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tw for sexual harassment, but how would the guys react if they were out with their SO and they come back from the bathroom or something to find their SO being harassed by someone who's getting a little closer than they should? I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable

Let’s see how many beatings I can fit into one post.



  • Whoever’s harassing you isn’t harassing you for long
  • They’re too busy getting thrown through a wall one-handed by a big angry hog-man
  • Doesn’t care if he’s causing a scene in a public place; he usually does that just by being in a public place
  • He checks to make sure you’re okay, then goes to pummel the guy to a pulp
  • No one’s willing to interfere because Mako’s terrifying as all fuck and, y’know, a few bystanders think the creep deserves it
  • After he’s done he wipes his hands clean and proceeds to silently fuss over you
  • Brushing his fingers lightly through your hair, gently feeling your arms and body for any bruises or signs that you’ve touched or hurt
  • Then he simply picks you up and hauls you home to vocally fuss over you and pamper you
  • Apologizes for leaving you alone several times, as well as grumbles about people like that creep being one of the many reasons he hates society


  • Again, the creep’s not bugging you for much longer after Jamie notices
  • He’s on the guy in a second
  • Marches right up to the guy and decks him in the face, then catches him by the shirt collar before he falls to the ground
  • Proceeds to threaten to fill every crevasse in the man’s body with dynamite, then keep him locked up in a shed like that for a special occasion
  • Like a firework party
  • Then he shoves the man, who stumbles and curses, away
  • Then he finally goes back to you to confirm that you’re okay
  • When you assure him as much, he continues on with the date or activity as if nothing happened, though he’s got a tighter hold on you than usual
  • You get extra stolen gifts and special gentle cuddles when you two get back home


  • Manages to keep his cool but just barely
  • Slowly saunters over and gets all close you, wrapping an arm around you while putting him between you and the creep
  • Then he gets close into the guy’s face and uses his free hand to show him the precious Peacekeeper he’s hiding under a long jacket
  • He just quietly threatens the guy
  • “Now you better be gettin’ along before you start up some real trouble, ya hear?”
  • Needless to say, the guy backs off
  • Then Jesse hugs you close to his side and takes you to your favorite place to make you feel better


  • Anyone who sees a buff robo-man coming their way at even the most leisurely of speeds better check their blessings and make sure they haven’t done anything in the past five decades to make someone send of ninja beast after them
  • So, I mean, when the guy creeping on you backs away a little bit when they see Genji marching over to your side, they’re not the dumbest person alive
  • But they’re still a creep and they’re going to suffer for it
  • Genji walks right by you and up into the guy’s face, and then keeps walking
  • He pushes Creepster back a fair way, until he eventually hits something to stop him from moving farther away
  • Then he gets a face-full of emotionless Genji (which is terrifying, let’s face it), who’s letting every threat he can think of go
  • Threats of him, his family, his entire clan hunting this guy down, even if he runs forever and literally falls off the face of the earth
  • He’s not a fan of his past but he sure as well will use it to terrify a shitty man back into his place
  • Then he thumps the guys back against the wall and walks back to you
  • He takes your arm like a gentleman and leads you out of there


  • Tbh, what he does is pretty simple
  • His dragons are just as protective over you as he is
  • So he just walks over and wraps his arms around you from behind
  • Rests his chin on your shoulder and looks the man dead in the eye after asking you quietly if you’re okay
  • Then his arm starts glowing and there’s a very vague reptilian shape made of blue light encircling his arm
  • Oh, look, there’s two of them now and the shapes are gradually getting bigger as the light slowly gets brighter
  • Of course, he doesn’t acknowledge this and just keeps giving the guy a deadpan stare, who’s now fidgeting and glancing at his arm every few seconds
  • “So, can we help you or are you going to leave my partner and I alone now.”
  • He does not phrase it like a question but as an order

Soldier 76

  • He literally just walks up to the guy
  • Puts a hand on his chest
  • Lightly pushes him back
  • “Unless you want your lights knocked out, you better be getting your ass out of here.”
  • And if the guy decides to push back, Jack keeps his promise


  • He doesn’t do much right at that moment
  • He asks you to confirm the guy is harassing you, then he decks the man in the face in a knock-out punch
  • Then he takes your out of there
  • However, once you’re in the safety of home and relaxing, he goes back to hunt down the douchebag
  • The man shows up on the local news missing a couple days later


  • He’s a pleasant guy, so he’ll start out asking pleasantly
  • Carefully sliding himself between you two and asking him to leave, as he’s making you uncomfortable
  • If the man persists and tries to move forward, Zen puts a hand out, stopping the dude from making any headway (dude, he’s a robot; you bet your ass he can stop you with one hand)
  • Not to mention the orbs around his neck are whirling a bit faster and glowing lightly
  • “Sir, I asked you to leave. I will not ask you again.”
  • If the guy still doesn’t move, he gets a little push that causes him to fall on his ass (again, robot = stronk)
  • Then Zen lightly slips an arm around you and escorts you out


  • All he has to do is walk up and whoever’s bugging you will stop and run for the hills
  • If they’re really stubborn (and are one of those people who thinks they can take an old guy, even if it’s a 500+ pound old guy who has several visible battle scars), they run off with their tail between their legs when he picks them up by their torso and quietly growls a threat into their face
  • Then he goes back to German teddy bear Rein and sets up to finish your date/whatever activity you guys have been doing


  • He gets a little rowdy but doesn’t actually put up his dukes
  • He puts on a scary face (yes, even our precious frog bean is capable of doing such a thing for someone he loves) and gets a bit pushy with them, trying to get them to back off
  • If they get pissy enough to swing a punch, then he kicks their legs out from under them
  • Then he grabs you and starts to leave, hollering that if they try it again they’ll get a lot worse
  • He buys you your favorite treat to make up for the incident, all the while apologizing profusely for leaving you alone and allowing that to happen
Would Mori kill Chuuya if Odasaku wasn’t enough to drive Dazai out of the Port Mafia?

Short answer: No.

Let’s make two things clear before we begin with the long answer. First: The blogger who put out this idea is one of my favorite BSD theorists, I respect them. This is not an attack or an attempt to take them down, just me protecting my sanity by saying what I think need to be said. Second, I might come to the fandom because of Odazai, but I stayed for Soukoku. So no, I’m not doing this because I hate the pairing.

The premise that I want to talk about was the idea that if Odasaku’s death hadn’t driven Dazai out of the Mafia, then Mori would kill Chuuya in order to finish the job.

Sadly, unless we are in one of those soukoku fanfics where Chuuya’s an innocent tsundere angel in a star-crossed romance with Dazai and Mori’s barely anything more than a devil incarnate made specifically to create the perfect Soukoku habitat, then, no, this scenario is not happening.

Now, even the blind can see that Dazai and Chuuya have a strong bond. The closest I could describe it without dipping into fangirl fantasy was brothers, complete with the sibling rivalry and childish pettiness everyone would display in front of their annoying family member. They’re also partners whose bond was made stronger by hell fires. I mean,

(Really, Bones?)

But is this enough to make Dazai leave? Probably. Would Mori risk it? No.

First, let’s look at the mother bear that has taken Chuuya as her own; Kouyou. As we could see in the manga, she has taken Chuuya either as her protégé, son or at least a little brother as seen from how he called her ‘Ane-san’ or the archaic, formal Japanese for ‘older sister’

If Kouyou is even half as attached to Chuuya, who she has known for years, is as she was to Kyouka, who only knew her for a few months, then do you even think that she will stay silent if she knew Mori killed Chuuya simply to drive Dazai out? To put in the way that would win the Understatement of The Century award, she will not be amused. Look at this scene where Kouyou told Tanizaki why she couldn’t let Mori die;

That’s the reason Kouyou is supporting Mori. When she found out he’s basically doing the same thing as the old boss, she will fight back.

Best situation Mori will lose her support; this is serious because not only she is an executive she is also one of its strongest ability users. Second-degree situation, she will kill him both in revenge and demeaning him no longer a leader deserving of her support.

Worst situation, Kouyou would defect from the Mafia, taking her faction with her along with the people loyal to Chuuya (Notice how caring Chuuya was to his subordinates, it will not be a farfetched to say he got many people loyal to him that would be enraged by the boss killing him off for such a shallow reason) It will break the Mafia in two with a possibility of a gang war fueled by revenge in Yokohama.

Think of the casualties, both monetary and personnel, if this is were to happen. Will Mori risk all this, just to drive Dazai away? Short answer is no. Long answer is no way on earth.

