sub them on social media later
  • Capricorn: Calls them out
  • Aquarius: Causes a huge scene, ends up looking like an ass
  • Pisces: They don't want bad blood, tries to be nice

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//SLAMS INTO YOUR HOUSE hello murderer can you draw destiel dancing cas holding his dean's waist (I'm keeping the typo) so dean's hand has to by default go to cas's shoulder cas is stepping forward, dean is stepping back (midstep) and then the whole chin down, hooded eyes from both of them at each other (DROWNS YOU IN HOT CHOCOLATE AS THANKS)

me: casually drowns in hot chocolate

sims lets plays
  • pewdiepie: lets get the pregnant male sims mod so my sims can have gay babies. wait chan died... lets kill 100 people and flirt with death. shit i died. fUVCK MY SIM DIED. wait. wait... waIT DEATH REVIVED ME. I'M ALVE.
  • zalfie: wait alFIE dont do that you cant do that!! u have to do this here let me play! fine..... ok ok look we bought a house now we need to let them go on a date and make them boyfriend and girlfriend!
  • markiplier: lol lets make me and some people and make a shitty house and we'll give me the best room and some computers and we'll give me the best computer and the best desk and chair and and we'll use cheatS YEP WE HAVE A ROCKET SHIP NOW LVL 12039 GAMING SKILL hAHA
  • jacksepticeye: i'm going to make both the parents astronauts so we can find a mURDER WEAPON and then we're going to give the child a partner- ooh look she has a wife now!!! and also they adopted a cHILD and crAP the parents had twins and i acCIDENTALLY NAMED BOTH OF THEM ABBY CRAP CRAP
  • phan: we'll make a combination of ourselves i know dil. i want llama hedge yEA WE GOT LLAMA HEDGE. LOOK WE GOT 1 PROMOTION NICE. alSO we got dumped by 4 girlfriends :( and we are also very poor and also owl slide

But seriously, Connor and Michaela have been set up as being extremely similar from day one.  That’s why they’re rivals.  They’re both smart, elitist, bitchy, competitive, and impossibly good looking.  When it came out that Michaela’s fiancé had had a thing with Connor, I wasn’t surprised at all, because obviously if you’re in love with Michaela, Connor would also be your type.

More than just sharing personality traits, they do similar things in similar time spans.  They were the two standouts in the first episode.  Michaela was unnecessarily mean to Laurel, calling her by the wrong name, minutes before Connor was unnecessarily mean to Wes, with the whole, “You have friends?” thing.  They are both constantly throwing smug looks at each other when one shows the other up.  Judging by the flash forwards, they both lose their heads in crisis situations, which is so interesting because they’re both normally so confident and poised.

Like, I understand if you dislike both of them, because they’re both kind of unpleasant people, and I wouldn’t want either of them as a friend, but there is no legitimate reason to like Connor and not Michaela.

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I'm sick of people making Jasper the victim in the fusion situation. Lapis was keeping her underwater to stop her from hurting Steven and the others. With your logic, a murderer who's locked in jail is the victim because the Jailer won't let them go. Do I think Lapis is a perfect angel? No. But stop making Jasper the victim.

they’re both the victim, lapis said she fused to take her anger out on jasper, not to save steven, so

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Honestly that scares the shit out of me. There are men walking around with fucking rape jokes on their shirts. Rape. Jokes. I'm terrified to go outside at night alone because I feel like if I do I'll get pulled in an alley. If I'm out walking (as I sometimes need to) and I hear a noise, I rack my brain for things I learned in RAD class. A Rape Aggression Defence class that was mandatory IN MY SCHOOL. It's a scary time to have a vagina. Something has to be done.

Not just rape, but murder. Both are apparently jokes to them. The fact that my life is so insignificant to them scares the shit out of me.

And the fact that they whine and cry about how women are scared of men or how women hate men is completely fucking stupid. Like, y'all are killing us, I think taking a stab at your ego is a small price to pay in comparison. 

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I'm sorry this isn't about abortion but I needed to get this off my chest. As a "cis" male, i feel that when a tradgedy such as the ucsb shooting happens, women feel scared that every guy is going rape or murder them. This was a tradgedy that

involved both genders (assumimg they were all cis i might be wrong) and we should not be blaming anyone. We should instead show compassion and sympathy for the victims and thier families as they have just suffered a horrible loss

Okay first off, what happened is not about you or your feelings.

Secondly, women are scared of men every. single. goddamn. DAY. It doesn’t take a mass shooting by an entitled man-child to make us fear men. It’s everyday men, the sort of men who say things like what you’ve said, who make us fear them. The men who catcall us on the street, the men who stare too long and too avidly, and don’t seem to care when we’re uncomfortable. The men like you, who want us to ignore misogyny because pointing it out makes you feel uncomfortable. All of these men are the ones that make us feel unsafe.

If you have a problem with us distrusting men, then do something about your fellow men. Put your money where your mouth is, or stop trying to make us feel bad about being scared and angry. Because we’re not just scared boy-o. We’re fucking pissed off.

That little creep who went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara was a sexist, racist, entitled, spoiled little brat. He was taught by our society that he deserved access to women’s bodies and that when he didn’t get it, people deserved to die, both the women who “denied” him, and the men he saw as competition. And even now, his actions are being praised and lauded on men’s rights websites. This is a societal problem. It’s your problem, it’s all cis men’s problem, and you are not helping the matter by coming in our askbox and telling us we’re wrong for putting the blame squarely where it lies.

I don’t care if naming the problem makes you uncomfortable. People’s safety matters more than some cis man’s comfort. And ignoring a problem and refusing to get to the bottom of it has never once, in the history of the world, ever solved anything. To solve a problem we have to acknowledge it’s there. If you can’t do that, then get out of the way of those of us who can and will.

And to everyone else - do not come to our askbox with this “don’t blame the men! it’s not about gender!” bullshit. Cis men, fucking start policing your fellow men instead of telling us not to be afraid. Show us that you legitimately care that misogyny kills, or stop claiming you do.

- Jane