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An analysis on Prince Adam

The marriage between Adam’s parents has never been a particularly happy one. His father is greedy and selfish and payed little to no attention to his wife and child. The marriage is an arranged one, not made for happiness. Adam’s mother is fierce and loves her son into oblivion. Whenever The Prince gets angry (he has a horrible temper) she nurtures her son who always gets scared when his father yells at him. To make him feel better she holds lavish dinners and balls to distract him from his father’s anger. Adam, of course, also has the servants who help The Princess in raising the boy as his friends. He considers them family. But when his mother dies from a long sickness he loses his whole life. His father, now having more control of his heir, keeps him at his side at all times, trying to make him into the son he wants. God forbid he disappoints him. When he returns from lessons or simply spending time with his father with a new bruise forming his friends bow their heads in shame and say nothing. The Prince feels betrayed by the ones who were supposed to be his protectors, his family, his only friends. His father’s words start to get to him. He’s useless, too soft to rule, too forgiving. He’ll never be enough. From this stems his distaste for other people than himself. He’s learnt the lesson the hard way. No one will ever love you but yourself. For years no one touches him but his father, and those moments are when he is terrified. Simply a brush or look makes him crawl inside his walls and hide in fear.

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*slapping knees* gUESS WHO HAS A MOTHA FUCKIN' ANGST PROMPT? This guy! So so so imagine middle aged erejeans in which they're getting older and Jean is still super scared that Eren will one day stop loving him (I'm going to draw a thing for my idea, but I may as well leave a prompt before it leaves my head)

Dude, this was so hard to write? I noticed I’ve actually never written from the perspective of a middle aged character before and I had to concentrate so hard to get into a fitting mindset? Anyway, I hope it somewhat worked. Thanks for the challenge!
You should definitely show me your art when it’sa done so I can link it in this post!

The years had been kind to Eren. It wasn’t that they’d flown by without leaving their mark, of course they had. But with every change, every tiny, additional imperfection Eren grew more striking and unique. The silver streaks in his dark hair suited him just like the laughter lines around his mouth and eyes did. Even the scars he’d collected over the years and years working at the fire department were beautiful badges of honour he wore with pride.
Not even the difficult years after his accident where he’d almost died trapped in a burning building and developed serious Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder afterwards had managed to leave lingering shadows on his soul and mind. He still had nightmares sometimes and was uncomfortable in small rooms but he’d learned to deal with the intrusions that had gotten much rarer and look out for himself in unfamiliar situations.

Eren was strong and gorgeous and so full of life. He was happy. And that was really everything Jean had ever wanted for his husband. To see him happy and content with the life they had built together.
But at the same time it was so much harder than expected. To have someone beside him who was this vibrant and energetic and gorgeous, someone who made everyone around them light up with joy and fascination. Someone who was kind and loving and smart and deserved so much better.

Jean hadn’t aged nearly as well as Eren had. His hairline was thinning more with every passing month, his eyesight had worsened considerably over the last few years and his body … well, all the sitting around at the office sure didn’t do him any favours. He’d grown thin and weak, fingers bony and knees knobbly, the lean muscle he’d once been proud of melted away by long hours of overtime and laziness. He could barely stand looking in the mirror.
But it wasn’t just that. Jean was … boring. He knew that. Of the hundreds of things he’d found interesting thirty years ago there was barely anything left. He was interested in work, which was a silver lining in his grey everyday life. Then there were the handful of shows he enjoyed and followed. He liked good whiskey. He liked documentaries about nature and wildlife. He liked Eren. Besides that there wasn’t much.
He was also sarcastic and bitter about a lot of things. Politics, education, art. How any of their family members even tolerated him was a mystery.
How Eren could still stand to be married to him, an enigma.

“Maddie called earlier”, Eren said over the loud bubbling noises coming from the stove. He was preparing soup for dinner and busied himself cutting a few slices of fresh bread while it cooked.
Jean looked up from the article in his business magazine that he hadn’t caught a single word of.
“Yeah?”, he huffed, watching his husband across the kitchen island. “How is she? Still with that loser, what’s his … Chad?”
“Brad”, Eren corrected him, one side of his lips quirked up and Jean rolled his eyes. Right, Brad. Pathetic frat boy.

“She’s fine and yes, she’s still with Brad. But she called about the loan contract for her apartment? I told her you’d call her back…” Jean grumbled quietly, mentally going over his schedule.
“I’ll … call her Thursday around lunch time?”
“She called me Papa, I think it’s urgent”, Eren grinned. He was still clinging on to his image of Maddie as their little girl the way they’d first met her. Seven year old spitfire and constant pain in their asses. They loved her dearly and she’d learned to love them right back. Twenty years later nothing had changed, really.

“After dinner then”, Jean gave in and got a wide smile in return, the way the skin crinkled around Eren’s eyes now would always make his heart stop for a second or two.
“Thanks, darling.”
Eren finished with the bread and put the slices into a little basket they’d bought a few summers ago during their vacation in Italy.

“Is everything alright?”
When Jean looked up from his magazine again Eren was leaning across the kitchen island, handsome face dangerously close and studying him with that intense gaze. Jean swallowed and leaned away from him a bit. He could barely open his mouth to answer when Eren furrowed his brows and shook his head.
“Don’t you dare feed me bullshit. You’ve been grumpy the last few days. Well, grumpier than usual…”

Jean squinted at him even though the little laugh Eren tacked onto the words was quite disarming. But what was he even supposed to answer? ‘Could you stop being so damn amazing so I don’t feel like shit next to you’? Hardly the way to begin this discussion. But was there really an alternative? Should he even talk about this?
They’d been over his insecurities time and time again. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, nor an inexperienced freshman and it was definitely too late for a midlife crisis…

“’m fine”, he grumbled instead, eyes flicking back down to the pages he could swear he’d never seen before.
For a moment it felt like Eren would protest, insist, press on. He knew Jean way too well and there was no way he’d accept this without a fight. Then there was a low, thoughtful hum and Eren pushed himself away from the kitchen island to stroll over to the calendar hung on the wall.

“We should go dancing Saturday night”, he said, his voice light and pretty. “I’m not on call on Sunday, so…” When Jean looked over at his husband his eyebrows were dancing and Jean always laughed.
“Dancing?”, he asked, incredulous. They hadn’t been out to dance in … years, probably. “Where, the community centre? Maybe they’ll let us play bingo before. But we’ll need to take care to not throw out your hip…” Eren snorted but shook his head.
“Come on, we’re not that old!”
“We’re … pretty old, Eren”, Jean grumbled. He could already feel his stomach sink at the thought of people looking at them, wherever they might end up going. Wondering how someone as lively and beautiful as Eren could end up with someone as dull and ugly as Jean…

There was a hand curling around his, tugging him off the bar stool, gentle but insisting.
“Not too old for this”, Eren smirked as he pulled Jean close. The way he positioned their hands said he’d let Jean lead but the pull of his body showed the opposite, sweeping them around the kitchen and twirling around Jean to a silent tune.
Just like that the memories came back. Nights spent in dirty bars and clubs, sweating and sliding and spinning until sunrise. Then, later, ballroom dance at fancy work events and weddings, at their wedding…
Jean swallowed, his chest pulling tight around his heart. He had to hold on to this, this feeling, this amazing man, and enjoy their time together for however long he still could. Before Eren understood how pointless wasting his time with Jean was. Before he’d leave to find someone better.

“Saturday night, then”, he forced out and Eren’s answering smile was blinding.
“I love you, you grumpy old man”, he grinned as he suddenly dipped Jean. It wasn’t as low as it had been years and years ago, but his hands were still warm and broad, his body strong and steady. Jean felt his eyes slide closed.
“Love you too, idiot…”, he muttered and moments later soft lips pressed against his as Eren pulled him upright again.

