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Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

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Facts I share with BTS

Facts I share with BTS; basically list out things you have in common with BTS Sooo @war-of-hormoan tagged me.. so here you go? BTW THANKS FOR TAGGING MEE BOO (have some blonde Jin kisses because I am weak for this)

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1. Kim Namjoon: umm as much I would like to say intelligence, I’d more specifically say academically intelligent. We both have a constant urge to learn more and actually understand the world better.

Also I’m shit ton clumsy. I burnt my hand like twice yesterday.

2. Kim Seokjin: the sort of aura we put across. At first people might just take me to be a narcissistic asshole who just talks big. But that’s where people misunderstand us.

3. Min Yoongi: A love so strong for something that’s probably useless to the whole the world but still means a lot to me.

4. Jung Hoseok: Trying to be our brightest self even in the toughest times. Even when I’m feeling down or trash I always think people are having a worse day than me, so I should be there to cheer them up with my stupid rants and talks.

5. Park Jimin: our own worst critics. Like Ramsey I think I’m my own worse critic. I’ve written one chapter of a fic at least 20 times before I think it’s ok to post.

6. Kim Taehyung: the childish sense of humor and of course the love for all things amazing like Pokémon and Power Rangers and attack on titans and just amazing stuff in general and pudding. Yep pudding.

7. Jeon Jungkook: the feeling that I’m never good enough. That no matter what I do, I won’t be perfect and that perfection is what I want.

8. BTS: I’m the most hardworking person that I know of. I usually work my ass off for school making sure I have my grades on check before I even move to my blog. On which I always try to either weblog stuff or communicate with a lot of you. And if I’m slacking off watching a movie, your best bet is that I’ve done all my work way before the deadline.

9. Maknae Line: I’m constantly either playing video games or watching anime or being stupid with my friends or brother.

10. Hyung line: a deep love for music. Music is something that gets me through a lot of shit. Whether I’m trying to ignore annoying people or talking a walk in the park.

11. My bias: usually trying to cheer people up while also working our butts off to do the best that we can for people who have expectations for us.

12. Person I’m most like: Jungkook possibly.

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Next installment in the nb Hanzo comic series. Part 3! I think. I’ve lost count with how many parts part 1 had. Hanzo comes out to vis brother!! (Btw thanks to a person on the McHanzo discord server for introducing me to the term MOGAI - even if I’ve become an expert at rattling off LGBTQIA+ it’s still WAY easier to use and much more inclusive :D)

It was mentioned in part two that Hanzo was wanting more feminine attributes in order to come off as more androgynous instead of solely masculine. Mercy was very happy to help! Of course there’s another step remaining in vis transition that I’ll get to in a bit, but my next focus for the nb Hanzo comics are going to be a sort of in between of Genji and Zenyatta trying to explhain all the different forms of nonbinary to Hanzo.

No worries, I myself am demiflux agender, so I know my stuff! I’m gonna try to add in the basic identities (it’s… basically gonna be a shit ton of text dumping. I’m going to maybe try using my tablet to do it digitally so you don’t have to strain to read my crappy handwriting.) but if there’s any you want me to touch on in it or even in a different comic let me know! I’ve already got a comic about demigenders by one of my OCs and would be thrilled to make comics of any characters you guys want describing identities. I love helping spread information!

Quick warning: nonbinary identities are confusing as fuck. Hanzo doesn’t get it. Genji doesn’t get some of it. Zenyatta… pretends he gets it. I can say this because I myself am under the nonbinary umbrella and let me tell you NOBODY here really understands what the fuck is going on with our gender/s/lack of gender. It’s… it’s a confusing place to be…

hey yo woah !! here are some more kaya scodelario rp icons bc she’s an absolute beauty !! i take no credit for the images, as i’ve only re-sized & added a psd/border to them !! btw these are generally from kaya’s personal photos, candids, & movie/tv roles !! a like or reblog would be appreciated beebs !! 

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When people call people and couples who do not want to have children “selfish” I have to laugh. You really want someone who wishes not to have any kids to have them anyway? Because they’d be such a great parent? And for what? To carry on the human race or something? Because the next 100-200 years are gonna go so well for humans?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, people have more purpose than to just go forward and procreate. If you want to, that’s fine, but don’t shame people who are childfree by choice. Don’t tell them what they are missing. Don’t call them selfish as if it is a bad thing to live your life the way you want to. They’re not hurting anyone, if anything they’re helping. The times are changing. Kids are not everyone’s future and it’s not a bad thing.

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bringing up queerbaiting to defend dghda doesn't rlly give you anything tho, like how many lgbt characters does it have again? and it's not like dghda isn't guilty of doing shitty things, like their only black woman being chained to a bed for an entire episode or killing off another character of colour for shock value. I love dghda don't get me wrong, but I don't think we should praise it for not being homophobic u feel.

Listen, Sherlock is problematic okay?