Second, the circumstance of Oda’s death. I hate to admit this but in objective point of view Mori’s scheme was a stroke of genius. It’s carefully planned for the best outcome with minimal casualties.

Positives of Oda dying

1.       The most obvious, The Gifted Business Permit. This is the biggest reward that came out of this sacrifice. With the Mafia should no longer fear the government’s punishing fist if they step out of the line, the freedom to do as they like as long as they’re not caught red-handed by military police.

2.       The cut-down to Port Mafia’s budget. As Odasaku himself has mentioned, Mori calling low-ranking members to his office meant they would be disposed of, indicating this has happened before and will happen again. This is important because the money and resource going to those useless goons can go to more important places, like weaponry or bribery. By killing off Oda, Mori take out a useless member of the Mafia whose only worth was calming marital problems, scaring thieving little kids and hunting for cats.

3.       Cementing Port Mafia’s name to not only the other gangs in the area, but also to the government. This would also be true for International scale since Mimic was supposedly a fearsome terrorist group with a powerful leader.

4.       Dazai lost his best friend and leave the Mafia.  With him gone, so was the threat to Mori’s reign.


1.       Losing one member with irreplaceable Ability that would have been OP if not for his creed to not kill.

Now, to Chuuya.

Positives of Chuuya dying

1.       Dazai losing his partner and driven out of the Mafia

Negatives of Chuuya dying.

1.       Kouyou starting a war on Mori, breaking Mafia in half, and possibly demolishing the whole thing to the ground.

2.       The loss of Mafia’s best martial artist

3.       The loss of the subordinates under Chuuya who was loyal to him

4.       The loss of one-half of Soukoku, will affect the morale of people under him because he was known to be strong both physical-wise and ability-wise.  

5.       The loss of people’s trust to Mori’s credibility, making rebellions and defection more common.

6.       The loss of the man who was so invulnerable he would be made Executive sometime in four years, when he was only 22.

As you can see, the negatives of killing Chuuya far outweigh the positive of having Dazai driven out of the Mafia by having him dead. Then this brought up the question; what would have Mori done if Dazai didn’t get out of Mafia?

The answer is: none. Seriously.

This is because there is no way Dazai won’t defect after that. Just like the planning for getting the Permit and getting Oda out of the picture, this has been calculated by Mori from the very start.

Notice this scene,

Now here’s the light novel version

The question arising from it is as such: why would a boy considered to become an Executive soon, scour the remnants of dead soldiers with its lowest-ranked member?

There’s a high possibility Mori was purposefully nurturing the friendship between them. This is also prevalent in the way he didn’t make any negative statements when he remarked about Oda having close relations to Dazai and why he didn’t take out Oda before this, or at least intervene with their friendship.

The same way Dazai’s confident in how his plans will come to fruition, Mori is also a being cut from the same cloth. There is now ay Dazai won’t leave the Mafia both because this has been carefully calculated for a long time and because Dazai himself will know that with this, he is no longer welcome in the Mafia.

I rest my case.

On the other note, the reason why I need to say all of this is because this theory is because how it makes Chuuya’s role into just a foil for Dazai, disregarding all of his worth as an important Mafia member. I love Chuuya, and not even as Soukoku. I love him because of how he is portrayed in the canon.

Killing off Odasaku was logical, it has many upsides and very little downside. Killing off Chuuya when he was clearly an important member was not only out of character, it distort both him and Mori as characters deserving respect.

Chuuya’s a person of his own rights, is important to many people and have people important to him and the list is longer than just Dazai. He’s a beautiful character with well-developed personality, have a life, ambitions, dreams and achievements of his own and I hate it when people just made him out to be a one-dimensional character whose world revolved around Dazai. Let me tell you; he’s not.  

The upperclassmen give Neil a gift he will always cherish

  • The Upperclassmen graduation is coming up in a few days and with them all going home for the summer they want to get Neil something to remember them all with 
  • However they couldn’t agree on what to get him
  • Dan thought new exy equipment, Matt wanted to take them to a court game, Allison was determined to get Neil more clothes, and Renee wanted to ask Andrew but knew he would just blow her off
  • So they decided that they would all pay close attention to Neil the last two weeks of class to try to get clues and pick a gift they all agree on
  • Throughout the days they notice how Neil draws on literally everything but never keeps the doodles when he is done
  • They’re best thing that the upperclassmen have seen
  • Most of the drawings they manage to catch glimpses of are beautiful dead eyes, smirking lips, bruised/bleeding knuckles and outlines of a defined muscled back
  • Lets be real these upperclassmen can be just as oblivious at times too (except Renee)
  • All of them don’t understand why Neil is an languages major instead of an arts major 
  • And from how they saw Neil use the journal Bee gave him constantly and never leave anywhere without it
  • They decided that they would all pitch in and get him a sketch book
  • However it’s not just any sketchbook, it’s a customized orange leather cover with an imprinted fox paw on the front
  • Around the top of the paw is written “Neil Josten” and the bottom has “Honorary Fox”
  • They think it will be perfect and Allison knows just the guy that is good enough to rush their order in time before they all leave
  • The Upperclassmen are ecstatic when it comes in the day before graduation
  • Mainly because they will be able to give it to Neil in time before he leaves with his mini vacation with Andrew
  • Finding out that Andrew is willingly letting the other monsters out of his sight is surprising
  • The ceremony is long but amazing with a bunch of overwhelming mixed emotions
  • When they finally get to meet up with Neil afterwards they immediately go to hand him the gift
  • “But I don’t understand, shouldn’t I be the one giving you gifts”
  • Matt basically squeezes Neil to death while Dan attempts to rip him off of the poor boy who looks like he can’t breathe
  • Renee just gives him a small smile and Allison is bragging in the background about how she did most of the work to get the gift
  • When Dan finally gets the giant teddy bear to back off, she urges Neil to open the gift
  • Slowly Neil starts to unwrap the gift and freezes when he sees the cover of the book
  • With slightly shaking hands Neil touches the cover gently and opens it to examine the new gift
  • The Upperclassmen are afraid that might have misread the little things that they’ve picked up on because of Neil’s reaction
  • Neil feels like he has a lump stuck in his throat
  • He wants to say thank you but he can’t
  • His thank you’s are reserved for a certain blond hair man
  • But he wants to show Dan, Matt, Allison, and Renee how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him
  • So he does the only thing he knows how the upperclassmen show their appreciation by
  • He tries to gather all of them up in his arm for a group hug
  • The group hug last for what seems like forever
  • When they finally pull back Neil looks them in the eyes one by one and says
  • “I’m glad you accepted me into the fox family”
  • Allison answers for them all when she says
  • “You were always meant to be a fox”

I know this is technically a day late, but let’s pretend I totally posted this yesterday… 

Neil starts outlining a plan in his head as he ducks between students and buildings. Group projects are the bane of his existence, but he has to do them if he wants to pass, and he has to pass if he wants to be eligible to keep playing Exy. At least this time Joseph Peters isn’t in his group, but he still prefers individual assignments. The faster he gets his five slides done, the less he has to interact with the group.

Neil cuts across the Green because it’s faster, but he has to weave through a sea of bodies. The warmer weather of spring has drawn out many students from their hoards in the library. From sunbathers to studiers, the grass is now marred by waves and waves of bright colors and tanned skin. The combination of laughter and the singing of nearby birds tangle together in the air like a tangible cacophony, and the rays of the sun lick down along the ground, creating a blissful atmosphere.

Neil sidesteps around a group of sorority girls and ducks to avoid getting in the middle of an ultimate frisbee game. By the time he makes it Perimeter Road, the crowds have thinned out, and it’s easy to cross the road and head up towards Fox Tower.

His dorm is dark when Neil unlocks the door. For some reason all of the lights have been turned off, and it instantly strikes Neil as odd. He knows he can double check the schedule taped to the fridge, but he distinctly remembers Nicky’s class getting out earlier than his. Even stranger still is the fact that someone has blocked out the windows, so only a few straggling bands of light seep in. The stark darkness puts Neil on edge, settling deep in his chest and making waves of anxiety begin to churn. He knows it’s been three years, that there’s no need to run anymore, but that doesn’t stop the disquiet in his bones or ease the itch now sparking in his muscles. He’s considering heading up to the roof and texting Andrew when the lights flick on.


