i'm going to eat my hand

Have I mentioned to you guys that I got sick of cooking for myself so I just started eating almost exclusively peanut butter and jelly and I’ve gone through 3 jars of peanut butter so far? I feel like that is a relevant life update.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • tic tac
  • hand sanitizer
  • lipstick
  • glasses
  • keys

Five things in my bedroom

  • fake plants
  • non-fake succulent plants
  • humidifier
  • chess board 
  • craft tape

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • go shopping at a nice mall without having to worry about prices
  • ride my own motorcycle
  • maintain an indoor garden
  • adopt a bunny
  • meet and shake hands with a celebrity i like

Five things that make me happpy:

  • a tidy, organized room
  • eating good, healthy food
  • meeting dear friends after not seeing them for a while
  • alone time
  • comedy/funny memes

Five things I’m currently into

  • drinking tea with lemon
  • flashcards
  • cooking
  • zodiac signs
  • blanket scarves

Five things on my to-do list

  • read accounting textbook chapter 1
  • annotate global economy lecture slides
  • continue model un research
  • practice driving test questions
  • maintain duolingo streak

Five things people may not know about me.

  • i haven’t played chess seriously in years
  • sometimes when i’m bored i try on clothes i don’t wear often 
  • i still coo over my brother even though he’s big now
  • i’m very bad at social interaction despite how cheerful i seem
  • i’m simultaneously too emotional and also dead inside d=(´▽`)=b

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going to japan!!

A lifelong dream is finally coming true!! I’ll be in Japan (specifically Osaka, and maybe Kobe and Kyoto) with my family from January 11 to 18. I’m so ready to randomly encounter Ososan stuff (and buy Ososan merch!) while I’m there haha

I probably won’t have Internet there - or at least, I’m not bringing any devices with me. I’ll be setting up a queue in a few hours; hopefully I can find enough content on here to fill in a week XD

I’ll see you guys when we get back!! ♥


“As I was feeding squirrels in the park, I noticed a small one that didn’t seem to trust me. While the others came close enough to eat out of my hand, he kept his distance. I threw a peanut his way. He edged up, grabbed it nervously, and ran off. Next time he must have felt less afraid, because he came a little closer. The safer he felt, the more he trusted me. Finally he sat right at my feet, as bold as any squirrel clamoring for the next peanut.

Trust is like that—it always seems to come down to trusting in yourself. Others can’t overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own. It’s hard, because fear and doubt hold on tight. We are afraid of being rejected, of being hurt once more. So we keep a safe distance. We think separating ourselves from others will protect us, but that doesn’t work, either. It leaves us feeling alone and unloved.

Trusting yourself begins by recognizing that it’s okay to be afraid. Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes. The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear. Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I’m more open to other people. The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than any fear.

In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete. There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside. In the space where fear used to live, love is allowed to grow.”

–Michael Jackson

Happy 57th Birthday King!!

But imagine how long it’s going to take Lucy to remember that Natsu went away on his own journey. She probably used to stock extra food so that when he randomly popped over she wouldn’t go hungry. And now. All that extra food just sits in her fridge. And goes bad. Reminding her that Natsu is gone.

Or she’ll go to the grocery store and think to herself that she needs to buy something spicy for Natsu to eat. And just realizes that. He’s not going to be stopping by any time soon.

yo!!! ty!!! love ur enthusiasm tho i on the other hand hate airports with the burning passion of a thousand hells layered inside the erupting super volcano in yellowstone at the end of time !!! they’re like the built up stress of four million lifetimes compacted into one building ! Airplanes r gr8 bc pretty views and no pressure to do anything other than sleep (n sometimes eat) but i could go another thousand years without stepping foot in an airport im sorry i’ve gone off it’s the stress u see i’m currently waiting rn in the airport it’s The Stress

EDIT: ALSO airports are money vacuums!!!!!!! I’m waiting to go thru security for some reason it’s individualized by gate n the only place to sit is in a cafe!!! So u have to spend $$$ to stay there obvs bc otherwise ur an asshole. I just spent €4.80 on a cappuccino what the heck ALSO this old lady just took a picture of her purple haired old lady friend holding up a glass of wine it was awesome @caesiopeia

Also can y’all go one damn chapter without making posts like “Omg SOME PEOPLE only seem to care about SHIPPING” like ok I get your point, but people’s lives suck, the world is rlly shitty right now, and I don’t have enough hours to cry about every fictional character, so if u want to tell me exactly how I should enjoy my stupid manga about spastic teens fighting naked man-eating giants, ur gonna have to come to my house and choke me out with your own bare hands, the choice is yours


This is what it means to be a woman in this world. Every step is a bargain with pain. Make your black deals in the black wood and decide what you’ll trade for power. For the opposite of weakness, which is not strength but hardness. I am a trap, but so is everything. Pick your price. I am a huckster with a hand in your pocket. I am freedom and I will eat your heart.

Me on my death bed...
  • Me: *coughing* "Doctor... Doctor come here!"
  • Doctor: "Yes? What is it?"
  • Me: *places phone in hand* "Please... I beg-" *wheezes*
  • Doctor: *grips phone*
  • Me: "Take care of the cats. Tubbs likes eating all the food. Make sure the others don't go hungry. Be sure to rotate the toys and to have warm blankets out when it's cold; the red one is their favorite. Don't you dare feed them Thrifty Bits; they deserve only the best! If you feed them that cheep stuff I'll come back and make your life a living Hell!"
  • Doctor: "..."

