i'm going to lose my sanity

I’m not ready!

October 1st is tomorrow and we are all so fucked 😂

Honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore in the case of when Anti will show up next. I originally kept thinking that there’d be no way he’ll show up in October because Jack is busy with the tours, plus Anti is known for being unpredictable - if he shows up in October, it wouldn’t be all too surprising. I kept thinking this for the last month or so now, and I’m still trying to hold onto that thought, but what with everything that’s been going on lately (Jack slowly but surely reblogging Anti stuff with no captions, him talking freely about Anti at times - today’s video being a perfect example!), I’m at a loss as to what’ll happen and it scares me!

‘Cause think of this: whether Anti shows up in October or not, we are all so very much screwed. If he shows up in October, I’m not ready! I don’t think any of us have truly 100% recovered from what happened on August 3rd, and I don’t know about anyone else, but given just how fucking pissed off he was in that video - how he took jabs at us, pretty much threatened us, and how near the end he suddenly became unnervingly happy - I am truly 100% TERRIFIED to see him anytime soon.

But if he doesn’t show up in October? Well fuck, that’d be worse! We’d be left hanging, wondering when he’ll show up and there’d be no way of us knowing when exactly he’d aim to appear again. Would he show up some time in November? December? January? No pun but the anticipation would KILL us! The suspense of not knowing when he’ll appear would drive us all insane, and thus would commence the 2nd Antipocalypse. Could you imagine the chaos? I just BARELY survived the Antipocalypse. If a second one were to happen, I probably wouldn’t be so lucky this time.

Also, in regards to today’s video, just a thought, but if Anti’s been in control all this time, what if who we were watching earlier was actually Anti? And if it was, what if all the joking about a “Jack and Anti” comedy was his way of taking a jab at us for turning him into a joke? If that’s the case, he could easily then see our reactions, see our comments about us laughing and such, and it’d only prove to him that we do in fact see him as a joke. And that’d be it - that’s us officially sending us off to our own doom.

Oh god, how we are all so fucked. Because Anti may not be able to physically kill us, but holy shit, he could sure as hell kill us psychologically in the WORSE ways imaginable, and THAT’S what scares me. I’m honestly just waiting for him to lash out at us and call us out for the real villains we are.

Starting tomorrow, my sanity is going to slowly but surely start dissipating. And if Anti doesn’t show himself by Halloween, it’s time to run to the bunker!


Make me choose between…
Anonymous asked: Humankind or The Universe?

“Stars die and are born in places like this one […] They condense like raindrops from giant clouds of gas and dust. They get so hot that the nuclei of the atoms fuse together deep within them to make the oxygen we breathe, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, all of it was cooked in the fiery hearts of long-vanished stars. You, me, everyone…we are made of star stuff.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • <p> <b>me, standing in front of the sketchbooks at the local arts store:</b> mmh i've been using the smaller ones so far but honestly these large ones look cool, i should try them out<p/><b>me:</b> <p/><b>me:</b> i mean what can go wrong, sure i won't be able to finish it as quickly because the pages are larger but who cares right??? it's just about the practice<p/><b></b> ----<p/><b>me, later at home, whispering while i slowly lose my sanity in the boundless white expanse that is the first page:</b> i'm a fool<p/></p>

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Good Lord! Does anyone else feel like they drank a bottle of champagne, got off the tilt-a-whirl and were handed a winning scratch off lottery ticket all in the past hour? Sam and Cait will be the end of my sanity. Will all of you come visit me in my room...or at least send me notes and updates or something? Damn, I'm gonna go and have another drink! Happy New Year Shippers!!! And you too Sam and Cait...you little turd balls.

I’m at the bar halfway into a rum runner and a losing game of shuffleboard with a giant dick and balls drawn in the sand. HAPPY FUCKIN NEW YEAR TO THOSE TWO GORGEOUS ASSHOLES WHO SHOULD BE HAVING LOTS OF SEX AND BABIES!!!

I’ll visit when I’m sober!!

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You post a lot of celebrities on your blog but almost next to nothing about Mike Brown and the issues going on around here. I'm not necessarily telling you what to post nor that you have to post 24/7 about racism, but seeing as you're part of the black community and very popular that you somewhat have an obligation to spread awareness.

I post what I wish, no obligation at all regardless of my platform on this site or because of my race.

When I joined this site I was in the crossfire of losing my own, someone very close to me under the same circumstances.

In coping with the passing I decided for my sanity tumblr will be my place to vent & relax, not engage in constant conversation with others, put my 2 cents into forums, etc. This is strictly where I can stare at pretty pictures & post unicorns and rainbows.

Just because I’m not speaking about it online doesn’t undermine the fact I’ve participated in the on site rallies for the the injustice of Eric Gardner’s recent passing or my newly found voice in the NAACP.

I completely understand your opinion & you’re entitled to it, but I will repeat myself in making it clear …

I owe you all nothing at all, my internet life doesn’t define me or validate me. You know 15% of my actual being and it will always stay that way.

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It still breaks my heart every time I see Tsukiyama because this is the same guy that was introduced by taking a person's eyes because he thought the color would allow for an exquisite taste. And now he's reduced to eating whatever the heck he can eat, he doesn't even care. I'm sorry for the rant but every. single. time. I see him on my dash I die a little on the inside.

I die a little too…it breaks my heart to see Tsukiyama losing his sanity like that