i'm going to cry over this ship now

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OK. So I have quite a few WestAllen videos that I adore but I must say this one is absolutely breathtaking! I really don’t understand how you can ship these two with anyone else besides eachother honestly I’m in tears over this and I don’t even care. It is the sweetest and most accurate to their relationship I have ever seen and I can’t put into words how much I love this! Please go show some love on the comment section if you haven’t because it deserves all the attention. I don’t even know what else to say, I truly can’t comprehend what I’m feeling right now… wow. Just wow..


They didn’t open the paper today.  There was no reason to hunt anything but memories; they knew that when Charlie showed up on their doorstep in tears with a duffle full of films.  No, today, they piled into Dean’s bed and marathoned movies, because what else was there to do?

Charlie unashamedly bawls through the second film, because she knows what’s coming.  Dean tears up when Kirk does.  Sam doesn’t say a word, instead pulling them both to sit alongside him, and leans their heads against his shoulder.  They all just hold each other and feel.

They cry together, for each other, for friends and fandom and family.

Cas shows up at the beginning of the fourth movie.  He blinks and tilts his head.  When he asks, “Is this the one with the whales?” they laugh for the first time in hours.

“Yeah, Cas,” Dean says, smiling and misty-eyed, “this is the one with the whales.”

Four hunters curl up in bed together, faces less saddened, hearts a little lighter.

“He lived long,” Cas says during the sixth.  "He prospered.“

Sam nods, but adds, "It doesn’t really make it sting any less.”

Charlie blows her nose for the umpteenth time, tissues thrown haphazardly over the side of the bed.  "Cas?“ she asks as the credits roll.


“What do you think his heaven looks like?”

Cas sits and stares for a minute, lost in thought, searching for the right words.

“Space,” he answers at last, the newest film rolling already and the question left behind.  "Space and stardust.“

"So you mean the final frontier?”  Dean’s eyebrow quirks in amusement.

Cas frowns.  "There is no finality to the universe.“

Spock Prime graces the screen.

No one disagrees.

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SPILL THAT TEA GIRL. why can't people just be happy kaneki's showing some hesitance to go through with his suicide plan, even if it's because of touka? right, because touka is evil incarnate and is supposed to be /bad/ for kaneki, god forbid she exhibits any healthy/positive influence over him! (i'm also really glad she just squeezed hinami's cheeks so all those people who dragged her for her "violent tendencies" can eat their words)

(I typed a whole long thing agreeing with you but tumblr ate it so I am now pissed and going off. I apologize if I sound like a salty bitch, because that’s what I am)

EXACTLY. It’s a classic example of how some people try to paint female characters as tools and cry that they’re only there for fan-service and get in the way of their ships (Calling them abusive as well, in Touka’s case).

They are so quick to put down Touka’s character for the exact thing that they praise H/de and Tsukiy/ma for. It’s almost funny how scared people are of a well-rounded, developed female character. Isn’t that what they call H/de and Tsukiy/ma? Oh right, they’re male. You’d almost think it’s a female-hate website once you hang in the tags for long enough.

Seriously, Touka could probably hug Kaneki and at least 10 people would be like “SHE’S RESTRAINING HIM ON PURPOSE TO TORTURE HIM!!” but if H/de (or really any other male character) hugged him, they’d coo and bless his soul. Ship whatever, but the moment you try to delete a female character because she’s in the way, you’re gonna get dragged.

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Sometimes I forget that Iko was once literally the rampion like she has been threw so much with cinder it's like I bet iko would walk cinder down the isle she'd be like *fake crying* I'm giving away my daughter today I can't believe it or if she ever talked to anyone about cinder in Kai she'd be like "listen I shipped it from day one literally I was there I was literally there the first time they met fangirling in the back" okay this ask is all over the place so I'm gonna go now

I think she’d insist on being the maid of honor and Thorne would walk Cinder down the aisle. But yes, she’ll definitely do a lot of fake crying on that wedding, it’s her thing. She may also faint and beat everyone to the bouquet. Aaaand liveblog the whole wedding!

Sadly, this is the end of The Musketeers and now that the very last episode of the show has aired, I just wanted to say thank you to all you lovely people. The Musketeers fandom has been one of the best and kindest fandoms I’ve been a part of, and even though we’ve gone trough a bit of drama in the last year and have had a rough and unfair run this year, I’m still grateful to be a part of this lovely fandom and I’ve met some amazing people through the love for this show and this ship. It’s been a great 3 years and it’s so sad to say goodbye to this amazing show and these characters, but I’m so glad a started watching this show because it’s become one of my favorite tv shows ever and I fell in love with the beautiful ship that is Aramis/Anne. 

When I created this blog during season 2 last year, I just wanted a place to share my love for Annamis and it’s become such a big part of my life now and I’ve interacted with so many of you other lovely fans and the blog has become bigger than I could imagine. So thank you for following, for talking and freaking out with me, for sharing my love for this show and this ship. It’s been one hell of a ride. 

I will continue this blog as long as I feel up to it of course, and right now there is much more Annamis love to share so the blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The show may be over, but our love for it isn’t!  ♥♥

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I was checking stats for SOTY and when I saw how many Bamon had I literally started crying. A fandom of "five people" has over 700k. 😭 I'm so happy and even though I can't vote I'm still cheering for Bamon. #bamonforever keep going Bamon fans! Even if we don't win, I'm going to be happy af because we did amazing. (PS: think we can get 1 million by tomorrow?)

You were right!! We hit 1 million last night, and we were the first ship to do so, by a long shot! :D 

Isn’t it wonderful? Look at what we can do, when folks give us a chance. Season 7, here we come <333

KEEP VOTING, GUYS!! We’re voting NOW, join us if you can! <333