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MAGI 342 Full Spoiler Translation

UPDATE: I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) . I pharaprased one or two things because of kanjis i didn’t know, but here it is ^^ i’ll try to check that later just to be sure :D

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Netabare’s texts ^^

@maumauxmau @sayakakat2012


Inside The dungeon “Zepar”

Text in white:

Sinbad’s recollections. What is there… is it hope? or is it possibly despair?

Sinbad: Aladdin, it seems like I can talk with you.

Aladdin: Uncle, with what purpose are you doing this kind of thing? If you wanted to talk, we also could have done it on earth

TN: He’s referring to their world

Aladdin: Uncle wanted to have a trial of strenght with us, didn’t you?

Aladdin: Uncle’s purpose is proving that he’s worthy of being the only god of the world.

Sinbad: I see.


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i wanted to know if you could show me how to make ur gifs? i love ur tumblr so much btw! ❤

i’ve been meaning to make a tutorial for a while so here it is, finally!  
This is made for beginners! so it’s quite text heavy and long asf but still simple enough to follow (i hope) 💞

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Hey Amanda!! I really love OHK and you've inspired me to make my own manga as well! However I'm a bit lost as to how to start >.< Do you think you could give me some pointers (e.g. what program to use, how to go about planning, layout of manga pages or whatever you think a beginner would need to know?). Thanks so much and keep up the wonderful work!!!!

omg I’m super flattered you would ask for my advice! I’m not a pro or anything but I’ll do my best to tell you what I know (super long message with example images up ahead)

1. Keep it simple. Simple plot, simple characters. Don’t add a bunch of characters or details all at once or it’ll be hard to follow the story.

2. Explain everything. Don’t assume the reader knows anything. I’m a lazy reader so I like to have all the important stuff explained to me like I’m hella dumb lol.

3. Don’t jam in too much text. Split up speech bubbles with longer text segments and write fairly simple sentences. Again, I’m a lazy reader so this is just my own preferences.

4. Let the speech bubbles guide the reader’s gaze from panel to panel as much as possible:

I’ve found that horizontal paneling speeds up the reading pace while vertical paneling kind of slows it down, so think about that when you panel your pages.

vertical panels:

horizontal panels

5. Make sure the setting is obvious (e.g. school building, house, amusement park, etc.). A good way to do this is by starting off with a fairly big panel of the setting before you draw the characters. You can make the transition to the next panel smoother by adding a speech bubble that continues from one panel to the other. For example:

6. Write down every idea you get; even if you can’t use them now they might be useful later. I usually write a script so I have an overview of what’s going to happen in the chapters. Don’t worry too much about the details since they’re probably going to change later on to fit with the flow of the comic.


Actual page:

7. I use Photoshop CS5 for everything, but you can use any program you’re comfortable with. I know a lot of people who do their lines in Paint Tool SAI and use PS to add the tones and text later.

8. Draw on a bigger canvas and resize it later so the lines will look crisper and cleaner. I draw on A4 and resize it to 700px width.

9. Don’t stress and remember you’re doing this because you want to get attention   share your art   who are we kidding we’re doing it for the attention lol

These are just the things I could think of off the top of my head, I hope it was helpful and feel free to ask if you have any other questions!

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tbh I'm not a fan of the RR writing style either? ^^" Anyways, since you seem to have been on this subject for awhile, subject change -> do you have any oc-insert stories that you do like? other than ones that you've previously linked!


Of The River And The Sea

Opening chapters can feel a little too edgy and impenetrable at first, but the writer eventually becomes more deft at writing dark and emotionally raw content, and is a HUGE inspiration to me. Also, politics, economy, and worldbuilding porn. If you like A Drop Of Poison (one of the best Naruto fics ever, forever), you’ll probably enjoy the middle ‘filler’ chapters of this fic, and it’s worth reading. Warning: goes SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOW. If you aren’t hooked by the time Ryuishi leaves Kiri, drop it, it’s going to be hitting those same notes at that same speed. It’s a billion years long for a reason. But seriously the scene where Ryuishi leaves Kiri is amazing. Has a very 80s-90s Alan Moore sort of tone to it. But with more feelings.

Dreaming Of Sunshine

You’ve read this already. You’ve read it. At least 1 chapter. Don’t you lie to me. For those who have been burned by OC fic and inexplicably haven’t touched it yet, it’s an incredibly sturdy, deliberate, and evenly-paced story that never breaks stride despite its immense length. It is ALWAYS going at the same speed, and that speed is “steady trot”, through a MASSIVE amount of character development and a truly staggering level of worldbuilding and political intrigue. Probably my biggest inspiration ever? Also the Gelel arc and the Grass Chuunin Exam are the two best arcs I’ve ever seen in fic ever. Covers all the filler, including the OVAs, but does it assuming you’ve never seen any of it, so you barely even mind.

I’ve rec’d these 2 like 30 times but like…I love em

Less rec’d:

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hi I see your lovely watercolor art everywhere and I'm trying to get into painting with watercolors better, do you have any tips or suggestions? how do you make them so pretty??

hi! thank you so much for the compliments <3 I’ve never given painting advice before so I’ll try my best and if you have any more questions or need clarification please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?  :)

first of all, I know a lot of people recommend beginners to start with “artist quality paints” (vs. student quality. artist quality have more pigment and also more resistant to fading but they are a lot more expensive). I disagree with that completely. Sure you may get better pigmented colours but you do not need expensive art supplies to make beautiful art! My watercolour palette (the same one you see in all my painting photos) was a cheap set from target. My paper is also bought from target. when I use acrylics, I buy my canvases and paint from the dollar store. you do not need expensive supplies!! If you want to invest more in your art supplies later, or now if you have the money, fine! but please don’t ever think you need brand name supplies.

Okay maybe that last paragraph wasn’t much of a watercolour tip so I’ll get into some now. note: I’m still learning and I am by no means an expert on watercolour. these are just methods that I use and have worked for me but you may find that some of these tips don’t work for you and that’s okay! you can paint however works best for you as no rule is set in stone. 

1. usually I start by painting a background (flatwash), some people don’t, that’s fine! do what works for you to get the effect you want. I use a wet on wet technique. I brush water completely on the paper (soak the page), choose two colours, brush one on the top of the page and the other on the bottom. wet your brush and blend into a gradient.  less pigment, more water. done

2. wait until your background is completely dry until painting the foreground (in front) stuff. I usually do wet/dry for this (wet paint, dry paper) so it blends less. if the paper is still wet beforehand, the second layer of colour will blur with the background. you probably don’t want this so wait for the background to dry.

3. I seriously cannot stress drying time enough. it doesn’t only apply to the background. when painting things near each other in the foreground, you need wait for the first thing to dry so the second thing doesn’t blur into it. for detailed things, I suggest the wet/dry method.

4. when using wet/wet (wet paint, wet paper) for your foreground stuff (make sure the background if still dry!!), only put water where you need it, do not wet the whole page like when you do the background. example: wet/wet cat? put water down in the shape of a cat, so you have a water cat blob, then go and drop pigment with your brush into the water blob. the colours should spread out and blend.

5. with layers, remember to paint lightest to darkest

6. paint everything in a single layer at once or else it will not blend together (if that’s what you want)

7. use painters tape on your paper if you want a white border on the page around the paint. rub the tape on your clothes first to get in less sticky or it could ruin the page when you try to take it off that the end.

8. change your brush water frequently or you will get a weird tint on all your colours

9. a variety of different sized/shaped brushes will be of more use to you than a 50 colour pallette. brushes don’t need to be expensive, but it does help to have a bunch of different sizes.

10. buy basic colours and mix your own to shades to have money. scroll down a tad and look at the list here for ideas. does my pallete have these names? nope. aim for similar shade and you’ll be fine

11. tutorials are great, but don’t try to make your art look exactly like the example.

