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Jeongcheol / breakfast

It’s a calm morning, one of those Seungcheol likes the best. He doesn’t have any morning class, the sheets aren’t falling down (which is odd) and the only thing that’s missing is the warmth of his boyfriend who was supposed to be asleep right by his side; except he isn’t. Junghan’s always been a heavy sleeper and not even an earthquake could wake him up, so it startles him that he wasn’t lightly snoring by his side. 

Seungcheol is reluctant when he drags himself out of the warm bed, he’s grumpy, it’s too early and he’s cursing his boyfriend for ruining what was supposed to be the perfect morning; but the second he leaves the room, he’s hit by the smell of warm pancakes and sizzling bacon and maybe the morning isn’t as unperfect as he thought. 

There stands his cute boyfriend with the messiest ponytail, an oversized shirt and a pair of sweatpants that have seen better days, trying to cook, although they both know that Junghan hates standing behind the stove for more than it takes to make instant ramen. 

“Morning, boyfriend” Seungcheol literally drapes himself over Junghan’s back, shirtless and voice still raspy from oversleeping.

“You stink, leave.” Is all Junghan replies, trying to break free from his boyfriend’s grip to go back to his cooking.

“You love me.” It’s not hard to see, Junghan wouldn’t wake up early and go to the kitchen to make some surprise breakfast for just anyone, but it doesn’t change the fact that Seungcheol will tease him, and Junghan will beat him up, and the bacon will probably burn. They’ll probably get some takeout from Mc Donald’s by the end of the day, but it’s still a perfect morning. 


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What are your summer essentials? I'm going shopping tomorrow for a summer wardrobe and have no clue what to get!! :(

here is your shopping list girl!!

  • for any summer party you must have a white dress, imo black is too heavy for summer so forget your lbd! 
  • get a pair of chunky wooden sandals,  i have a pair and they go with absolutely everything
  • denim shorts are a must, these are super cute from UO
  • get yourself some basic crops, these from AA are half price! 
  • you also need a bikini

build your wardrobe around these essentials and you will be 100% summer ready!! i’m so excited for summer haha, i linked examples of clothing i had in mind, most of it is really affordable or reasonable from well known clothing stores, enjoy shopping!