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Hey y’all!  So, I’m still on a little hiatus, but there is hope.  I have started a new series, Part One is HERE.  Now I’m gonna try and do the thing where I don’t post any of it until it’s completely finished (well the rest of it anyway).  This is extremely hard as I am a buzzy hummingbird ever eager to share.  So, to keep me on track, and to keep my dash alive, I’m going to be reposting some of my favorite past fics over the next few weeks.

There’s a bunch of you that are fairly new to my blog, WELCOME!!  (There are over 1700 of you now!!!  I love you all so much!!  Thank you for following me!)  So, maybe these fics will be brand new to you.  If not, I apologize in advance.

Also, I haven’t updated my tag list in, ever.  So, if you would like to STAY ON MY FOREVER TAG LIST, PLEASE LIKE THIS POST.  If not, no problem, interests change, I’ll pull you off.  If you want to be added to my tag list please send me an ask.  Thank you!

This gif has nothing to do with anything other than Dean looking sexy, enjoy.

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anonymous asked:

I've been going through this blog (it's a great blog, btw) and I saw a post from someone saying that they realised that their body is not inherently sexual? I'm not trying to be rude, I promise, I'm just really confused- what do you mean the body isn't inherently sexual? I thought that was the whole point of bodies, they keep you alive and they attract a mate.

If you are referencing a specific post, please provide the post number. Anywho, I believe I can still answer this. The human body does more than just reproduce. If that was its sole purpose why would we need to see as many colors as we do. Why would we feel emotions and create art? One could argue that all those things are to make sure you don’t die before you make babies but I think that’s an utterly simplistic view of things. Not only does it ignore the neuroscience behind humans having a higher level of consciousness then an amoeba, but is a cat pointless if they are fixed? Don’t have more value then the possible offspring they could have produced? Sure they do. And so do you. In my opinion your body isn’t inherently anything besides alive.

anonymous asked:

Hey!! ^u^ I've been a fan of your art for like um-- a year now?? Ugh! Sorry if that sounds creepy!! It's just your art is SO GOOD!! And I want to draw like you someday!! I've been following you for a long time but I'm just too shy to reveal myself to the public so I'm hiding as an anon!! >///< And I don't know if you still do requests or not but if you don't mind, could you draw Idate and Purim interacting with each other? ^v^ Thank you for existing!! <3 Sincerely, Your secret anon admirer!!

Oh my, really, this ask made me smile.

I feel bad because I can’t really keep the blog alive right now (well, until the 6th July), but I’ll do my best to become active again. ;;;

It’s ok to be shy, the anon option is here for that !! I actually don’t take request right now, but you’re too cute, and that big ask made my heart melt. So here you go !

it’s quite sketchy but— well.

Thank you for existing too ! ~ c:

anonymous asked:

Hey, just thought you might wanna look into it; @redkatherinee has made another transphobic piece of art, this time it actually portrays literal guts and blood so be careful when checking if you do, if you're gonna use it on a callout post or something. It just keeps getting worse and after her drawing literally boiling trans people this is just unbelievable. I'm not trans but I can't imagine how unsafe this kind of art makes trans people feel, it's awful...

Yeah I made a post about her on my other blog. There’s a post going around on how to report her art. Despite thousands of people reporting her art for going against the Tumblr terms of service, it’s still up. Tumblr doesn’t give a shit about us lmao.

For anyone wondering, she drew a witch boiling trans people alive in a cauldron. The hands in the cauldron have wristbands of the trans flag, agender flag, and genderflux flag. The witch is reading from a book called “Human Biology.”

Everyone got upset with her and in response, she made a new drawing of the same witch wearing an apron that says “TERF” carrying a pie made out of humans. The pie screams “Die cis scum!” In the description redkatherinee made a poem about TERFs eating trans people.

She’s the same person that drew Junkrat with top surgery scars calling him a girl. And then under that she drew Junkrat without top surgery scars calling him a boy. Basically saying that trans men are girls. It was a response to people headcanoning Junkrat as trans.

She also draws a lot of WidowxTracer art, so watch out.

There’s a parody account @redkatherineee (with an extra e). They’re hilarious.

it’s  that  time  where  I  mention  a  drop  of  activity.  Why – ?  because  ultimately  ovw  fandom  is  stressing  me  out  and  admittedly  i’m  having  fun  with  Omar  over  at  DDADDS  rp  com.  I  won’t  abandon  Salem !  Just  his  activity  will  now  be  a  lot  more  selective.

one thing that i’ve heard a lot from my theatre teacher is:

“when doing improv, always say ‘yes’” because it will generally make the scene go smoother and help to keep it alive, ya know?

so what i was thinkin is: can’t that be applied to roleplaying? because we are basically just doing improv.

for example: someone’s muse asks your muse to go to the movies with them or somethin idk and normally your character wouldn’t go with them, but see if you can find a way to work around that, ya feel?

just think about that the next time you do a reply. see how it works out for you. 


thought I’d make a little post to let you know I’m still alive. I know I haven’t been very active, but I’m trying hard to keep everything running. I don’t want to let go of the blog just because things are difficult at the moment. I want to be able to do both.

I’m working on a few projects which I hope you are excited for, but it may take a while before I can announce them.

anyway, I hope life is treating you all well and that you’re doing okay :)