i'm going to miss you lauren

When Eliza died probably (part 2)
  • Eliza: *just entering the pearly gates* Oh I'm here! I can finally see my Phillip and Alexander!
  • Phillip: Mom!
  • Angelica: Eliza!
  • Eliza: *running towards the two* Oh Phillip! Angelica! I've missed you so-
  • wait, where's Alexander?
  • Phillip: *putting his hand behind his neck* W-Well uh, dad is, with John Laurens...
  • Eliza: Oh, John? Well isn't that great! Let's go find them! *runs looking for Alex and John*
  • Phillip and Angelica: wait!
  • Alexander: *cuddling with John* Oh, Eliza! I-I can explain...
  • John and Eliza: *having a glaring contest*
Hamilton Song Titles by me (all)
  • Alexander Hamilton: DO NOT FORGET MY NAME
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Shut The F Up by Aaron Burr
  • My Shot: Squad Goals
  • Story of Tonight: Drunk Frat Boys
  • The Schuyler Sisters: FEMINISM!...and Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: Stick To The Status Quo
  • You'll Be Back: Yandere England
  • Right Hand Man: Meet Your New Dad
  • A Winter's Ball: Chicks Dig Founding Fathers
  • Helpless: Awwwwwwwwwww
  • Satisfied: Eponine Learned How To Rap
  • Story of Tonight(reprise): Drunk(er)Frat Boys
  • Wait For It: We Have To Make You Like The Bad Guy
  • Stay Alive: WHEEEEEEEEEE
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The Only Time A Good Guy Wins A Duel
  • Meet Me Inside: You're Not My Real Dad!
  • That Would Be Enough: Awwwwwww Part 2
  • Guns And Ships: French Fuckboy Raps Fast
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: Don't Fuck Up Now
  • What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.
  • Dear Theodosia: I'm a Dad Yay / LOOK AT MY SON
  • Laurens' Interlude: OH OK HE DIED ANYWAY THAT'S FINE
  • Non-Stop: You Are Filled With Determination
  • What'd I Miss?: 'Tis I, Your Local Asshole
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Awwwww Jr. / Just Chill
  • Say No To This: YOU HAD ONE JOB ALEX
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr Is Salty
  • Schuyler Defeated: I Thought You Were My Friend Wtf
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Daddy's Callin
  • Washington On Your Side: The Bad Guys Squad
  • One Last Time: I'm Tired, I Wanna Go Home
  • I Know Him: Why Is This Guy Still Here?
  • The Adams Administration: Ooooh Hamilton's Pissed Now
  • We Know: Even The Bad Guys Are Judging You Alex
  • Hurricane: ALEX NO
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: GOD DAMNIT ALEX
  • Burn: Look What You Did Alex, She's Burning Things
  • Blow Us All Away: Don't Do Duels Kids
  • Stay Alive (reprise): I'm Not Crying, You Are
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *Ugly Crying*
  • The Election Of 1800: Hillary Or Trump?
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive Agressiveness/Sexual Tension
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: Awwwww Part 3
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Congratulations, You Shot Your Only Friend
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Burr, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda

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BITCH THIS IS LOLO I MISS YOU. i'm new on tumblr, but too shy to get off of anon. any fic author recs? and why do you love them?

lauren, you need to calm down. this is the worst question that i could get at the moment, because i’m so wired on pain meds right now. also i’m still trying to find more authors to follow as i’m a tumblr newb.


disclaimer: pain meds make me weird, so i can’t think straight because i’m all loopy. i might forget a few people, but i’m going to try my best.
in no particular order:

literal queen b. badass, sassy, talented as fuck. i love her.
fucking legend. every time i see a hot man + alex skarsgard, i think of her.
queen of my planet. i love her and admire her genuine passion.
angst queen who slays. i adore her. “sweet dreams” makes me cry time to time.
my sœur in fluff. we fan girl about chris evans a lot.
her stories are hot, sexy, and damn good.
i admire her from the side because i’m chicken to reach out, but she’s a queen.
made of stardust and magic. and “chamber of secrets” omfg
i’m chicken to reach out to her too. but whoa i love everything she does.
mrs. lance the fucker tucker. she’s a babe.
she just surpassed 700 followers, and her writing proves why. yees girl.
becca makes my heart melt with her sincerity in and out of her stories.
nsfw, makes me blush, i want to be friends with her.
her fluff makes me cry, and it’s pure goals. i want to write like her one day.
the poetry that she does post makes me cry.

