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how much planning have you had to do for whms? it feels like everything has come together really organically and there are so many real events in there. how do you plan for everything?

well i spent about a year mapping out the fic in my head and imagining how i’d write it, but i never got around to actually writing it because i was too afraid that i’d forget to include something or that i wouldn’t write it as accurately as i wanted to.

when i first started writing, i would pore over every single word and research every little scene i wanted to include. it was impossible. and extremely draining and unsatisfying. lucky for me, i was in near constant communication with charlotte about the fic and what i wanted to do with it and when i told her my dilemma she basically said to stop worrying about making it as accurate to reality as possible and just write the fucking thing. 

after that, i planned out everything up until jensen’s wedding. and i knew once i got to that point, i would be able to start posting it. 

(i also had not thought of a title until i had written about three or four chapters, so i couldn’t have posted it even if i wanted to.)

so i wrote up til chapter 11 or whenever it is that jensen’s wedding happens. and i sent everything over to charlotte to give it a go, and she…….did not like it as much as i hoped she would like it lol. she found it frustrating that jensen and misha didn’t even seem like friends for several chapters - too many chapters. there just wasn’t enough interaction between the two of them, and it was too awkward for too long.

cue me reading and editing and rewriting about 25k words’ worth of fic, sending it over to charlotte, editing some more, then finally feeling confident enough in it to start posting.

since then, there’s been a lot of charlotte messaging me things like “don’t forget to include this,” “i think this is coming up, don’t forget,” and me asking her questions while i write and running things by her to make sure i’m on the right track. 

but you’re absolutely right that a lot of things have happened organically - or even fortuitously as if the cockles gods are watching out for me. seriously, the fact that alona tal asking misha what it’s like to kiss jensen happened in real life ONE WEEK after i wrote jensen and misha kissing in my fic was????? a total coincidence/??????? i messaged charlotte after that one and was like “cockles is real, i’ve cracked it.” and then i knew i wanted jared to find out about them a few months before they break up, so when i researched the coin prank and learned that it was during season 6 i was like I’VE CRACKED IT AGAIN. 

i have a document titled “cockles notes” that i’ve been keeping for over a year now and it just has links and bullet points of things i mean to include and things i need to remember, so that helps me organize stuff that i know i’m gonna forget. but otherwise, yeah, it’s kind of just all up in my head as vague ideas that i have to figure out how to get to paper. i’m that gif set of george rr martin explaining that some authors are gardeners that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing until the flowers have grown. that’s me.

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why do you think it was jensen who did that to msiha's clothes? it coul have been anyone.

well, obviously i don’t know for sure, no one has explicitly stated who did it. but here is what i know:

+ Jensen’s autographs and Misha’s Castiel photo ops were at the same time. 

+ i had a Jensen auto before i did my Cas op. during the auto, Jensen was speaking with his handler about going somewhere. it went a little something like this (paraphrasing here): 

Handler: *whispering something*
Jensen: “Oh really?”
Handler: *smiles, nods*
Jensen: “Okay. I’m gonna go.”

After that I went to get my Cas op. 

+ after my Cas op I was speaking with my friend who was volunteering. i mentioned Jensen’s auto line was still going where as Jared’s was nearly done. she said it’s because Jensen took a “potty break that ended up being quite long” in the middle of his autos.

+ shortly after that the Cas ops ended and Misha posted the video to Facebook.

so i’m not saying Jensen did it for sure, but. i’m saying the shoe fits pretty nicely…

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Disclaimer: I don’t own any gifs and picutres, also my knowledge of the cockles timline is bascially nonexsitened so this is probably pretty out of order and the wrong gif used at for the wrong event, but now come on and join me on the wilde ride of me telling the most beautiful love story of all time:

Once upon a time in the year 2008 this cinnamon roll

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joined spn, dressed up in an old trench coat and walked into this barn

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where he met this cutie patottie

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and they filmed the beginning of the end of all destiel shippers, only that dear jesnen hadn’t heard misha’s castiel voice yet and his reaction looked like this

also misha liked to dress in a kinda odd way

which weirded jensen and jared out a bit

Jared: He comes to set in the…most outlandish…flamboyant sweaters, we thought he was playing a joke or something

But eventually they grew closer I mean just look at the gag reel

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also there was the AHBLcon 2009

Jensen: “I couldn’t see you for a while. I got a little nervous.”
Misha: “That was hard.”
Jensen: “It was.”
Misha: “It was like being in the water without a life jacket. Scary.”
Jared: “What is?”
Misha: “Just not being able to see him.”
Jared: “I’ll let you know he’s there. He’s still there, he’s still there.”
Misha: “Is he there?”
Jared: “He’s there.”

