i'm going to go cry right now


“What’s that thing Samuel Beckett said?”

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

“Let’s go on. Together.

Hey, so you know how I was taking commissions and donations? Well, between then (when I first asked) and now, shit has quite literally hit the fan. I’m not going to get into it with you guys, but basically my mom has a habit of dropping the ball, so to speak, and putting a fuckton of pressure on me to help provide for the family however I can. She relies on my financial aid way too much and since I’m not getting it for another month, she’s putting even more pressure on my shoulders. That’s why I’m still open to writing commissions and accepting donations. 

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There’s nothing I hate more than having to ask for help, but my mom’s leaving a lot of shit up to me now. Ever since my dad died a couple years back, a lot of the responsibility to keep the family afloat has been put on my shoulders, so I’m pretty much the ‘dad’ of the family at this point. If my mom isn’t going to try scrounging up some money, I guess I’ve gotta do it. 

I am experiencing severe counter-transference from this episode so I can’t get super meta like I usually do. However, I just want to say something really important about Yuuri.

For the first time, he didn’t skate for the audience. He also didn’t skate for Viktor, the coach. For the first time, Yuuri truly skated for himself for the sake of Viktor as a human

After his cathartic purge in the garage, Yuuri reached deep into himself, his raw and hurting and unbelieving self, and said, “You are strong. You are amazing. You will win this.” Yuuri is admitting that Viktor is probably not the best coach for him, but you know what? Viktor is a human. He has limitations. He’s not the perfect idol that Yuuri looked up to since he was 12-years old. Viktor held him this entire time, helped him grow his self-efficacy and confidence and met Yuuri wherever he was mentally, but past all of this? It’s not up to Viktor anymore. He can’t do everything for Yuuri, no matter how badly they both want it. Now, all Viktor can do is stand at the finish line, waiting with open arms, and it is Yuuri’s turn to meet him where he is.


I’m not ready for this series to be over 😭❤️


the first frame is right after isak tells jonas that the person he likes is not a girl, and he’s waiting for his reaction, and you can read all over his face that he’s scared, because at that point the ball is in jonas’ court, what he’s going to say or do now will determine the future of their friendship. and he can’t go back now. he already said it. it’s out and he’s exposed and vulnerable. and isak can’t afford to lose what they have, so he’s trying to read jonas’ face, just hoping that it’s all going to be okay.

and then you have the second frame, right after jonas’ response, when he asks isak “is it me?”, but he doesn’t seem angry, or disgusted, his body language doesn’t indicate that he’s rejecting isak and you can see the immediate relief on isak’s face, because although pretty much everything in his life feels like it’s a mess, their friendship isn’t. he and jonas are okay, they’ll be okay, and now, yes, perhaps he will be okay. 


~there’s no more everyday. 

Reshop, Heda.

it’s 2017 next year is 2018 and the year after that is 2019 and that’s the year where the fist exo members have to go to the army and we won’t be having complete exo until 2025 I’m having an internal crisis rn is life woth living after 2019 ?? Is 2019 the right year to die ?? ,, 2019 - 2025 are going to be fucking uglyass fucktards and I don’t know if I’m going to survive,,, what is life w/o exo ,, WHAt if they disband after 2025 ,, DOnt touch me im screaming ndnsadsDP s ASA hrelP

I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco

This was first thing I saw on my Facebook this morning. I can’t put into how many words how much this just really sucks (to put it mildly).

Sorry I’m just thinking about how this is going to affect Star Wars in general because it’s no longer a thing of the past….like it’s still happening right now…. if episode 8 doesn’t have a luke/leia reunion I’m going to cry, because that means they won’t ever get a reunion. They’re probably going to have to write in leia’s death at some point and it’s just going to be this pain all over again…..fuck idk if I can handle that

Why isn’t Castiel treated better? 

Why don’t Sam and Dean call him? Why don’t they ask him how he’s doing? Why don’t they invite him over for movie night or poker night? Why don’t they let him live in the bunker? Why don’t they tell him thank you? Why does Cas have to be pushed aside in favor of the Winchesters all of the time? Why don’t Sam and Dean help him? 

He’s done so much for them. 

He’s died for them. He’s blown himself up for them. He’s give up everything for them. Everything. Everyfuckingthing. 

But they won’t help him. 

It took two seasons to finally get Castiel’s Grace back, but Sam and Dean never helped him. There was never real concern with Castiel’s dying vessel. It’s like that didn’t even matter and was simply an afterthought. 

When Charlie smiled at Cas and Cas smiled back, it was just so heartbreaking. When does he ever get a smile from someone so happy to see him? When does he ever get a hug just because that person really wanted to give him one? The answer is never. Cas just… all he gets is pain and it isn’t fair. 

For someone that is meant to be a part of the Winchester family, and supposed matter to them, and supposedly Dean needs him… he’s treated awfully like a stranger and I’m just so worried that he’s turned into a plot device and for someone who really loves Castiel, who looks up to him, and he’s their favorite character… it just really hurts to see him treated so badly. And to have your favorite character made into seemingly a fucking convenient plot device, after so much development in the past, it feels like crap. It feels like Castiel fans don’t matter to the writers or to the fandom at all. As if simply by loving Castiel we are inferior and that isn’t fair. 

It’s not fair to us. 

It’s not fair to Misha. 

He puts so much work into Cas and to have him being more or less phased away is just the rotted cherry on top of a pile of shit. 

Why can’t Castiel be treated with the respect and love he deserves? 


🎶look who manages to ruin all the good friendships she has🎶