okay there are so much more, but i literally just looked at a clock and went “what is that swirly pendulum on the wall?” this is a sign for me to get off the computer because the pain meds are taking over.

hope this helps. and i miss you too, lolo. message me with your real account.
love, a heavily medicated jinah xx

ps. the pain meds aren’t illegal or something. i’m in a hospital and need it for legitimate reasons

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So I feel like Aaron and John would bond over animals. Like, John for the obvious reasons but Aaron too because I feel like he's someone who just kinda of likes to go sit and stare at nature. And like, I think Planet Earth would be one of their common interests.

It was a friday night and Aaron had just gotten home from work. Hamilton had been more irritable than usual, resulting in Aaron also being irritable-

“Those documents were supposed to be sent three days ago, Alexander!”

“Fuck off, Burr.”


So when he got inside, kicking off his shoes, he grabbed his phone and ordered a large pizza with all the fixin’s. Then, after quickly changing into his sweatpants and tank top, he plopped down on the couch and turned on planet earth. It wasn’t the most action packed of television material, but it always brought Aaron down after a long week.

He had just started the episode on forests, when a knock sounded from the door.

“That was fast.” he muttered, pausing the video and hopping off the couch.

Although, when he opened the door, money in hand, it wasn’t the pizza man.


“Hey Burr,” John said, his voice tired and monotonous, “what’s on the menu?”

Pushing passed him, Laurens entered the apartment, dumping his backpack on the ground by the door and kicking off his shoes, allowing them to fly across the room. Aaron sighed as the man took off his jacket, throwing it on a nearby chair.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t the fact that Laurens had shown up and taken over his apartment that surprised him. It was the fact that he was here alone.

“Laurens, what’s this about?”

“What, can’t I pay my dearest friend Aaron Burr a visit?”

“Usually not without being incredibly drunk.” Aaron said with a roll of his eyes, “Are the guys with you?”

John let out a bitter laugh and Aaron suddenly became aware of the dark circles under his eyes and the way his fists clenched in subtle anger.

“No,” he bit out, before stalking over to the couch and plopping down on it, “what’re we watching?”

Burr sighed, shutting the door behind him as he wandered back over to the sofa.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“No.” Laurens paused for a moment, looking at his socks, a soft frown on his face, “Alex yelled at me. I was trying to help and he screamed at me.”

“He seems to have been a bit on edge recently,” Aaron said.

“It’s his own fault, he works himself too hard and then takes it out on everyone around him.” he ran a hand through his wild hair and looked away, “But I didn’t come here to talk about Alexander.”

“I see.” Aaron nodded, meandering over to sit by his freckled friend on the couch, “well, I hope you like Planet Earth-”

“Burr no way, no way!” the man broke out into a huge smile, practically bouncing in his seat, “I love Planet Earth, how’d you know!?”

“I must be psychic, Laurens. Scooch over.”

Aaron laid down against the arm rest, his legs out slightly, pushing into John’s space. John had his feet up on the small table in front of them and when Burr complained, trying to kick his feet off, Laurens only laughed.

Knock Knock

“You get it,” Aaron said, nudging Laurens with his foot, “money’s on the table.”

He got up, going over to open the door before letting out a small, albeit dramatic gasp.

“Pizza, Burr? You’re really going all out here. Have we classified this as a date yet?”

“No, now c’mon I’m hungry.”

“Well, I’m classifying this as a date.” Laurens muttered, bringing the pizza over to the couch.

“Did you know a group of King Vultures is called a solitary?”

“Did you know that seahorses don’t have stomachs? The food goes through so fast, they have to almost constantly eat to survive.”

“Did you know that the Spotted Salamander returns to the same mating pool every year? By the same route?”

“Did you know the Sun Bear looks like a bad drawing of a normal bear?”

Laurens snorted with laughter and Aaron joined in. The two had shifted positions, John now lying almost on top of Burr, his head on the other man’s chest, face turned to watch the television.

“Thanks for letting me stay, Burr.”

“It’s no problem, this is fun.” Aaron let his head loll back, thinking about the heavy feeling of Laurens’ on his chest.

