i'm going to cry if live writes a tiny drabble related to this

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i read through your entire masterlist twice today and i'm so thirsty for more good quality nonsmut fanfics.. do you have any more fic recs? you always have such good ones. and thank you for writing! <3

hello, cutie!! oh gosh, i can’t believe you read through my entire masterlist not once… but twice :’) thank you so so much! and yes, i do have more fic recs; i’ve just been too lazy to put them on my fic rec page r i p but i’ll list them down here:

♣︎ untitled #1 and untitled #2 by @gukstudio

[ jungkook x reader | fluff | idol-verse ]

drabble #1.

[ jimin x reader | fluff | unspecified au ]

drabble #2.

these aren’t even drabbles, they’re all over 1k  h ow

ROCHELLE, MY FAVORITE TAEBAE UNSTAN, MY FAVORITE “JINGKOPK STAB”, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY EGOTISTICAL SELF and okay, anyway moving on. how are these even drabbles, like they’re actual fics and i love them because they’re so sweet and make me soft. except when i misunderstood a certain part of one of them and messaged you about it and laughed for like five minutes straight, but regardless, these two are such masterpieces, and i wait patiently for your big d scenario :)

♣︎ redamancy by @syubits

[ namjoon x reader | fluff | soulmate au ]


elfie, my favorite jin stan, jimin’s baby angel, #1 fluff writer, the one with jimin as her ult bias, the better half of #seokfie and #elfmin, well regardless of what i call her, she has the cutest fluff in the entire world, and i love this fic because i too am clumsy and not very graceful at all, so i relate with the reader and namjoon in this story lmao. also i appreciate the pokemon stickers on tae’s laptop and i see you slipping jin into that fic, elfie. your bias is showing ;)

♣︎ dream a little dream of me by @earlygreytae

[ taehyung x reader | angst, fluff | soulmate au ]


wow, is namjoon cutting onions again?? i swear i’m not crying. min’s writing is so utterly beautiful, and i fall in love with her writing more and more everyday as I continue to read through everything on her masterlist. my favorite scene is when she talks with seokjin about soulmates, and oh gosh, i absolutely adore every single bit of this fic, and please, please, please you just have to read it along with everything else on her masterlist and cry over her stories with me.

♣︎ marble and flesh by @cheelchan

[ seokjin x reader | angst, fluff | greek myth au ]


okay, i am probably the biggest nerd for greek mythology. what can i say? greek mythology is my achilles’ heel. so when i saw this fic, i knew immediately that i’d fall head over heels for it, and as i read it, i was right. cheel portrays jin as pygmalion so perfectly, and her way with words brings the story to life just as jin’s statue was brought to life. i absolutely love this story to bits, and i’m so excited for the namjoon greek myth fic she hints at in the ending. her writing is unbelie-bubbly amazing.

♣︎ bts bulletpoint au by @caputinternubilacondit

[ ot7 x reader | fluff | single dad au ]

post #1. post #2. tag.

i have absolutely no desire to have kids nor do i really like them all that much, but my god, this au makes me rethink everything because maybe kids are worth all the trouble because the tiny cute moments are everything. and also partially because i want a pup family too where we all wear dog onesies lmao. but anyway, peach has the cutest bulletpoint au’s and i’m about to get into reading her day6 ones, which i haven’t yet, but i’m super excited because i know they’ll be A+++ quality

♣︎ it’s the little things by @ontheperiphery

[ yoongi x reader | angst, fluff | college au ]


lori’s writing is absolutely magical pertaining to the way in which she can convey a plethora of emotions and make me feel completely immersed in the story. this fic is one of my favorites because it focuses on what seems to be just another regular moment in life, but it is actually so special and beautiful in its own way. it makes me appreciate the smaller moments and little things in life. and also, her jin fic–joke’s on you–is another one of my favorites!

♣︎ unfairy tale by @jamlessness

[ taehyung x reader | angst | rocker au ]


my emotions were all over the place after reading this, and my brain was going haywire because this was so so so good. and i love the underlying theme of the fic that you kept throughout the progressing storyline. i live and breathe for rocker!tae honestly, like i adored every word of this fic, and i’m pretty sure i read your story at least four times by now. wow, i just love it so much, please never stop writing, you absolute goddess.

♣︎ the last by @littlerynn

[ yoongi x reader | angst | idol-verse ]


this fic made me feel so nostalgic and melancholic and yet so content at the same time. it was written in such a wonderful style, and the ending is bittersweet, like dark chocolate, and my heart simultaneously broke and grew like 129384123x bigger after reading this. i don’t know how else to describe it, but i really really enjoyed it, and to tell you the truth, my words won’t do enough justice for her fic, so please read it.

♣︎ read ‘em and weep by @1honeypot

[ yoongi x reader | angst, fluff | slice of life au ]


goodness gracious, this is the most breath taking piece of literature i have ever laid my eyes on. it was so beautifully written and how the relationship between the two characters developed over time makes me unbelievably happy, and i’m so satisfied with the natural progression. i can really feel myself getting caught up in the story and can imagine myself within the setting so perfectly. this fic is quite honestly one of my absolute favorites, and i always go back to reread it time and time again. and every single time, i die because of how flawless it is. cause of death: read ‘em and weep. gotta save the best for last, right? :D

i hope you’ll enjoy these fics as much as i did and still do! all their stories hold a special place in my heart, and thank you to all you lovely writers for sharing your talent with the rest of us ♡