i'm going to miss them so so so much


God Don’t Leave Me (Sana Bakkoush)

“You’re a good person.”

by Briony / red-jamie

Fanart 2nd edition! Dedicated to all the wonderful Undertale fandom artists and AU creators! Make sure to check them out~

Here’s the 1st edition~

Credits under the cut:

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a little rant

it breaks my heart to know and realize that kenta had to perform on mcountdown knowing that he was eliminated still he delivered such an amazing performance and did his best as always, there was a photo of kenta crying after the performance and it makes me cry so much because he knows that it’s his last stage, that he won’t be able to perform on stage anymore 😭 the fact that he told mnet to give him screen time yet he got nothing and kenta kept getting cut off makes me so mad because mnet was so terrible and awful to him since the start, and now he got eliminated and we didn’t even get to see his last words?? they have always showed him crying whenever the trainees were eliminated and kenta was saying goodbye to them but with kenta getting eliminated we got nothing….NOTHING i swear mnet can choke i hate this bye

Something that I’ve found kind of interesting about the tablets you find throughout Hyper Light Drifter is… well, here; look at one.

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#when will the Original Iwatobi Relay Team come back from the war

I was feeling nostalgic earlier and i skimmed through the high speed manga and i remembered again how much i love my tiny rarepairs, like makorin who are adorable and smiling up there because they were friends and also had fondness for each other.

and also i saw this tiny panel

it’s smol and like… at the back of a Very Important Haruka panel but this made me smile so much because this was the scene before Nagisa went to say “I’m really nervous!” all smiley at Haruka??? this implies that he was more nervous and worried but rin talked to him so he’s kinda more smiley after?? that’s such a cute small detail!!! also rin and nagisa are so touchy, i appreciate my cuddle buddies being on #brand.

i love nagirin so much ok


the beginning and end of my everything, the ones who give me strength to keep going — here’s to forever.

Bangtan look SO HAPPY to be back home! Hawaii helped them relax so much. Now Namjoon and Hoseok get to see Coldplay tomorrow and I’m sure the rest of the boys will be going back to their hometowns before leaving to continue Wings Tour. But really, thank you to ARMYS who respected Bangtan and their staffs personal space. It shows how mature you are and sets a positive image for the rest of the fan base. 😊👍

I’m still not recovered from last night’s episode and I don’t think I ever will…
6 years ago I started watching OUAT and it changed me in mulitple ways.
It got me through bad days, anxiety, joy, happiness and reminded me to have hope. No matter what life throws at you.
I met a lot of amazing people, who mean so much to me, it shaped my creativity (ALL THE GIFS) and it brought me happiness.
Watching the ep was the hightlight of each week, and it feels so sad to think that my favorite charactesr won’t be around anymore.
Which, ultimately, is why I probably won’t be watching S7 when it airs (except maybe 701 since Jen will be in it and I’m such CS trash that I can’t miss a single thing of my precious babies). OUAT without Jen, CS, Ginny, Josh, Emilie, Jared and Rebecca will never be OUAT for me..

Anyways, I can’t express my love for this show and its characters since I’m not very good with words.
I’m just grateful for this wonderful show, characters, fandom and actors.
OUAT will always be in my heart. I’m going to miss it terribly.