12. unless you want to make a colour lighter, don’t use white watercolour. simply leave blank space on your page as your white. remember, blank space is good and interesting to the eye.

13. draw in pencil first or don’t. I only draw complicated things first. backgrounds and clouds? wing it, it’s more fun that way

14. buy paper in bulk

15. break the rules sometimes, experiment! you can’t learn unless you make mistakes

16. look to nature for your colour inspirations. all my sunsets are based on colours I’ve seen together irl. that being said, using your imagination is great too!

17. here are some videos (you’ll see some of the tips I mentioned in visual form here!)

also please remember that we are all our worst critics. usually when I look at my paintings and I only see their mistakes. it’s okay to critique your own art, so that you can make improvements to your next piece, but it’s not okay to tear it apart (literally or metaphorically) because it didn’t turn out the way you envisioned it to.  Us artists usually have an image in our mind of what we want our pieces to look like after they are done. When they don’t turn out that way, we get upset. people who look at our art don’t have that image in their mind. they can see all the good things about our art that we simply disregard.

On a similar note, save all your art. yes, everything. grab a huge container from the dollar store and chuck everything in it. date it and keep it organized if you want, but you don’t have to. when you are feeling discouraged, look back at your art from a year ago, or even a month ago. you will see improvements, no matter how small. remember that for every piece of art I post here, there are like 20 sketches, sculptures and various paintings that I have hated. there’s art that I’ve posted online that I hate now. what do I do with it all? save it, do more art, and look back at it when I’m feeling discouraged. trust me, seeing those improvements will encourage you to keep working at it. though motivation and inspiration is not something that will just come to you sadly. 

if you don’t want to do art, do it anyway. make it bad, mess up, try new things. everything will make you better in the long run. not seeing the improvements you want? that happens. I don’t pick up my brush, pencil or tablet pen for weeks because I don’t like how my art looks or because I know there are better artists out there. but I always get back to it eventually because I know I can’t improve if I sit around watching art tutorials on youtube all day instead of practicing. just paint, okay? it doesn’t have to be good. but there in a 0% chance it will be if you don’t try

I know this had been a rambling mess, but I really wanted to give you the advice I’d wish I had received when I was starting out and looking to improve. 

I hope this helped you a bit. If you ever post your art, I’d love to see it!

-cough- My mind interpreted this question as, “Please torture Kunikida some more.” Also, I could completely picture this scenario in my head, but getting it down in words was a bit of a struggle. Still, I hope you like it! ^-^

Another note: Obviously, to make everything understandable, the songs they sing are in English. I hope my references aren’t too lame. I’m not exactly the funniest person on Earth. T^T

Kunikida Doppo is in hell.

It’s not what he imagined hell would look like, sure, but it’s definitely just as scary. The one person that could have saved him is sitting to his right, and Kunikida wonders why he had let this outing happen. Kunikida shifts his eyes to the birthday boy next to him and clears his throat.

“With all due respect,” he says, trying to pick his words carefully. “Why are we in a karaoke room? I would not have thought that you were one for such loud parties.”

Fukuzawa quietly takes a sip of his tea before answering, “Ranpo. Kyouka.” He doesn’t elaborate any further, as if that’s enough of an explanation. The tea in his hands is brought to his lips for another sip, signalling the end of the conversation. Kunikida smothers a sigh and turns his attention to his unruly subordinates.

“I’M KING,” Ranpo declares loudly, taking perch on the nicest couch in the room. “You guys have to listen to whatever I say.” This cannot end well, so Kunikida does his part and tries to interject.

“That’s not how the game works,” he tries to explain. “We’re all supposed to draw straws, and the one with the longest straw is the king. In fact, the king should change every round.”

He may as well have been talking to thin air, because Ranpo is already flipping through the song menu. Kunikida smothers a sigh and decides not to interfere. If he stays quiet, perhaps humiliation can be avoided.

The first round of songs begins, and everything goes wrong immediately. After a moment of thought, Ranpo declares his first victim and his choice of music.

“Yosano. “It’s Raining Men.””

Hearing the lyrics come out of the doctor’s mouth is terrifying, Kunikida thinks. He doesn’t know whether it’s the smile on Yosano’s face, her voice, or the glint in her eyes, but for the first time ever, the song induces images of male bodies littering the floor in Kunikida’s head. He pales, and tries to remind himself that it’s a song celebrating love and relationships of some sort. He breathes a sigh of relief when the song ends.

“Tanizaki, Naomi. “A Whole New World.””

Halfway through the song, Kunikida and Atsushi jump out of their seats to cover Kyouka and Kenji’s eyes and ears. “Aladdin” is ruined forever. 

Apparently, Ranpo is slightly shaken by the performance of the Tanizaki siblings as well, and tries to restore some semblance of decency and innocence to the room by choosing the two youngest members of the Agency to go next.

“Kenji, Kyouka. “You are my Sunshine.””

The performance is a delight, in the sense that nobody feels the need to stop the music or plug their ears.

It’s near the end of this performance that Kunikida suddenly comes to a heart-stopping realization. He breaks into a cold sweat. The only people yet to be chosen are himself, Atsushi, and Dazai. A plan is needed in order to avoid death by musical humiliation.

What could he do? If he tells everyone that the ideal says that singing is bad for his health, would anyone believe him? Would anyone care?

The camaraderie in this team is terrible, Kunikida suddenly laments. More often than not, it seems as if his coworkers at the Agency try to induce a heart attack in him on purpose.


Kunikida snaps out of his inner dialogue for a few seconds in order to hear the fate of the tiger cub.

“Gangnam Style,” Ranpo declares. He’s always had something against Atsushi, Kunikida thinks. “With the dance moves.”

Kunikida watches the poor boy with all the world’s sympathy in his heart until Dazai pokes him in the arm. “Hey,” his partner whispers. “You should join. You’re a very good dancer. I still have pictures from your Just Dance incident…”

Kunikida almost chokes, and gives Dazai a well-deserved whack in the head. Screw camaraderie, he thinks, ignoring Atsushi, who has his eyes turned to him, begging for help. He absolutely has to get himself out of singing before he can rescue anyone else. His eyes fall on his notebook.

Budgets! He can do company budgets. Maybe Ranpo will leave him alone then. He gets started, flipping to a brand new page and calculating how much today’s party will cost and how much saving will need to be done for the rest of the month.

“Dazai,” Ranpo calls.

At least he has another three minutes before his plan is tested.

“And Kunikida.”


“I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Hell no.

Kunikida ignores the mic on the table, and the tapping of Dazai’s hand on his shoulder. “Sing with me, partner,” he says enthusiastically. “I know you’re shy, but hey, it’s a duet.”

Dazai begins the song, ignoring the fact that Kunikida does not join him, and Kunikida allows himself to relax a bit. Dazai’s wailing is not helping his concentration, but at least he’s not being forced-

“KUNIKIDA, THE CHORUS!” Dazai screams, pointing a second mic at Kunikida’s pursed lips.

“‘Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in                                           So shame on me now…”

Kunikida will not give in. Briefly, he thinks that he can sympathize with this Swift girl. He should have kicked Dazai to the curb the first moment he laid eyes on him.

“Flew me to places I’d never been
‘Til you put me down, oh”

Dazai’s wailing is getting louder, but Kunikida believes he can endure.


Dazai’s mop of curly hair is getting closer and Kunikida’s ears are starting to ring.

Deep breaths, he tells himself. 




“COME ON KUNIKIDA, JOIN IN!” Dazai shouts, right in his ear.


“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kunikida screams, whacking Dazai on the head again. His hit is hard enough so that a THUMP is amplified by the mic, but Dazai sits up, unfazed. He shrugs.

“Pretty close, actually,” he comments. “But you sound more like a goat than Taylor Swift.” He continues to sing, unaware of Kunikida’s growing murderous intent.