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spideychelle prompsoal headcanons!

ahhh, hello! sorry it took me a while to write these ones. i fell asleep and also prom is such a funny thing. bUT. here are some headcanons :)

  • peter’s a bit worried about prom. not because it’s prom or because it’s supposed to be this huge high school thing that you remember for the rest of your lives.
  • that’s actually what he’s worried about
  • last time he went to a school dance? not the best experience. homecoming sophomore year was one of the worst days of his life. not only did he have to leave behind liz allan, the girl of his dreams who turned out to have a villain as a father, but he also had to fight said father and almost died while doing it.
  • he still wakes up some nights, screaming out as the building falling on top of him disappears. his screams turn to tears as he stares at the bottom of the top bunk bed and may comes in and holds him tight to her chest. it’s been over a year, but he still gets the nightmares.
  • so he’s not excited for junior prom. sue him.
  • ned’s been trying to convince him to go. the decathlon team is all planning on renting a party bus and heading over together. which, peter admits sounds fun. a part of him really wants to go. but he can’t shake this feeling that something will inevitably go wrong and his night will be ruined and the nightmares will never end.
  • and then mj asks him to prom. well, kind of.
  • it’s a boring wednesday during lunch, ned is still getting his food because he had to speak with mr. harrington after class. so it’s just peter and mj at the lunch table. (she sits across from them these days.)
  • “so, my parents have been asking me about who my date is for prom and i want them to stop, so can i just say it’s you?”
  • “what?”
  • mj groans, lifting her eyes from her book so she can roll them at peter. “my goodness, parker, for a genius you’re really dense. can you be my date to prom so my parents get off my back?”
  • and. he’s honestly stupefied. because: “wait, you’re actually going to prom?”
  • “yes, peter. i’m allowed to want to spend time with my friends, you know.”
  • “yeah, of course, i just-” he doesn’t actually know what he thought. she did go to homecoming for the last two years, so it makes sense she’d be going to junior prom. but then: “wait, is this how you’re asking me to junior prom?”
  • michelle’s cheeks tinge slightly more pink and she looks back at her book. “i told you, my parents-”
  • “i know what your parents want, but what do you want?” he doesn’t know why he asks that. mj is his friend. has been for the better part of a year. she joins he and ned on their snack breaks and movie nights and study dates. he doesn’t want her to be his date to prom. he’s not even planning on going to prom. but then
  • “i mean,” she coughs, keeping her eyes trained on her book. “i guess it would be fun to go with you.”
  • his face lights up and he smiles all bright and wide. “you want to go to prom with me!
  • “no, i don’t!”
  • “that’s literally what you just said!”
  • “shut up, parker. that’s not what i said.” and she slinks further into her seat and scrunches her eyebrows together and she’s putting her head even further into her book and she looks so adorable. and, oh. oh. he doesn’t expect the sudden quickening of his heart or the flush that rises to his cheeks. he doesn’t like mj that way. he doesn’t, he never, they’re just friends.
  • and then ned plops down into the seat next to him and peter can’t say anything further and michelle is leaving before he can answer her and he feels badly because she looks disappointed. but he doesn’t, he didn’t even think about the possibility that he could have feelings for her in that way until like five minutes ago when she asked him to prom.
  • so, when their last period of the day rolls around, he sits next to michelle and scratches out a small note, which he hands to her when their teacher starts talking about the mitochondrial dna.
  • i’d say yes if you asked me properly.
  • when she finally looks up at him, shocked, he smiles and whispers, “you have to at least buy me dinner first, mj.”
  • she shoves him lightly and then pays attention to their teacher drone on and on for the rest of the day. she seems to have a small smile on her face but she doesn’t say anything else on the matter.
  • peter wonders for a brief moment if he’s messed this up and she’s decides to just ask someone else. and he tells himself he shouldn’t be disappointed because he didn’t want to go to prom anyway. but that was before he knew mj wanted him to be her date.
  • but then at decathlon practice the next day, michelle is grilling him on russian history around wwi when suddenly she asks: “true or false. on may 8, 2019, michelle jones asked peter parker to the prom.”
  • and
  • is she for real?
  • he looks around at all his teammates, who all have their eyes trained on him. they seem to be excited, sitting on the edges of their seats. they also must surely see the blush on his cheeks.
  • “uh,” he manages to get out. “true.”
  • he hears her whisper, “oh god.” and then ned comes in (and wait, when did he leave?) and he’s carrying this big bouquet of red roses. but as ned gets closer, peter can see that there are a few white roses in the mix. and the white roses spell out the word “prom”.
  • ned hands the bouquet to michelle and she walks over to peter. she won’t meet his eye as she hands him to bouquet and opens her jacket to reveal a shirt with a “?” across the middle.
  • and, peter is shocked. it’s been one day. did she already have a shirt with a question mark on it? how did she get flowers so quickly? she told the whole decathlon team without him knowing? how did she arrange this?
  • and then, sensing his confusion, michelle sighs. “my dad is a florist. i’ve had this shirt for years. logistics aside, will you go to prom with me, you loser?”
  • peter stares at her for a few moments, dumbstruck. and then he nods his head, smile growing when he hears the decathlon team cheer. mj smiles. she smiles in a way that’s small and as if she can’t help it. like she’s tried keeping it off her face, but the joy is too powerful.
  • so peter stands up and he hugs her tightly. her arms slowly wrap around his torso and the team cheers even louder. he thinks he hears flash yell: “get a room, you dorks!” but peter doesn’t care because he’s pressed up against michelle and her hair smells nice and it feels good against his face.
  • “thanks for asking me properly.” he whispers, moving so his face is smushed even further into her hair.
  • “thanks for saying yes.” and at this peter pulls back, and michelle looks so…vulnerable. and peter wants her to know he’s not going to hurt her. that she is giving him a gift by letting her walls down with him and he won’t ruin that.
  • “for you, anything.” and michelle punches him in the shoulder and laughs, calling him a loser. but peter just smiles. because michelle jones has a crush on him and she got him flowers and he’s going to go to prom with her.
  • wait until he tells aunt may.

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I feel like you've talked about this before but I can't find it. I'm interested in contacting the angel Gabriel about something & I was wondering if you could tell me (as someone who's knew to stuff like this) how to go about that. I'm also an ex-christian so I'm anxious how that might fit into this..

Archangel Gabriel


  • The Archangel of the Moon.
  • His name means “God is Mighty”.
  • Ruler of the zodiacal sign of Cancer the Crab.
  • Regent of the element of Water.
  • He is often portrayed holding a staff bearing Lilies, a flower that is sacred to the Moon.
  • Ruler of the angelic host of the Cherubim
  • Bringer of the creative Word and giver of vision.


  • Gabriel may be visualised in the western quarter with eyes green as a storm-tossed sea.
  • He has aura-wings of violet shot through with silver
  • All about him the sound of many waters


  • The ebb and flow of magickal power through the phases of the Moon.
  • All things domestic.
  • Marriage
  • Fertility.
  • Childbirth.
  • All women’s matters
  • Prophecy
  • Psychic development.
  • The tides and all water activities such as fishing.
  • Emotional issues.
  • Agriculture.
  • Animals.
  • Voyages by sea
  • Revealing of secrets.
  • Matters of reincarnation.

Methods of Communication:

  • The Theban Script was communicated to man by the Archangel Gabriel and it is his personal script which should be used in all communication with this archangel.
  • To use the Theban Script is, from magickal perspective, a powerful vibrational tool, and using it will make your magickal request work more rapidly.
  • Theban Script should be used when making physical petitions which are drawn out on paper, such as the First Pentacle of the Moon or the Banishing Square of the Moon
  • You can communicate with him meditatively, and is best used in combination by anointing yourself with Archangel Gabriel Oil

Archangel Gabriel Oil Recipe:

  • 4 parts Weeping Willow Leaves. 
  • 2 parts Jasmine.
  • 1 part Bay Leaf.
  • 1 part Sandalwood.
  • 1 part Aloe.

Next, you must consecrate your oil. On the night of new moon (Third new moon cycle) take the jar of the oil in your right hand, call out Gabriel’s name nine times, whilst visualising the Archangel appearing in front of you. Hold this image as long as you can.Whilst still retaining Gabriel’s image in your mind, say:

 “I dedicate this oil to you Archangel Gabriel, Archangel of Light, and messenger of God. May this oil unite our souls and aid our communication.” 

You naturally may use your own dedication. Now visualise Gabriel as strongly as possible. When you feel you have spent enough time establishing this link.
Thank Gabriel, and wrap the jar of the charged oil in the cloth of your Archangel’s colour, which is white for Gabriel, and store in a safe, cool and dark place until needed.

