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ok but

how did Lafayette go back to France for money and come back with an army?

bc right now I’m imagining him entering Louis’s throne room and it playing out like this:

Lafayette: Sir, can I have some more money? Please?

Louis XVI: Is this so you can go help your little friends in America?


Louis: and why should I?



Lafayette: it’ll royally piss off the British?

Louis: Take my entire army

So did anyone else spend 45 minutes of their 10 hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda preview gameplay making their character, or was that just me?

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Wait, BEFORE you channel your inner Sorey? 8D

Yes, before.  But since you asked …

Like how supportive Mikleo is in the game and every single adaptation of Zestiria.  Sorey’s injured?  Heal him.  He needs to eat?  Learn to make the best damned soft serve ever.  Needs someone to watch his back in combat?  Manifest and do it himself.  Sorey’s down and needs someone to cheer him up?  Say something to cheer him up and comfort him.  If this is how Mikleo’s been their entire lives, is it really a surprise Sorey went all Will Smith Pose on Alisha and basically wanted to show Mikleo off to everybody because he really is Just That Amazing?

And, I know I’ve said this in at least 3 or 4 other Accidental Mikleo Appreciation Posts before, but do you see how hard he works just so he can follow through with his “I won’t be a burden” promise?  He works so so so so hard, and even Sorey and the others catch him practicing his artes at all hours of the night.  Even Edna can’t find anything to snark at him for when she catches him doing it and instead gives him genuine words of encouragement.  And Sorey just silently cheers him on from the sidelines seeing Mikleo work so hard too.

And all that hard work totally pays off.  I mean, look at him in combat.  He’s great in melee (his left-right AoE combo is actually one of my favorites to use for him when I’m playing as him), heals for tons, his armatus practically overheals you with Elixir Vitae, and his spells are really good.  His access to ice spells means he’s a great choice for your second Seraph in dungeons where enemies are weak to earth, and his ability to hit things with his staff in melee means you can start those Void element combos with him as well.  And even though he’s such a hybrid melee/caster type character, he’s actually got a pretty good HP pool.

And then there’s the part where he does all of this, while using a weapon that’s literally the least suited to him.  And he’s still doing it in the epilogue.  Like, if he’s capable of doing all of this while he’s using a weapon that’s supposed to be super hard for him to use … what would he be like with a weapon that’s supposed to channel his mana easily?

Oh, oh oh, and then there’s just how Mikleo knows what’s going to happen with Sorey, accepts it, and then waits for Maotelus-knows-how-long for Sorey to come back.  Literally.  I … just … where do I even begin?

And he manages to keep going even though he finds out about Camlann, and meeting Muse (ever so briefly) just once, and losing Gramps, and all before Sorey leaves him for centuries.  And he just keeps going.  Maybe he’s had his bad days and his good days, but look at him in that epilogue.  He’s still himself when we see, he’s still exploring ruins, he’s continued to let himself grow (to a degree), I just …

I just want him to be happy and get his happily ever after with Sorey, okay?

Claudius is the anti-thesis of metatheatre. I was thinking about reading Claudius’s repentance and prayer monologue as obviously fake and suddenly it all clicked into place. Claudius doesn’t play along with how metatheatre works. He knows right from the beginning that Hamlet is faking his madness. He knows shit’s about to go down in the play. When Laertes learns that Hamlet comes back and he’s raving that he’s about to cut his throat i’ th’ church Claudius is like wow you kids are so dramatic, here’s a better thought out plan. I mean, you could just read this as a bored no-bullshit Claudius. He responds to the actual play-within the play with “right, I’m king and you’re deported”. Every time Hamlet goes off on a you can smile on the outside and be a villain inside rant, Claudius’s reaction basically “…okay moving on”. In a play that is all about reflection with almost every character abiding by metatheatre rules, Claudius is never lured into it. I think that’s meant to show he’s remorseless or he cannot reflect on his actions or something.