“Not so bad for a first date, huh?” he moved to face Aaron, his chin resting on his chest.

“You’re hopeless.” Aaron sighed, but couldn’t help the small smile that crept up his face.

“Maybe so, but I’m the smart one. I got to spend all night with you, while Alex is probably working himself to death again. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

“But you’re gonna tell him?”

“Hell yeah!” John grinned, pushing himself up slightly, so that Burr was between his arms, “I’m gonna be bragging about this to him for weeks!”


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What do you think about the recent clues in Camila's lyrics and songs? Do you think her song is about Camren? There are still missing pieces though 😩 But I'm delusional af believing that Camila was implying about Lauren in her songs

I mean it’s kinda not delusional lol because if you know Fifth Harmony and everything that’s happened it makes sense.  I do think it’s  about Lauren but I also think it’s about other things too.

Some other anons had me thinking and I came up with my own perspective on certain lines.

1My name was safest in your mouth, why’d you go and spit it out?”

2 “Oh, your voice, it was the most familiar sound but it sounds so dangerous now.

(1)  When camren was real they were both in it together, and they had to deal with things together so, in other words, Camila felt that she was safe near her/them. Then something happened between camren and we all know that because it was really obvious. ( I have a different  explanation but I’ll keep it at the real)

(2) They were together for 4 years in the same girl group. She familiarized herself with the same voices for years and they spent the majority of the time together. Since she heard the same voices, how could it not be the most familiar sound? Now she can’t even say that name/names.

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But everything about Kinloch and Laurens screams trash 2000s songs tbh, so I feel it's not you who should be called out, it's them. Laurens with his passive-aggressive melodramatic angry af break up letter complete with a certain Miss Manning, and Kinloch being his fuckboi self with no relationship skills whatsoever that is still somehow very charismatic and charming, making it easy to go fuck you but also I'm crying but mostly you're dead to me PS I'm drunk texting you right now.

Thank you for agreeing with me my inebriated anonymous friend.  See, @ciceroprofacto, I have people that appreciate my song choices.

If you 5H fan

If you are 5H fan, then you know how it all began.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know what means for them impossible. 

If you are a 5H fan, then when you hear if I were a boy you remember Dinah’s audition.  

If you are a 5H fan, then you laugh at jokes Camila.

If you are a 5Hfan, then you know that Lauren isn’t only hot, but also very wise.

If you are a 5H fan, then you remember about Ally when you hear Shakira’s songs.

If you are a 5H fan, then you adore Mani, even when she does so

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re Miss Movin On.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re the boss of your life.

If you are a 5H fan, then you worth it.

If you are a 5H fan, then you're must be from heaven.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know the date of birth of all girls.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know the correct pronunciation of their names.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know what is Camren.

If you are a 5H fan, then when you knew about IKWYDLS you were in a panic, because you thought that Camilla left the group.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re in love with a monster.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re singing like Mariah

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re brave.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re honest.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re beautiful.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know all about them.

If you are a 5H fan, then you lovin’ this life ‘cause you really don’t care.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you make them happy. 

If you’re a 5H fan, then you proud of them.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they’re beautiful.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they’re also funny.

If you’re a 5H fan, then with each their reward you thank them for what they helped you believe in yourself

If you’re 5H fan, then you love Camila and Lauren not because of Camren. 

If you’re a 5H fan, then you love their smile.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you also love their laughter.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you ain’t going nowhere.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you have one wish - meet them.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you don’t wanna dance alone.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they love you.