Meditation Technique:

  1. Relax and take a few deep breaths, concentrating on eliminating any tension from all parts of your body. 
  2. As you breathe out visualise the stress leaving your body.
  3. Apply a drop or two of the oil, described earlier, to the middle of your forehead. 
  4. Apply it in a slow circular motion visualising in your mind your ‘Third Eye’ opening. 
  5. If you do not have any oil prepared, you may leave this element out
  6. Place your arms by your side and check to see if any tension has returned to your body. 
  7. If so undertake a couple more deep breaths to remove the tension. 
  8. Try to clear your mind of any invading thought.
  9. Try to visualise that you are enveloped in a bubble of pure white light
  10. Hold this steady for a few minutes.
  11. Now mentally call out your Archangel’s name
  12. Repeat it again in your mind.
  13. Start visualising, or “seeing" the archangel in your mind’s eye;
  14. Call the archangel again mentally, and think of the assistance that you wish him to help you with
  15. Keep these images in your mind as long as you can
  16. Finally, speak aloud to your Archangel; request his assistance in all you do, and to visit you when you call through your invocations
  17. Relax once again and clear your mind
  18. Thank your archangel(s). 

Omens of Consent

  • You should receive “omens of consent” to know that your petition has been accepted by Gabriel, and these are always random - they are described below.
  • An unexpected gift in the form of a shellfish.
  • An invitation to a meal in which shellfish are served.
  • A gift of melons, lychees, or pears.
  • A visit to a place in which you find a pear tree in blossom or in fruit.
  • A gift of silver.
  • A surprise invitation to a christening or a birth rite of passage ceremony.
  • To hear of a baby being born or for a baby to visit your home for the first time.
  • A strange dog honouring you with its affection.
  • A dog persistently barking outside of your home. 
  • Acquiring a new dog or puppy.
  • Seeing a Weeping Willow tree for the first time.
  • Moths or spiders entering your home.
  • Moonlight shining upon you.
  • A gift of white flowers

spiderlondon  asked:

(I know I asked a few people for headcanons dunno if you're one...) All + V: MC loves to bake but often does it while alone because she's very modest about. One day everyone finds out where the cookies and cakes come from

((heCK this was sent in so long i’m so sorry!))


  • Actually crossed his mind that a fan was breaking in and leaving them
  • Because how and why are they here wth
  • plus i mean it’d make sense? Food goes stale so maybe they just want to make sure he gets them before they’re inedible
  • But they’re fantastic and he really enjoys them whenever they randomly. Show. Up
  • It’s not until he puts up a post online that if anyone’s sending him baked goods to please leave them outside that you came forward
  • Honestly he is shOOK
  • You never told him that you liked baking?? and that you were this good at it??
  • You’re gonna ruin his ~perfect physique~ with all of this but it’s worth it


  • ScreAMING
  • Seven tried to convince him it was a monster or smth
    • pfft why would a monster leave treats unless
    • unless it wants to lure him into a false sense of security daMN NVM
  • He’d keep wondering who kept making such amazing treats and just leaving them in the kitchen
  • He was too wrapped up in the mystery to think hey, maybe it’s the other person who lives in this house :)))
  • It took until the next time it happened and the near break-down that ensued for you to actually reveal that it’s fine, it’s just you doing it please don’t cry yoosung wHAT


  • He just thought the chef was bored all the time tbh?
  • But when he actually confronted them about it, they were adamant that they had no idea where they were coming from
  • he almost hired someone to find out what tf was going on
  • Until it finally crossed his mind to check the security cameras??
  • So the next time it happened, he was sure to go back to find out what was happening
  • And sure enough, there you were.. baking??
  • So the next time he sees you, he lets you know that he knows it’s you who makes them
  • And you can bake when he’s around if you want to? But if you’re more comfortable waiting until he’s gone that’s fine too
  • at least he knows now because he thought there was problem with the security


  • I mean,, she’s far from complaining
  • She works super hard all the time, so it’s nice to come home to something nice
  • It never really occurs to her that?? she didn’t buy or make these…
  • In fact, she kinda just assumed that it was a gift from the company or something please can C&R just appreciate her
  • But nobody has any clue about it at work
  • She doesn’t really think anything of it until she tries some of the cakes you helped to make for the café that it clicks
  • thank gOD it’s just you because now she doesn’t need to be wary of them
  • plus they’re rly nice so now she can have more/share them with the customers


  • Actually went to consult the CCTV on mulitiple occasions
  • But for some reason he could never actually find anything going on??
  • It couldn’t be Vanderwood otherwise they’d have been poisoned so,,
  • Poor boy was in a panic 
  • Until it dawned on him that you insisted on getting a plant a while back
  • Which is pretty mundane
  • But you placed it exactly where it would block off part of the kitchen
  • He pretty much breaks down the damn door to tell you how prOUD he is that you thought of that
  • that was so sneaky but you’re gonna give him a heart attack also please never stop baking this stuff is good af
Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

You stared at the small box in your hands. It contained a necklace. Not a fancy, expensive one or anything (after all, Jonathan could only do so much), but a nice one nonetheless. It was the fourth gift you had received from him in the last month and while you loved your boyfriend with all of your heart, the box felt heavy in your hands. And it wasn’t because the necklace itself was heavy.

Jonathan Byers was very inexperienced in the realm of dating. Apparently not every girl in the small town of Hawkins was hot for a lanky, shy introvert whose hands were practically glued to his camera. So when you waltzed into his life and eventually into his heart, he wasn’t sure how to take it.

Do most people like holding hands? Is something supposed to happen on movie dates? What about kissing on the first date, was that alright?

As much as these questions plagued Jonathan, he lived in fear of how much embarrassment he thought he’d be plagued by if he asked you any of these. You weren’t necessarily someone who got around, but between the two of you, two official boyfriends and one crush that went nowhere was comparatively far more experienced, even if you never went beyond a simple make-out session with either of them. You therefore found yourself less upset and more amused when you later learned that he turned to Nancy for advice. The end result?

“Well, people like to get gifts,” Nancy shrugged. “I’d say maybe start the first date off with a bouquet or something – nothing major, y’know?” She then quickly added, “It helps if it’s something from the heart, though.”

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anonymous asked:

The sugar daddy headcanons were so good I'm gonna... cry.....,,,,,,,,...... is there some way u could do more headcanons please for it? Maybe this time with stuff like: sugar daddy to lover type stuff? Old hope that's not confusing!! With 76, reaper and mccree again? Ilyyy

When the sugar daddy’s nut so good that you tear up

I kind of understand what you’re asking (or, at least, I think I do) so I shall try provide what you desperately thirst for. >:0

Continuation of this: https://overwatch-imagines-hub.tumblr.com/post/160723237469/hopefully-requests-are-open-can-i-ask-for-sugar


Soldier 76

  • It really wouldn’t be surprising if it went from a sugar daddy/baby relationship to a romantic one
  • You guys have already the companionship piece down and the sex is great
  • The relationship probably just kind of evolves into romance over time
  • Expensive dinners at restaurants turn into home cooked meals
  • Trips to the movie theater turn into movie marathons at either of your places
  • Sex isn’t really a necessity anymore
  • Instead there’s a lot more cuddling and kissing after dates instead
  • Neither is buying/paying things for you but he still does it every once in a while
  • Is still always taking care of you, though you take care of him too
  • Where he was closed off about his work and life before, he now isn’t
  • You both have a couple drawers of your own things at each other’s place and take turns staying the night at each other’s houses
  • He doesn’t make you leave when he has to go to work like he used to; instead he’ll save you breakfast in the fridge and kiss your forehead before he heads out
  • When he comes home and collapses in bed, you make sure his shoes and visor/glasses and uncomfortable jacket get taken off, then make sure he has a blanket over him
  • On the days he doesn’t work, you let him sleep in while you make breakfast and even tidy up his house a bit for him (it’s a little messy after three straight weeks of work)
  • He does the same for you when he’s staying at your place


  • He slipped up and mentioned his feelings for you at some point
  • He freaked out right afterwards and tried to tell you that it wouldn’t happen again and that he was sorry and just to forget everything he said
  • You gotta shut him up with a kiss, probably
  • Afterwards, not much is different, except he’s way more open with his feelings and pampers you way more than before
  • If that second part’s possible
  • Still pays for your things and sets up expensive dates until unless you tell him not to
  • He probably has you move in with him so he gets to be around you more
  • Sex becomes a rare thing; it’s mostly heavy cuddling and warm kisses 24/7
  • Also becomes hella protective, which was another side of himself that he hid from you as a sugar daddy
  • He’s an absolute lovebird, straight from a cheesy rom-com
  • It’s almost ridiculous but it’s also amazingly adorable on the big, bulky, usually edgy and intimidating man


