i'm going to enjoy making those

Look at this smol baby smiling because of a fanboy screaming his name. I FUCKING CAN’T.

update: I saw some tweets saying that person was screaming KiHyun’s name but you can’t really hear it well, but whatever, still look at his fucking smile, he’s enjoying it.

nevermind, @tiny-nerd63 told me he’s really screaming JooHeon-ah SO LET’S BE HAPPY LIKE HIM.



Music here: https://youtu.be/51CH3dPaWXc ♪

For some reason, the new season brings sad days
I chased after you as you ran by the dry river bed
You carried a nostalgic record and an overblown episode
Over your tired shoulders and your frown was blinding

As if saying the same words at the same time
We created a world with this overflowing magic

A world only for us, that no one can touch
So I won’t have to let go of your hand again
If by some great power we floated into the sky
♫♪ then we’d ride the winds of the universe

Even an abandoned cat surviving in a corner resembles you a little
I pick it up and snuggled it to my cheek
I looked up, it was pale and dirty
The barely-there crescent moon was watching me

I was waiting on the ridge at the end of the dream
You had a surprise look in your eyes
With that, the two of us are reborn here

A world only for us, that no one can touch
So I won’t have to let go of your hand again
If by some great power we floated into the sky
♫♪ then we’d ride the winds of the universe

(Since I first listen to this song, I really loved it and I looked up to the lyrics and their translation. I can’t help it but those make me think so much of Bluzu, so I needed to doodle something on it. I thought it may please other people to listen to it too so I’m sharing you this! Hope ya will enjoy as much as I did.)

Sanzu @cursetale
Blublu @blesstale


Forget Nick and Judy, if anyone needed an apology, it was Manchas cause seriously the guy’s gonna get PTSD or something.

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Do you have any pictures of kittens you love? If so, could you share them? I'm in a weird mood rn and would like to make someone look at kittens bc they're adorable and make ppl smile

Omg my friend you have come to the right gal…

I present to you:

munchkin kittens

look at those eyes

check out the little stumpy tail on this one 10/10

look at him go!!!

look this one is so photogenic!! a model!! perfection!!

i hope you enjoyed these munchkin cats

I feel like there might be this sort if unspoken agreement among the Kirkwall crew to always point out nearby cats if Anders is in the party

Hawke does it because they care about their friend/lover and know how much the little moments of freedom and happiness mean to him. They also know the stories, about Pounce, and Mr. Wiggums before him, that make the mage’s borderline unhealthy affinity for cats suddenly completely understandable. And if he looks completely fucking adorable while petting the animals with a big smile on his face, well, that’s just the icing on the cake

Varric does it because even though he believes there is absolutely nothing dignified about a grown man cooing at small, furry creatures that usually seem mostly disinterested in the attention, he knows how much stress the mage is under and wants nothing more than for him to just relax for once. And hey, Blondie deserves some moments where he can just enjoy the simple things in life and be as completely undignified as he pleases

Merrill not only likes pointing them out, but often joins the healer in his apparent endeavour to pet every cat in Thedas. She loves them too, even if she can’t afford one of her own, and petting them makes her happy. Not as happy as it makes Anders, but it’s always nice when she can see him smile for once instead of always being so sad, and it gives them something pleasant to talk about for a change

Fenris does it not because he actually cares at all, no, of course not, why the hell would he care about the mage’s happiness? It does tend to shut him up, though, trading the rants about mage rights for a string of increasingly strange and nonsensical endearments that are still somehow far less irritating. Or, at least, that’s the reason he always gives when questioned, vehemently denying any possibility of kindness as a motivation

Aveline gives a huff as she points out the nearest cat, looking very much the same as a parent of a child who has just spotted a particularly interesting object to play with and is now begging for permission to go do just that. She may not be his biggest fan, but this bizarre group of friends Hawke has put together is the closest thing to family she has now, and Aveline takes care of her own, difficult and irritating mages included

Isabela does it because he enjoys it, so why not? Sure, he could have far more interesting pursuits than petting small balls of fluff, but hell, if it makes him happy, he deserves it. The poor guy never gets a chance to really lighten up anymore. Besides, she can’t deny that some of those cats are damn cute, and sometimes she joins him and Merrill, sharing stories about the mousers she used to have on her ship

