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This is really more of an incohesive thought dump more than anything else (mostly bc it’s late and I’m tired and‘ll probs go to sleep right after.

Answering these together since its kinda the same topic. Short answer: I don’t know. Once again I need to reaffirm that my attachment to her isn’t quite based in the realm of rationale and logic, but there definitely are things I can think of. 

She’s strong. She has a ton of physical strength and she’s a badass–but she’s also so much more than that. She’s an incredibly human character; hurt by her past, haunted by what might be the future, and she tries and tries to defy fate with all the strength she can muster even if its useless sometimes. In that regard she very much fits into the overall theme of the story about never stopping to struggle-very much like Eren.

She’s may be cold and cool on the outside, but truthfully she’s still so emotional inside, in some ways she’s a strong and grown woman, but in some ways still a young and frail child. And I love, love, LOVE emotional characters. I love it when more “distant” characters open up and let their emotions flow through, especially people like Mikasa, who I find to be so relatable, so easy to put yourself into their shoes, so easy to feel with. I love emotional characters, and I love having an emotional connection with them–I think that’s the best way to explain my excessive, un-defyable  love for especially Eren and Mikasa. 

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join the club bro

edit: there’s an amazing fic for this now, please read it for a good time

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“We are the blood–we flow smoothly and circulate oxygen so that the brain can function at its best.” 

Please do not repost gifs

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I love everything about your Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot folk. Thank you for sharing them with us! ~omgericzimmermann

They love you too!

( @omgericzimmermann is referring to this post )

(Edit: I somehow forgot Foxtrot’s baby hairs, aka my favorite part of their entire design??!?!! Anyway they’re there now.)

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Hi I'm sorry if this sounds rude but you mentioned your friends are giving up fic writing? And that you came close to.I notice writers get much fewer rebblogs than artists but I didn't know it's that bad. Who are you talking about and do you guys talk about this, like is there a chatroom for writers?

Hi anon! This isn’t rude at all, don’t worry! This is going to be a bit of a long answer, so bear with me :’)

I don’t know if I can mention names here, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, so I can’t really give you more details than I already have: I am friends with this person and they probably won’t be writing fanfics anymore.
I can tell you though that I’ve also spent most of the last couple of weeks wondering if there was still a point in posting my writing at all.

The thing is, writers barely get any feedback. Especially ones that aren’t insanely popular. We pour so much of ourselves into our writing, so it’s incredibly discouraging to barely get any comments, kudos, likes or reblogs.

In my personal experience, tumblr is an awful place for writers. I’ve got a decent-sized following on ao3 I think (though I don’t have much to compare to) and even there, with more than 100 people subscribed to me, I only tend to get around… 5 or 6 comments max per fic that are actually reviews (as in, comments with more content than “please update soon” or “this was nice”) - which is already more than I know many of my writer friends get.
On tumblr, I’m lucky if two or three people reblog my work, and that’s exactly the problem: Who’s going to see it if no one reblogs it? Likes are fine and of course I appreciate those, too, but in the bigger picture they’re meaningless.
Once a fic is done, it’s done. It’s out there then, and I can’t keep reblogging my own posts again and again in the hopes that someone will pay attention to them. I get one shot, maybe two if I reblog my fic again for people in other timezones, but that’s pretty much it. I’m not surprised that it’s gotten so frustrating that it makes people want to quit.

…as for your other question - I don’t know if there’s any larger chatroom or space for writers. I know some people have group chats, but it’s mostly a private thing, as far as I know? I’m really not a big name in this fandom so there might be a lot of stuff going on that I don’t know about.

As for me - I just message people a lot, with the tumblr feature, or on skype or snapchat if I know them better. I’m open to any and all conversations (most of mine with other writers started by me yelling at them about how much I love their work ^^), so if you want to talk to me please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. That’s what they’re for, after all? My ask’s always open, and I don’t mind private messages either.

In any case - there’s quite a few people in my immediate vicinity that I’ve talked to and I consider friends - many of them are writers, some are artists, some do both, some do neither. I talk about this problem (of wanting to write, but barely receiving any feedback, of feeling like we’re wasting our time) to pretty much anyone who will listen, but it’s frustrating because I don’t have the influence to change anything. Of course I’ll try to keep my fellow writers motivated and try to change their minds about giving up, but there’s only so much I can do, and in the end it’s their decision. Most writers I’ve talked to really enjoy writing fanfics, and it takes quite a bit of disappointment to get you to the point where you want to just… stop. So… yes, it’s a big problem.

I’m going to wrap this up now, but… again, I cannot emphasize enough how important comments are to writers. I’ve talked to some people who’ve said they’re not sure if their comments will even make a difference, because they feel they haven’t got anything interesting to say - picture it this way. As a writer, I’m standing on a stage and presenting a thing, and in response, about twenty people give me polite nods (kudos, likes) and four actually start clapping. But there’s like two hundred people (hits) standing in this room, and I kind of feel stupid now.
All comments matter. At this point, they might save you your writers. Because with less and less feedback, there’s less and less incentive to actually post things.

I can’t say much for other fandoms because it’s been a while since I’ve written substantially for anything but Haikyuu, which is still a relatively active fandom? But I get the feeling that’s starting to wear off, too.

Enthusiasm shifts, and I get that. But if you still enjoy an author’s work, please, please, by all means leave them a comment. Otherwise it might be the last work you read from them.