  • As soon as he realizes he’s catching cooties feelings, he tries to replace you
  • Even goes so far as trying to make you hate him so you leave him
  • Of course, you’re smart and his personality change is the most obvious thing ever, so you’re not about to go down without a fight
  • So you set up an elaborate plan of seducing him and getting him a little tipsy so he tells you what’s wrong
  • It works but tipsy Jesse also realizes what you’re up to when you start asking odd questions, so an argument breaks out
  • And that’s when he slips up and tells you the big news
  • He’s got the romantic feelin’s for his baby
  • And when you’re quiet with surprise, he kisses you to prove it
  • Jesse does everything but kiss his sugar babies on the mouth
  • Boy is he good at kissing too
  • That night’s one of tipsy, giddy romping
  • Instead of rough and fast, he goes slow and takes his time to kiss and touch every inch of your body
  • So much kissing
  • He’s gotta make up for all that time he hasn’t been kissing you
  • God he loves kissing you
  • From then on, his favorite thing is kissing your sweet little lips
  • He gives you the cutest and most random nicknames ever
  • No longer presses you/buys you things to keep up with beauty standards; his favorite thing is seeing your messy hair and your smeared makeup/unwashed face in the morning while wearing his shirt and/or hat when you come out to breakfast
  • Totally cooks for you all the time, whenever he gets the chance
  • Still buys you little gifts and spa trips and short vacations (that he joins you on, of course) whenever you show the slightest sign of stress
  • Way more protective of you than before, if possible
  • Also gets jealous easily but hides it well until he can pout later when you’re alone
  • Half of your stuff is now at his place and he loves to spend most of his free time at yours
  • You have a key to his place
  • While he loves a completely obedient sugar baby, in a relationship he loves those pointless little bickering moments and end up in chuckles and sweet smooches
  • K I S S E S

shamelessgaylord  asked:

The prompt 131. Sterek. I just started following you because of your amazing writing. It's super duper good. And you just need to now that I'm really awed by it.

Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me. And I’m sorry it took me so long to get to your prompt, but hopefully you enjoy this bit of College AU misunderstandings and fluff that it inspired :)

Sterek #131 from this prompt list

Derek has let the boys in room 309 get away with a lot over the past semester, but this might finally test the limits of his patience.

The thing is, he’s not the most unreasonable Resident Advisor on campus. He knows he was a bit of a hardass last year, before he figured out how to balance the job with his overly ambitious course load. And he knows that the students who live on his floor are equally afraid of him as they are likely the ones behind the rumors that he’s a eunuch.

But he has a staunch ‘live and let live’ policy that most of them are too grateful for to complain about. As long as he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout of their hijinks, and gets left alone in relative peace, he doesn’t care what they do. And he would, honestly, really rather not know the gory details of it all anyway.

It’s a philosophy not unlike the one Derek applies to his personal life, such as it is. Over the years, he’s found that his day-to-day existence runs a whole lot smoother if people just leave him the hell alone and let him return the favor by burying himself in his books and leaving them the hell alone right back.

The boys in room 309 are so far the only ones who have decided to actively push at the limitations of this system. 

Violation after violation–from the time McCall harbored five different stray animals in there for an entire month, to the time Stilinski started charging random passersby for life advice with a cardboard “the doctor is in” sign on their door, and actually turned a not-insignificant profit because everyone thought he was collecting for charity–and Derek has let it all slide.

Not this time.

“Shut up,” he says the moment he reaches where Stiles is fidgeting in the hallway outside his locked dorm room.

Stiles scoffs. “Rude.

“It’s one thirty in the morning on a Wednesday. I’m allowed.” He pulls his master key out of his pocket and makes to open the door, but Stiles leans forward with a small smirk and a twinkle in his eye.

“Come on, you know you love our little late night chats.”

God help Derek, he actually does. Secretly, very deep down, he kind of does. Or, well, he would, if they didn’t take place a handful of hours before his alarm is set to go off.

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Torch of Bellona (Part 4)

Originally posted by davidxhaller

Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warning: We’re about to kick things up a notch! Bam! (Okay technically there’s nothing too risque, I mean unless you have an aversion to heavy make-out sessions)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Not being satisfied with the night before, you join the wagon ride back to your fathers kingdom. Ragnar has a few words of wisdom to share with you and you get yourself a proper goodbye from Ivar. But not before letting it slip what you really want from him.

The guards in the courtyard all tensed as you hopped up into the wagon, sitting beside Ivar’s legs. You almost wanted to giggle from causing such a ruckus without saying a single word.

Aethelwulf stepped up from beside his father and wife, both failing to hide delighted grins. “Princess-”

“My time here is almost up anyway.” You waved. “I figured since this wagon is already heading to my Father, might as well make it easy on everyone and hitch a ride.” you smiled at him innocently like you didn’t know you were settled between a legendary savage and his son, the reason you needed a thick scarf around your neck.

Aethelwulf and all his guards glanced back to Ecbert for his approval and the kings smile was quickly stuffed away, locked tight by a few lazy fingers. “You don’t have to go through such lengths Princess. We can have a carriage ready for you by tomorrow-”

“Oh nonsense! To think I can not be so humble! It couldn’t hurt to have someone keep them company outside of spears and dirty looks could it?”

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If (Modern) Jamie and Claire could text: Target Tampon Run Edition (for @anoutlandishidea)
  • Jamie: have a question
  • Claire: have an answer
  • Claire: probably
  • Jamie: ye always do
  • Jamie: what are yr thoughts on menstrual cups?
  • Claire: P(T*&T(^R*&#TRP*&#TGPR:IWEHFVFOC*&I
  • Claire: _DYING_
  • Jamie: it's a simple question ssnch
  • Jamie: for or against?
  • Jamie: waiting...
  • Claire: sry
  • Claire: i'm laugh n so hard cant tpe
  • Jamie : i have full faith in ye
  • Claire: okay okay
  • Claire: um...well...
  • Claire: What is...'never used one but they seem practical enough?'
  • Claire: I guess?
  • Jamie: good, i agree, thanks MND,
  • Jamie: see ye in a bit
  • Jamie: huh? i AM going to be home shortly
  • Claire: oh, come ON
  • Claire: you can't just drop a menstrual bomb and then saunter off without another word!
  • Jamie: I'm in the Target, lots to buy
  • Jamie: well ye start your courses tomorrow, aye?
  • CLaire: (I shouldn't be surprised but damn me, it gets me every time)
  • Jamie: aye
  • Jamie: 10:47 am. Be ready
  • Claire: JHRCCCCC, like a weatherman
  • Jamie: but anyhow, we'll be leaving for Auntie Jocasta's camper Gathering-stravanza in the morning
  • Jamie: and as it'll be Monday before we return
  • Jamie: it seemed wise to stock up
  • Claire: you are absurd
  • Claire: and a very useful man to have around
  • Claire: thank you, darling
  • Claire: ...but wait, what's the cup business?
  • Jamie: WELL, YE SEE
  • Claire: oh lord
  • Jamie: since Brianna AND Lizzie AND Marsali have all been in the house these last few days
  • Jamie: i'm expecting somewhat of a collective epidemic
  • Jamie: so, I thought it best to be prepared for an outbreak, since we'll be out in the mountains
  • Claire: supremely practical
  • Jamie: but tampons are j(*(&^(*^%(&^$(&(*_)*ing expensive
  • Jamie: and buying enough for four grown women was just more than i could bear
  • Jamie: and so the wee cup seemed an ingenious solution.
  • Jamie: so i've got four in the cart
  • Jamie: all set
  • Jamie: ?
  • Jamie: Why?
  • Jamie: makes sense, aye?
  • Claire: wel
  • Claire: YES
  • Jamie: so....?
  • Claire: I will pay GOOD MONEY
  • Claire: for the pleasure of watching you explaining to YOUR DAUGHTERS why EXACTLY you were thinking about their menstrual health economies
  • Claire: I will pay DOUBLE to see you actually explain the FUNCTION
  • Claire: poor lizzie probably would FAINT from shock
  • Jamie: they're smart lasses, they dinna need an explanation. I"ll just leave them out for them
  • Claire: [o4htnpqeubrg[q9834htbpqieybgriaeurj
  • Jamie: ye're laughing now
  • Jamie: but i'll be keeping a ledger of the savings over time
  • Claire: No no no non orijgnpqeirg
  • Jamie: and we'll just see, wont we?
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Jamie: oh,wait...
  • Jamie: son of a BANNOCK
  • Claire: what?
  • Jamie: I canna get these
  • Claire: WHAT??
  • Claire: NO!! YOU CAn'T BACK OUT NOW!!!
  • Claire: (honestly dying over here)(screenshotting this to everyone i know)
  • Jamie: because I've just looked at the product name and it's called
  • Jamie: ughjjih it just makes me want to gag
  • Claire: what?
  • Claire: Pussy Pot?
  • Claire: Blood Bucket?
  • Jamie: dinna be crass
  • Claire: oh, so you're grossed out because it uses anatomical terms??
  • Claire: Jamie, 'VAGINA' is a perfectly natural
  • Jamie: HUSH
  • Jamie: I'm fashed because it's called a
  • Jamie: 'Diva Cup'
  • Claire: ....so?
  • Jamie: SO??
  • Jamie: that's the most patronizing garbage of a name i've ever heard!
  • Jamie: why does a practical contraption for managing a woman's courses need to be loaded wi' the implication of being SASSY and OVERBEARING and such?
  • Jamie: it's most often used in a sexist, disparaging context to criticize strong women
  • Jamie: and so to put it on a useful product such as this is just
  • Jamie: eirjngpqirbg
  • Jamie: it's revolting
  • Claire: I ....
  • Claire: have never loved you more than I do right now.
  • Claire: How about we order a generic brand on Amazon?
  • Jamie: they have other brands?
  • Claire: yep!
  • Claire: whole selection of NONPATRONIZING VAGINA VASES
  • Jamie: see, I kent you were a practical woman, too, ssnch
  • Jamie: I'll start the spreadsheet when i get home
  • Claire: i don't doubt you will
An analysis on Prince Adam