Kunikida wants to bury himself in a hole. He looks to the side at Fukuzawa, who pointedly stares straight ahead, away from his accusatory gaze.

This team has no sense of camaraderie, Kunikida thinks again. He briefly considers joining the Port Mafia. Surely they wouldn’t engage in such foolishness as this. 

At that very moment, Kunikida feels a cold prickling run down his neck, and he cringes, suddenly very afraid. He looks to the side carefully, and Fukuzawa gives him a dark look before turning his eyes away again.

Fukuzawa sips his tea.

Kunikida tries not to cry.

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Can I ask for a tutorial on how you did your navigation page at the moment ? && I'm extremely sorry that this is on anon ( as you said not to ) :c but 'm super shy when it comes to asking for help >x<

nah awww it’s okay! i mainly said it, because it became difficult to answer messages, even more when they were a few hours old and i felt that i was doing them no longer for whoever asked (since i am not able to tag them) but more for whoever sees it on their dash. especially when certain problems were specific and the asker never came back. so i decided to write it down. yours is more general and that’s why i will answer it. however, any future questions should be answered off anon please, especially when problems occur. i can’t solve them three hours later, even worse if you could simply google some questions ( this is not about you nonnie ^^ )

but welp i will just give you a short introduction (hahaha yeah i will try. we both know it will get longer) ;

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A Dog Named Scruff

“I used to have a dog.”

Jin did not know where that sentence came from. In fact, he nearly gave a start when he heard Erron Black utter it. He turned his head away from the mirror towards the other side of the hotel room, where the cowboy lay on his single bed, his head inclined towards the window. He wore a blank expression, although his eyes - half-lidded as he stared out the window into the darkness of the night - were filled with thought.

“You had a dog?” the Shaolin monk affirmed, the question coming out like a flat statement.

Erron nodded. “Yeah.”

A pause.

“And you’re telling me this because …?” Jin ventured to ask.

The gun-slinger rolled his eyes. “That dog we saw in the park reminded me of my old dog.”

“Oh. Well …” the younger man tugged on his ponytail, moving towards his own bed.

Sitting down on the side, he glanced back up at Erron, who still had eyes for the ink-black world on the other side of the glass pane, pinned with the artificial lights of the urban city. It was strange to see the mercenary without his camouflage make-up on; same case with the mask. Truth be told, Jin did not know whether he preferred this jarring, human side of the older man or when he was wearing his Kung Fu Panda get-up.

It’s freaky to see him like this. And now this dog story … didn’t peg him for an animal-lover. Then again, that dog in the park hardly left him alone …

“So, uh, Black,” Jin began, trying to fill the disconcerting silence that had filled the room. “You had a dog.”

“Didn’t realise that I stuttered, Junior,” Erron murmured.

The other man flushed a deep crimson colour, biting down hard on his tongue to prevent a curse from flying out.

I bet Ermac doesn’t give Takeda this much problems!

Taking a deep breath to soothe his mind, he addressed the former Earthrealmer once more. “What was your dog’s name?”



“Mm.” Erron’s fingers began to fiddle with the cords of his pants. “Scruff, ‘cause that’s what he was, kid. A piece of scruff.”

Jin’s eyebrows furrowed, his mouth contorting into a frown. Well, isn’t that a nice way to describe a dog. “What breed of dog was, um, Scruff?”

Erron shrugged. “He was a pavement special. Reckon he had a bit of Blue Lacy in him, that’s for sure.”

“I see,” said Jin, who had no idea what a Blue Lacy was - his knowledge of dog breeds was pretty poor, if not non-existent. If he had to differentiate between a Pinscher and a Doberman, he would probably say that they were exactly the same thing.

Wounding the cord around his index finger, Erron continued, his voice a low, thoughtful murmur:

“I remember the day he walked up to our ranch, this dirty, skinny piece of scruff scavenging for food. No more than a few weeks old, by the looks of things - I was probably five going on six. Daddy wanted to shoot him lest he gave the cows a scare, but my mama stopped him. Said that I could do with a friend …”

Jin canted his head to the side, digesting this information. He tried to mentally picture Erron Black as a child, though the only thing that came to mind was basically a mini-sized version of the mercenary, toting guns too big for his holsters, a hat too big for his head and big, azure-blue eyes ringed in black. Trying to imagine what this child sounded like when he said “Daddy” or “Mama” was just too hilarious to consider.

Thank the Elder Gods Takeda isn’t here, otherwise he’d read my mind and laugh himself to death.

Still, he’d agree that it’s weird to be hearing all of this from Black. Didn’t think I’d be getting a history lesson-cum-autobiography session from this guy.

Solemnly, he spoke up. “So did Scruff become your friend?”

Erron finally looked away from the window to glance at him. “He was my best friend, Junior.”

In that moment, his voice sounded deeper - heavier - than usual. His eyes beheld an odd shimmer, and his mouth was pulled into a frown. Jin was taken aback at the somberness of his expression.

“He was?”

The Shaolin monk sneaked a glance at the gun-slinger’s revolvers on the bed-side table, whom he assumed were the only things that the cowboy considered “best friends”.

“Yeah, he was,” Erron answered gruffly.

He looked up at the ceiling, absentmindedly running a hand over the tally-marked scars etched into his left arm. “Mama made me give that pup a wash, let me feed him some raw beef and she even let me give him his name. Said if I was going to take care of him, I had to show him who was his master from the beginning.”

Again, the image of a mini-Erron came into mind, this time shouting commands and waving his humongous guns at a scruffy-looking dog with a bone in its mouth.

“I bet you trained him well,” Jin remarked, wondering how much input his “Mama” put in.

Erron simply nodded, his lips curling upwards (he’s actually smiling?!). “Scruff was damn clever, Junior. Picked up quickly on the rules I established for him - he always listened to me.”

“Didn’t think you had a lot to say in the first place,” Jin muttered under his breath. The older man was never one for speaking, preferring to stay quiet; when he did speak, he sounded calm but he meant business. The baritone of his voice added to that effect.

The former Earthrealmer did not seem to hear the younger man. “He was a good hunter. Sometimes I took him down with me to the creek to hunt for toads. He could pick up their scent a thousand miles away.”

Reptile wouldn’t have stood a chance, Jin thought with a grin.

“But kid, Scruff was a helluva great herding dog,” Erron said, looking at him now. His blue eyes were positively shining. “He could round up cattle faster than you could load a gun chamber. Daddy always had to ask me for my permission to use him when he needed to move the livestock. Scruff was that incredible.”

He looked, and sounded, chuffed as he spoke about his dog, a drastic difference from the stony-faced, soft-spoken appearance that Jin was used to.

If only I had a camera … my Friendships profile page would explode

Then, Erron withdrew his gaze, fiddling with his cords again as his face grew somber once more.

“He was a good dog, Junior,” he muttered, his voice low. “Been my best friend for many years, ‘til …”

The sentence tapered off.

Jin frowned, staring at Erron with a sense of foreboding. “Until what exactly?”

A few seconds passed by until the gun-slinger finally answered, albeit in a quiet voice. “I was 16 when Scruff got sick. He didn’t want to eat, he lost weight and he struggled to swallow water. Had a big lump on his side, too.”

“Oh no …” Jin looked down at his lap, unable to look at the other man, who emitted a tired sigh.

“He was suffering something fierce,” Erron murmured, closing his eyes, reliving the memory. “We couldn’t do anything for him. Didn’t have that kind of medical tech back then. That’s when Daddy decided that he … y’know, ought to go.”

“No,” Jin said again, feeling his body shiver. “Don’t tell me …”

I wanted to be the one to do it, though,” Erron went on. “Couldn’t let any one else do it. Borrowed my daddy’s shot-gun and a shovel, and I took Scruff down to the creek. Dug a big enough hole …”

He stopped, opening his eyes. He peered up at Jin, an aura of sadness surrounding him.