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Not to be so blunt but...how do you stay so happy and positive all the time? You're so light and radiate good vibes!! I'm trying to be more like that and it's going well mostly, but I'm still riddled with negative emotions (depression doesn't help that either) and it just makes me feel so awful and like I'm never going to make any progress 😭😔

Oh sweetheart just keep trying (rest when you need to, but don’t give up) I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression most of my life and it’s literally all about perspective.
Keep a journal to write positive, uplifting and inspiring quotes or passages from books, read and follow self help or spiritual books and blogs, make gratitude lists and appreciate every little thing, be productive when you can and pick up old hobbies or start new ones, spend time doing things you enjoy and only with those who support you, compliment yourself (on more than your appearance), be proud of every little thing you do (even if it’s just getting dressed), help others if you can (volunteer, spread kindness, donate) and please take care of yourself and talk to someone or get help if you need it! Also be aware of what you’re exposing yourself to, sending you so much love 🙏🏼💗

I’m going to see the live show of Welcome to Night Vale tonight downtown in my city. But there’s also going to be WWE and Bernie Sanders is making a speech in the area, meaning traffic will be a nightmare.

I can’t be the only one who’d enjoy a mix of all 3 of those things.

Imagine: A Night Vale themed WWE event with guest star Bernie Sanders with a chair.

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Oh my gooooood!!! I'm not going to pax!! I tried for the last two fucking years and still nothing!! And I bet you're going to say "oh well" or "that's your lost" because you constantly get attention for making chibi's and you're actually proud of your art! And I'm just like forgotten?? I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for wasting your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. i’m sorry if you think i’m one of those ppl that does art just to be famous and all that crap, i’m sorry if you think i am. i’m certainly am not and at least trying not to be that person. i do art because its a thing i enjoy the most, a thing where it gave me emotion where i should let it all out, or be happy. so do me a favor and NEVER assumed me as one of those people who’re only in it for the fame, because i despise those ppl tbh.

so pls, if you can.. just… think of me as one of your friend who’re really chill and like to post silly art for a hobby. :)

2. i’m sorry that 2 years that you didn’t make it to see the ppl that you wanna meet. tell you what, at least you have the materials and the “feeling” that you wanna go. i certainly don’t have that “i wanna meet this ppl irl” (sorry jack, mark, tyler, amy <<especially you boo :’’D)  just because.. i’m not one of “those” ppl? i mean like if i did meet em than i’m thankful, but sadly that thing will never happened because “reality”. i guess, i’m just a chill person. i never mind this kind of things, so lucky for you for not being in my position if you wanna meet your fav youtuber, cuz that would’ve sucked.

and.. probs yer not muslim like me, trump ain’t hatin ya as much as he hates me lol, so you’ll have a chance, don’t give up darl! ;D

I'm sick of your bullshit Baby boomers

Old people on my Facebook timeline like to bitch about any trend. Literally seen a picture of a ratchet and it said. “Fidget spinner for those who work for a living” like? This time last year it was Pokemon go. Like? Sorry we want a distraction from the shitty world we live in. Sorry we want to forget about hardships for a while. Sorry liking activities and games makes an entire generation “Lazy”. I work and pay bills just like you but because I enjoy looking at Instagram and playing Pokemon it doesn’t count and my efforts don’t matter. You’re right. That’s how that works.
And you people wonder why so many of us are depressed/have anxiety disorders. You litterly bully an entire generation every chance you get. Oh wait. Mental Heath isn’t a thing right? My generation made up an entire field of medicine to “be lazy and make excuses” Every other month there is a bombing, shooting, stabbing, vehicular attack, school shootings/stabbing. And we watch our friends get slaughtered. While all you do is bitch and argue​ about how we don’t want to just “suck it up get and over it.” NOWHERE IS SAFE! Music concerts, Parks, Time Square, Boston​, Elementary school, Middle school, Highschool, College campuses, Movie theaters, Shopping malls, Banks, Airplanes, and Beaches to name a few, all RUINED. But heaven forbid those lazy millennials play with a fidget spinner. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT STANLEY HOW DARE WE!!!