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(1/3) ALLY!! Okay, i wanna write down a list of things that i really like about you just cuz. 1) your hair, it's such a soft brown and your highlights bring compliment it so well, 2) your eyes, they're the prettiest shape and they're so warm, 3) your smile, which is brighter than my ideal future, 4) your height, which is so petite and melts my heart, 5) your accent, which reminds me of home, 6) the way you draw eyes, which is just so unique to me, 7) the red tones of your art ofc

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Emily: I own a wide collection of bows, as you can tell. They are my absolute favorite, but I wear other accessories from time to time. I must say my darlings that you look gorgeous in bows! ~

Ask and feature: @go-askcolorsplashpony and @ask-ponyvilles-confectioners ! So many adorable babies, they were a delight to draw ! 

On its own, Ni is a very extreme function. It’s so easy to get lost within Ni if one isn’t careful because it’s such an interesting world. Insights are anywhere and everywhere to analyze. Anything and everything can strike your fancy and you can spend hours trying to unravel a single intuition. It’s like a never ending maze of twists and turns without any dead ends. And that’s where the danger lies. Without any dead ends, how do you know when to stop? How long will you keep walking into an endless void of truths before you lose yourself in it? After all, when everything is a concept and interpretation, what is real?

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So what happened, with your parents, really?

“I knew this ask would come around eventually…”

Viktor let’s out a heavy sigh, and sits back in his chair. He stares at the ceiling for a moment in an attempt to collect himself and his thoughts. His gaze is distant when he finally glances forward again, and his voice is soft and audibly pained.

“I left home when I was very young. I believe I was perhaps 15 or 16 years old at the time. My parents were never supportive of having a figure skater for a son. My father always envisioned me having a much more… masculine career. My mother never really tried to defend me. I decided to go and live with Yakov for a while. Not for long, though. By age 17 I had made enough from my early successes that I was able to afford a small flat just outside of Moscow. Of course, when our home rink was switched to St. Petersburg, I eventually moved closer. I’ve been in that apartment since, and now live with Yuuri.”

He stares down at the ground, shaking his head and bringing a hand up to card his fingers through his hair.

“There isn’t really much to say about them. They ended up having another child the year I left. I have a sister 15 years younger than I am, who I’ve never met, and probably never will. I haven’t spoken to my parents since I left, and I doubt I ever will again.”

Should I stop with the daily yuuri appreciation thing or no? Because this is probably just me overthinking, but I feel like a lot of you are tired of just seeing posts about my love for Yuuri and not much else

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Imagine the S/O bringing home an entire box of stray kittens and simply, silently, staring the boys down when they try to say anything about getting rid of them.

send me headcanons!

You’d been walking home one day when you heard it. The soft mewl of a newborn cat. Instantly, you wanted to find the source of the sound. You stopped daily to pet cats you saw on the street (much to Toly and Volodya’s annoyance) so this was expected. 

Your heart almost broke when you saw them. Four kittens in a deteriorating cardboard box. You head over to them and gasp softly, tentatively sticking your hand in the box. A kitten instantly comes up and rubs his face on your hand. 

There’s no doubt in your mind that you’re taking them home and keeping them. You’d been trying to convince the brothers to get a pet for months and now they had no excuse. It was perfect. 

You gently pick up the box, hoping not to jostle them too much. You start to get nervous as you enter your apartment. The two will surely be less than happy, but you are not going to give the kittens up, all they want is a safe, loving home. 

You place the box behind the kitchen island and grab a soda. You need some time to butter them up first. Anatoly realizes you’re home first and comes out to give you a hug. 

“You love me, right?” You ask, looking up at him with big eyes.

“Da, of course, princess. Why?” He eyes you suspiciously. 

“I think we should get a pet.” Anatoly sighs before you even finish your sentence. He doesn’t want to have to worry about another living thing, he can barely take care of himself.

Vladimir comes out at that moment, giving you a sweet kiss. He sees the tension immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“She wants a pet,” Anatoly answers.

“Ok, goldfish would be perfect,” Vladimir states with a teasing smile. 

You tilt your head, looking at them seriously. “I’m not joking.”

The brothers both start to speak, but are interrupted by a soft cry. They look at each other, then at you. You purse your lips and grab the box of kittens.

“No, no, no,” Anatoly instantly protests. 

“Definitely not,” Vladimir echoes.

“We’re keeping them, they need a good home and we can provide that. End of story,” you argue.

Vladimir looks at the kittens, and knows you’re never going to concede. “We keep one.”

“All of them.”



“Three. That’s more than enough.” Vladimir avoids his brother’s gaze, knowing he gives in to anything you want.

“Where will the other one go?” You ask, protectively readjusting your grip on the box.

“Piotr will want it. He’s been saying how much his girlfriend wants one, too,” Anatoly adds. 

“Yay!” You squeal, setting the box down and hugging both of them enthusiastically. “We have three cats now!!” 

“Da,” Vladimir says, a bit disappointed. 

That night you go out and buy all the necessary supplies. Ever since then, Misty, Midnight, and Blizzard have been with you, although now Vladimir and Anatoly wouldn’t give them up for anything.

So I bought my sister the greatest birthday card ever…

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I just spent £40 on succulents and it's all your fault.

This is among the best asks I’ve ever gotten. 

Do I get to see pictures?

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Sorey x Alisha? Or Edna x Mikleo?

(For this ask meme!  Also, I’m only answering this publicly in the spirit of the meme, because I know how much of a hornet’s nest this is.)

Not a fan of either ship.  Just … no.  I have a few major notps in Zestiria, and that’s 2 of the 3 right there.  Especially since I don’t multiship either Sorey or Mikleo, as I said in the Sorey/Mikleo ask.

But really though, Sorey and Alisha I see as really good friends, Mikleo and Edna are just two siblings who constantly bicker with each other (Edna’s the older sister) but who actually do care about each other underneath it all, as family members.

At the end of the day, though, I really do just see Sorey/Mikleo as the OTP of OTPs and I really can’t see either of them with anyone else.