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Would you do a Malec ficlet? With the word being "charm"

SEEING AS I AM DEEP DEEP DEEP IN MALEC HELL, SURE THING. i know this has been in my inbox for a long time, but i am finally writing for them, so here we go !!!! i took “charm” in the context of … alec is charmed by chairman meow, and magnus is jealous of the cat. enjoy ♥✌


Magnus isn’t sure what’s worse: the thought that the Chairman might like Alec more than him, or the thought that Alec might like the Chairman more than Magnus. Both possibilities seem plausible, and that in itself is enough to weave a frown into Magnus’ expression as he leans over the back of the sofa, handing Alec a glass of wine - 1927 vintage Taylor Fladgate, a very good year - only to find Alec’s hands both very much caught up in ruffling the fur on the Chairman’s belly.

You traitor, Magnus can’t help but think, glaring at the cat. The cat returns the stare, absolutely deviously, and Magnus cannot help but think that the cat knows exactly what he’s doing.

Alec doesn’t coo - he’s not that sort of person, of which Magnus is thoroughly glad - but he does make this humming noise as he threads his strong fingers through the Chairman’s coat, which Magnus isn’t sure Alec is entirely aware of. The Chairman laps it up, stretching out upon his back, legs unfurled and belly on show.

You’re a tart, Magnus scowls. The Chairman makes a happy purring sound; Alec huffs on a soft laugh, moving his hands to tickle beneath the Chairman’s chin.

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I want to go back to London in September. I can afford it, sort of. After my year in hell at work, I need it. The only downside is that I would be going alone. I’m not too sure about that. I also want to stay at the same hotel as the last 2 times because it’s super safe but it’s crazy expensive. I’d like to save on lodging but I want to be in central London and I don’t really feel comfortable staying alone in a cheaper hotel or hostel and there is no way I’m staying in an airbnb because I’m alone.
I should save up my money because after July, my hours at work will be reduced (girl I’m replacing is coming back so yay!).
I just need to go back to London to really relax. I feel so safe there and I’m so happy. I know my way there so I’m not worried about that. Another snag is my anxiety issues. I’ve never traveled alone. I’m afraid to go bonkers over there, panic etc. I did plan my 2 last trips all by myself with activities everyday, no worries there.

if you’re going to post shit about little mix at least have some decency and tag it “anti little mix” or something. pretty sure it’s a thing, or idk just don’t use the general tag at all??

we sure as hell don’t go through their tags expecting to see a lot of negativity, and it’s so annoying and pointless that some people tag their ugly posts just to make sure we gonna see it.

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A Royal Mess

a/n: Not quite sure whether to continue this or not, considering that school is going to start up soon. but if i do, it may take a looooong while.

i’d also need a bit of help with ideas ^^;; so if you have any ideas or prompts on how to continue this fic, please please please send’em to me n v n;;

set during the episode Blood Moon Ball {but what else did you expect}

words: 1431 ; pairing: tomco/tomarco

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A n y w a y, if you guys need any more proof that Hypable is utter trash that gets paid by the CW to promote their shows, I’m like 90% sure that a comment of mine about how terrible of a character Mon-Hell is was deleted by the staff. My hunch is that it’s because I was criticizing Supergirl’s jackass dudebro darling and because I had the gall to say that the CW is a shitty network that rarely defies anything. The comment was there for a solid 15 minutes and suddenly it disappeared, coincidence  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Being an ambiverted child was kind of weird. I had times where I was loud, noisy, and loved being around other kids, and then I had other times where I would just be content reading novels, dictionaries, encyclopedias (yes, really) for hours. I’m sure this confused the hell out of my mom and she thought she had a “moody” child.

After my parents divorced and my mom isolated me from pretty much everyone and everything I knew, I became more extroverted when I entered middle school. That extroversion was a result of trying to fit in somewhere, of reaching out to others to drown out the loneliness I felt. This trend carried into high school up until a few upsetting events in my sophomore and junior years made me decidedly more introverted again.

As an adult I am much more quiet, much more withdrawn, and way more avoidant of people than I have ever been in my life. I get in rare moods where I’ll hit up friends and go out and do something fun, but most of the time I really am content just reading to myself at home or at my university’s library. 

I’ve also noticed that the quieter I am, the happier I usually am. I associate being extroverted with having to “prove” things to other people, and I don’t care about proving anything anymore. I am what I am.

Also, I’m pretty sure Boe has an infection between his paw pads on his bad leg again (his allergies are acting up again so he’s been chewing his feet) because every time he went into the little creek at the park today he kept holding it up but that was the only time he would do it. 

@caterfree10 replied to your post: Hey sorry to bother you but I’m pretty sure you…

yeahhhh, l3sbianrey is not only an aphobe but also aggressively anti reylo. she’s a top notch asshole. DX

Like. Reylo is gross to me but hell if I’m going to tell people what fictional characters they can and can’t ship?

t h e  p r e s s u r e

“But it’s really out of my control, the way you feel is not my problem. I don’t wanna see you go, put I don’t have time to solve this. And you don’t have the right after all you put me through….”

{a/n: ok so like i’m not sure if this is really long for a one shot (it’s a little over 2000 words but totally doesn’t seem tht way), or if this is any good at all. it’s my first time writing a one shot, my first time writing any piece of fanfiction, and my first time sharing any piece of my work to a mass audience open for judgement. it was very very very loosely based off a song, also not sure if i’m gonna do a part 2 or just leave it as is. if u like it, hate it, have any constructive criticism or if u want a part 2, please tell me. also u can leave requests if u like this. ok imma shut up now and let the writing talk for itself. thx for reading!}

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fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x13: T.R.A.C.K.S.

“You think all that back story’s necessary?”
“Past events, like that unfortunate incident at the Hub, have shown me that I’m not good at improvisation. However, I excel at preparation.” 


  Usually I am in a state of confusion whenever follower milestones occur - and tbh I still am in this case.

 But at the same time, the idea that so many people find this blog enjoyable is a very nice thought on which to start the new year. 

  Thanks for everything this year guys, and here’s to a jolly good 2016!!

“I’m not mean, but” = “I’m mean.”

(also, “Why do all my meals taste like someone has sneezed on them?”)

- with many thanks to Ashles3000 over on Twitter for this one!

Owari no Seraph, more like Owari no seriously are we absolutely sure this is happening because this is the first time everything has gone right in a manga I enjoyed there has to be a catch OH MY GOD DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT WHAT IS HAPPENING IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING IS MIKAYUU ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!
—  Me reading Owari no Seraph Chapter 36
I used to spend my Wednesday’s looking out your window, watching the sky go dark, and falling asleep in your arms. And now I’m passing time watching gossip girl, feeling lonely and doubting myself. I am not sure if this is me moving on or wanting something better. But I sure as hell deserve better than you.
—  My mother just told me to roll down my window but I was too busy admiring the street light and remembering how I felt when I looked out your window and saw the street light outside yours