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Ways I am exactly like Maria Reynolds

• half-dressed
• apologetic
• a mess
• looks pathetic



3/100 days of productivity | came to local coffee shop at 8am, and it is currently 4pm :^) although I was working for pretty much the entire time, I am still struggling heavily with this task…tbh all I want to do is sleep cries but I have another hour before I have to leave so !!!fighting!!!

real talk tho, hearing alec say “i always knew i couldn’t have what i wanted” fucked me up??? like he actually said that. it’s canon. he knew. he always knew and he just assumed he would have to push it down and ‘fulfill his duty’ and marry a female shadowhunter and have children with her and i’m just. my heart is so heavy for that little boy

but now here he is tho right? saying that on a date with his new boyfriend he’s literally. he changed it! he met magnus and he realized for the first time in his life that things could be different. and now he’s dating this beautiful man and is going to get to slowly fall in love with him and one day they’re going to get married and have kids together and it’s everything to me i’m

Wonder Woman is getting a movie. Wonder Woman is getting an epic origin story. Wonder Woman is the main character in a massive blockbuster and she’s not going to be sidelined, shoved into a secondary position, or going to made to look like she’s weak or less than a male. She’s not going to put in a box, labeled romantic interest for no reason than to make her seem more feminine. The male in the story is secondary to her, and will never be made primary over her. Wonder Woman is directed by a woman, made to resonate with women, and not to be objectified by men. Fucking Wonder Woman is happening, and it’s amazing

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

Guys I keep thinking about how Anders is both more than human and very human, like he’s part fade spirit and he’s justice incarnate and he’s fire and fury and compassion and lightning and he’s more fire than the sun but then on the other hand he’s… you know.  He’s mortal.  He gets jealous, and he can be petty, and he likes petting cats, and he has fears and dreams and he falls (deeply) in love and he’s so terribly flawed and imperfect

he represents humanity and he represents more than humanity, and I just.  I love him so much

Some really fucked up family shit has happened. I can’t talk about it. It’s too private. But I cried a lot. I called my M O T H E R crying. We are not close. But I needed my mom. Now I’m like.. shaking as tho I’m cold but I’m not cold and I just finished disassociating and I feel weirdly high?? Like. I’m traumatized as fuck.. and my brain is doing weird things to my body. Help.


It’s been one and a half year since I’m in the Inazuma Eleven fandom.
Yes, it’s not a lot of time. Some people have been here for way more, but I’m glad I ended up being in such a wonderful fandom!

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. How much they mean to me. How much they’ve done for me. How much they changed me in a good way. How many amazing people I met and how wonderful fandom I found.
I made this video a long time ago, but never upload it here, because back then I didn’t know people who would like to watch this. Now I know there is and I want to share it with you, guys, because for me it’s like you’re my family. I just feel like I should tell you this. 
One big thank you to all of you for choosing Inazuma as one of your fandoms as well. For posting, rebloging and sharing things about this amazing anime.
I love you. Every single one of you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for being here. 

I tried combing every season of the series (Ina11, Go, Chrono Stone and Galaxy) in this amv and I think it turned out pretty good. (yes, it could be better but back then I just started making amvs, so it’s not the best, but still…)
You may ask why is there lyrics on the screen? Well, just listen to the song, read the words and watch the scenes. You’ll understand!
Hope you like it. This is for all of you!

I’m mad. Fucking furious. Fucking furious that a medical professional who oversaw Ava’s first year and a half of life failed to order any of the tests that could have told us her brain wasn’t developing properly A FUCKING YEAR AGO. 

I know that anger is unproductive. I know that I did what I could when I could and I moved us where she would get the care she needed. This is why we came to Cleveland. This right here. Haven’t even been here six months and we’re miles ahead of where we were after 15 months with her old neuro. 

That’s good. That’s helpful. I can take comfort in that. That I didn’t wait any longer to get her where she needed to be. 

Right now she’s fine. She’s perfect. She’s full of life and personality. She is learning and growing and developing just fine. That can change at any moment though. And I have to stay vigilant. I have to be prepared for whatever might happen in her little baby brain. 

Right now I’m learning everything I can about Sturge-Weber Syndrome. About toddler brain development. I’m looking up how we can get her covered by Medicaid to make sure she can get whatever test/procedure she needs regardless of whether my private insurance covers it. 