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Chocobros reacting to catching their fem S/O looking at prices for plastic surgery? I'm petite and I've been having worse low self esteem lately about my body <___<;; Bless you for your lovely blog <3

Thank you Darling! Yet hmmm. plastic surgery is one of those things that I’m always kind of confused by. I understand the want to make yourself the type of beauty that you enjoy, yet it’s always so scary the stories you hear.



“You sure you want to go through with this?” Noctis asked looking up from the booklet that you had bought in with you.

“I…I don’t know.”

Noctis made a small murmuring noise, “Well if it will make you happy. I mean I know a lot of people that have it, but still…”

You begun to make your fight for the need, only to stop as you felt Noctis’s hand on your own.

“If this is what you want, then I’ll support you.”

You looked back to the broche, than to your boyfriend, “I want to think about it more.”




You looked to the paper in Prompto’s hands that he had fished from the recycle bin, “Prom…”

“Is this where you went earlier?” He asked, as you nodded softly. “What was it for?”

“A tummy tuck.”

Prompto faltered slightly, he could understand that, luckily he started to lose his weight as a child, so that as he grew to his final height the loose skin wasn’t too bad, and the marks were now very much faded. “Are you sure you want to go through with it?”

“I made the appointment, but I’m kind of nervous.”

Prompto sighed softly, “I just hear so many bad stories and if something were to happen to you, I just don’t want you to regret it.”

You took a deep breath looking to the man, “It’s not until the end of next month.”

Prompto moved forward wrapping his arms around you, “I think you’re perfect the way you are, no matter what you pick.”



Steroids, enchantments and hormones were all a part of Gladiolus day. He fortunately did not need them, but he had suffered through and provided enough broken noses within in his lifetime to know that plastic surgery was a thing, yet to find you had decided to do it for cosmetic reasons, because you were not comfortable within your own skin, he couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Gladiolus was a man very comfortable within his own looks, so he couldn’t understand the need for a tummy tuck, face sculpting, or additions to his body that weren’t for disfigurations or life threatening situations.

Yet he did know that your happiness meant everything to him.


Gladiolus turned to you, sighing heavily he looked back down to the pamphlet on the living room table, “I support you whatever you want, Babe.”



You felt like a kid with their hand caught in the cookie jar, as Ignis stood before you with the doctors pamphlet within his hand. “Ignis, I…”

“You don not need to explain yourself to me.” Ignis replied. “I just want to make certain that the doctor you have been speaking to has be certified. I know you are smart enough, to know that this isn’t something that in a one and done, this is a life time commitment. Plus there is also the recovery period and the things that can go wrong.”

“Yes, I do understand that.” You replied, knowing that he was worried, as there were a few things that could go wrong.

Ignis placed down the pamphlet, removing his glasses from his face, before pinching the bridge of his nose. “I for one believe you are absolute perfection the way you are, yet this is not about me. I support your choice, yet I want us together to make sure that you will have only the best, I love you too much to let some…some…”

“Quack?” You suggested.

Ignis chuckled pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Sure, get his hands on you, and hurt you. I do not want you to be another horror story.”

“All right.”

To those who ship Jashi

When I say what I’m about to say, I mean it right from the bottom of my heart with no malice intended.

Please please PLEASE enjoy Jashi while you can, because if my fears are confirmed, things will go to Hell very quickly in the show.

I really feel sorry for the people who don’t ship Klance. 

Klance is the most popular ship in not only the fandom but on Tumblr itself. Nearly every blog  that exists in this fandom has it.

And it’s sad that people who ship other things or don’t like it constantly have it everywhere. And if you don’t ship it, people will berate you for it. “Omg. How can you not ship Klance? You watch Voltron, right?. How can you not see it?”

I may ship Klance and overreact like everybody else but I still sympathise with all the people who don’t. I used to look at blog’s like that. Blog’s who didn’t ship Klance and think “what’s wrong with them? How can they not see it?

But then I realised that is just the way they feel. There are ships people like in the fandom that I’m not a fan of. For example, Shatt or Hance. I see why it’s a thing but I’m not a fan of the ship. 