But of course it was nothing compared to jib2

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just look at them

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sooooo gross

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also the harry and sally thing

not to forget their grossness while shooting s6

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how much more gay can it get

pretty gay

and now to the part I don’t like at all, the cockles break up theroy

starting with misha tweeting this picutre of jensen, saying jensen was shirtless while misha took the picutre

followed by a really sad misha during asylum7 a week later

look at my poor baby

since i don’t like to talk about this look at this post explaining everything nicely while i move on to comic con and *drum rolls* the face touching

but not only jensen gets handsy

but it’s not only just face stroking

no there are also fucking kissing each other

of course comic con is nothing compared to jib

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i mean the freaking resume off

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and jensen “fainting” so misha can prove he has an emt ceritficate

do you wanna know what people would do in that case…a freaking rescue breathing which needs mouth touching, just think about it

also one of my fav cockles things the cockles date

the only thing grosser than jib3 was jib4 (seriously if I ever meet the resume girl I will hug her and never let her go, if you read this you’re a blessing for the fandom) I MEAN LOOK

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not to forget that Misha told Jensen he loves him

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now the only thing is jib5 which made every cockles shipper think they just had a mass halucination

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also misha’s hand slipped and nobody can convince me otherwise

now one historic date: 24th August 2014 - Jensen joins twitter which leads to tweets like

but also misha was active on twitter gushing over his supportive boyfriend


not to forget cockles week1.0

but of course nothing compared to cockles week2.0

including an ice cream date, winning the teen choice award, a trip to the spa and misha’s birthday

not to forget comic con this year and jib but O’m afraid my computer will break down any second so in conclusion: Jensen and Misha love each other so mucht it’s gross and very real

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Char I've just spent a solid three hours going through your cockles tag and now it's nearly 5am and i haven't slept yet and i'm also really raellly mad because COCKLES.

here anon, let me help you and remind you of all the reasons why you shouldn’t be mad:

remember that time misha tweeted a picture of jensen’s eye because they were out at a bar together and then later that night jared texts misha to hang out with him and ‘stop being gay’

or the fact that they have matching bracelets and misha’s has a little charm that says ‘always with you’ and apparently has an angel on the other side and also remember when jensen gave misha his ring

or how about that time they were rehearsing a scene (from 5.17 i believe) and they’re all smiley and giggly and misha’s wearing a hoodie but our view is obstructed by a goddamn tree

or that jensen calls misha ‘mish’ and he’s like the only one who ever does that (you should definitely click the audio link on that post fyi)


or the cockles breeding ground that is jibcon (don’t forget that time jensen pratically SNUGGLED misha during autographs + the photographic proof)

or also how they went to nascar together last year and also had dinner together to discuss directing (and they go to dinner regularly according to osric chau) and we know they were with each other when rob benedict fell ill at a convention and waited in the hospital together all night

and not forgetting how close their families are like when misha said at a12 that west was very close with jensen and danneel (i was there so i can confirm this) and also how west took his first steps at jensen’s house and fell in his pool and peed on his flowers and stuff and what good friends danneel and misha are 

and also what a good place they seemed to be in at comic-con this year and then there’s these sort of shenanigans and idk i’m really mad now too i’m sorry anon this is not what i wanted to happen

EDIT: also let’s not forget recent events like the mockumentary where misha wrote jensen as a super-sensitive metrosexual sweetiepie and aLSO the intense twitter flirting during last week’s spn episode 

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Hi!! I have a cockles-related question and i'm sorry if i've you've already been asked this, so please feel free to tell me to go look for it, I will :) So I've always thought Jared knows about their secret. It's in the way he looks at them, plus I think they need someone to cover for them, and he is their best friend after all. But i was wondering, how many cast members do you think actually know? [Part 1/2]

Anonymous said: Like, i’ve always thought that if it’s such a big secret, the less people know the better, but then there’s that line in “Fanfiction”, “No, they’re a couple in real life” and i’m too trash to believe it was a coincidence. So what do you think? Thank you, sorry for the long message, love you and your blog! xx [Part2/2]