“It wasn’t the first time that I shot an animal, kid, but it was the first time that I shot something that I loved,” he said. “If there’s one thing that I ever praised God for, it was for the fact that Scruff went out peacefully.”


Swallowing the lump that somehow appeared in his throat, Jin mustered up the courage to look Erron dead in the eye and said, “I’m sorry, Black, about you and your dog. I know it’s sounds pretty dumb, but I really am sorry.”

Erron nodded in thanks. “Pretty nice of you to say so, Junior.”

Another silence.

“So, er,” Jin cleared his throat, “did you ever get another dog?”

He regretted those words the moment they left his mouth (damn it, Jin, Black just gave you the sob-story of the century, and you’re asking him if he got a replacement for his dead dog?! He’ll grab those guns and shoot you in the face!), but to his surprise, the former Earthrealmer just traced his tally-marks as he said:

“No, kid, I didn’t want another dog. I didn’t want to go through all of that trauma again, getting close to it and losing it. Besides, I was busy, y’know, training with the best of ‘em, ending up in Outworld, making my living … didn’t want anything to hold me down, not that there’s any animal vaguely resembling a decent dog in Outworld.”

“Least you spent some good times with your dog,” said Jin, slipping under the covers of his bed. “My parents were anti-pets since I was a kid.”

“Why get a pet when they had you?” Erron remarked, a hint of a smirk on his face. He ran his eyes over the Shaolin monk’s ponytail. “With that mane you got, you could shed more hair than a German Shepherd. Plus, I’d bet shouting at you made no difference in your attitude since you never listen.”

“Shut up,” Jin barked without malice.

He watched as the mercenary turned onto his side, his back facing him. Making himself comfortable, Jin grabbed his book off the bed-side table and, laying his head on the pillow, began to read.

A minute or so later, he heard a low voice piping up from the other side of the room.

“You know, kid, I might just get another dog some day. Maybe a Blue Lacy or a Rottweiler. I’ll even name it after someone I know.”

“Oh? What are you gonna call it?”

Jin did not see Erron smile as he murmured:


(See la preview of another MKX fanfic for more details.)

anonymous asked:

Oh my, I'm really sorry for asking you this, but I have seen a LOT of people around who are confused about the timeline of the whole flashback and what happened in the first episode. Do you think you could clarify this? Thank you so much in advance and again, I'm sorry for bothering you! PD, I ABSOLUTELY love your blog and metas, they give me so much life ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Sure I can do that!

So, going by my amateur knowledge, the way the GPF, when it comes to the men’s singles skating (thus what our characters compete in), is normally structured something like like this (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Important to note that isn’t mentioned there is that the banquet is held the same day as the last competition.

So, in episode 1 this is the chronological order (with included images!):

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm the one who asked about the grafic novels, thank you for your detailed answer! I think I'll check volumes 4 and 5 as you said. I just really like to see them on my shelf, together will all the other HTTYD books and art books... ^_^ And about the artistic errors you mentioned, can you please talk about it? I didn't notice anything except for them drawing Hiccup with blue eyes (which is SO annoying!)

Glad to help! I’m glad the response was useful to you, and I hope you enjoy volumes four and five (I agree… they look rather pretty on the bookshelf)!

I tend to avoid complaining and usually prefer to speak of the positive within the material we receive. The graphic novels have so many wonderful things going for them, too. Still, I’ll happily bring up a few of the artistic errors here… I did mention them myself in the last post, after all! People can choose whether or not they want to see where the artistic inconsistencies are (and hopefully still be able to appreciate the story for all the good things there are, despite some minor details being depicted incorrectly graphically). I personally use the art mistakes as a point to laugh.

Eye color is the main problem, as you yourself noticed. Hiccup is frequently depicted with blue eyes. Nor is this a problem dedicated to one or two volumes; the fifth volume has some very close-up images of Hiccup with clearly blue irises. The eye color problem, however, is not isolated just to Hiccup’s irises; other characters have some surprising eye colorations, too. What I think happened is that somewhere along the line, the artists got their key mixed up between Hiccup and Astrid’s eye colors, for Astrid is very frequently depicted with green eyes. The picture below comes from “The Ice Castle,” showing Hiccup and Astrid with their eye colors switched.

Still, they’re not even consistent with that. Regarding “The Legend of Ragnarok,” Hiccup is shown with both green eyes and blue eyes, and this cannot be considered a factor of mere shading. The artists definitely gave him two different eyes colors. Check it out:

…and just a few pages later…


It’s not just isolated to Hiccup and Astrid, but also includes characters like Snotlout Jorgenson. This kid has blue eyes, not brown, yet this still happens in the short at the end of “The Ice Castle.”

Another thing that happens in “Dangers in the Deep” is the artwork gives Hiccup the wrong handedness. As a proud lefty myself, I’m pretty quick to notice when a character is holding a pencil in the wrong hand. We don’t just see Hiccup holding his writing utensil in his right hand, but writing with it. Hiccup doesn’t do that. He writes with his left hand and his left hand alone in all other canonical materials.

So this picture has him blue-eyed and right handed. A little odd for detail-oriented HTTYD fans.

Two panels in the sixth graphic novel, “Underworld,” shows Hiccup with two full feet, too.

As a side-comment about these visual representations of our beloved protagonist: Hiccup in the books is blue-eyed, two-footed, and probably writes with his right hand (he’s left-handed but only learns this when he’s eleven years old, well after he’s started writing). If you’re really distraught about tiny details like this, bear in mind that Hiccup in the books is visually quite different, too! The character “Hiccup” in and of itself is someone who actually has a lot of visual variation throughout all the canonical materials. He’s still Hiccup, regardless of his eye color, his hair color, or the number of feet he has, and we can still love him in every way, shape, and form. The embodiment of Hiccup, the legend of Hiccup, the essence of Hiccup, remains true.

I also think the eye color mistakes are done. “Underworld,” as far as I remember, is completely correct in all the eye colors. It could mean that, when the new Defenders of Berk comics come around by the same people, we’ll get our typical eye colors again.


Here are some of the main art mistakes I’ve noticed in the graphic novels. They’re certainly present, they might be a little irritating to people who like to get details right, but they don’t affect the storyline in any way, shape, or form. They’re still great stories. And, frankly, other HTTYD canon materials have their errors, too. It’s not like it’s just the graphic novels. As far as talking about errors go, it’s amusing to point these things out and get a few laughs over things like seeing Hiccup with two feet.

Beyond that, I also want to point out that there are some pretty cool artistic moments, too! Since I’ve gone on talking about some of the weaknesses of the art, I might as well do some strengths, too, right?

Check out this dramatic full-page art in “Underworld”:

As well as this unforgettable moment, one of my favorite panels in “The Stowaway” for both the content and the art:

And the different costumes! We get to to see the full gang draped out in furs. Or, as we see in “Underworld,” bedecked in winter gear. I really love the designs of the clothing to every character in “Underworld,” especially Hiccup’s. I mean, just look at how cool that is!

Makes me want to see him with fur, a long cloak, and gloves all the time, to be honest. At least some fanart of the boy in this outfit!

Or can we talk about the variety of art styles? We see quite a few different art styles throughout the graphic novels; there’s a slight change in the art personnel lineup for every comic, so each volume gives us something new. Sometimes even multiple things new! Like…

The simple but effective style in “Dragon Down,” which gives Hiccup such endearingly POOFY hair on top of a gangly, skinny body.

The colorful, bold, exaggerated, somewhat edgy style of “The Ice Castle.”

This bubbly, cutesie style at the end of “The Ice Castle” which makes Snotlout and the baby Monstrous Nightmare too cute for their own good. Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

The saturated, pragmatic style of “The Stowaway.”