It has blatant queerbating, it’s sexist, and there is a very distinctive lack of diversity within the show so stop pretending Dghda is the only one dealing with that problem. They didn’t need to kill Estevez, it was very obviously for shock value and I firmly believe this is the only accurate thing you’ve said!

Dghda doesn’t have any lgbt+ characters as of yet, but it’s only on the first season! Sherlock’s first gay character didn’t come in till season 2 in the form of a canon lesbian by the name of Irene Adler who was “changed” when she fell in love with Sherlock, and then was never returned to the show! And Moriarty has never been confirmed gay, or bi, or anything! Really the only thing he’s done sexuality wise is disguise himself as a gay stereotype, how awesome!!!, and then manipulate Molly into being in a relationship with him!!! Because that’s totally something right?!?!

Not to mention the Sherlock creators and writers have been laughing at the very concept of a gay Sherlock for years as they write very obvious subtext between the two main characters hinting at possible representation and giving a gross amount of gay jokes targeted at John!! This is something Dghda hasn’t had a problem with!! There hasn’t been a single gay joke!!

I sincerely hope Dghda doesn’t go down the same road as Sherlock did!

Look at my balls. I just hit 26 and I think I’m done with this game. I’ve spent about $60 on this game (iTunes gift cards yay!) but the things that could get me playing again are:

- trading of any Pokémon and items (ppl would actually socialize)
- nearby Pokémon appearing on the map (why do they not want to do this – it will make the game sooooo much better)
- more avatar options
- more accurate distance tracking
- rotate the kinds of Pokémon you see
- get gen 2 Pokémon in here
- sell unlimited 30 day incubators
- extensive detailed lifetime stats
- add more actual sounds when you click on popular Pokémon instead of only Pikachu doing this
- pvp, at least in gyms, better battle system
- reduce the grinding for buddy candies, 5k for 1 candy?!? gtfo
- let people submit pokestops to help those in remote areas

Btw if you ship eremin and are salty as fuck about how not popular it is

I’m currently on a following spree and if you wanna be sickass eremin trash mutuals, I suggest you do something to this post because I need more eremin allies.


Oceanic salty.

Like…like you’ll come to my inbox at 3 am and rant about how perfect they are and how under appreciated their love is, like the love between the moon and the tides.

That salty.

What a tease ~ Part 2 (Luke Smut)

Pairing: Y/N|Luke Hemmings
Words: 1547
Warnings: Well…Smut, cursing, the usual?
Summary: You’ve always loved teasing boy’s. Resting your hand dangerously high on their thighs and pulling your skirt up when walking past a cute one were the more innocent thing you’d do. But what you’d do to your new neighbor would be such much more fun.

Part 1

You kept teasing Luke the following weeks, walking around your room in your underwear, sunbathing topless in your garden when your parents weren’t home and even leaving your window open a few nights while pleasing yourself, knowing that his window was open as well, moaning his name just loud enough for him to hear.

How could you know that a fucking kissing booth would change so much? Your mom’s really big on this whole “integrating into the neighborhood” thing and made you help out. You didn’t expect to be spending your afternoon at a kissing booth though, holding your cheek out for old men and pre-teen boy’s to kiss. You’re already counting down the minutes until you’re free when you spot him in line. Black skinny jeans, matching black tank top and shades with his blond hair hidden under a snapback, brightly grinning at you. You hurry up  to finish the people in front of him and just as he place his 25¢ in front of you Clarice, a girl from down your street, turns up. “Hey there Y/N! I’m here to free you!”-“ Thanks Clarice.” You answer with a bitter smile. “Just let me finish this one, he already paid after all.” Before turning back to Luke and pulling him down to lock your lips with his, pushing them open with your tongue. Your hands trace down his arm but you disconnect again before he can move to pull you closer,you wink at him and turning around to leave. “They’re all yours now.”

You’re just about to leave the fair when someone grabs your arm and pulls you back. It’s Luke, grinning cheekily at you “Didn’t know you could get kisses like that at a kissing booth. You’ve put Clarice in a quiet uncomfortable situation.” You shrug your arms without answering but Luke continues anyway “But I thought those few cents I paid weren’t justifying your service. So how about I invite you? Pick whatever your wanna right” Pointing at the several amusement rides behind him.
Now it’s your turn to grin at him as you step closer and get on your tip toes to whisper in his ear. “Too bad I’m just about to leave. But to be honest I’d rather ride you anyway.”
You turn around and make sure to slide your fingertips over his crotch while doing so. You take his hand and let him lead you to his car. During the whole drive home you let your fingers ghost over his thighs, letting them draw little promises of what he’ll expect once you’re home.