Hi anon! I do indeed think Jared knows. And I think he’s supportive, because that’s the sort of person he is. that-fucking-flamingo-shirt​ answered the question quite succinctly here. I suspect Jared covers for them a lot. Probably a lot more than we’ll ever know. Although sometimes he’s not so subtle, like that time at MinnCon this year when Jensen was talking about Misha being naked - when Jared called Jensen out for making it sound like a porno, Jensen exclaimed “It was a family trip!” and Jared said “I’m surprised”. (+ this + this + this) (One time at a con, a fan asked Jared about Jensen and Misha’s relationship and he gave a Cockles-positive answer. I can’t find that post, though, which is killing me because I tag everything so this never happens…)

As for the other cast and crew members… well, it’s a tight-knit group, and I think they all know Cockles exists as a fandom concept, the same way they all know Destiel and Wincest exist as concepts. However, I’m pretty sure there’s nobody on set who would deny Jensen and Misha have a little thing going, whether it’s seen as friendship or something else.

Ruth Connell knows Jensen and Misha have some hella rad chemistry - and I can’t remember what I saw or where I saw it, but I recall Kim Rhodes saying something similar too (but I could be mistaken).

Then there was that one time that Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict basically called them a couple at comic con. The bit they did was mainly about Destiel, but see, the thing about winning awards for having chemistry, is that it goes well beyond what’s in the script and what’s seen on camera. That award was for Jensen and Misha as much as it was for Dean and Cas, and Mr. Speight and Mr. Benedict knew this very well.

And yeah, Robbie Thompson’s “they’re a couple in real life” quip happened in 10x05, which was 100% a Cockles shoutout doubling as Destiel. And then there was that other time Robbie Thompson wrote Sam and Dean’s aliases as Gabriel and Collins (like the members of Genesis, but also very cleverly like Sabriel and Cockles). Robbie knows the fandom like the back of his hand (probably better, because who even knows where all their freckles are), so I’ll be damned if that wasn’t done entirely on purpose. Robbie either low-key ships the thing, or he knows we do.

All in all, no, I don’t think Cockles is a secret on set. I do think that cast and crew members’ interpretations of their relationship vary as much as the fandom’s interpretations, but that’s just a guesstimate on my part. There’s always a chance everyone on set knows there’s a full-blown affair happening - or, just as equally, the only people who know the real truth are Misha, Jensen and Jared, and everything else is pure rumour.

Jared though? Oh, yeah. He knows.

thanks [mishacollins] for the assistance

1k words

“What are you doing?”

Jensen doesn’t answer. He disappears into the bathroom of his trailer and turns the sink on.

Misha follows him and leans against the doorjamb. There’s really not enough space for both of them in the bathroom, but sue him - Jensen left the door open.

“What are you doing?” Misha repeats as he watches Jensen dunk his head under the sink.

When he pops back up, he looks at Misha through the mirror and responds, “Shaving.”

“Funny, I didn’t know it was customary to drench your head before shaving your face.”

“Gotta cut my hair, too. Don’t feel like showering.”

“Mm, shame.”

Jensen turns to glare at him. “Dude, you know we can’t both fit.”

“You can’t discount something you’ve never tried.”

Jensen rolls his eyes and picks up a straight razor.

“Really? You want it that close?” Misha can’t help himself. He crowds Jensen against the sink and reaches for his hand. Once Misha has the razor in his grasp, Jensen lets go easy. “You won’t have any stubble left.”

“I know how to shave my own face, Mish. Been playing Dean a long time.” He snatches the razor back.

Misha raises his hands in surrender and steps back again. He watches attentively as Jensen rubs shaving cream into his beard. For the next few minutes, the soft sound of blade cutting hair is the only thing breaking the silence between them. They make eye contact through the mirror a few times before Misha pulls out his phone to distract himself.

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I interrupt my semi-hiatus with a Cockles update (among other things)


Basically, if you’re going to a con, I highly suggest you go with someone??? Cause this time around I was by myself and while I still had fun, met people and got to hang around with Bunny and Kiriei for a little bit, it was still kind of lonely. :( SO yeah. But anyways…

I won’t bore you with all the con details, so here’s my personal highlights:

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I need your help. My Misha obsession is getting out of hand. It's constant he's too good, too precious for life. Just give me one tiny reason not to like him. Please help!! Otherwise I fear I'm so deep in the Misha trash bin I'll never escape!

