i'm going to do this with every piece of sherlock news that is released

anonymous asked:

I'm not a Tumblr-er, but I know what is happening in your TJLC community and I just wanted to say this: Johnlock IS a thing. Ben even said on the Nerdist podcast that the difference between himself and Sherlock includes 'preference in the sex of our partners'. The writers weren't giving you bait; they were showing you clues. But that's the whole point: it's not about what they are. It's about their adventures. We knew all along. But that's not the most important thing. Love to you all.

Thank you for saying this, kind Anon. You’ve got the kind of voice that makes me wonder who you might be on the other side of that icon, to be honest. But, yes: Johnlock was clearly where they were going. 

If they don’t release some additional explanation or episode, my assumption is that something went wrong, and that the recent shift in political climate meant they couldn’t do it anymore. 

If (or when) they got this news, Mofftiss likely realized they had two choices: 

1) Try and make believe it wasn’t a romance all along by putting a big, stomach-churning, normativity-approved “Best Bros Forever” band-aid on the gaping plot vortex they knew it would create, or…

2) Send the message that they are as disgusted as we are, by showing what the show would look like if they hadn’t been putting so much time, love, and social progress into it. What it would have looked like if Johnlock hadn’t been their ultimate goal: total gibberish.

If you stop and think about it, it really can’t be more obvious that they’re as miserable as we are with this ending. They destroyed the show in every possible way, sending up every red flag they could in the process, to let us know something had gone wrong. 

Because where are they? They’re not trying to defend it…there’s total radio silence. You can’t even reach them. Mark even canceled his writing workshop. Likely not because he’s got no skills to teach, but because everyone’s accusing him of it, for something that was entirely out of his hands.

Make no mistake, if this is the end, the creators of this exquisite piece of artwork are as appalled and heartbroken as we are. 

I really cannot stress enough that we shouldn’t go after any of the actual cast and crew. We need to focus on the BBC corporation, to try and hold accountable whoever it was in the chain that pulled the plug on the original show mission statement.

Mark and Steven don’t own BBC. As was said about poor Mycroft, “He did his best,” but, “[they’re] very limited.”

Please do not vent your feelings at after Mark and Steven. You wouldn’t blame Sherlock for having to fake his own death to save John, you’d put the blame on Moriarty and his network, or the TV executives who’ve been making their lives hell the last few series, where it belongs.

I mean…don’t you all think it’s odd that all of a sudden all the enemies were TV corporation personalities? 

Doesn’t it seem like they were trying to warn us before it was too late?