This rare, hand-drawn style at the end of “The Legend of Rangnarok.”

This endearing style at the end of “Underworld,” which frankly makes all the characters look amazing and adorable.

Like, oh my Thor, look at Astrid and Snotlout in this art! I adore the style.

These aren’t even all the art styles. But you get the idea.

For all there are some notable art mistakes in the Riders of Berk graphic novel series, there are also many things to appreciate. I won’t deny that there are many art mistakes, and that they bother me slightly, too. At the same time, I can’t get over the fact that we have graphic novels of this fandom. I think that’s downright cool, too!

poisonwillsting-deactivated2016  asked:

Sorry to be a bother but I need some good fanfiction in my life and I'm having a hard time finding stuff I can get into. What stuff you've shared has been awesome so I trust your taste so would you mind pointing me in the direction of some good stuff? preferably Chasefield. Chaseprice also acceptable. Chaseanything basically. >_>

*rubs my chase-shipping hands together*

Let me list of a bunch of authors first - all these tumblr users have AO3 accounts, too, which I believe they have linked on their pages.

@eiprej - Wrote the Victoria route for Love is Strange Visual Novel, and also lots of LiS fanfiction too. She’s big into Chasefield and also into Chaseprice, and basically is a big Victoria fan so you can’t go wrong. Please read her stuff if you haven’t, oh my god. Please.

@pataytas - I’ve reblogged some of her fics here but the one that drew me in was Ennui on AO3… there’s so much more though, and she’s working hard to keep writing and honestly I die, friend. I die. Just… just go to her tumblr tagged/fic and bathe in the good.

@mjrrgr - Author of the Rachel route for LiSVN, amazing writer in general. Honestly just go read her stuff. Anyways, my first introduction to major’s writing was It comes in slow, slow whispers, which I finished on break at work and had to go cry in my car afterwards. It’s Not Happy, but wow is it good… She also wrote another fic, Full Bleed, which I am just starting, actually. I’m ready to read that and be amazed yet again.

@jarofbeees - I’m reading Thirty-Two Rejection Letters right now, which is a Chasefield fic set in an LiSVN AU sort of. They’re also very happy to talk about Chasefield AU’s and headcanons! (…Which I have totally been doing and it fuels me, okay.)

OK I think that’s the authors whose fics I’ve been reading/have bookmarked that I know of on tumblr. Now I’m gonna list AO3 links to fics/authors (if you know the author’s tumblr please let me know so I can credit them on here too!)

Dandybear on AO3 has written some really, really excellent Chasefield fics. Go forth and please read.

This fic, which an anon reminded me of a few days ago, is very, very good:
Life is Hard (and No One Understands) by Twilit. That’s their only Life is Strange fic on AO3, sadly, and I don’t know if there’s anything else by them, but honestly, I like this fic a lot.

So far I haven’t gotten too deep into Chaseprice fics, but I’m changing that, don’t worry.

I’m sorry if this is mostly stuff I’ve already shared. I’ll call this a bit of a masterpost for my fav Chasefield fics and LiS authors (so far…. there’s always room for more). I hope this helps, and I wish you well on your Chase for more Victoria fics ;D

anonymous asked:

any advice for colouring in black and white? I'm colouring a fantasy short comic (4 pages) in b and w (original plan was colour but deadline is too close) which is not common bc most fantasy is in full colour. Anyway, any things to watch out for and tips to make it look better/more contrasty?

Thanks for the ask!  As you might be able to tell, I love coloring in black and white. ^_^  I can share some of the stuff that I think about when I’m working.  And apologies in advance if any of this is stuff you already know.

Disclaimer: I’m on a Mac, using Photoshop CC 2015.  Some of these tips are pretty universal, and some are specific to the software I use, but you can probably find an equivalent in most other digital art programs.  Also, Windows users: feel free to translate my shortcuts to your language if you’d like. :)

1. Simplify your palette

Working with fewer swatches helps you to mentally plan out the lights, darks, and middle areas in your work.  I always try to figure out where my darkest darks and lightest lights will be, and then I figure out my light source and shadows. I like to use multiply layers to build depth gradually, but do whatever works for you.  You could easily get away with using even fewer shades than I use.

2. I like to work against a gray background.  I recommend working against a middle to light gray background (less eye strain, and your art is more likely to still look good on a drastically different background), but if you know where your work will be posted, it’s nice to also check your art against a background similar to that.

In Photoshop, control+click on the background area of the window next to your art, and you’ll find a dropdown menu allowing you to choose your background color.

3. Effective b/w art isn’t as much about having high contrast in general as it is about using contrast at the right time and place.  You can get away with having an overall middle-key image if your contrasty areas are placed effectively.

a. Use contrast to direct the viewer’s eye.  Apply more contrast in your focal areas to separate them from their surroundings.  Here’s an example of some very busy line art in a small, crowded comic panel.  They eye doesn’t know where to rest.  I wanted Troy, Merritt, and Archer as the focal point, so I applied contrast accordingly.

Here’s another example.  The line art would suggest that Pogo (in the foreground) is the focal point, but the shading directs the eye to Samsid in the background.

b. Another important thing to keep in mind is the psychological and emotional impact of light, dark, and contrast.  There isn’t a whole lot of high-key (very light) art in Demon of the Underground because I’m going for a darker, grungier overall mood.  I also like to keep my more emotionally level scenes a little less contrasty so the dramatic scenes have more punch.  Sometimes the line art of a panel is already sufficiently dramatic, so I keep the contrast lower in order to avoid it feeling too tense or melodramatic.  In other words, use lighting and contrast as much for storytelling as you do for visual impact.

4. Sometimes after all is said and done, your work just looks dull and dingy and low contrast, and you need to fix it.  There are about a million ways that you can do that, but I’ll share the ways that I like the most at the moment.  This is where we get into some of the Photoshop-specific stuff.

a. When I want full, detailed control, I like to use color dodge and color burn layers.  These layers will intensify the contrast and color of any layers below.  Color dodge will intensify the lights, and color burn will intensify the darks.  I usually end up having one layer for each.

When working with a color dodge layer, start by painting with a medium gray.  If the effect is too intense, shift to a darker gray.

When working with a color burn layer, start by painting with a medium gray.  If the effect is too intense, shift to a lighter gray.

b. If you want to quickly shift your entire image and don’t need precise control, you can use the Curves tool in Photoshop.  This is good for if you just kind of missed the mark overall and need to adjust your work.  There are a few different ways to use curves:

-Use the tool from the top menu (Image > Adjustments > Curves, or command+m), and it will affect your active layer only

-Create an adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves), and it will affect all layers below itself.  You can also come back and make changes to it, or you can mask out some areas if you only want your curves affecting specific parts of your art.

I recommend opening the curves tool and just playing with it to see how dragging the line and points affect your art.

5. Is b/w really your only option?  Like I said, I love working in black and white.  But if the only reason you’re working in b/w is for the sake of the deadline, then maybe you can also consider limited color or monochrome as an option.  As much as it pains me to admit it, any little bit of color will usually catch a viewer’s eye more than b/w, and you may have noticed that more and more color has been creeping into DOTU.  The good news is that, if you have fully rendered b/w art, it’s super quick and easy to add color while preserving all your shading and contrast.  Just create a new layer on top of your art and set the mode to color, and then toss in whatever color you want.

And if you later decide that you want to fully color your b/w art, there are ways to do it without having to redo all the shading….

…mostly using normal, multiply, overlay, and color burn layers.  But that’s a story for another ask. ^_^

Anyway, that was pretty long, but I hope it helps a little!

dsaucedo  asked:

I'm a big fan of your costume designs, particularly your liberal use of knee-pads and belts. The details, the stitching, the cut all give the characters a certain weight and feel that sometimes differs from the mainline image of those characters, but in a great way. With something like Age of Ultron, how much freedom were you given with those character designs (which are killer, btw)? Was there anything you wanted to do that was deemed a step too far? I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Thanks very much. Kneepads are super overlooked in superhero designs. As a fan of pro wrestling, its one of those things that you’d think would be super obvious for dudes to wear if they’re running around and shit and even the overly practical designs for characters seem to not have them which rings false to me.

