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aaaa could you draw some allura?

i can always draw my God Damn Daughter 

“What do you give someone who already has everything?”

Hi so I’ll be gone a few days so in keeping with the holiday season have some more BillDip. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to answering or fulfilling some requests but ugh life and school so… yeah? Sarreh?

anyways you can’t go wrong with BillDip so


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gif request meme + hs yearbook award themes

okay guys: a gif request meme based off of those ‘best’ categories at the end of your hs yearbook lol

  1. best hair
  2. cutest couple
  3. nicest smile
  4. most athletic
  5. most dramatic
  6. class clown
  7. friendliest
  8. best hugs
  9. best dressed
  10. biggest flirt
  11. best bromance
  12. most changed
  13. most dateable
  14. most outspoken
  15. most likely to succeed
  16. most likely to end up in jail
  17. most likely to take over the world
  18. most likely to become president/prime minister
  19. most likely to become famous
  20. best person to bring home to your parents

send me an ask with a number and fandom!


Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality


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Flowers by ska0325

MB: The weather is good…

YS: Byul-ah, look at this! It’s so colorful! I cut some for you!

MB: Do you want me to scold you? Who are you waiting for outside?

YS: BYUL! Byul I missed you <3… but where did you go?

MB: I went on a walk.

YS: A walk? Why would you go on a walk???

MB: … let’s not talk. mm hmmm

MB: Take this. I picked it up on the road.

YS: What’s thi- …

MB: They’re a little wilted… but I thought you would like them so I brought them back with me. Ah. And those are flowers. They’re very color-

~by ska0325 on twitter

Which HP Character do you share your sign with?

*as requested by the anon

Aries: James Potter, Fred&George Weasley
Taurus: Horace Slughorn, Pomona Sprout, Victoire Weasley
Gemini: Draco Malfoy
Leo (aka literally every damn character): Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Percy Weasley
Virgo: Hermione Granger, Dolores Umbridge
Libra: Garrick Ollivander, Quirinus Quirrell, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick
Scorpio: Molly Weasley, Sirius Black (woop woop!)
Sagittarius: Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid
Capricorn: Tom Riddle, Severus Snape
Aquarius: Gilderoy Lockhart, Lily Evans, Arthur Weasley, Luna Lovegood
Pisces: Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin, Sybill Trelawney


whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+

Too Bad

But it’s too sweet.

Request : By @jjangjade :  May I request an angsty(???)/smut scenario wherein y/n falls in love with taehyung, y/n’s mother’s ex-fiancée’s son? buT Y/N AND TAE AREN’T RELATED AT ALL LOL, but y/n’s mom finds out and wants her to break up with tae, so she run’s away to tae’s house. 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

A/N: Helloooww, so, hmmm, I’m really sorry this took me so long to write. I had a lot of free time today so I decided to get this one out. I’m sorry if it seems a little bit rushed and unpolished, I just wanted to get something out because I won’t be able to for a little while. I still hope you enjoy it. Also, please excuse any typos I don’t have the time to proofread it right now but I’ll surely do it later.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut.

Word count: 3.4K Words.

Warnings: Other than the sexual stuff I don’t think there are any.

“Break up with him.” Your mom spoke out of the blue. You felt that something was wrong when she picked you up from your late night classes and, for someone as talkative as your mother, didn’t say anything.

“W-what do you mean?” You couldn’t deny that it caught you off guard. It was inevitable for her to eventually figure out your secret relationship with Taehyung. You weren’t that discreet with it in any way and she must’ve seen the two of you at some point that day.

“Don’t mock me, Y/N, You know very well what I mean. End it.”  She didn’t even glance at you, keeping her attention on the road alone, which would’ve angered you – How casually she spoke – if you weren’t so shocked.

You had a whole speech ready. You’ve thought of this moment over and over again through the past few months that you’ve been with him. However, being put face to face with it, you found yourself wordless and frozen in place.