So for all the people who don’t ship Klance. You’re valid. You’re still a part of this fandom. Yes, you may get crap from others but that doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, they are just ships. They are just characters who you believe have great chemistry. If other people don’t like it, who cares? You are here for your enjoyment, not theirs. You don’t like Klance? Fine. You like a ship that others are not a fan of? Fine. 

You are just as part of the fandom as anyone else. Your ships don’t make you better nor do they make you worse.

We are all here for one thing. The show. We are just here to enjoy a show that makes us happy and entertains us. 

We shouldn’t allow a minuscule thing such as ships to get in the way of that.

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i too enjoy things like the arts and philosophy, but i have always find it difficult to express just how much i like those things. what i mean is, often times i want to post a poem on instagram that i particularly liked, or talk about an exhibition i went to, but i am too scared people are going to think i am "pretentious" or a show off, even though i genuinely love these things. how do you find the courage to express yourself? i'm sorry if this didnt make any sense

My passions are simply more important to me than the unwarranted opinions of people who are not close to me: those who are understand my interests (and often share them). It’s unfortunate that certain interests may be deemed ‘pretentious’ for their history of inaccessibility and belonging to a bourgeois community. Moreover, it’s disappointing and quite harmful: such labels only deemphasize and lower the importance of such subjects (which in turn, create such fears as you have described). Post about your favourite works, share your interests, and be proud of what you love.

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I'm so glad I found your blog, I honestly think it's such a model true crime blog - there's no romanticism and it's so nice to know I can just scroll through your blog without finding some problematic "kemper was actually a super cute dork!!!" post because those make me feel super queasy to the max!! All the best and good luck with your book, judging from all the buzz I think it's going to do really well!!

I’m glad you found my blog and that enjoy it. Thank you very much and I appreciate the well wishes regarding my book. I really do hope people enjoy it and find that it’s informative and well-written.

From Heaven and to Hell
  • "People don't start broken."
  • "You enjoy punishing people, don't you?"
  • "I hate not having a choice."
  • "Hell, it's not so bad."
  • "Rest now. You earned it."
  • "It is your time to be punished."
  • "I can't let them come to harm."
  • "You didn't deserve what happened to you."
  • "I don't know why I'm here."
  • "Where am I?"
  • "Welcome to eternity."
  • "I think I'm going to be sick."
  • "It's not entirely what you think it is."
  • "You have a job to do."
  • "That is simply vile."
  • "Is heaven really paradise?"
  • "Do not touch me!"
  • "Am I really dead?"
  • "I'm sorry that this happened to you."
  • "I enjoy my job."
  • "I'm here to protect you."
  • "... I have no idea what to do here."
  • "You are going to hell, even if I have to drag you there personally."
  • "No one will get past me."
  • "You need to punish those who deserve it."
  • "There are others more deserving than I am."
  • "You can change your ways."
  • "Go to hell."
  • "Earth is filled with children that have an absent parent."
  • "My cause is righteous."
  • "Please, please don't make me go down there!"
  • "I'll gladly die in their place."
A small blog with big dreams

Hi everyone! Mun here. So I made this blog for fun, but I also had a reason for it, which I will now explain in this post.

So, I’m transgender, a transboy. Though I don’t really talk about it much in public I hold my gender identity fairly close (I care more about it than my sexual orientation at least). So I’m always pretty happy to see more ask blogs with trans muses an such. But, I haven’t really ever found one that I could really….relate to. I see a lot of trans muses who either have the cute and innocent personality to them, or a curvy and sexual personality. I’m neither of those. While I think it’s totally and completely fine if other trans folk can relate to those muses, I can’t.

I really see myself as a typical teenage (well, I’m turning 20 next year, but you get my point) boy. So I wanted to make a transgender muse who reflects that. Trans people are so much more than their gender identity. We’re not little gems that need others to always protect us, nor are we sex appeal with a fun twist. We’re people.

In conclusion, this is just a chill bro Len who happens to be transgender, much like myself. Thanks for following, and I really hope you enjoy this blog!