Reasons to not like Misha? I mean, I suppose there’s the way he’s such a cute little trouble-making shit by crashing Trump rallies and using his influence to make people do his bidding with Random Acts and GISHWHES like how dare he try to make the world a better place. Also the way his smile lights up any room he enters like wow how considerate of him not to even think about vampires or other people allergic to the sun. And personally I always just feel so attacked whenever one of his live streams is posted because maybe I’m having a bad day and maybe I just want to wallow in fucking misery instead of laughing and grinning from ear to ear like how rude can you get??? And don’t get me started on what a gross and disgusting person he turns Jensen into every time they’re around each other I mean what an asshole Misha is for being so attractive even upstanding heterosexuals born and bred from Texas have a hard time resisting him. And on that note has he even had the decency to register his looks as a lethal weapon because how many more people must suffer before the man realizes that his beauty is not a force to be reckoned with???? At best, it’s irresponsible; at worst, Misha Collins is the antichrist. So there you go, nonny. Being the devil incarnate is a pretty good reason not to like someone…after all, he does play Lucifer on TV, so my conclusion must be 666% accurate. ;)

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This is just to say that although I haven't ever watched Supernatural I ended up following your blog. I'm now in love with the Misha (?) dude. You know, that guy with the wrinkly puppy face. You've also convinced me to watch it this summer once exams end. Anything I should be warned of before I begin?

Ha! Yes! That’s awesome! Misha’s great (: (Just so you know… his character, Cas, doesn’t come in until season 4. But the show is very much worth watching from the beginning.)

As far as warnings go… the show is going to break your heart and rip it out of your chest at least a dozen times. Real tears. And it’s going to make you laugh hysterically. Sometimes it’ll freak you out. Everyone you love will die. The main characters die a lot, and come back, and die again. If you hear “Carry On My Wayward Son”, something painful is probably about to happen. …And you’re going to love it.

I don’t know what else I can say! It’s very self-explanatory. The fandom is an ocean - it’s like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside… the show is massive in and of itself (9 seasons, signed on to start making #10 shortly), but there are conventions all over the world, an anime series based off it, and entire fandom factions (people that love the Kripke era as a be-all-end-all, people that only watch before the writers strike, people that only watch after Cas came on, people that believe in their ship’s canon(ical?) possibility, etc).

I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna use this as an excuse to make a master post.

Here’s what I would want to know going into the fandom:

ships (most of these have never been canon):

full-length convention panels:

Misha Collins

  • When Misha is involved, things get weird.
  • Plays Castiel on Supernatural
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/mishacollins
  • It is probably good to know that he’s going to run the planet at some point. So idk where your loyalties lie, friend, but I would arrange those to align with the overlord’s purposes. Sign up for minion-ship as soon as possible to prevent sudden death. Arm yourself with ponies. Inquire into the sleeper cell. I do not know much but I hope you’re not overly attached to Spain. I’ve already said too much.
  • As far as I know, his wife isn’t on Twitter. But she’s apparently really cool and writes spicy books and the following picture entertains me. 

  • There’s a McDonalds commerical and a training video somewhere that involve MC. I imagine he attempted to outrun the early days but Tumblr knows too much
  • His real name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic or something. 
  • He published books of poetry. I haven’t read them but that’s because I’m the illiterate scum that didn’t think to budget for the manifestos of a mad man when I enrolled in college. Stupid, I know. The day will come. We’ll all be enlightened. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  • Pretty sure he can teleport. Yet to be proven, but I’m calling it now.
  • Founded & runs his own charity, Random Acts, http://therandomact.org. Really cool things come out of that. 
  • He’s weird.

External image

  • He runs GISHWHES and has several Guiness World Records for it.
  • He spends a lot of time harassing William Shatner and being harassed by William Shatner.
  • He has 2 kids with his super pretty wifey Vicki Vantoch

External image

  • This is West. His middle name’s Anaximander because reasons.

External image

  • Then there’s Maison, who’s also really cute. Her middle name’s Marie, which is lovely but slightly less exciting. She doesn’t know many words right now but Russia is one of them. 


  • Mishapocalypse
  • He got pied in the face twice on the same day by Jared & Jensen, separately. The video’s great. There’s a lot of epic prank stories floating around.
  • He made some poor old man wear a dick hat. I think the world’s better for it.