The marriage between Adam’s parents has never been a particularly happy one. His father is greedy and selfish and payed little to no attention to his wife and child. The marriage is an arranged one, not made for happiness. Adam’s mother is fierce and loves her son into oblivion. Whenever The Prince gets angry (he has a horrible temper) she nurtures her son who always gets scared when his father yells at him. To make him feel better she holds lavish dinners and balls to distract him from his father’s anger. Adam, of course, also has the servants who help The Princess in raising the boy as his friends. He considers them family. But when his mother dies from a long sickness he loses his whole life. His father, now having more control of his heir, keeps him at his side at all times, trying to make him into the son he wants. God forbid he disappoints him. When he returns from lessons or simply spending time with his father with a new bruise forming his friends bow their heads in shame and say nothing. The Prince feels betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be his protectors, his family, his only friends. His father’s words start to get to him. He’s useless, too soft to rule, too forgiving. He’ll never be enough. From this stems his distaste for other people than himself. He’s learnt the lesson the hard way. No one will ever love you but yourself. For years no one touches him but his father, and those moments are when he is terrified. Simply a brush or look makes him crawl inside his walls and hide in fear.

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Summary: Despite his youth, Eren Jaeger is one of the best and most popular doctors of the Kingdom. Among those interested on his services is included a recognized criminal clan, which does not hesitate to use the youngest of the Ackerman as bait. Eren never imagined that this “harmless” girl in red dress would get him into so much trouble, turning his world upside down.

N/A: since I deleted my blog back in March, the “read more” of my old posts is not working anymore, so I decided to re-upload chapters 1 and 2 together to make things easier for anyone who’s interested.

Art by Dani ♥ the full version of Lawless’ cover is here and there’s more related fanart here - I still have to reblog everything again, so the tag will collect more beautiful things done by Dani soon. You can also read the rest of the chapters on FF.net

Chapter 1. Crimson

Mikasa hit the wall hard. In spite of it, the coldness of the bricks did little against her accumulated body heat. Today’s training had been tough, since she had to battle against the stockiest and tallest man at Kenny’s service.

Will, who was practically a beast of a man lay face down on the floor, blood dripping from his broken nose.

“Is he dead?”

The girl shook her head slightly, without even looking at the man approaching the scene. She needed to catch her breath and calm her heart rate. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her forearm while she thought that yeah, she could have killed him. The idiot would have deserved it only for trying to be too clever.

“He should be dead, huh?” murmured the man in an expressionless tone, but Mikasa knew him well enough to perceive his simmering anger.

“The fucking pig”. Levi turned Will over easily with a foot, without any care at all, so he could check his face. Mikasa had done a good job wrecking that stupid face, the guy was going to look uglier than before. Usually when a training session ended like this, it was because the practice puppets had said something disgusting to her or tried something they shouldn’t have.

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For Now, Forever, For Always

Pairing: Jim x Reader

Word Count: 1646

Warnings: A little angst. Mostly fun banter and fluff

A/N: To the anon who requested the Bones angst and the anon that requested a sequel to Seeing Double, I promise I’m working on both of those!!! I haven’t forgotten about you guys and they’ll both be coming up soon. Also look who made a fancy header image for this fic instead of doing homework B) 

If there was one thing you prided yourself on, it was your ability to give the perfect gift, moving people to tears with your thoughtfulness on more than one occasion. Even Spock got misty-eyed when you gave him a handmade terrarium replica of Old Vulcan with his mother’s initials engraved on the bottom. The one person you could never figure out, though, was James Tiberius Kirk.

You thought he’d be the easiest, settling for an antique remote-controlled motorcycle he could drive around the bridge. You were almost shaking with excitement when you gave it to him for Christmas but two years had passed and it had yet to leave the shelf in his quarters. You switched up your game for his birthday, opting for a classier holoframe that displayed pictures you’d collected over your time on the Enterprise. His eyes lit up when you gave it to him, but three months later when he finally invited you to his quarters for dinner for the first time, you noticed the batteries had died and he hadn’t replaced them.

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anonymous asked:

Yo! I'm having a terrible day. May I request fluff with the Blackwatch boys?

I’m sorry this is late by a day or two but I hope you’re feeling better today!



  • Will cancel all his plans for that day to be with you if you’re upset
  • If you surprise him at work he’s canceling all his meetings and calls because his baby is here and he’s gotta use his time wisely
  • Works a lot so it’s hard to do the romantic/fluffy thing sometimes, so he takes complete advantage of he gets to
  • Loves to get you random little gifts, like a bracelet or a key chain or a really fancy cupcake from that expensive bakery downtown
  • When he goes on trips for work, he always brings back a memento for you, something that has to do with the town or country he went to
  • Always cooks when he’s home
  • Constant breaks during cooking to spin you around or sway with you in a dorky little dance because there’s always music going when he’s cooking
  • Gives you his undivided attention while you talk about your day
  • Undivided attention when you talk about anything tbh
  • Loves to take you out to show the world how gorgeous and perfect his partner is


  • He’s kind of a prickly dude
  • You’re the only person to makes him soften up a bit
  • Not really affectionate in public because he thinks he’ll get teased and stuff
  • There’s the occasional hand holding and kiss on the forehead though
  • Always watching out for you to make sure you don’t get into trouble or get hurt or get bullied
  • You’re always his priority
  • Doesn’t see you much during the day because of work but one of you always visits the other during the evenings/nights
  • Movies and cuddling until you both fall asleep
  • When you two are alone, he’s always smooching you and telling you how great and sweet you are and that he doesn’t deserve you
  • Almost always spoons while cuddling
  • The big spoon usually but doesn’t mind if you end up the big spoon sometimes
  • Falls asleep hanging onto you like it’ll save his life (it probably did at some point tbh)
  • Leaves you little notes or phone messages if he gets up and has to leave before you get up
  • If he’s gone on trips for work, he texts or calls (if he’s alone) you whenever he has free time


  • Lots of public affection because A) He’s so happy to have you and B) he wants to make sure people know that your his
  • Hella overprotective
  • Everyone knows your his
  • In private, he’s actually super awkward and flustered most of the time
  • Loves at-home dates because it’s just the two of you
  • He tries to cook but he’s kinda bad at it, so usually it ends up being takeout instead
  • He’s learning though; one day he’ll be able to make all kinds of meals for you
  • Literally his mission to do so
  • Loves being wrapped up in fuzzy blankets with you while watching oldie TV shows and laughing at them
  • Please kiss him at any time he l o v e s i t
  • He makes a few mistakes but he tries really hard
  • He’s doing great tbh

jigglejaggle  asked:

I'm back, its hard to pick just one of your prompts- Lance, Keith, and Shiro are dating (Shklance) and Lance just cant feel like he belongs. He starts pulling away and Keith and Shiro don’t notice until a bit too late when Lance starts sleeping in his own room and shying/flinching away from their touches, afraid of their treatment again. -- can i ask for one more after this?(;´∀`)

It’s no big deal! I’m glad that you like my Prompts ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ ask away! This might be a bit funkier than my other writing. Because I’ve only written one poly ship fic before. And trust me. Trying to balance everything out is weird


Lance knew he never really belonged. Though he thought that maybe, when Keith and Shiro asked him to join them he was ecstatic. He would have a place to be at home. A place to be happy at. Between the two people he loves the most.