“But..mom-” The car suddenly stopped and she finally turned to look at you. Her glare would be enough to kill, if only looks were capable of it.

“No buts.” She paused for a moment waiting for you to agree or even just nod but you didn’t make a move. “You do as I say!” The tone in your mother’s voice became even more severe that you flinched away.

You couldn’t agree to do as she said because you were too deeply in love with the boy that the mere supposition of being apart from him made your heart drop. But, you couldn’t say no either because Taehyung wasn’t just anyone.

When you found your mother silently sobbing in the dark kitchen one night telling you that her engagement was off, you couldn’t help but feel a little relief. During the time that she dragged you around while preparing for her big day, you found yourself falling for the groom’s son. So, even though you never thought you would be the kind of daughter that would rejoice in her mother’s misery, you were happy when Taehyung was no longer going to be your new family. At least not that way.

He, as well, seemed to share the same feelings and the secretive relationship between the two of you started. At first it was just exchanging glances then shyly looking away, then subtle flirting from across the diner table, then holding hands under said diner table, to finally declaring that you wanted to be more. But, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell her.

Mainly because she forbid you from even being friends with him, let alone lovers.

“Why can’t you just move on? And let me be happy?” Your reply surprised her. She expected you to understand why it was wrong for the two of you to be together, although the reason was a little fuzzy in her brain as well, and you did – which is why you kept it a secret-. She expected you to be on her side and dating Taehyung meant you were on theirs.

“How can you do this to me? Especially after what his father did.”

“Stop it! You and I both know he left you because you’re a control freak.” As soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them. But the ringing in your ear from her hand striking your cheek kept you from thinking too much about it.

“Get out of the car. Right now.”

“Gladly.” You slammed the door and she drove away without hesitation. Tears were already filling your eyes when you realized you had nowhere to go. You needed to vent out your frustration to someone and Taehyung seemed like the perfect person for it, considering it was partially his fault.

His phone kept ringing but he didn’t pick up which made you even more angry. You were closer to his house so you decided to go there for now and not think of anything else. Especially how scared you were from having to walk alone at night.

Hey, what’s wrong? You called me ten times.” You sighed when he finally called back, hearing his deep voice making you calm down and feel a lot safer.

“Where were you?”

In the shower. Sorry, babe.”

“It’s okay. Can you please open the door? I’m outside your house.”

What?!” You heard shuffling coming from inside the house then the door was pushed open. Taehyung shivered when the cold breeze met his dampened hair but his attention was on you. He noticed the tear stained cheeks and reddened eyes and started feeling worried. “What happened?”

“I-” You couldn’t get another word out before your voice broke into a loud sob and you started crying again. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around you to let you cry against his chest. His mind was panicking but he tried to keep his calm until you regained yours.

“Let’s go inside, okay?” Taehyung wiped the new tears with his thumbs with a soft smile, pecking both your cheeks, before taking your hand in his and leading you into the house. When he closed the door, keeping the cold outside, his arms were back around you until you finally stopped crying.

“Better?” He pulled away to look at you, hating how puffy your eyes were and how cold your body felt against his, “Now, can you tell me what happened?”

“She told me to break up with you,” You took a deep breath, clearing your throat, “I said…something hurtful and she kicked me out.”

“She-” Taehyung felt an inexplicable anger, mostly at himself, that you had to go through it. “It’s okay. It’ll get better.”

“I’m not breaking up with you.” You shook your head, new tears threatening to fall again, with determination and he nodded brushing the back of his hand on your cheek and smiled,

“I’m not either. I love you, okay? we’ll get through this.” He always had a way to make everything feel better and you chose to believe him.


“He’s in the study. Wait here I’-” He went to move away but you gripped his shirt bringing him back to you.

“No, can we just..not tell him? I’m not ready to face him too tonight.” He stared at you for a moment before nodding again.