Oh, and you’re not just a 5H fan, you’re part of a big family



Renamed Hamilton Songs
  • Alexander Hamilton: Dat me
  • Aaron Burr, sir: Orphan War/Meet Squad
  • My Shot: Get Hype
  • Story of Tonight: Drank
  • Schuyler Sisters: And Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: Boy if you Don't Get
  • You'll Be Back: Taylor Swift in the 1800s
  • A Winter's Ball: Hetero Song
  • Helpless: Omg Eliza D'awww
  • Satisfied: CRY WITH ME
  • Story of Tonight Reprise: Laurens is too Turnt/Burr says things
  • Stay Alive: Charles Lee Can Go Fuck Himself/Daddy Issues
  • Ten Duel Commandments: Most Disputes Die Lmao That's Funny
  • Meet Me Inside: I'm Not Mad, Just Disappointed
  • That Would Be Enough: I Gots a Baby
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: Chris Jackson's Deep Song #1
  • Yorktown: GOTTA MEET MY SON
  • What Comes Next: Shady McBitch Tea
  • Dear Theodosia: Babiesbabiesbabiesbabies
  • Non-Stop: Write Because Laurens is Dead
  • What'd I Miss: Jefferson, You Fabulous Bitch
  • Cabinet Battle #1: Monticello, Bitch
  • Say No To This: Trippin In The Pussy
  • Room Where It Happens: YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US
  • Schuyler Defeated: It's Just Politics
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Founding Father Kinkshame
  • Washington On Your Side: Jefferson Gets Shady
  • One Last Time: Chris Jackson's Deep Song #2
  • I Know Him: President John Aydummms
  • The Adams Administration: Hamilton's Fucked
  • We Know: Little Snitch Ass Bitches
  • Hurricane: I'm About To Kick My Own Ass
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: I'VE KICKED MY OWN ASS
  • Burn: The First Time Eliza Will Make Us Cry
  • Blow Us All Away: MY SON
  • Stay Alive Reprise: Anthony Ramos, Please Stop Dueling
  • It's Quiet Uptown: Hoo Boy Look At All These Tears
  • The Election of 1800: My Son Just Died So Can We Not
  • Your Obedient Servant: I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST POLITICS
  • Best of Wives, Best of Women: It's About To Go Down
  • The World Was Wide Enough: WAIT
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: OH GOD THE ORPHANAGE/The Second Time Eliza Will Make Us Cry
Dear Steven Universe Fandom

I just found out what happened to Lauren Zuke’s twitter and all I have to say to you is


I’m mainly talking about some if not most of the amedot, lapidot and pearlmethyst shippers

If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’ll tell you

A bunch of jerks decided to harass Miss Zuke on her twitter for supposedly “queerbaiting” in episodes and writing almost “fanfic like” episodes which lead to her to deactivating her twitter because she couldn’t take the harassment anymore

How can she “queer bait” if SHE HERSELF IS GAY

I mean seriously what the heck don’t harass her for her opinion I mean like she supports ALL Peridot and Lapis ships even though she ships lapidot

I ship amedot but I don’t hate on her because she ships lapidot I don’t hate on ANYONE for any ship they have because that’s there opinion and its not hurting anybody UNLESS you harass people who have a different opinion than you THAT’S when you upset me (and the Crewniverse obviously) but I don’t say anything because I don’t want to start useless drama and it would make me no better than them


I really hope I made that point clear

If the incredibly rare chance that Miss Zuke sees this I’d like to apologize for the fandoms behavior recently and I understand if you can’t forgive them I mean why would you

  • Question: If someone did that "Say Anything" boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
  • Camila: I mean, if it was some stalker creep that I didn't know at all, I'd call the police, but if I knew them I'd definitely be into it. Those kinds of gestures are missing these days, I think. It takes a really brave guy to do something like that, cheesy and romantic and it might go terribly wrong and "the girl might think I'm a total foolish creep but I'll do it anyways because I love her." That's really cool.
  • Lauren: I'd be so into it, I'd probably laugh a bit because that's what I do in any sort of excessive display of emotion 'cause it makes me nervous, but I'd really appreciate the guy for having that kind of courage…no need to call the cops.(:
  • Normani: I think that's so cute! I'd definitely find that flattering, especially because he's not only letting me know but everyone else. (:
  • Ally: I would probably cry and kiss that person. lol I would love it! That's so sweet.
And With That Win

The reality of Cheney leaving has finally hit me. Cheney you were, are one of my faves, and I love you as a player and as the wonderful human being you are. I’m going to miss you on the field and it’s going to take me time to accept that things are changing and they can’t remain how they are.

You deserve this send off and I wish you nothing but the best for the future.

P.S. You better make it out to plenty of USWNT games and NWSL games. Promise?

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I'm a huge Camren shipper but everyone needs to settle down. It was a kiss on the cheek. Camila clearly turns all the way to her left and Lauren kisses her right cheek. Then there's the "I miss you" and this is where I really have to tell everyone to relax. If you were going to hear anything on that video it surely would be the multiple people making noise and talking in between the camera and the girls. This has turned into Ghost Hunters or something where you take one tiny sound out of control