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It bewilders me to see women PROUD of being anti feminism, like "I'm not like ~those~ women, I'm a good woman!" Especially when I know that after they talk and rant about feminism, they're gonna go back and enjoy the luxuries that feminists have painstakingly fought for to get us. We needed feminism then, we need it now, and ignoring the problems we're facing doesn't make it go away, so???

Ugh I know it just makes me face palm so hard. They’re literally just trying to appeal to men… men who are anti feminists aren’t worth trying to get anyways go for the ones who push for equality.

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Please I need some comforting what a beautiful finale but those Adam and Eddy interviews are making me really scared as a CS fan for S7. About how we should enjoy their happiness "right now" aka before it goes to shit or they destroy it by killing Emma off or divorcing CS and Killian move on. IDK maybe I'm overreacting, did you read those interviews. What are your thoughts? JMO doesn't even know what episode she's going back for or what will happen in it, that scares me. Cause she's contracted.

I was really tired last night by the time I finished my review so I may have missed some of the interviews (I read TV Line, EW and THR), but I am more than happy to share my thoughts and theories on where we’re at.

Obviously Henry’s been cursed. That’s why he doesn’t remember his daughter. Or, likely, the rest of his family. Which means it’s likely everyone else has been cursed too, and/or scattered to other realms. And it will be up to Lucy to convince her dad of the truth, re-introduce him to everyone, and eventually break the curse (likely when Lucy is in some sort of peril).

I think Killian, Regina, and Rumple are going to be minor characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not in all the episodes, or if they’re not even in the same episodes. A&E said Storybrooke wasn’t going to be their home base. So to me, that’s says, “here’s how we’re going to get away with not having everyone in every scene without killing all the happy endings.”

Remember in season 2 how Henry wanted to go live in the Enchanted Forest? I’m guessing that’s where he went when he decided to leave home. And he fell in love there, had a family, and then pissed off some witch (or his wife did), and bam, new curse.

(But prior to that curse, his entire family swooped in to help and now they’re stuck in a cursed state, too).

I love this show because it’s fun and because the actors have brought the characters to life in such an amazing way. But writing is not the show’s strong point. The writers repeat themselves all the time. I have no doubt Henry’s love story will fall into the Snowing/CS pattern. And I’m looking forward to it, especially if they hit another chemistry homerun with whoever they hire to play opposite Andrew West.

But because A&E love to repeat themselves is exactly why I’m not worried about CS. Or Rumbelle. Or Snowing. Or Regina/Zelena’s sister bond. A curse might separate them, but Henry and Lucy will bring everyone back together again. 

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The boys favourite pet?

Noctis: Fish - the really exotic types. He has his own small aquarium in his bedroom; one of the scant few reasons why he enjoys to spend any time in there apart from sleeping. They have their own mini palace inside the tank, a gift from Iris when she found out. Loves to watch them swim all day, especially when he’s feeling down.

Prompto: Chocobos. Although he loves every animal under the sun, it’s those sweet feathery companions that melt his heart. They’re just the best. Cute, huggable, cute, sweet, cute, loyal, cute… 

Ignis: Cats. He finds their company extremely comforting and relaxing. Having them rest on his lap as he strokes them absently while reading a book is one of his favourite things to do when he wants to unwind. Ignis always makes sure that his cats are well trained and has ample supplies to keep them entertained. That’s not to say that they don’t misbehave. A number of dinnerware and furniture has been replaced over the years. Ignis can’t stay angry for long though - those soft meows and purrs along with those big eyes staring up at him swiftly quenches any annoyance he has. 

Gladiolus: Dogs. Really big dogs. They make really great companions when going outdoors. He always brings his for a jog or whenever he wants to go camping. Nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with a loyal friend who won’t complain about their feet hurting.

seeing all the j*nsa stans having meltdowns and desperately trying to pull out new reasons from their ass for why jonsa will end up being endgame is Peak Comedy

also i love how people are trying to reason that jon will ditch dany once he finds out that she’s his aunt and he and sansa aren’t siblings…. like that will justify him choosing sansa???? like come on. if incest was a deal-breaker for jon, he would not leave dany for it only to go to sansa, who is STILL HIS COUSIN. it makes absolutely zero sense. both are incest. if jon is squicked out by it, he will not end up with either unfortunately.