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Critical Role - A Picture For Pike

Being the generally accepting and well-mannered person that she was, Pike Trickfoot did not hesitate to thank Gilmore for the large, colourless crystal he handed her the morning before the rest of Vox Machina was due to leave Whitestone again.  For all she knew, it could simply be a very pretty rock that Gilmore had thought she would enjoy for some reason, but thankfully the businessman, with his talkative personality, was quick to explain his gift.

“It’s a marvelous little thing I cooked up just for you and your wonderful compatriots.  When you speak the correct command, it captures the image of whatever you’ve pointed it at and with another command, it will transfer that image to the nearest piece of blank parchment, leaving you with something rather like a painting,” Gilmore informed Pike with a big grin, handing her a slip of paper with the instructions on it.  “I believe you’ve seen this sort of magic before and I thought you might like to possess it for yourself, given how often you find yourself separated from those you love.”

Pike’s eyes widened in comprehension and smile to match Gilmore’s spread across her face.  With a little jump, she pulled him into an enormous hug.

“Thank you so much, Gilmore!  You’re really too kind,” she gushed.

“It was nothing, dear Pike,” he replied with a small laugh before the tiny cleric excitedly dragged him off to meet the others and get them all to pose for a portrait that she would come to carry in her pocket at all times.

This is a little something that was inspired by the GenCon announcement video.  It took me 5ever to finish.  A great deal of blood, sweat, and tears were shed over it, so I really, really hope it looks okay.