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“Shadow tuned the radio to an oldies station, and listened to songs that were current before he was born.  Bob Dylan sang about a hard rain that was going to fall, and Shadow wondered if that rain had fallen yet, or if it was something that was still going to happen.”

THIS IS NOT THE END. Now that I’ve got that out of the way you can all read this chapter. There’s one more part to go which I will hopefully finish tomorrow - if I don’t fall asleep. Honestly I’ve lost so much sleep writing this and I don’t regret a minute. Anyway! Enjoy, @sxnali, @animefreak808@cosmichorse95, and @doctor13th. See you soon!

Prompt: you write loki so well, it’s amazing!

Oh gosh I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with the updates to stolen BUT I’ve had a catch up and I’m up to date and I’m so happy Loki is making the first THANK YOU C=

Steve casually picking up a banana when Thor explains he’s interested in guys… perfection! Also loved the new update, ♥ keep going!

Stolen (Part 12)

Part 11

You attempted to keep your eyes open as you waited for the kettle to boil. You stood with your back to Loki who was doing who knows what. You had assigned him a plain china mug that looked horribly boring in comparison to your personal mug (which bore the emblem of your Hogwarts house).

The kitchen may have been intact but a horrible draft swum through the air nonetheless. The central heating did nothing to squash the arctic temperatures of the nearby rooms that still lacked windows. You rolled your shoulders a couple of times to dispel a shiver.

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“If this was a movie, you would die first.”


Leo Fitz in 2x01 “Shadows”

I’m never going to get over the way that Fitz looks at hallucination!Simmons here. He listens to her encouragement and then, as he watches her, his face transforms into something nearing the most perfect expression of love that I’ve ever seen portrayed on screen. There’s even a tinge of joy in there, almost, in that he adores her and she's here with him (even though she isn’t). He’s so happy to just be there with her, to be looking at her - and then his face falls, ever so slightly. When you first watch this, you think that he’s simply taking comfort from the press of his hand against hers, that he’s soothed by her words and her presence. Only upon rewatching the episode do you realize quite how fleeting his happiness here is, that the reason he becomes almost somber is likely that a small voice in the back of his head has just reminded him that the person he wants to be looking at is not truly there with him. That he’s had to create her image so that he can soldier on without her. That he doesn’t know where she really is, that she left him, that she could even be dead. That he might never see her in reality again. So he continues to stand there, watching the figment of his imagination, just in case she’s all he has left.

And knowing all of that just makes my heart break into a thousand tiny pieces every time I see this shot. I’m constantly torn between crying and wanting to create award shows dedicated solely to Iain de Caestecker.