i'm going to heel

Living with ADHD is sometimes gives me pleasant surprises like “oh look I already got a spoon for my coffee apparently”.

warm up doodle on shitty paper 

I'm going to draw this one day

Everyone with high heels:
After saving the owner of a shoe fashion company, they donated boxes of high heels to the students

Yoayorozo is a fucking goddess of tallness. True natural, but is really paranoid of falling.

Todoroki looks hot as hell, but falls over immediately and retreats to the couch to observe the chaos.

Tokoyami (after muttering “Humanity wears shoes to propel themselves higher and increase the danger of common life, despite the fact that shoes were made to protect them) escaped to his room.

Aoyama is an expert. His unexplainable talent amazes them all, until he reveals his closet of bedazzled designer shoes. People get jealous. He is voted off the island.

Bakugo is great at it (when isn’t he great the freaking genius boi).

Urakaka and Izuku are alright, but they both keep falling.

Izuku looks adorable and eventually Urakaka makes him float and they try to prank the others because Midoriya is "somehow” amazing, but the cinnamon rolls felt too guilty.

Dekubowl is real because people keep having to catch him when he falls. Todoroki catches him wedding style once and the first one to say anything was Mina. (“OooooooooooOoooOooOOOOOOO!” She had said.) Todoroki had no idea why people were laughing.

Sero’s legs are revealed in their full glory. People are jealous. He is almost voted off the island.

Kirishima is pretty good, only falling occasionally and at suspicious times, mainly in front of bakugo

Bakugo refuses to catch him so Kirishima always makes sure they are near a couch as a plan B.

Ashido attempts to do a cartwheel while wearing stilettos. This was a terrible decision. There’s still a hole in the wall to this day.

Tsuyu looks adorable in little pink shoes, but doesn’t like them because she says it’s hard to jump.

Kaminari is really good and thoroughly enjoyed walking with his back turned and dramatically turning around like he’s on a runway. He eventually trips and is too traumatized to do it again.

They had a competition to see who could walk the best in 6 inch high heels. Although he only did it because bakusquad said he was just scared of losing, the winner was Bakugo.

Big mistake. He used them as weapons. Aizawa confiscated the shoes.

The next day, Aizawa had become a Caterpillar by glueing the shoes to the bottom of his sleeping bag and inching through the halls


Is that love in the air, or just pollen? Tag your results :)!


“That right there - that’s what I’ve always liked about you…” Thawne started with a wicked smirk curling at his top lip to reveal a set of teeth that suddenly seemed too sharp. “You’re just too smart for you’re own good.”

“Dr. Wells…” You weren’t sure how to get out of this, but playing dumb seemed to be the way to go even though you were currently handcuffed in a room you never knew existed in S.T.A.R. Labs. You still had to try. Quickly forcing a laugh that sounded too nervous for your liking, you asked, “Are you feeling okay? I think you’ve been working too-”

“Stop.” He growled. “You know who I am, don’t you? Say it.” 

You pursed your lips and shook your head chaotically in a last attempt to lie to the man who had the power to reach through your body and stop your heart…

“Go on…” He urged through a rough whisper, his voice menacing and dark. “Say it.”

“Eobard Thawne.” You managed in a jittery tone… “Are you going to kill me?”

“Oh, no.” He said with a dark laugh. “I’ve got bigger plans for you…”

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@herebelife idk why it won’t let me tag you! Here’s an update on Lily’s heel! We’ve practiced A LOT just initial position and now I’m having trouble teaching her ‘front’ because her default is to automatically swing to my side 😂 she does NOT do anything normally so I had to incorporate a ‘touch’ to get her to be finally straight. She is immensely enthusiastic about this command, as seen by the literal punch!

Also she works for sausage links in this, can you tell?

Y’all, mark your calendars; June 7, 2017, my life closely resembled that of a studyblr. The judge ripped through the entire Guardianship calendar in 1.5 hours… Giving me about 1.5 hours before my manicure appointment to hunker down in Starbucks to crank out tomorrow’s Environmental Law work and treat myself to an iced chai.

So this potato went to prom today~ I had a pretty good time! Here I am all done up and in front of the weeping cherry in the backyard~

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