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For @saltandlimes damn straight that stuff got crying! Just a lil doodle for her kalluzeb fic ;v;…ohh the feeling and Zeb is so caring ;A;! (That line… that LINEEEEE)

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Bond leaves, because of course he does.

The villains are either dead or captured, the evil organisation is imploding, MI6 is safe (for now), and so James Bond rides off into the sunset with the car and the girl, leaving the rest of them to clean up the mess, and Q wishes –

Q wishes a lot of things.

Q wishes he didn’t begrudge Bond the happy ending, but he does, because James Bond is a bastard by trade and by nature, and Q kind of hates him, why the hell does he get all the nice things?

Q wishes he could give Madeleine Swann a guide book or a list of tips and tricks – what to do when Bond has bad nights, what his favourite breakfast is, how to make him laugh, properly. But he can’t, because all Q knows about Bond in private he knows from his file and the MI6 rumour mill, not because Bond ever let him in. All Q could give advice on is how to make Bond swear in Latin when he comes, and that’s something he’s too selfish to share, even if it wouldn’t be incredibly weird.

Q wishes he could hate Madeleine Swann, actually, it would make his life a whole lot easier. But he can’t because she’s never done a thing to deserve it, in fact, she probably saved Bond’s life – and it wouldn’t be fair, because it’s not her fault, none of it.

What Q wishes most of all is that Bond would realise that the people around him don’t just exist to help him, that they have real feelings and actual lives, because sometimes Q wants to shake him, or punch him, or just tell him to get fucked.

In every other aspect of his life, Q has spine, has guts, but where James Bond is concerned he’s like putty in his hand, and Q hates it, hates Bond and his favours and that he capitulates every single time. Hates that Bond knows, must know, how Q feels, but doesn’t seem to care either way, as long as he can use Q’s crush to get his gadgets, to get his way.

Q wishes he’d never let Bond touch him, that he’d been smart enough to turn him down, because then at least he might have retained some semblance of control, but instead he said yes, and now Bond knows exactly how Q likes his cock sucked, and exactly what to say to make Q risk his job, his life, again and again.

Fucking arrogant, inconsiderate, sodding prick.

Q doesn’t wish they’d never met.

Episode 12x01 spoilers, watch out for unoriginality since people have probably already done this

@destieldrabblesdaily Shirley this is all your fault (I guess you could say happy really late birthday I don’t know)

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

puddlesfluff  asked:

Rodrick for ask meme

kfjgsnnjfg nICE OKAY

  • Why I like them: how could u not, hes gorgeous hes the emo guy of my dreams man
  • Why I don’t: he left diary of a wimpy kid and broke my heart
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): all of the scenes he’s in from the first three movies obviously
  • Favorite season/movie: Rodrick Rules obviously

Favorite line: 


  • Favorite outfit: this one. soo hot 😩😩💦💦💦
  • OTP: idk
  • Brotp: my boy Gregory and him. Rodrick Rules gave me some serious feels u know what I’m sayin
  • Head Canon: ???idk?????????
  • Unpopular opinion: Loded Diper is a really good band name
  • A wish: I wish they would get rid of the new Rodrick and bring my emo dad back

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: the oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen moment already happened so idk what to say

  • 5 words to best describe them: The Original, Real Rodrick Heffley
  • My nickname for them: #MyRodrick

lets all be honest here

someone was going to this sooner or later

random elementary headcanons because i need to cheer myself up and the finale continues to ruin me

  • joan sometimes steals sherlock’s clean t-shirts because they’re hella comfy and warm. sherlock pretends not to notice.
  • they get the occasional postcard from someone in australia signed with a picture of a cat and a snowflake and that’s how they know kitty is doing alright
  • mycroft is in witness protection in new zealand and can be briefly seen in the fourth hour of the third hobbit film as an elf
  • joan made sherlock watch the first season of orange is the new black and though he complained all the way through, the day the second season was released he woke her up with breakfast and a laptop on a tray
  • marcus doesn’t work out or go to the gym. he just looks like that. ALL THE TIME (and boy does he know it)
  • sherlock is really good at dancing because of his boarding-school education, but hasn’t really danced with anyone since irene
  • gregson lets marcus call him tommy but only when sherlock isn’t around
  • sherlock heard about joan offering gregson a hug and got unspeakably jealous for exactly twelve minutes and couldn’t understand why
  • marcus and gregson vet cold cases before they give them to sherlock in case they have drugs as a key element
  • sherlock knows (he appreciates it)
  • joan actually makes a better cup of tea than sherlock
  • once joan lost her coat while pursuing a suspect and sherlock gave her his without even thinking about it. she wore it for the next two days (well they didn’t have time to go home; crime was happening)
  • marcus visits alfredo in hospital because sherlock can’t after the finale; alfredo ends up having a thing for marcus (because who doesn’t)
  • sherlock is actually a massive star wars fan and on may 4th he invited marcus (under false pretences) to come and watch the original trilogy with him and joan