Though not everything went according to his fantasies, as usual. The first few weeks were great. He felt truly happy for once, after the months of being stuck in space longing for home. Though as time went on the more he was left out. They went on dates without him, cuddling together and leaving no space for Lance, giving one another gifts and not bothering to even think of Lance. His heart was breaking slowly.

As he tried to gain their attention they brushed him off and told them to go bug someone else. Sometimes they pushed him out and away physically. It made him very various of being touched. He loved them. He loved them so very much and had enjoyed the moments he had with them.

Soon enough sleeping in a bed with them became too suffocating. He just couldn’t do it. They cuddled and held one another close and left Lance by himself with his pillow and stuffed lion he had gotten when they had asked him out in the beginning.

Their actions and treatment made him afraid, made him cautious and jumpy. He just couldn’t stand trying to sleep with them again and ending up passing out by himself on the couch when he was exhausted. Quietly during the night he slipped out of the room. He grabbed everything that belonged to him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to come back into their shared room without feeling a tight knot in his throat.

He slipped out silently, thanking whatever god or gods were out there that Shiro and Keith were heavy sleepers. He padded along silently, stuffed animal, pillow, and his clothes in his arms. Somehow he managed to shuffle into his “old” room. He set his stuff down next to the door. His heart stung as he looked at the stuff lion that had been custom made. It was red with a black mane and had striking blue eyes. Being unable to face it without tearing up he shoved it onto the dresser, facing away from his bed.

He crawled into his cold and empty bed, curling underneath his blanket he had brought with him. ‘They should just go back to how they were before without me. They obviously don’t want me in between them..’ he thought sadly as he whimpered into his pillow as he tried to find the safety of sleep.

Shiro had noticed the way Lance had been quite jittery around him and Keith. Despite how Lance had been reacting to Keith and Shiro’s actions they hadn’t noticed one bit. As they awoke the morning after Lance had gone to his own room Shiro patted the bed for his other lover. Though his hand just hit a cold spot on the other side of the bed. “Keith..”

“Keith wake up,” he said, sobering up almost instantly as he noticed their missing Cuban boy. Keith grumbled and huffed. “Keith. Seriously. Lance isn’t here,” he said with a serious tone.

In that note Keith sat up slowly, looking around. “His stuff isn’t here..” Keith mumbled in addition. “Why would he take his stuff and not be here?” He asked, genuinely confused. “I’m not sure, let’s go find out,” Shiro commented, quickly getting up and slipping on his sweats and a black shirt. Without waiting for Keith he headed over to Lance’s old room.

As he tried to open it he found it locked. His eyes widened, shuddering as Keith’s arms wrapped around his waist. “Keith, think back on how we’ve been treating Lance these past few weeks and try and tell me why he locked us out..” he mumbled.

Honestly Shiro already knew and his heart sunk with how guilty he felt. They had complete excluded him from them. The pair had treated him as nothing other than a nuisance. Keith’s arms tightened and Shiro knew that he figured it out. “We’re assholes…” Keith mumbled, fingers digging into Shiro’s sides with worry.

Shiro sighed and shook his head, unable to believe they had done this to their beloved blue Cuban boy. Right then the door opened, showing a distraught blue paladin. There were bags under his usually sparkling eyes and he looked like death itself.

As soon as Lance opened the door and saw them he was just about to shut it again, panic obvious on his face. “Lance,” he said quickly, catching the door. Lance flinched back away from his hand, obviously afraid of their touch. Shiro guided the door open and Keith shuffled in as their lover recoiled back away from them.

“What do you guys want…” he whispered, tears forcing themselves into the corners of his eyes. “Oh, Lance…” Keith whispered and reached out to cup Lance’s cheek. Lance flinched away, eyes closed as he was afraid of their touch. “If you’re just here to make fun of me leave.. I realized that you guys obviously didn’t want me with you guys and I should’ve left earlier and I’m so-” the poor boy from Cuba was silenced with a soft kiss from the Red paladin.

The poor boy tried to pull away but only managed in getting pulled closer. He melted into the comforting touch, tears streaming down his cheeks in hot droplets. Shiro ran his fingers through Lance’s soft beautiful hair. “We were idiots to not realize what we were doing. We apologize for everything. I hope you forgive us. We love you Lance. We wouldn’t ever want to be without you. If you ever feel like we’re doing this again, please, please talk to us,” Shiro whispered as he tugged the pair into his arms.

Lance pulled away from Keith reluctantly only to be swept up in another sweet and soft kiss from the black paladin. He whimpered and became liquid against his warm touch. Lance pulled back, cheeks a deep red. “I forgive you guys.. but you better make it up to me with more than just a kiss..” he said, trying to muster his usual bravado and flirty nature. Shiro and Keith smiled and laughed fondly. “Will do.” Keith mumbled and kissed Lance once again, to show him that they were truly and absolutely sorry about what they had done.


Man. I wanna make Lance suffer but I’m a total sucker for loving and fluffy apologies and reunions. This was a bit short and slightly rushed but I hope you enjoyed it

bls @pitviperofdoom got an ask talking about shouto and izuku not being able to date and i wrote it……

“You’re muttering is cute”, Shouto scribbled down. He shot a look over to Izuku who was studying across the room, trying to cram as much things as he could into his notebook about Mountain Lady. She had come to talk to the class with Kamui Woods about being young pro heros.

Shouto waited until everybody’s heads were turned away from him before he whipped the note across the room. It slide along the table and stabbed into Izuku’s head. Shouto hastily looked away to act like he hadn’t done it, looking back down at his book he had been reading.

It was a little bit later when he felt a piece of paper being dropped into the back of his shirt as Izuku passed by to go to his dorm, most likely read up on the hero news of the day. Shouto tried to hide him fishing out the note from his shirt but it had gotten caught in his binder.

“Its stuck in my binder”, Shouto wrote out on another sheet. He put the piece of paper into his book for later. Izuku had already left so there was no hope of him discretely getting it.

He read for a bit, listening to everything around him. The dorm had quickly become a home for all of them so the comfort it provided made some of the people way too open. Mineta was lounging on the floor lamenting the fact that he was hungry, loudly, much to everyone’s dismay. Bakugou was yelling trivia at Kirishima as they played what seemed to be like Jeopardy with Tsuyu and Ochako. It was hero related so they were most likely studying. Momo and a few others looked on, providing support to the teams of their choice.

It had started getting late though and he could feel his eyes starting to itch. He got up and carefully stepped out of the common room. He could still hear the yells from Bakugou and Ochako as the two got into the game of Jeopardy more and more. Iida wasn’t there to quiet them as he had retired to his room earlier to study but Shouto couldn’t see him staying in his own room for long as the two voices carried.

Shouto made it to Izuku’s door before he even noticed it. He bent to slide the note underneath his door and keep going but he had barely gotten two steps down the hall before the door was opened.

“Todoroki”, Izuku said. “Can you…”

Izuku trailed off hesitantly as he crossed his arms over his chest firmly. Shouto stopped and stepped back to the door.

“Do you want me to come in?”

Izuku nodded and the colour in his cheeks started to rise. “Y-You don’t have to, it’s okay. You look pretty tired you should just go straight to your own bed. No need to answer my-”

He didn’t finish as Shouto nudged him in with a soft touch to his waist. They both stepped inside and Izuku hurried over to his desk to gather his notebook up and shut off his computer monitor. Shouto knew this routine. They had taken to sitting on Izuku’s bed a lot before they went to sleep. There wasn’t much of a rule against anybody dating but the stigma that was still present in Japan for any kind of LGBT issues was hard to get around. It didn’t help both the boys were transgender. It had been hard enough for the two of them to fly under the radar and act like they weren’t trans. They didn’t want to push the envelope any farther all things considered.

The two hadn’t actually confessed to each other. It had just sort of happened when one day they kissed each other good bye. There was a scary moment where the two just stared at the other like a scared rabbit before Izuku smiled, pecked Shouto on the nose, and said, “I guess that makes us a couple now, huh?”

It was meant more as a joke but Shouto had shyly asked, “Would you like that?”

Izuku hadn’t been happier to think that a small joke gave him a boyfriend.

The two were an odd couple as they couldn’t be outwardly affectionate out of their own fear. So they took it slowly. They left the affection the two wanted to give the other to when they were both alone. But in public, they had taken to silly little notes they would hand the other, saying something cute or a comment on what had happened. It had soon moved on from that though where they would drop little gifts of doodles to make the other laugh, dumb sayings they had thought of for no reason, you name it.