I’m looking up early intervention services, early head start. Whatever I can do to help the left side of her brain grow normally to compensate for the right side not growing properly. 

I can’t fix her brain. I can’t make her blood vessels unfuck themselves. I can’t make anything in her head be right. 

But I can fight for her. I can get her whatever outside resources are available to her to help mitigate this bullshit her traitorous little brain is pulling. I’m on this. I got this. 

Battle Mom Mode Engaged. 


~there’s no more everyday. 

Reshop, Heda.


“What’s that thing Samuel Beckett said?”

“I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

“Let’s go on. Together.


I’m not ready for this series to be over 😭❤️

The last few chapters are rough but


Also, the reason it wasn’t done tuesday is because I decided to write 25k words this week. meaning I totally sailed by my wordcount mark, but I DOn’T CaRE What ARE WORDS!>?!>!<!

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Soft Lips and Birthday Wishes (pt. IV)

May 14, 2017 - 03:42
1 Missed Voice Message
To: Maiolaine Bonneau

“Happy Birthday, again. Hopefully 20 is starting to treat you well… Uh-… I still smell like your perfume… it’s nice… But… that’s not why I’m calling you. I… I shouldn’t have kissed you last night, Io. I don’t regret it, but… fuck-… I shouldn’t have done it… Listen, Io… I can’t do this right now… “us”… You’re an amazing woman, and I do like you, but… I don’t think it’s our time… I… I think it would be best if we distance ourselves for… a while… I-… Maiolaine, I’m sorry…“

End of Voice Message

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

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I would love to hear your personal headcanons for leckie and Hoosier!

Smol disclaimer that some of these have been worked on w/ @malarked so I can no longer remember who originally came up with the thing. Also, this is probably a mix of a lot of things, that’s like during the war and like post-war and stuff. Idk, I have written these two with Ed for too long and we have too many AUs and things.

  • Leckie never learnt how to drive before the war, since he grew up close to New York. He mainly didn’t really need to, but he also never really got the chance to learn. It wasn’t until post-war that he learnt how to, and that was mainly thanks to Hoosier teaching him (and being really patient about it and being so proud of when Leckie got his license. Basically, they’re cute af)
  • The first place Leckie drives them to after getting his license is their favourite spot in a forest of some sort, and they sleep in the back of the truck and watch the stars and are just… cute.
  • Hoosier is 100% the small spoon and Leckie the big spoon, but that might have already been established tbh.
  • Leckie wears glasses for no other reason than to look smarter, and Hoosier loves to tease him for it, because Leckie is just such a hipster. 
  • Hoosier is a great cook (credit to Ed for that one), and he cooks Leckie meals whenever he has a lot of work, and makes sure he gets his sleep and take breaks and stuff. 
  • They own a bathtub for the sole reason of soaking and washing together after sex, because it gives them an excuse to cuddle and still stay close
  • They love going on roadtrips together in Hoosier’s pickup truck and just stop in shitty motels to sleep, or sleep in the back of the truck if it’s warm enough. 
  • Leckie’s family doesn’t like Hoosier at all - not only because of the gay thing, but also because they think he’s too uneducated - and Leckie gladly cuts all ties with them, because it’s not like his parents have ever done much for him. 
  • Basically, get Leckie a better family 20kforever
  • Seriously, anyone who makes my boy look like this does not deserve him:
  • Hoosier thinks Leckie looks super hot in his dress blues, so that’s pretty much the only reason Leckie ever wear them. 
  • Hoosier fell in love with Leckie LONG before Leckie realised he wasn’t a Good Straight Boy™, and even after he realised he had feelings for Hoosier, he still struggled with them A LOT. Basically, I can talk about this for years, I have so many emotions about Leckie’s internal struggle with his sexuality. 
  • Hoosier totally didn’t think Leckie would fall for him, because, look, he’s not intellectual or educated or anything, but fuck, does Leckie fall HARD for that blond sweet boy. Yikes, okay, Leckie is so in love, but it takes him SO LONG to admit it. 
  • Basically my boys are sweet and good and OTP and I love them more than air.
  • Like, y’all, if this isn’t the face of a man madly in love, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. LOOK AT THAT FACE. THAT SMILE. THIS IS ALL AT LECKIE. 
  • I need to leave I’m just here with tears in my eyes mumbling about how much they love each other. Pls, I love them and I need to write them more, oh my god.