To answer your question in regards to how much creative freedom Marvel gave me with What If? Age of Ultron, it probably was a lot more easy going for me because this was an out of continuity thing and aside from a handful of other artists in issue 5, nobody else was really going to draw these things so I think as long as I didn’t wildly overstep my bounds, they were really cool about letting me kind of do whatever.

These are the design sketches I sent to Joe Keatinge and our editor, Jon Moisan,before we started the book: 

Early on I asked Joe if we could have a new, younger Ghost Rider instead of having an aged version of the Ghost Rider that was on the original New Fantastic Four team. From the jump he only thing I really wanted to try and sneak into this design was the Air Yeezy 2’s Ghost Rider has in the book. Something about the design feels super appropriate for a futuristic Ghost Rider and I believe at the time Kanye was doing his podcast/interview tour to explain his grievances with the fashion industry so that sort of thing was definitely on my mind.

This was the design for the hulk which remained pretty much the same except at some point I added slippers and just rolled with it. Early on Joe told me he was thinking of maybe making the Hulk a Buddhist monk which sounded rad to me so I drew this fairly quick before he had time to change his mind.  

External image

Spider-man was also fairly unchanged. My buddy Dennis Culver took a look at it and gave me some good notes, primarily making the web cartridges bigger as not to get too busy around the wrists. I also took the gloves from a different Spider-man costume for variety. Joe had asked for this costume to be made up of different pieces of other costumes peter would have gathered over the years. Some people asked if Walter White at the end of Breaking Bad informed the look of Peter out of the costume and it definitely did. Before I got the script, Joe sent me a clip of Walt from the B.B. finale and said that was the mindset of Peter Parker. He was a lot more suburban than i initially thought he’d be which is why he wears a nice sweater in the comic and a dirty old one here.

Also, one thing that was in from the beginning was the scarf. Last year , my good buddy Mike Dimayuga passed away shortly before I was approached about doing this book. Mike was a great artist and constantly entered the Project: Rooftop contest with me and I was constantly telling him that he needed to add a scarf to his designs to give them a little more flair. Ironically, he did just that on his Spider-man design and won first place so this was a subtle tribute to him. There was a nice poetic moment at the end of the book that Joe wrote where Peter Parker hands off his scarf to Wolverine who wears it as a tribute. 

External image

As you can see, this Wolverine is the most radically different than what was in the book. Joe and my editor were cool with the design but as he wrote the script, Joe had the idea of having Wolverine look a little more like Corto Maltese so I lengthened the jacket, turned it blue and put the pants over the boots and gave him a nice captain’s hat. That’s why Joe is a genius. I definitely would have not thought to do that in a million years.

So that was what I started off with and this is a splash page I sent to the colorist Ruth Redmond as a color guide for the book:

External image

Aside from Wolverine, not a whole lot changed.

Anyhow, thanks again for the question. I held off answering it until I felt like writing all this out for posterity.


After reading Rolling Stone’s interview with 5 Seconds of Summer, I decided to write my own article, mainly full of questions for the interviewer Patrick Doyle and the magazine itself. If you’re interested, go ahead and read. Please note that I am a fan of 5SOS (if you couldn’t tell) and I will admit, I might be reaching for a reason to believe these boys are not the assholes they’re painted as in the interview. But as a writing student myself, I’m also questioning the content and tactics from a professional standpoint. 

Keep reading

fourthflavor  asked:

Hello, Alan. I'm looking for some advice with beginning freelance graphic design. The main advice I find online is to market yourself to long-term clients who you can form a good working relationship with. I've seen you develop relationships with some great creators over the years on YouTube, but for a beginner, do you have any tips on how to get started? Is it enough to reach out through social media and have a design Tumblr or what additional things could you advise? Thanks so much! -Josh

I guess it depends on your end game, but I can talk about how I did what I did. And throw in a few other examples from friends of mine.

Okay so, those YouTubers, I got to know most of them slowly through their videos. Then, when the Partner Program first kicked off (invite only), suddenly lots of people needed lots of branding materials. There were channel banners and avatars, and sidebar banners on your video pages, and for a few years you could even completely html image map your whole profile.

So I designed a couple of banners for free, without being asked, and just sent them to some of the bigger partners. I included a little message that said “hey, I like your videos, I made this if you want to use it, no restrictions”, or something like that.

And what do you know, some people actually used them! MysteryGuitarMan, nalts, and I’m pretty sure Hank and John for like two days before Hank designed the one they ended up keeping. And yeah, some didn’t use them, like daxflame (though the daxflame banner was my personal fav).

But when others saw my banners on some of the bigger channels, I got a ton of referrals. I ended up making banners for a lot of new partners as they were added, some for pay, others for fun.

I had no idea those silly little banners would lead to some of the jobs and collaborations they did, so keep that in mind and always do your best, even on a small or seemingly unimportant gig.

(Quick real world example: I first met Michael Buckley when he hired me to do some design work for him. Then we became friends. Then he hired me to design and update his website. Then he hired me to edit some of his videos. That first little banner turned into a very steady gig for a couple years.)

Back to your question…

You can’t really find “long-term clients”, you just have clients who become long-term. Do good consistent work, and then when those clients need a new Thing done, you’ll be the first person they think of.

Like, risarodil, for example. She did some great typography designs, not commissioned, just “for fun”. But now everyone is hiring her to design their quotes for posters and shirts because she does good consistent work. There’s little risk. You know what you’re going to get when you hire Risa. And that’s how long-term clients are made, not found.

The same could be said for karenkavett. She does good work, so John and Hank and others keep going back to her for new stuff. Why take the risk on someone else/someone new? Karen delivers, so you keep going back to Karen.

And that is true for any freelancer, not just design. I hired hello-the-future to edit a short piece I wrote a few months ago. She did a terrific job, not only did she deliver when she said she would, but she explained why she made some of the bigger changes, and overall the piece was stronger because of her involvement. I then hired her to edit all of the static pages on my personal site, and I’ll continue to hire her when I have writing in the future that needs editing.

Okay, I’m starting to get off track again…

Don’t be afraid to do a lot of your own early work for yourself. Design a poster that you’re interested in, not one for a client. Post that. Then make five more. If I were hiring you, I’d want to see a number of completed pieces so I would feel confident in what to expect when you’re finished.

A design tumblr is a great idea to showcase this work. Tag it properly so people who might be interested in your work can find it. And for the love of all that is holy, make your contact information very clear and very easy to find. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’d want to contact someone so we could sell their designs via DFTBA and there was just no way to get in touch with them. Don’t lose the job before you even get it.

I hope that helps. That’s a huge wall of text. I’m sure there’s a ton more to be said too, but I guess start here?


Translation of the info page about Sousuke, from Push! Magazine. Previous translations are here and here.

Translation entirely by Bianca

Yamazaki Sousuke
A new character appears in Samezuka’s swim club!

The new character appears in the original novel – he’s Rin’s best friend from elementary school. How will Sousuke, who the young Rin says “understands me the most,” be drawn in the anime?

Ask the director!:
He appeared in the Original Novel “High Speed!” as Rin’s best friend before transferring to Iwatobi Elementary. While his fundaments characteristics have been carried over from the original, there are also parts that have been changed to fit the anime’s story.

When we were having Sousuke’s character designed, even though I had a pretty clear image in my head,  once I conveyed it to Nishiya, a Sousuke just as marvelous as I’d imaged – no, even more! – arose. We can’t present it yet, but he will have a marine animal motif.
His relationship with Rin will be a highlight. We’re drawing a relationship different from that of Haruka and Makoto, a two-person dynamic unique to Rin and Sousuke. Their past will be coming out, so I think you will enjoy that.