“Sure, babe. Let’s just go to my room. I’ll tell him in the morning.” You already knew where everything was from the numerous times you’ve been in their house, though it was the first time since their break-up.

Taehyung sat you down on the bed, resting his chin on your knees  as he crossed his legs on the floor, looking up at you. He examined your features with a soft glow in his eyes, one of pure affection.

“Do you feel better now?” He asked while you absentmindedly played with his hair. Your hand stilled and you nodded letting a small smile pull at your lips,

“Now that I’m with you, I do.” He couldn’t help the slight blushing of his cheeks at your words. He was never good with words so, most of the time, he hoped his presence was comfort enough and that was the confirmation he needed.

Silence took over again and you settled for just sitting there with his warmth close to you, your eyes gazing into one another speaking everything that couldn’t be said. And everything that you couldn’t formulate into words. You sighed looking away,

“I’m sorry, Tae.” His eyebrows knotted together waiting for you to explain since he couldn’t think of anything worth an apology, especially on your side, “I’m sorry that I just made it a lot harder for us. If I just stayed quiet then she wouldn-…she will never accept us now.”. New tears threatened to fall and Taehyung felt alarmed with how you voice cracked at the end.

“Hey, hey, look at me..” He sat up on his knees to cup your face, making you look at him, “We knew it was going to hard from day one but we also knew that we could make it through. No matter what happens, I won’t let you go. I promise.” He pushed forward to plant a peck to each of your eyes, tasting the saltiness of your tears on his lips once he pulled away “Do you trust me?”.

“More than I should.” You shrugged and his smile grew wider,

“Then you know that I will do whatever it takes so you wouldn’t have to cry anymore.” The sincerity in his voice was over whelming and the only way for you to show the same was by pressing your lips to his.

“Just don’t break my heart.” You mumbled against his mouth and he sniggered,

“Wouldn’t even dare.” He captured your lower lip gently between his teeth relishing in the small whimper you let out before tilting your head to deepen the kiss. What started out as an innocently – debatable – kiss slowly became more desperate. Your arms wrapped around his neck and knees parted so he could get closer to you, you kissed Taeyung with all your might. And considering how long you’ve both been holding back, craving, the intimacy that you couldn’t get, no wonder he soon pushed you up the bed eagerly.

His tongue licked into your mouth, tracing around yours, before he stilled pulling up to look at you when you let your hips grind up to meet his,

“Y/N…” There was hesitation in his voice, maybe had been too taken by the heat of the moment that he lost his senses, as he hovered over you supporting himself up on his palms.

“I know. I want to.” Sharing that moment with a indescribable bubbling happiness growing inside, you breathed in each other’s breath silently enjoying it. “Please…I want you.”

Now how could he refuse such a request?  

Taehyung kissed up your stomach to your chest as he pulled your shirt away from your body, letting you sit up so he can get it over your head, then connecting your lips once again. His hands were soon back on your body again, praising every spot he reaches with soft touches and breathtaking pecks, trailing down to your jeans. You let out a shaken breath when he pressed his thigh against your clothed heat as he sat up to help you out of your jeans.

It was shamelessly done, the way your lips were parted and hands reached for his own zipper. You were shameless for him, only for him, and incredibly eager.

Soon enough, he was back to sucking deep set marks onto your neck and collarbone once both of your clothes were thrown somewhere to the ground, leaving you bare in all ways. Your fingers gripped his hair, back arching towards him when he roughly bit down on your earlobe.

“You’re so beautiful-fuck-” He cursed, trying to be quiet, when your free hand gripped his erection, pre-cum already leaking out the tip, “So fucking good for me.”.

“Just for you.” You panted out squirming when he finally ran his fingers through your folds, deliberately missing your clit, until they were lubricated enough to let one slip inside.