It was when the two of them sat on one of their beds that they would talk about their day and how they were and just everything they could think of. Sometimes they would fall asleep together and the scramble to try and hide that they had slept together always made them nervous for the rest of the day.

At least tonight was a weekend. It was Friday so it wouldn’t matter if they ended up falling asleep together. It was most likely going to happen as they ended up talking later than they meant to a lot and trying to sneak past Iida’s rom automatically meant that they’d be in trouble. At the slightest creak, Iida was moving, listening in the hallway for any kind of talking. Mineta liked to sneak down the hall a lot and as Class Rep, Iida took it upon himself to drop kick mineta back to his dorm room whenever it happened. There was no other path to the girl’s dorms unless you walked past Iida’s room so Mineta got discouraged after the third time of trying.

Shouto wasn’t going to be able to sit through the continuous questions Iida would throw at him if he tried to sneak back and got caught. He would be accused of walking back from going to the girl’s dorms most likely and considering how gay he was, he almost took it as an insult.

It was almost a relief when Izuku was starting to rub at his eye, blinking back his own exhaustion in an attempt to stay awake. They had lapsed into comfortable silence as they looked at their phones. Shouto liked the fact they didn’t always have to talk. But he never wanted to be the one that stopped the conversation to go back to his dorm or make Izuku leave.

“I’m sorry”, Izuku said around a yawn. “It’s almost midnight, I can’t believe we were talking for so long!”

Shouto nodded, letting his own exhaustion show as he yawned as well. Izuku prodded Shouto into a standing position and they both went into the small bathroom off to the side of the main room. The both of them had an extra toothbrush under their sink for when the other stayed in their room. It had been Izuku that had done it as one of the nice little gestures.

They both hurriedly got ready for bed. They didn’t want the sleepiness to go away and leave them wide awake for an hour. They both needed to take their binders off so they took turns in the little bathroom. Izuku lent Shouto a bra and a shirt.

As Shouto took his binder off, the note fluttered to the floor. He looked at it curiously.

‘Your entire being is cute’, the note said.

Shouto felt his face heat up immediately and his ears burn. Izuku was the one that could complement easier but it never was easier to digest as Shouto was never complimented. He shuffled his way out with the note clutched in his hand.

Izuku looked up, his eyebrows furrowing in worry at the look Shouto had. He saw the note a second later and he laughed. Izuku leaned up from his spot on the bed. He wrapped his arms around Shouto’s neck and gave him a soft kiss.

“You’re sweet”, Shouto murmured against Izuku’s mouth. He felt Izuku’s smile and breath as he laughed and pulled Shouto down into the bed.

Shouto relaxing into the covers immediately. The scent of Izuku lulled him as he had become a sense of comfort, not having to be wary and cautious of everything. He felt Izuku slip in beside him, rolling onto his side and burying his face into the pillow. Shouto smushed his face into Izuku’s chest, tangling his hands around the bed spread and in Izuku’s shirt.

He felt a soft kiss to his forehead and Shouto moved so he could see Izuku, blinking almost owlishly up at him.

“A little gift before bed”, Izuku said. He gave another peck to Shouto’s nose before he laid his head back down, pulling Shouto back to his chest.

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Examples of Bucky + Natasha being Terrible at Wooing their soulmate: Bucky writes a long apology and lets Tony know in it that he'd like to be closer if Tony would be comfortable with it. Tony sighs and tells Bucky he doesn't have to apologize any more for what they both know he couldn't control, and says Bucky should let go of the guilt if he can and doesn't have to feel pressured to hang out with Tony because he feels bad. (Bucky stammers and tries to correct him but Tony gets distracted) 1/8

Natasha cooks a complicated meal for Tony-she mostly only knows how to cook fancy things b/c of spy training on how to fool rich people, nothing simple. Tony smiles blandly and eats a few bites before finding an excuse to be called away, leaving Natasha frustrated with her coquilles St-Jacques and quenelles of pike with lobster sauce and wondering what she did wrong, because hey, effort, isn’t that supposed to make people know you care about them? // Bucky works up the courage to 2/8

ask Tony to dance at a gala, only he looks so nervous Tony assumes it’s because he’s uncomfortable and motions Natasha over to dance with him instead, saying that Bucky doesn’t have to settle for Tony as a rescuer when she’s an option, patting the two of them on the shoulders with a firm, empty smile. // Natasha editing her original “Iron Man yes, Tony Stark not recommended” report to say that both are recommended. Her stomach sinks as he gives her the bland press grin again and says thanks 3/8

How could she have gone wrong with that one? (It’s trying to edit the past; Tony’s more focused on moving forward and fixing what’s wrong than wishing things had been different.) She goes to Bucky and the two of them snuggle up together quietly and wish their third was with them too, if only they could figure out how to get him to consider it. // Examples of Bucky + Natasha being Excellent at Wooing their soulmate: Bucky glaring at Steve until he agrees to 1. apologize to Tony for not 4/8

listening to him in Civil War, for not trusting him or treating him like the family he was, 2. tell Tony about his PTSD that was guiding some of his actions. Tony swallows when he sees Bucky hanging back behind Steve, his eyes sharp, and feels lighter inside. // Natasha coming to knock on his workshop door with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when he’s been working for too long. She puts too much peanut butter on them at first, and uses grape jelly, but she watches him like a hawk as he 5/8

eats hers and makes his own, and he can’t help but feel warm flutters when she starts spreading the peanut butter thinner and using apricot jam, because that’s something she learned for *him*, something that would never come in handy on an op but something she cared enough to pay attention to anyway. // Bucky bringing a radio to the workshop and playing swing music, and gently bullying Tony into dancing with him until Tony is staring at him in surprised, hopeful pleasure, while Natasha 6/8

comes to watch the two of them with a smile on her face. Tony sees her and tries to pull Natasha up to dance with Bucky instead, but Bucky sits down, leaving Tony dancing with Natasha and super confused. // Natasha starting a video diary to record all the little things Tony does that make her day better, when she’s thinking of him, etc. She doesn’t video her face, so that she can’t use that to her advantage, and she films it on her phone, turning the camera away from her to video rooms and 7/8

landscapes. Bucky joins her after a few times. They put all the videos into a cloud, get Friday to hook Tony’s phone up to them (in a clearly labeled folder) so he can watch if he wants. Tony, trembling, comes into the workshop a few hours later, where they have taken up residence on his couch, cuddling, and stands in front of them looking lost. Bucky wordlessly pulls him into the middle of their cuddle, and Natasha pets his hair until he stops squirming, tucks his head under hers. 8/8 Ghost ^^


To a Wonder, From a Fool

Request: YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON AND I HOPE YOU ASCEND TO HEAVEN AND LIVE WITH ALL THE BROKEN SOULS YOUVE BROKEN WITH YOUR FANFICS …On the other hand, i love you so much and literally live for your writings. PART 5 OF To Newt, With Love PLEASE!!!

Word Count: 2,530

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3   |   Part 4

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The evening ends lonely, as it always does. The sun sets in a bath of a million colors, from vivid blues that are deeper than the ocean to pastel greens that remind you of a set of eyes you haven’t seen for a long time.

Too long.

You bite your lip and step onto the walk leading up to your house. It’s a thin trail of concrete that offers little protection from the mud on either side, but, as of a week ago, it’s yours. You follow it up to your new beige front door. After fumbling with the keys, a set of three for the three ways in, you push open the door to a silent house.

You step inside with a sigh, letting the door swing shut behind you as you contemplate the long hours of restlessness that lay ahead. You haven’t been sleeping well since the move. There’s a tree branch outside your bedroom window that screeches against the pane if the wind hits it just right, and the floorboards here make no noise, quite unlike the ones at your old house that would warn you if anyone was passing them. There are no mice running through the walls, but there’s also no lone owl that sits outside your window and sings. There are no char marks on the kitchen wall, no memories of dancing in the main room, no remnants of anything.

A clean slate, or, at least, that’s what Evelyn calls it. “You need a clean slate, a fresh start, and this is it.”

You follow the wide hallway to your kitchen, eyeing the blank walls and trying to imagine what might look good hanging from them. Your frames sit in a box somewhere in the main room, waiting to be unpacked like nearly everything else you own. You’ve only bothered to take out the essentials so far: clothes, some dishes, and a black box you’d promised Evelyn you’d toss.

It sits where it did in your old house: under your bed, pressing up against the wall. That’s where it belongs.

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