I watched Misha eat at a bar for twenty minutes today. I also had the truffle fries, Misha. They were delicious.

A month. It had been going on a month since they’d seen each other.

So naturally Jensen was waiting for him in his hotel room after the concert on Saturday.

“How… did you even… get in here?” Misha ground out between kisses and his own laughter. His hands were full, carrying his jacket, room key, and empty water bottle from the show. He could only weakly brush his knuckles against Jensen’s hips.

Jensen barely paused from his onslaught, slowly turning Misha and guiding him backwards to the bed. “Know the name you checked in under.” Kiss. Shoving at the stuff in his hands. The stuff crashing to the floor. “Know your home address.” Kiss. Jensen’s hands pushing the fabric of his t-shirt away. Grazing of his stomach. “Told them I forgot my key.” Quick kiss. Jensen reaches into his pocket with a smile. “They gave me an extra.”

Misha snorted, dropping onto the bed and pulling Jensen to straddle his lap. “You could have come up with me if you just waited. You didn’t have to lie to the poor desk people.”

Jensen shrugged, settling his arms around Misha’s shoulders. “Not a fan of tense elevator rides. I wanted to be able to touch you when I first saw you. Quicker way to get to this.”

He leaned back in and kissed Misha, gentler this time. Misha smiled against his lips, bringing his hand from Jensen’s hip to his neck, deepening the kiss.

Misha had just passed his tongue over Jensen’s when Jensen pulled back, with a curious ‘hmm.’

Misha raised a questioning eyebrow at him. Jensen shook his head briefly before leaning back in, his tongue immediately in Misha’s mouth.

Misha was just reciprocating when Jensen pulled away again.

“What is that? What is that taste?”

Misha frowned, both eyebrows going up in question. “Rob, maybe? Or Cohen’s nipple. I’m told I licked it off the glass.”

Jensen coughed a surprised laugh. “What?”

“Yeah, that glass-enclosed bridge at the convention center. Apparently I licked the window at the same spot Matt pressed his nipples against it earlier.”

Jensen buried his face in Misha’s neck, shaking with laughter. Misha scratched at the small hairs at the back of his neck, grinning.

Jensen snorted as he pulled back, looking at Misha with dancing eyes. “Okay, not that I would know what Cohen’s nipple tastes like, but that’s not what I meant. Hang on.”

He leaned back in, tongue first, trying to lick at the back of Misha’s teeth.

Misha let out a muffled grunt at the invasion, pushing Jensen back. “Dude.”

“Is that garlic? It’s like kind of oniony garlic but not oniony.”

“I had truffle fries at the bar earlier?”

Jensen dove back in. Misha let him explore his mouth.

“Is that bar close? Could we go tomorrow?”

Misha rolled his eyes. “I mean I went there for my VIP thing so fans definitely know I was there. It’ll probably be packed tomorrow.”

Jensen nuzzled at his neck, looking up at him with sad eyes.

Misha ran a hand through Jensen’s hair, sighing dramatically. “Are you seriously that committed to a bar snack you tasted second-hand from my mouth?”

Jensen rubbed their noses together. “It tasted really good from your mouth.”

“How do you know I don’t just taste good?”

Jensen snorted, shoving Misha enough for him to sway but not enough to fall over. “Of course you taste good, asshole.”

Misha smiled, pulling Jensen down to kiss him again.

He allowed himself to be kissed before pulling back again. “I do really want those fries, though.”

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Shunsui, um…there was something I wanted to talk to you about, if that’s alright ? Jushiro fidgeted nervously, a hand coming up to rub at his hair while the other nervously fiddled at the hem of his uniform. Maybe now wasn’t the best time for this ? But the matter had been eating at him, and now that they were alone together, he wanted desperately to bring it up.

D-Do you remember, a couple of nights back, when you were drunk.. ?

fake ah crew raywood thing where they all go crazy when it rains in los santos after a drought or just rain in general since it’s kinda hot there
so ryan takes out ray onto the rooftop to enjoy the sudden downpour of rain
and they’re such fucking sappy so ryan goes ‘may i have this dance?’
ray gives him a shit-eating grin, takes a overly dramatic deep breath, and starts singing 'take my hand, take a breath. pull me close and take one step. keep your eyes locked on mine, and let the music be your guide.’
ryan’s very tempted to push him off the side of the building but decides that fuck it, sighs, and starts singing in return
'won’t you promise me (now won’t you promise me, that you’ll never forget) we’ll keep dancing (to keep dancing) wherever we go next.’
ray is utterly dumbfounded because what the actual fuck
how can ryan actually sing high school musical
but going along, ray’s grin widens because they’re literally the only criminals he’s ever known who would do this sort of thing and sings along with ryan at the chorus
soon enough they’re on the second verse and 'how the fuck and why do you know all the lyrics’ is the only thing that ray manages
but ryan’s gone
he’s fucking pulling ray through the whole dance with precise steps and twirling like troy and gabriella and hitting the high notes perfectly that ray fails to sing along since he’s so impressed
ray’s sure he might die of laughter at any second but nonetheless eventually joins in the singing and lets ryan guide him through the imaginary music, pulling his phone out now and again to record ryan when he isn’t paying attention, either for blackmail or safekeeping