External image

  • Kale???
  • He takes a lot of liberties to be that quirky.
  • He’s a creative powerhouse.
  • Idk, he’s got a brother named Sasha? There was a basement story or something? Giraffe swings? And there’s a very confusing video about trees and stealth nuggets; I imagine it was a counteractive dictation to initiatives by UN. That’s it. That’s all I know from memory, sorry.
  • We love Misha.

Jared Padalecki

  • First things first… he plays Sam on Supernatural
  • He’s on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jarpad
  • His wife’s on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realGpad

External image

  • His wife Genevieve used to be on Supernatural! She played the second “vessel” for a demon called Ruby. She came back later for an episode spoofing their lives called The French Mistake.
  • Jared & Gen were in an awesome music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbLXI_Los-8
  • Jared has two little boys with Gen! They’re the cutest freaking kids. 

This is Tom! He’s adorable and Gen posts pictures of him on Twitter all the time.

External image

This is Austin, but they call him Shep

External image

  • He does a lot of charity work, especially involving shelter dogs.
  • He’s really nice to everyone, all the time. Except Misha.
  • He’s from Texas, just like Jensen. 
  • He’s got a reputation for having a very playful relationship with Misha. Note the former exception :p
  • TALL

External image

  • He’s known for making a lot of jokes about Justin Bieber that sometimes ticks off Bieber’s fandom, but it’s hilarious
  • He used to play Dean on Gilmore Girls. He also gets teased for involvement in New York Minute.

External image

  • Check out his IMDB for other stuff
  • He did a few horror movies, like House of Wax and Friday the 13th
  • I’m pretty sure Misha had something to do with Jared’s face being made out of Swedish Fish

External image

  • Edit: Yep. Yep he did.

  • We love Jared.

Jensen Ackles

  • Straight-up: Dean on Supernatural
  • He’s not on Twitter or FB
  • His wife is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/danneelharris
  • Danneel was never on Supernatural, but she was on One Tree Hill, and they did an awesome movie together called Ten Inch Hero.

External image

  • He & Danneel have a baby girl named JJ, who won the genetic lottery

External image

  • Her full name’s Justice Jay, named after Jensen. She’s freaking adorable.

    External image

  • He’s great at singing and playing the guitar.
  • He did a music video for his song with his ex-roommate Steve Carlson, called Angeles.  
  • He performed a song at the Jus In Bello convention too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNMX7HovRD8
  • He directed a few episodes of Supernatural
  • Also very, very kind and respectful to everyone.
  • Also pranks Misha.
  • Also tall.
  • Also Texan.
  • Also did horror movies, most notably My Blood Valentine
  • His little sister Mackenzie and her husband have been extras on the show a few times. He has a brother named Josh too but idk if he’s ever been on the show. His dad’s a voice actor, and Jensen cast him as a character on Supernatural once.
  • His wife worked on one of Misha’s directing projects called TSA America after they met through Jensen. I’ve heard it’s hilarious.
  • Jensen does activism work for down syndrome to support his nephew Levi.

External image

  • Misha got someone to do this to his face with skittles:

External image


  • Jared Padaleckihttps://twitter.com/jarpad
  • Misha Collins: https://twitter.com/mishacollins
  • Genevieve Padalecki: https://twitter.com/realGpad
  • Danneel Ackles: https://twitter.com/DanneelHarris
  • Osric Chau: https://twitter.com/OsricChau
  • Felisha Day: https://twitter.com/feliciaday
  • Mark Sheppard: https://twitter.com/Mark_Sheppard
  • Richard Speight Jr: https://twitter.com/dicksp8jr
  • Random Acts: https://twitter.com/therandomactorg
  • Mark Pellegrino: https://twitter.com/MarkRPellegrino
  • Sebastian Roche: https://twitter.com/sebroche
  • Kim Rhodes: https://twitter.com/kimrhodes4real
  • Robbie Thompson: https://twitter.com/rthompson1138
  • Supernatural: https://twitter.com/cw_spn
  • Serge Ladouceur: https://twitter.com/SergeLadouceur
  • Adam Rose: https://twitter.com/RealAdamRose
  • etc.

***note the actor facts are from memory (except the links and pics ofc) so pls be gentle if I screwed up something). Also that was an embarassingly copious amount of information.