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heartlessghoul  asked:

Things that scare you about all the types

Ooohhh spoooky. Okay, in honor of Halloween (I feel really bad writing about the negative aspects of types…..:( especially certain ones that already get enough as it is) but here goes:

ENFP: When they lose focus on their inner Fi, they can get very, very reckless….acting only with their Ne and Te….they start doing things only for the outcome….and with no morals to guide them. Along with that, they can be surprisingly cynical…and it’s difficult to discuss with a negative Ne-dom.

INFP: They have such a strong understanding of themselves and what they want the world to be like, and it can be really scary how hard they are to argue with. And even if they don’t shut you down before the second sentence, you’re never going to change their mind. (I have lost many arguments to INFPs…not because either of us were wrong, but because I gave up out of exhaustion)

ENFJ: Do they /actually/ like you as a person? Or do they completely hate your guts and are too polite to say so??? Will you ever know??? Probably not….it always leaves me on edge…. (But most of the time it’s genuine….so….)

INFJ: Okay, so a lot of descriptions will say that they’re manipulative, and honestly, I don’t think that’s the case. However, it’s really easy to put a lot of trust into them, and they can really get inside your head. If you do meet an INFJ that’s manipulative…watch out. (Luckily they’re usually super nice dorks tho)

ENTP: They’re really, really silly…until they’re not. Like, they’re usually harmless nerds, but they’ll do /anything/ just to observe the outcome…..and that tertiary Fe tho….yikes.  The thing about the introverted judgers …they’re not usually in it for “the good of the group”…so watch out

INTP: So I heard they get really, really mad….I mean, I’ve never seen it in person….but knowing Ti…if something doesn’t fit into their understanding of reality….things might go a bit haywire….  and sometimes Ti-Ne is all about working biased information to your advantage….

ENTJ: They /know/ what they want….and they’ll probably get it eventually. They’re extremely determined, and their natural confidence can be kind of terrifying…..especially if they’re in touch with their tertiary Se….they’re pretty much invincible tbh….

INTJ: They are nearly impossible to read. Did they like your joke? Did they hate it? Do they actually hate you??? And they’re usually quite confident outwardly, so you end up placing a lot of your own self worth in whether they like you….and it’s stressful when you can’t really tell….

ESFP: tbh an Se-Te loop is possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever encountered. But even with normally developed functions, inferior Ni can cause them to jump to conclusions without reasonable evidence…and it’s just a mess of insecurity and fluctuating self esteem…they can be hard to reason with

ISFP: As quiet and friendly as they are, you can never change an ISFP…with dominant Fi, they have a core understanding of their own values and beliefs. Paired with Se, they’re not afraid to cut things off if they need to move on. Basically, just don’t underestimate them, or you probably won’t be seeing them for long….

ESTP: They’re literally magnetic. It’s their tertiary Fe and their dominant Se…you /will/ notice them…and they probably won’t mind. Honestly, forget INTJ supervillain, ESTP villains are so confident and badass…like…..c’mon…. Anyway, they’re just so easy to admire, it’s hard to even believe they exist….

ISTP: Like INTPs, Ti can cause them to go to pretty elaborate lengths to be right…but Se-Ni, unlike, Ne-Si is more future oriented. They push forward, and leave the past behind. Along with being super pragmatic, they also give literally no fucks and it intimidates the hell out of me tbh

ESFJ: /Don’t mess with their friends/ You won’t know what hit you…. You think “hey, they were friends 3 years ago, no big deal…things have moved on”??? BIG mistake…you can bet that they’re the shoulder the one person you mess with ends up crying on….just….don’t….you’ll instantly regret it.

ISFJ: Never underestimate them. Like seriously, you think you’re leaving them behind, but it turns out they’re just surpassing you in everything that you’ve ever done ever…. Si-doms are all about reflection, so if you mess with them before, they will understand that….and they’ll learn and grow from it. They may seem quiet, but they’re pretty much unstoppable….

ESTJ: Try arguing with them. Just try it. You’ll lose. They know how life works…and they’re not afraid to tell you. Plus, you’re never going to change their mind… (and from what I’ve seen inferior Fi can make them do some scary things when all hell breaks loose and they get emotional) 

ISTJ: An ISTJ (especially one in an Fi loop) would probably hold grudges for life….. and I mean… they’re the only people I know that are actually able to /do/ things…i mean, without an ISTJ helping me make well informed decisions I would probably have drank my school’s poisoned water by now…..i don’t want to get one mad at me…. (but seriously, my school’s water supply is fucked up)