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This is a Portal Oc i made and her ai pupper that she built!!

She built Tobi when she was around 5, her parents were scientists and they injected something into her mothers womb while she was being born so now she’s a genius of sorts. She had an older sibling as well, but she didn’t care for science and wanted to become an artist or something to do with sports I haven’t decided yet.

She didn’t have the robotic parts (eye, arm ,leg, etc.) until years later when Cave Johnson gets his hands on her and runs her through some (horrible) tests. By now she’s an orphan and her sisters dead, her family had died in a tragic accident involving a short circuit in one of her projects that lead to a large fire.

Caroline was one of the people who knew about her, the others were certain scientists; Rick, Wheatley, Neil and Andrew, anyway, Caroline looked after her and they had a mother-daughter bond. Then Caroline becomes GLaDoS and Lolita vists her all the time. When GlaDoS kills all the scientists, besides the ones previously mentioned as they were already transferred into cores; it doesn’t affect Lolita, the only one GLaDoS ‘tolerates’.

Ahh i’m rambling, okay, her love interest is Chell and the cores are like her big borthers and yeah, that’s it. This wasn’t supposed to be so long ah-


“Kindaichi’s eyes immediately blinked wide and watery, his legs moving in a staggering step backward before his lightsaber shook free of his hand and his palms grasped weakly around his throat.

Oikawa’s arm lifted. Kindaichi’s feet left the ground.” 

ah if you love yourself you should go read @suggestivescribe‘s Shadow of Greed and entire Everything You Fear to Loose series. I wish I had the vocabulary to properly describe how vivid and beautifully written it is…not to mention it’s totally badass. I’m deeply in iwaoi star wars hell and although i’ve been crying a lot I can guarantee it’s pretty cozy here and worth the trip. 

On Juvia “Stalking” Gray

So, last week I kind of(?) started a series of posts about Juvia’s character with this, and I wanted to continue it. The next topic about Juvia’s characterization that I wish to discuss is her “stalking.” (Given the context of her actions, I use this term very lightly.) Since this post somewhat pertains to her relationship with Gray, I’m also placing it in the Gruvia tag.

First off, let’s establish that Juvia has been shown to explicitly follow Gray around only thrice in the manga, and all of these instances take place before she joins Fairy Tail. She watches him twice during the reconstruction of the guild, following Phantom Lord’s attack. 

And when she sees that he’s going on vacation with his friends, she follows him to his destination, where she finally manages to approach him. 

To a certain extent, Juvia’s actions are understandable. She was a part of the group that was responsible for the guild’s destruction and simply couldn’t walk up to the people whom she had wronged, especially when it was such a busy time for them. Furthermore, Gray is the only person out of all of them whom she can approach, since, despite being enemies, he had actually treated her with respect for the most part during their battle. Out of all Fairy Tail members, he was the one with whom she had prolonged contact- not to mention growing feelings, due to a very important reason for her (i.e. stopping her rain)- so he’s her safest bet at this juncture in time. 

Moreover, Gray doesn’t mind at all that she’s approached him. He’s only surprised to see her there.

In fact, he even seems understanding of her desire to join Fairy Tail and explains that he has nothing personal against her. What’s noteworthy is that he’s able to speak easily with her, which indicates that he’s not uncomfortable around her. 

After the incident at the Tower of Heaven, after having had the chance to befriend more people from the guild, Juvia is so excited at the prospect of joining Fairy Tail that she goes on her own to ask for permission to join. 

She doesn’t even wait for everyone else to accompany her to make a case on her behalf, which would be beneficial given her situation, but just by getting on the good side of only a few people, she gains the courage to show her face to everyone else. 

These are the only times she’s been shown to stalk Gray, and her reasons are completely understandable. After everything has been sorted out, she doesn’t have to resort to this behavior anymore, and Juvia is now able to hang around Gray and everyone else in the guild freely. If anything, she even becomes bolder and more open in expressing her feelings for him, such that stalking isn’t at all required for her to be around him. 

More importantly, though, she backs off once he rejects her. She isn’t fazed by his curt reply, but she does drop the matter, showing that she understands and respects his boundaries.

Juvia pursues Gray after her rejection a bit, but she uses small actions that don’t seem to bother him as much. In fact, he even indulges her to a certain extent. 

Gray’s rejection shows that he has no problem showing his displeasure with something if he feels like it’s gone too far. If Juvia’s attention in this instance did overstep any boundaries, he wouldn’t have given in and taken a bread in a display of his appreciation for her attention. 

It’s also important to note that Juvia’s behavior in these instances is mostly comedic. She and Gray have also shared some serious moments that show the depth of her feelings and understanding of him. 

This scene shows that she’s particularly observant around him and can read his feelings accurately, which, in turn, has a good effect on him. 

Juvia doesn’t want to force herself on Gray and genuinely wants what’s best for him, so much so that she’s willing to let go of her love for him. She doesn’t want her feelings to be the source of his pain, which lead her to want to protect him through any means necessary.

Another instance of this is in “413 Days.” She apologizes, because she feels as though she’s crossed a line.

From all of these, we can conclude that Juvia would never be selfish about Gray, such that she’d want to restrict him. She understands and loves him well enough to respect his boundaries, which, in turn, means that she wouldn’t senselessly stalk him just to keep an eye on him or be around him in an underhanded manner. 

While Juvia’s behavior may be a bit excessive at times, her pursuit of Gray provides insight into her character. From the beginning, it’s been shown that she’s respectful in keeping her distance and isn’t presumptuous at all. This, in turn, highlights how selfless she is. She would never want to do something to inconvenience anyone in any way. She only stalked in the beginning out of her desire to keep her distance from everyone until the opportunity presented itself. All of this also shows that Juvia is an earnest and genuine person. She is straightforward about her intentions, to the extent that she effectively wears her heart on her sleeve, and attempts to realize them with great determination. She’s a simple, pure-hearted girl. 

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I figured I’d tag some artists that I really admire??? So a large and warm hello to iguanamouth, miyuli, viria, mud-muffin, maxvelocity, zhaana, prinnay, nikadonna, madidrawsthings, lousysharkbutt, choodraws, thugbishie, jakewyattriot, thepigeongazette, floccinaucinihilipilificationa, andrewheath, momalish

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Stepbrother AU scene - Malec

Hey, remember this AU-idea?

Well, I have these scenes that have to get out of my head and I haven’t eaten enough because I’m trying out fasting for the first time and I might regret it and there are still six days to go … I just really needed something to get my mind off food. And I promised myself to practice writing ‘steamier stuff’. And then this got kind of out of hand. And I’ll go hiding under a rock now, good day … or night. II’ll just go and get some sleep. 

Not edited. (Because I am lazy and hungry.)

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thatsthat24 and markplier, I just wish to thank you guys for the tons of laughs you have brought to me and millions of others. I’m not sure what the world would be like without either of you and I would rather not find out.

But seriously, my favorites are your pranks with Pokemon, Disney, and narrating people’s lives and your videos about Five Nights at Freddy’s and watching you play through horror games. I have never laughed so hard before until I watched them and I know I’ll always be able to get a good laugh no matter how many times I view them. Thank you two, once again! 

Have a roachy fistbump and hug from yours truly ;w;

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I appreciate you found me nice enough as to have such feelings :)


Um. Of course. You’re a really nice person. In all honesty, that’s part of the reason I said your ex-girlfriend was insane months ago. Because you’re too nice of a person for all that happened with that.