724 followers to be exact. I don’t know why but I’m not going to question it. Moving on… All the CC ideas I have involve meshing :^( I gotta learn how to first. Last time I did one of these things I got nada but I was a teeny weeny simblr so, irrelvant. I’ll be getting these out as soon as I can.

  • Fill in this typeform to secure a slot
  • All sims created during this time can be used for bases (Ya, go nuts)
  • Available for everyone (mutuals, friends, never-talked-to-you-before, new followers, etc.)
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If you’re wanting an alpha sim, please fill in the form (include your user) and message me on tumblr. I haven’t used alpha cc before, I just want to make sure I get it right :^)

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You know you need a new hobby when you have the day off and all you can think of doing is sleeping or going to watch the same Broadway play for the fourth time in a month. Maybe today is gonna be the day that I learn how to cook something other than instant noodles - or I’m just going to potentially mess up my whole apartment and blame my friends for it because there’s no one here to keep me company and stop me from trying to do stuff I have no idea how to do.

*playing In Hushed Whispers*

I’m sure there’s more going on that I haven’t learned yet (JUST talked to Dorian for the first time) but did anyone else get the feeling Alexius used mind control on Fiona, in addition to time travel? She doesn’t even sound like the same person I talked to Val Royeaux. 

Windows to the Soul - Chapter 1

((So I don’t really know how I feel about this. It kind of just came together because I really just wanted to write something. I’m doing that now, but this is a lot of ideas woven together. maybe too many. I’ll keep working on this later so it’s not just leaving people hanging. Enjoy?))

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Chapter 1: The Case

Arthur shivered as the warehouse came into view, gripping his metal arm tightly. He heard the sound of gravel crunching beneath the tires as the van slowed to a stop in front of the building, and he glanced over the seat at the others. “Do we really have to do this, Vivi?”

She laughed in response. “You say that every time, Artie. Of course! It’s our job to help the supernatural move on if we can, and to take care of cursed artifacts and stuff. If we didn’t do it, who would?”

“No one. We’re the only ones crazy enough for the job.” She made a shushing sound and bopped him lightly in response.

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The Emperor knew that the Knight was cheating, but saying so would be admitting that it was working.

A.k.a. Kylo and Hux are training and Kylo is playing dirty by distracting his opponent. It’s not working. Hux is all like “Stop showing off and get back into position why am I putting up with this I don’t need to learn how to use a lightsaber what kind of sick fantasy of yours is this can I go back to my work please.”


New ambassador arctic wolf pups at the International Wolf Center. It was absolutely amazing being able to take care of these pups for the past week. I learned something new everyday. They grow so much in just one day. I can’t wait to see how they change in the upcoming months.  


Mall trip with http://evileli.tumblr.com/!! He’s such a bamf, he bought his first khaki cargo shorts, what a g, right??

Also we went to Claire’s and played with bows and flower crowns. We run this place. Going back once I get another paycheck. Way too many headbands to get!

It was a really nice trip, brought me out of a bad funk. We popped in at Charming Charlies, Burgatory, Rue 21, Payless, H&M~ at Ulta I got the lady to show me how to contour, so hopefully that will be showing up more. It’s pretty clear in the last pic… My goal with makeup is to have someone ask if the beard is drawn on :P

999 Week Day 2: Snake

For Snake’s daemon @eatingfireflies and I chose a rough-scaled bush viper. We thought about choosing something that wasn’t a snake, but that thing about dead snakes still being able to bite is totally true. We also thought about going with a hognose snake because they like to play dead, but they’re pretty harmless. Rough-scaled bush vipers on the other hand are very pretty, deadly, and enjoy lounging on flowers. It seemed like a good fit.

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“Maybe it was a little bit of a learning process as well to learn how to play with different guys on my line. What I took from it, what I learned, is maybe don’t adjust your game to the wingers. Just keep playing your game. The wingers are going to play their game, as well. Everyone’s going to do their best and not think about different things.” -David Krejci (x)