i'm going to lose followers :d

        I need a second opinion, and seeing as literally all my friends seem to have decided to be unavailable at the same time, I figured I’d ask my followers for thoughts. So, my college roommate and I are both taking semesters away from our campus, both going to different schools for a semester and then (hopefully, she will also) be returning the second semester. So, she’s bad at checking her phone and loses it a lot; she’s done this even during when we lived together during the school year. The last time she apparently looked at a text I sent her was in May. She doesn’t have social media, but I remembered today that she mentioned she has an older sister. I decided to look up her older sister’s name on Facebook and found someone that matched and looks like she’s related to my roommate (from the facial features I saw in her profile picture). I sent her a message asking if she had a sister with my roommates name and mentioned that we are roomates and I was wondering if she was doing alright. Was that a bad thing for me to do? Was I breaching my roommates privacy by asking someone who I think is her sister about her? I’m just overthinking everything and I’m just really worried about my roommate and I miss her.

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YouTube sounds like a blast and god I love it so much, but I'm not sure if I'd be a good YouTuber. I've always thought about starting but never actually did, should I start? And if so do you have any tips? - (I feel like I wouldn't be able to please my followers if I have any) -Much love, Anna

go for it!!! I mean what do you have to lose? haha you might learn something about yourself from doing it or gain more confidence etc. :D

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I'm laughing so har d literally nobody agrees w me that Marco is overrated but u do omg finally

i fucking know right? everyone loves him and im just like “u may be cute but ur not a good character” and when he died when i was watching the anime i actually laughed it off, like, “thank u and goodbye, u were annoying”

i am going to lose sO MANY FOLLOWERS FOR THIS but i am not sorry