Looks check: Droopy eyes and raised eyebrows are Sousuke’s main characteristics He gives the impression of having a big attitude and a bossy personality, but what might he really be like?

Body check: He has a built upper body and a manly inverted triangle silhouette. He’s even taller than Makoto!

On YouTube Fame and Misfortune

These are thoughts I’ve actually had in my head ever since YouTube became a legitimate platform for artists, bloggers, and so on - although a sudden increase in concerning events have brought my fingers to the keyboard, and I’ll apologize in advance in the case that this becomes a lengthy rant. 

I think the most appealing part about YouTube is that anyone with a camera phone, an idea, and an internet connection can accidentally become famous, if only for a month. Anyone can think of something quirky and jot it down and maybe influence enough people to watch their channel, through crazy thumbnails or legitimately interesting concepts, and get to the front page. Everyone has a voice now. Everyone can be heard, and that’s such a great thing!


But I think it can be incredibly scary, too. It’s terrifying if you actually take the time to think about it. I mean, at first, it’s not bad. You have a small channel, you make videos in your free time and a few people watch them and enjoy them. That validation that your ideas are interesting and fun to watch, that people take their precious time to listen to what you have to say, is invigorating. The possibility that your single voice could make any change in this world is wonderful, and it’s a fantastic feeling to have. 

In the beginning, it’s easy. Low expectation, low casualty if you decide to drop out. You have little to no chance of hurting people with any of your videos because your audience is so small you pretty much know what topics to avoid in order to keep the peace.

You have a hundred followers, and wow, it feels so good that ONE HUNDRED people like your work. 

You have a thousand followers. A THOUSAND?! You couldn’t even have a party for them, but you are still able to keep up with most of the fan mail and the tweets. Everyone has their own lives, after all, and not everyone is focused on you.

Then you have a million.

That is one million people. 

That is a huge population of people that you couldn’t possibly hope to chat with individually at one time - what an awful host/ess you’d be! Some people wouldn’t be able to see you and they’d be upset, but hopefully they would understand how impossible that is, right?

Five million people.


Six million people.

This is great but-

Seven million people.

Okay, but can I just talk to-

Eight million people.

Jesus, I can’t-


And you are only one.

And your hobby has become a job devoted to keeping the peace in your fandom. What used to be a fun distraction has become a tight rope of anxiety over a sea of 35 million matches below you, and there’s no possible way of knowing how to avoid each strike.

I can’t imagine that. That metaphor might be totally off base, but when I think about that many people - even a million, even a thousand, even a hundred - watching my channel and getting frustrated if I don’t upload a video or if I suddenly get a love interest or if I decided that I wanted to move on to something else.

People that could tell me that my videos are the only thing keeping them alive.

People that write about me in ways I know I’m not, thousands of times because to them, I’m a blank slate.

People that I would suddenly become responsible for, and why?

Because I decided to make a channel that a lot of people enjoyed, and that’s not bad at all! But…

Listen, I have a hard time catering to the 30 people currently subscribed to me - and I only have 10 videos up and I’m not even sure if this is the direction I want to take, even for five years of my life, because there’s that potential that I get too popular. And at first, I thought, “Wow, that’s really conceited. Why would I be the next Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Jenna Marbles, etc.? What would make my channel so special? Ashley, calm yourself down, deng.”

But that’s not the point. It’s not that I think my channel is anything special. I mean, I enjoy what I talk about and I’m still going to make things for my own reasons, but that’s not the point. It’s scary to think that, if my channel caught on and I did get popular and thousands of people enjoyed my channel that I would no longer be a person.

I would become an image on the screen.

I would be trapped in the box that you can pause and play whenever you want. And it might give you the idea that I exist for you and your entertainment. And that might make some people think that whatever I do should be a reflection of that. I can’t date because, wow, that is so r00d to the dudes and ladies in my fanbase that want some of dis. I can’t make any snide comments because it could be taken out of context and I have to write thirty apologies because I upset someone so much that they relapsed into bad behaviors. I can’t be myself anymore, because now I exist for you.

Except that I don’t.

No one does. Not Jack or his girlfriend, Wiishu, not Mark, not Felix, not Jenna, not any of them. One day, they are all going to stop making YouTube videos and fade out of the limelight. And it is really sad when I realize that they are probably going to enjoy being a memory to people instead of part of a huge family on this amazing platform that gives everyone a voice - and then somehow, has it taken away.

I mean, I could totally be off by everything and I’m just paranoid because bunches of people liking my stuff would mean a crazy commitment and I’m constantly scared of letting people down even though I really want to make a difference and change the world in positive ways. 

But…If I feel this way now - with few, but meaningful, subscribers and little to no real damaging impact on my tiny community - how must it feel to be in the millions? That’s scary. Seeing comments and posts and tweets towards certain YouTubers have almost turned me away from my own channel. Almost. 

Except that what got me really interested into YouTube in the first place was the family that I saw among the YouTubers. The friends that played games together and the people that made skits and sang together. It reminded me of my high school drama family, and I would love to be a part of it, and to contribute to it. There are a lot more reasons that contributed to my perseverance, but those don’t exactly contribute to the point I’m making.

That point is:

Imagine sitting in your room, on your computer.

Imagine looking at your inbox and seeing over 999+ messages.

Imagine looking at comments on your YouTube channel and being 10 pages away from the first comment 2 minutes after it’s uploaded.

Now imagine that every single one of those people are depending on you.


That’s nuts. While I know most wouldn’t exactly call that a “burden”, it’s got to be damn taxing on the soul. Especially when you’re worried that one of those people might really need you, and you might not get to them in time because, how could you? You couldn’t know. And that’s okay.

Sean McLoughlin is just a guy playing games and making people laugh.

Mark Fischbach is a dude that enjoys goofing off and making people smile.

Jenna Marbles is a a fun loving lady who loves her dogs.

Anthony Padilla likes Pokemon and joking around.

I could go on, but I think it’s getting redundant. 

I’m not really sure how to wrap this up in a clear and understandable way, but I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff going on towards these people just because they are popular on YouTube and people seem to forget that, you know, they’re people. Yeah, you enjoy watching them, but gosh dang, they have their own lives. Lives that you don’t need to know about to enjoy their material and lives that may or may not directly involve your influence. And that’s okay! Because you’re still important, and you have a voice, too. Just because that specific person doesn’t hear it doesn’t mean you are any less important and it doesn’t mean that they don’t care. They just…have a lot of people who want to be heard by them specifically.

Gosh, I feel like there’s more I want to say, but I don’t even think this makes much sense. <=/ Sorry about the rant, but, uhm. I guess


Imagine having 35 million people who depend on you everyday.

Now think of your favorite YouTuber and send them some good vibes (even if it’s not by directly messaging them!).

Thank you.

(/Awkwardly waddles out of Tumblr)

figure the ways

He laughs, then laughs harder when Clarke reaches up to try and smother the sound with her hands. It’s late, and they can’t have their tent that far away from camp because they’re a bunch of co-dependent fuckers. 

Which is kind of his point here. 

“Don’t even act like you don’t want to play matchmaker,” he argues, still grinning.

ok, so like, eons ago i wrote this thing so that i could spam afigureofspeech’s page (like a creep. a fabulous, non-virus spamming creep). and it was funny and i laughed, because i’m a loser who laughs at my own clever jokes – seriously though, does anyone else ever send a text and go, “gosh darnit i’m so great” and giggle? i do – but that was that.

BUT APPARENTLY I SAVED IT. GO ME. so i doctored it up and here we are!!! i’m a snippet-spam-uhm. crazy person. as if you didn’t already know.

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