i'm going to boston

If you don't ugly cry over hockey then have you really experienced hockey?

Guess who just got rejected for not one, not two, but three jobs!

That’s right. All of the workplaces I applied to have officially turned me down.

Starbucks ran out of space, which I totally understand.

My local pool turned me down, as they were only accepting people who were certified to teach lessons. Again, I can’t help that, totally forgiveable.

But then… a small Halloween Store officially turned me down for being trans. Like, seriously? This is 20-heckin-17, people. They wanted me to use my birthname and wear the female uniform (which happens to be a form-fitting dress). So I told them no, and they immediately said there was no chance of having a trans worker in their crew. How messed up is that?

I dunno guys… I wish I could live off commissions but the income isn’t steady enough… If you get a chance, could you maybe take a look over on that page? I’m officially between jobs for who knows how long, and I hate being so desperate.

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Dialogue prompt: "I'm leaving. I'm going back to Boston. Unless you can give me a reason to stay."

“Won’t You Stay”

A/N 1: Just a small note- I changed Boston to Hartford just for the purpose of this story.

A/N 2: This is also going to be based on this video that was posted when they were filming. It’s slightly spoilery, but nothing major. This is all merely based on speculation. 

He drags his feet as he walks towards his office, the halls of Specter Litt eerily empty at this hour of the night, safe for a few associates rushing to finish up their latest assignments.

He pauses when her office comes into view. Glancing around the glass enclosed room, he looks for any sign of red hair. Sighing when he realizes she’s not there, he continues to his own office, trying to shake off the image of her standing there, walking up to wrap her arms around him, kissing him like the very first time.

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What are you looking forward to most about college? Fall in Boston is going to be gorgeous I'm jealous

Experiencing the seasons!! (And the horrible winter i know), i already found my favorite cafe and it has BEANTOWN in the name! Meeting all the people ive been talking to from my college irl, living alone (ish), spending a lot of quality time learning and growing