As soon as Luke closes his bedroom door behind him you’ve got your hand around his neck and pull him into a kiss. One that is nothing like the one earlier today. You make sure to let him feel your lust, sucking and biting, playing with his lip ring. You grin to yourself as you hear Luke quietly moan when you tug his hair. Displaying his pain kink this easily turns his cheek red,but you just start dragging your nails down his arm and digging them into the sensitive skin on his neck.
Pressed against the wall you slowly start grinding on his thigh between your legs, circeling your hips, the friction of the fabric making you soaking wet. Luke grabs you thighs, effortlessly picks you up and carries you to the bed, sitting down with you in his lap, you leg straddling his side’s. You pull up his tank top, throwing it on the floor, your shirt and bra following right away. Burying  your face in his hair to muffle your moans as he takes your nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting down while pinching the other. The wetness between your thighs almost makes you lose your mind. You lean back and hiss thankfully as Luke’s lips slowly wander down your chest to your tummy stopping right about your waistband. He hovers there for a few seconds before finally yanking your shorts and your panties down as far as your parted legs allow it. He takes his time, eyes fixed on your private parts until your squirm in his lap, rubbing yourself against his still restricted errection to get some kind of pleasure. “Fuck babe, your fucking beautiful!” Luck whispers before placing a kiss beneath your belly button, right above your clitoris and bringing his index and middle finger up to your mouth. His eyes are fixed on your lips around his fingers as you suck them while he starts rubbing your c-spot with his free hand.
You’re left breathless when he pulls his fingers out of your mouth again, but Luke is in no hurry to give you the pleasure your searching for. Lightly tracing his fingers over your vagina makes you arch back moaning “Luke, stop screwing around!” Grinning he lightly places the tip of his index finger on your clitoris while looking up at your face. Slowly sliding them down until he finally slips them inside you. Amused he watches your reaction as he curls them up and starts moving them. You bite your lips and pull Luke’s hair as you can feel your thighs shaking and know you can’t go for much longer. Stopping him by grabbing his arm with one hand and his chin with the other to make him look into your eyes. “You’ve been having the upper hand long enough now. I know you’re so fucking hard right now” you make sure to grind your hip in his lap, pressing it against his erection while saying that. “You want me to ride you, right? Just like I said earlier.” After dragging your fingers over his bulge you get off his lap and kick the shorts and panty, that are now dangling on your  ankles, aside before pushing Luke back into the matress and pulling off his skinny jeans along with his boxers as well.
You bite your lip at the sight Luke’s full erection, already throbbing with precum. “Damn babe” you whisper as you position yourself over his lap. “One rule, baby boy, you’re only allowed to come when I tell you. I want to hear you beg.” You take his hand hand put them your thighs before slowly lowering yourself onto him, biting down on your lips hard to swallow down the moans in your throat, forcing yourself to watch Luke tilting his head back and letting out a long soft moan at the feeling of you.His hands grab your thighs deeper as you slowly move on top of him, his dick filling you out, making your walls clench around him with every move. You’re rocking your hips while leaning back and steadying yourself on his thighs. Luke’s hand wander up your thighs to your hips, almost desperately trying to grab them to make you move faster but you just place one back on your thigh and one on your chest. “Tonight we’re gonna do it the way I want, got me? You gonna do exactly what I want.” You stop moving and lean forward until your lips almost touch “and I know you’re already so close but you’re gonna be a good boy right?” You can feel his hips buckle up. Leaning back smiling you feel his dick twitching inside you. He’s already a mess underneath you, whimpering more than moaning, begging you under his breath to move faster “Fuck y/n! Stop fucking teasing me! I can’t go on any longer!” - “You know what I want to hear, Luke!” - “Oh shit, please y/n! Please! I’m a good boy, please let me cum!” As an answer your raise your eyebrow but pick up the speed feeling yourself getting closer to your own orgasm as well. You pull Luke up so you sit in his lap, letting him wrap his arms around you while still riding him, finally allowing him do move his hips. As he starts violently thrusting inside you, meeting each of your movements by hitting your g-spot, his lips sucking at the sensitive skin above your collarbone, you dig your nails into his back and pull his hair with your other hand. You scream his name as he fucks you through your orgasm, him following almost simultaneously. Loudly moaning your name as well, one hand at the small of your back the other in your hair to press you close.
He let’s himself fall back onto the bed afterwards while you climb off of him. “Fuck Y/N, that was amazing. You….You are amazing” You give him a smile “right back at you, honey” as you start gathering your clothes. Luke leans up onto his elbow and watches you. “What are you doing?” You pull your shirt over your head and toss your bra at him before answering. “Going home? What else should I be doing? You can keep the bra as a souvenir.” When Luke’s face fills with disappointment you stoppen confused. “What? You want round 2 already?” He puts on his amazing cheeky smile “Actually I was just hoping to make you breakfast in the morning.” You laugh but take off your shirt again and crawl back into the bad, Luke’s arms wrapping around you while you bury your face in his chest.

friendly reminder to not be selfish with tickets for tatinof!! a lot of us want to have a chance to meet them so PLEASE don’t buy more than you need and try not to drag along friends that don’t like them because i’m sure you can meet many new friends there!! if they are going near your area twice do not buy tickets for both just for the sake of it!!! the US is really big and there are already so many people that can be cheated out of getting tickets just because of one person. so please be nice and good luck tomorrow :))