“Then let me thank you.” And, again, he was kissing down your torso, making you spread your legs even wider, and seating himself between them. You almost choked on your own breath when you felt his tongue on you, rolling and flickering over your core in the most obscenely sensual way. You gripped the sheets tightly to stop yourself from moaning out, because you had to be quiet after all. Knowing that you weren’t alone in the house and the need to keep it down, only made it even harder to actually be quiet. You found it even more challenging with Taehyung already knuckles deep inside of you, pumping in and out just as his tongue kept tracing random patterns over your clit.

Sweat was already making your body shine against the faint light and small shivers spread through your veins starting to feel the heat pooling down your lower stomach making you clench around his fingers.

Taehyung looked up at you from between your legs, deep darkness staring back at you. That sight alone could be enough to have you unfolding under his touch. He no longer looked like your adorable boyfriend of three minutes ago, something about the smirk that was evident in his gaze and in how he was hungrily drinking all your lustful expressions made your heart tighten, pulsing more blood into your veins. You were burning up and it felt too slow for your needs,

“Tae-ah-I want you inside me -now- ” You let out between short breaths and he didn’t need to be told twice. Taehyung pulled his fingers out of you, watching as you clenched around nothing seeking for him again. You covered your face at the words that you never thought would be saying, but desperation had its ways.

“Move your arms, baby. I want to see you.” His voice was deeper than usual, even more captivating than usual so you easily submitted. “God, I can never get used to how gorgeous you are.” He bend down to capture your lips again, unable to pull away for too long, and whispered in your ear – as if you weren’t impatient already- “Say you want me again,” He bit down on your lower lip, adjusting himself between your legs.

“Tae…” You could feel his dick twitching against your entrance and you knew he couldn’t ignore it any longer either.

“Come on, princess, tell me what do you want.”

“I want you to fuck me.” you couldn’t believe the words out of your own mouth. But desperation has its ways.

“Ready?” He asked for a final time and you nodded earnestly as if telling to just hurry up. Taehyung lined himself up with your entrance already feeling the warmth radiating from it, let the head slowly breach inside and stilled for a moment letting you adjust, then -in on swift movement- pushed the rest of his length deep into you. You gasped, back arching off the bed towards him, as he started out with shallow and controlled thrusts wary not to hurt you.

The way you moaned hoarsely every time he grind his hips up into you, feeling you tightening around him with every push, made Taehyung want to completely wreck you until you were chanting his name alone, crying out for him to take you. It was a dominant side of him that he never knew was even there until now.

The slow pace he maintained from the start was no longer enough for him, it only took a small whisper of what sounded like more from your parted lips for him to pull almost all the way out then thrust roughly back. A low grunt left his throat as his thrust became harder, picking up the pace, and soon he was pounding into you restlessly.

Your moans, sweat, and your passion mixed together into a blurry mess and soon you felt yourself losing it. He followed right after with a muffled cry of pleasure that he silenced against your hair, hugging your body tightly to his.

You don’t know how much time you spent tangled in each other’s embrace under the sheets but it was never long enough and the moment he stood away taking away the warmth with him, you were already craving it again. You knew that it will be even harder to stay away from him from that moment on, and you didn’t mind.

Taehyung moved away to his closet taking out a pair of gray sweatpants and a loose black shirt, both neatly folded, and put them on the edge of the bed. “Put these on. I’m going to get you a cup of water, okay?”. The adorable smile was back again and you couldn’t decide which expression you liked more since everything he did was too captivating in its own way. How on earth will you be able to break up with him?  

You won’t. That’s the easier answer.

You woke up to the sound of laughter coming from outside the room and an empty space where Taehyung was on the bed. You rubbed your eyes remembering everything that happened the night before but didn’t have time to feel embarrassed about it because, now, you had to face his father.

You got up fixing your hair from its messy state then walked out the room, trying not to make it too obvious that you were feeling guilty about everything. However, your worries disappeared when you were met with the cheerful greeting’s of Taehyung’s father who seemed very very far from angry.

