i'm going to lose followers :d

i was kind of considering deleting my tumblr. but I’ve decided not to. I’d miss the cool people I’ve met and all the stupid memes too much

what i WILL do is stop queuing. when i started this blog, i posted whenever i was online and thats it. i might still be online every day, idk, but the blog will only be active when i am from now on

…i feel like most people do this anyway lol but idk i used to put all this pressure on myself to have an active blog 24/7 and that takes the fun out of it so

anonymous asked:

It's obvious you like a belly on a guy no matter the size. But I'm curious. Do you like muscle? Or at the very least a roid-gut? (If so, can you think of a character you'd want to see that with?)

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….I have a huge muscle kink actually. There’s a big reason that I like stuffing and vore over general weight gain or other inflation or that I combine those with a bit of muscle growth, that’s because I like the rest of the body to stay the same. That’s also why I like ab-lined bellies or roid guts vs outright cub (again not knocking if people do or do not like those things). I probably corrupted @dumdumdrawstumtums on that front so I’m really sorry to the world. This is why I like eating contests or other stuff. I have mentioned before I was tainted at a young age by Takeru Kobayashi. If there was a hot fit guy that wanted to stuff themselves in front of me, I would probably die. 

I will admit that there is a limit on how much muscle I like, since I do have a limit on that as well, and that’s when things start to get out of proportion. I often don’t like a lot of bodybuilders because they have gotten out of proportion and it happens a lot in extreme muscle kink art. I like the more fitness model/gymnast/athlete size or like smaller bodybuilders (I don’t know if I need to repost pictures or give examples or or what)  or the character having to eat to be able to put on muscle. 

Add to that, definitely firmly on the non-hairy side of things too. So I hate to say I’m a “bara” fan since some people take that as way broader than what I prefer but I do very much like muscle, in shape, and healthy people (and then I ruin them). I realize I’m extremely niche in that regard, which again brings up my surprise that I have so many followers on this blog XD.  

As for characters I’d like to see…Is ALL an option? Again my favorites probably come up on this list: Characters from Free, Kuroko no Basket, Zapp Renfro, and lots others. I’m more likely to be interested in them if they have muscle then not. 

pshbish  asked:

YouTube sounds like a blast and god I love it so much, but I'm not sure if I'd be a good YouTuber. I've always thought about starting but never actually did, should I start? And if so do you have any tips? - (I feel like I wouldn't be able to please my followers if I have any) -Much love, Anna

go for it!!! I mean what do you have to lose? haha you might learn something about yourself from doing it or gain more confidence etc. :D

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I'm laughing so har d literally nobody agrees w me that Marco is overrated but u do omg finally

i fucking know right? everyone loves him and im just like “u may be cute but ur not a good character” and when he died when i was watching the anime i actually laughed it off, like, “thank u and goodbye, u were annoying”

i am going to lose sO MANY FOLLOWERS FOR THIS but i am not sorry