“Good morning, Y/N! Sit down, Tae begged me to make you pancakes.” He held up the pan that he most likely was threatening his son with and smiled, “So, I’m doing it. How did you sleep?”. There was something in his tone that showed he knew, also how Taehyung became paler than a piece of paper, your cheeks heated up and you buried your face in your hands moving to the table.

“Dad!” Taehyung whined hitting his father’s arm out of frustration.

“What? I just asked how she slept, what did-”

“Oh my god, just kill me.” Taehyung’s shoulders slumped as he joined you. You got closer to him, the glare evident in your eyes, and whispered “I’ll kill you if he doesn’t.”

“So, Tae here told me you’ve been dating for a while.” You froze reminded that not all was well.

“Please don’t tell us to break up.” You cut him him, thinking it was best to say it first before he does, since you knew it was coming. The man turned around to look at you, dumbfounded,

“Break up? Why would I say that?”

“Because you and…my mom-” He laughed but it didn’t sound like he was mocking you, more like you were mocking him.

“Honey, what happened between me and your mother is in the past. I’m just glad he found someone to love.” He brought two mugs to the table, putting one in front of you and the other for Taehyung, “It’s an upgrade from that barbie doll he keeps under his bed. Believe me I’m very happy.”.

“He what?” Laughter errupted in the small kitchen as Taehyung’s cheeks seemed to grow redder by the second.

“That was so long ago and you promised not to tell anyone!” Taehyung jumped up trying to tackle his father to the ground, who just laughed pushing him off easily. “Don’t believe him, Y/N, I can explain.”.

Happiness. That’s what you felt listening to Taehyung’s blabber. It was like a bubbly sensation of butterflies in your stomach that you missed. However, it wasn’t going to last, you were aware of it. At some point you will have to face reality again once the laughter died down.

You were all sitting down when a serious expression took over the elder’s face, “Your mom called, she asked if you were here. I told her not to worry but..you know how she is.”. Taehyung took your hand in his and you smiled up at him, trying to hide the sadness. “You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you want but you have to talk to her. She’s sorry.”

“She’ll never understand.” You sighed, wishing you could put that small piece of happiness on rewind forever and not have to deal with anything else.

“I’m sure she will. She was young and in love too. Just give her time and she’ll come around.” Taehyung’s dad, just like his son, always knew the right words to say to make things seem better than they actually are. “She’s a good person.” He added after a deep sigh and you could see a faint regret in his eyes.

“Just like you.” Taehyung squeezed your hand tightly, leaning to peck your cheek. His father let out a disgusted grunt and soon laughter took over again. You pushed all your thoughts aside to just enjoy the moment. For the time being, that’s all you could do because if it was time that your mother needed to agree to your relationship then you had enough of it to give her.

You still had Taehyung to make the wait easier for you to handle and he wasn’t going to give up on you so why would you?

Ahhhhhhhh…I’m sorry xD 


    ”I sometimes see myself as already a worthy pastor with a good-natured homebody for a wife, a voluminous library, and duties to perform, positions to hold, in every sphere of society. Six days for meditation; on the seventh, one opens one’s mouth. When you take your walk, schoolboys and girls shake hands with you. And when you return home, the coffee is steaming, a big cake is served, and girls bring apples in through the garden door. Can you imagine anything finer?”

    “What I imagine is half-closed eyelashes, half-opened lips, and Turkish draperies! Look, I don’t believe in their grand manner: our elders pull their stupidities from us. Among themselves they call each other dunderheads just like us. When I’m a m i l l i o n a r e, I’ll build a monument to God.”
- Ernst and Hanschen // Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind / translated by Eric Bentley / pages 73-74 // 


For donnagers who requested Hux holding Rens Lightsaber, and the anon who wanted to see them scuffed up and in danger. So I drew things going a bit wrong on Starkiller base. Maybe they didn’t plan on a Wampa like beastie being there when perusing their plans.

I didn’t mean to go this detailed, especially on Hux, but god I just wanted to draw bearded Hux.